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Title:Increase Dash's brand awareness – PR efforts for Dash (Russian-speaking internet)
One-time payment: 145 DASH (4203 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-10-16 (added on 2018-09-04)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 168 Yes / 404 No / 37 Abstain

Proposal description

Hello everyone,
Our team comes up with the third marketing proposal for Dash. Reports on previous campaigns can be found here:
- our thread on Dash forum;
- the list of PR integrations during the last cycle;
- detailed statistics and full list of expenses
- audience insights based on Yandex Metrika reports. 

We decided to align our new approach with the framework chosen by Dash Core group in the Evan’s and Ryan’s open letter regarding Dash marketing. 

The quote from the letter
Here are the areas we feel marketing aligns most closely with our goals: 

General awareness: Industry events and trade shows, general branding, and communicating our vision and mission to general audiences

Features: Many digital currency users are unaware of Dash’s features and benefits. Increasing awareness of our instant payments and low transaction fees are examples of messages that can increase awareness for what makes our product unique.

Business partners: Advertising the services of our business partners (assuming they approve of the campaign) both encourages the use of the Dash network and provides incentives for merchants to integrate with Dash and continue utilizing it. For example, advertise that using Dash can you get 15% off Amazon gift cards at Bitcart. We could also advertise to businesses the benefits of integrating with Dash.

Use-cases: Build awareness of specific use-cases, like cross-border money remittance or speed-sensitive transactions.

Each of the above drives the actual use of our ecosystem forward, while avoiding the hype of investor-targeting advertising. Decisions made regarding marketing will have lasting or even permanent implications to our brand, product and reputation and we feel that moving forward, we should be careful and exercise caution. In these situations we recommend moving slowly, sure of the ramifications of each step we take.”

Summing this up with our own observations and Fernando’s view sounded during the last Dash Core Group Q2 2018 report  we came up with the following: 
  • Focus on PR in prominent internet media as it increases Dash’s general brand awareness and the brand’s visibility. 
  • Focus on PR in Facebook, YouTube blogs and Telegram channels related to blockchain, business and economy. 
  • Abstain from direct cost-per-click marketing campaigns channels such as Twitter, MyTarget, VK, Facebook
  • Don’t present Dash as a speculation instrument (we haven't done this before though), but as a blockchain-based payment system having revolutionary governance and financial system. 
  • As we have been observing a long downward trend for Dash, cut the budget of the campaign around 4 times. The new budget is $29,000 (if 1 Dash =±$200) comparing to $133,000 in a previous cycle. 

Cost-effective approach:
We are going to execute PR campaign using fresh approach of our subsidiary agency called "newbie booster" that specialises in PR. The logic of it is following: 
1. First, we prepare series of articles covering diverse benefits of Dash. 
2. Then, we launch small scale campaign on Facebook, VK and Twitter to test which of those articles have better audience's engagement and reaction. Thus we filter the material and leave the fraction of it in arsenal.
3. Then we place the best articles on Facebook pages of prominent finance- and crypto- related media and start CPC-campaign of these posts. 
4. Collection of the audience interacted with the posts and its further retargeting with new content. Building look-alike based on this audience. 

What is the benefit of this approach:
1. The nature of Facebook auction has been changed recently and now the cost of promoting the posts which have natural reach is significantly lower than promotion of pure ads. Thus, sticking to described approach, we are getting 5-10 times cheaper cost per view/click/action, which is not used by agencies widely yet. 

Looking forward to answer your questions. 
Thank you in advance!


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0 points,5 years ago
Hmm...not passing this time around. Pure marketing may be getting a backseat to development based projects.
0 points,5 years ago
Dash Watch August 14th 2018 Report on
Advertising Dash on Russian internet by Maxjaja
2 points,5 years ago
The problem that I have with your proposals is that it is only PR and marketing. I would rather pay for more merchant adoption. Discounts for merchants/clients etc.

We need more merchant adoption-> discounts-> more users

More merchants accepting dash is very easy way to assess if your work is worth it.

Voting YES for NOW. Good luck!
1 point,5 years ago
Thank you for your comment!

The problem with merchants in Russia is that acceptance of any currency except rouble is totally illegal. Violation of this law leads to penalties. Yes, you can give a customer a reference in dollar or whatever currency you prefer but the final deal must be run in roubles.

In the same time I clearly see that under western pressure on Russian economy many private businessmen and investors are diversifying in crypto (particularly BTC) to protect their capital. And it makes sense as it allows their capitals to cross the borders freely. I know real examples when Russians bought huge foreign estate objects and company shares using crypto.

And I think that's the real use of cryptocurrencies (not coffee purchases in hipster cafes) and that's what really pushes capitalisation up. And that's why I think Dash needs extra awareness in Russia.

To sum this up: I think that Venezuela and Russia situations are somewhat similar except the fact that Dash's goal audience in Venezuela are end customers, but in Russia it must be small/medium businessmen and private investors who are running out of Russian economy either way. The question is where do they run? Many of them choose crypto, and we must offer them Dash.
1 point,5 years ago
At least that's what our logic is. That's why the huge majority of our content is at the crossroad of politics / business / blockchain to show the audience that it's the instrument to save their capital in the tricky economical situation in which Russians are trapped in.

Personally, I think cryptocurrencies (and Dash too) are way too far from being more convenient to average Joe (Ivan) than Apple Pay or pay-pass and merchant adoption is just not possible in Russia (illegal too as I mentioned before) where vast majority uses contactless payments for their daily purchases.

The only segment of Russians who has potential to adopt Dash are those who held at least a small portfolio of stocks or run their own business and care about their future under western sanctions Putin's causing issues regime.
1 point,5 years ago
Guys, come on! I am totally ok with the fact that our proposal is being rejected, but to be rejected without a single negative comment is just weird. Or did a couple of huge nodes vote no? Anyway, please, I am open to feedback)
2 points,5 years ago
Guys, it is getting clear that our proposal is not needed in this cycle, however, please, take a minute and drop a few words on the reason why you are voting "no" to help us improve our work. Thank you in advance!
1 point,5 years ago
I think marketing is more important in a bull market than in a bear market. Now we need to focus on fundamentals to be ready when the market improves.
I also think it's not effective to spread thin over many geographical areas and right now the focus seems to be on Venezuela. So let's go all in there first and then apply those strengths elsewhere.
These are just my thoughts and I can't speak for other MNOs.
Sorry for the frustrating experience.
1 point,5 years ago
Thank you for the comment!
3 points,5 years ago
I can confirm that Max's team has accomplished a great PR push for Russian-speaking countries during last months (in fact Dash has never had such a massive and wide strike here during all these years) - I participated in some of their production and can see nothing but professionalism there.
And I do think that Internet-promotion is even more important for countries such as Russia - as with such a huge territory Internet is the only way to effectively cover most relevant audiences (offline promo-activity is also important - but it is more costly and is limited with only a small locations).

As we currently all "Russian" budget proposals were downvoted recently - I feel worry about Dash may start loosing it's even "informational presence" here... and even agreeing that LATAM audience is more responsive and so effective now - I do think that Dash has to keep at least "informational" presence at such strategic crypto-regions as USA-Europe-Russia-China (and Asia in general). It is not about Max-s proposal - it's my general opinion: We shouldn't limit us only with LATAM (obviously the most responsive market now - congrats to our Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, ... comrades!) but to deversify our PR-effort! :)

So IMO we have to mainly focus on LATAM (+maybe Africa) now, but still keep at least minimumpresence in all other key locations worldwide.

BTW Max, could your team help with Internet PR+Marketing our LATAM teams - I guess your experience + their local passion can show a very good sinergy.
1 point,5 years ago
Hmm ... strange silence, but OK.
I would like to clarify (since it is atypical) that I do not receive any compensation for the work on creating the content mentioned in the reports, nor compensation in any form for anything else. So I did my part of the job as a volunteer without getting anything from these budgets and in general from Max's team.
0 points,5 years ago
I offered compensation though, as I think work has to be paid. But Alex told me that he did the work as a member of Dash Core and gets compensation there. So, the funds were distributed in extra marketing activity.
1 point,5 years ago
Hi Alex!

Thanks for kind words, support and your participation. We are considering to publish proposals for English and Spanish audiences in future, but it's just not ripe now.

In terms of current situation: I don't understand why this proposal is being rejected while there is space in terms of budget and no direct criticism of work done before. I'd really like to get ANY feedback to improve our work)