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Title:Discover Dash for IOS
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Payment start/end: 2019-05-17 / 2019-09-13 (added on 2019-05-11)
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Proposal description

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Hello from Really Bad Apps!

Hopefully, you're already familiar with Discover Dash for Android. The 100% native app we designed, built and released for the Dash community (in partnership with Dash Core and Dash Force). We delivered the first app completely at our own expense to earn trust from the Dash community and to prove we can deliver a successful mobile project. We are a small international team of mobile developers from the US, Moldova, Turkey and Germany.

Now we'd like to follow up on our progress, by building a similar native app for iOS. We strongly believe that as merchant adoption and the Dash ecosystem continues to grow, the need for a powerful, portable merchant listing app is a critical piece of the puzzle. No other crypto asset has anything comparable to our app, and we want to stay ahead of the competition. We hope the network agrees and will fund our proposal.

In addition to all the features of the Discover Dash for Android app. If this proposal passes, we will be adding new user review and reporting features to BOTH apps. We believe the accuracy and the quality of the merchant listings can be greatly improved if we enable this as an easy to user feature.

TL;DR - This app will have functional parity with the Android app, plus an additional reviewing and reporting features for merchant listings, the review and report feature will also be added to the Android app.

Discover Dash For iOS

Really Bad Apps, LLC


Discover  Dash for iOS, as the name implies, is a native mobile implementation of for iPhone. It is very similar to Discover Dash for Android app. The primary use case is for consumers who wish to transact in Dash, to locate businesses in their general vicinity with their iPhone.


  1. Provide a very response UI to quickly show local businesses in the vicinity.
  2. To support multiple languages ( Spanish, English, Turkish & Russian).



The basic functionality is a radius search on a specific category, for example, “Food & Drink”, where the top 100 search results, ordered by distance will be returned to the user. The search origin provided to the backend can be latitude/longitude coordinates or any physical address that Google maps API can successfully ‘geocode’ into latitude/longitude. The user should be able to view these results on a list or a map, see the details of the merchant/business and launch into navigation.


The basic interface will be based on the Android version, which was designed to be as simple as possible and have a Yelp / Trip Advisor type of interface. UX will be adapted to iOS but UI similarities to the Android version which was based on Material Design will be retained. This will allow the app to be developed as more easily because the UI and UX are basically already defined. Google’s apps such as Gmail, Drive, and etc. show that Android based UIs on iOS can be a pleasant experience if executed with a per Android’s Material Design spec for iOS.

Screens needed for development time:

  1. Home, Search Screen
  2. Search UX, Input origin address
  3. Categories
  4. Filters/tags
  5. Search results screen
  6. List
  7. Map
  8. Merchant Details screen.
  9. Settings Screen
  10. About
What We Provide:

  1. Layout specs,
  2. Color specs (based off Dash branding)
  3. Assets where needed.
  4. Icons from a themed set. (based off Android app, if possible)
  5. App icon asset creation. (based off Dash branding)
  6. Play Store promo images. Screenshots only. 5 maximum.
  7. Incorporation of feedback
What We Don’t Provide:

  1. Custom icons
  2. Additional/new branding
  3. Recreated icons, and assets. We will need original vector source art for branded logos, icons, and assets.
  4. Large Scale, Iterative Revisions


Design-planning and understanding - Understand current UI/UX best practices for location based merchant search apps on iOS. Best practices for designing for Material Design on iOS.


Pixel perfect mockups - Mockups adapted from the Android app, include, assets, icons, type styles, and font specs.


  • Native iOS development
  • PHP/wordpress backend development
  • Cloud firestore database integration
  • Feedback API integration


Translations - into supported languages

App Store submission content and assets

App screenshots, app icon, store text content

Budget Breakdown (assuming DASH price 110 USD)

Native Mobile Development $9,600.00 (87.27)
Backend Development $1,200.00 (10.91)
Design $1,800.00 (16.36)
Project Management $ 1,800.00 (16.36)
Translations $180.00 (1.64)
App Store Assets and marketing content $900.00 (8.18)
Dash Proposal costs $550.00 (5.00)

Grand Total: $16,030.00 (145.73)

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0 points,1 month ago
Dash Watch July 25th 2019 Report on
Discover Dash for IOS by ReallyBadApps
4 points,2 months ago
Yes, absolutely. I'm very grateful to the Really Bad Apps team for the unpaid work and time they have dedicated to creating an native android application for Discover Dash. The team have been extremely easy to work with and receptive to feedback.

I've had messages requesting an IOS version of Discover Dash app so this proposal with a very modest funding request would be of great interest to the network and will hopefully serve as a great tool or asset to DFO's looking to onboard merchants by showcasing the extra added value of having their business listed on app.

I would also like to see improvements and new functionality from within app such as:
*Adding rating & review functionality to individual listings.
*An Improved reporting feature.

2 points,3 months ago
Yes from me too!
3 points,3 months ago
Yes from me.
3 points,3 months ago
Easy yes! Not a big ask and helpful deliverable.
3 points,3 months ago
Easy yes for me at this ask. Good luck!