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Title:TDG's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign
Monthly amount: 130 DASH (3907 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-10-05 / 2017-01-19 (added on 2016-09-22)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 359 Yes / 428 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign | Working for the Dash Economy.
Amount: 130 Dash (~$1,495 USD)
Timeline: 3 months to start out. (month-by-month approvals)
Total Hours put into proposal over 3 month period: 300 - 360 hours ( ~25 hours weekly)
Proposal Goal: To grow the Dash user base via properly managed work on social & marketing campaigns aimed at would-be Dash users such as online gamblers, crypto-currency newbies, let down bitcoin fans, small businesses, folks in need of services such as western union, day traders & people looking for a smart investment. Separately, I will focus on Masternodes as a crypto-savings account as per usual in the referenced groups as well.

##Who Am I? What do I bring to the table & whats my goal here?
Hey everyone, your neighborhood slacker is here with a proposal for you finally. If you don't know me yet, I'm Jake, (TheDashGuy) and I have always loved the idea of working for a blockchain, the Dash blockchain to be specific. I have over 10 years in Marketing and Design experience and with everything from Social Media, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website Design, Branding Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, story telling, teaching and so on.

I have all of these specific talents simply so I can provide value to small businesses in my area. While it makes me good money and I love my job, I feel as if working for the Dash blockchain basically full-time would be a very solid move for both myself and for Dash. Everyone I have ever worked for would tell you how hard I bust my butt. And 130 Dash a month is a damn bargain for someone such as myself. This is far less than my current monthly earnings, but I would be happy to take a pay cut for a chance to work on such a wonderful project.

I also hope to work independently of the core team in order to illustrate the value traditional contractors can provide sans centralization. I obviously will keep in touch with them and all but I view this as more of a 3rd party contracting position than I do a "let me help core" one. And I hope that message comes across respectfully and clearly. I have alot of faith in my skills and could very well improve overall number of users quite a bit, and possibly the market cap as well, with some time.I welcome any questions and/or concerns about my proposal and would love to discuss the possible outcomes for such a deal. 130 Dash (roughly $1,500 USD) a month is pocket change for a good marketing campaign honestly, but I feel as if I can work some magic and stretch the funds until the price rises, should not be an issue on my end.

###Deliverables/job description of "The Decentralized DigitalCash Marketing Campaign"
~25-30 hours a week of Dash-only marketing work:
- ~10 hours per week of social media outreach.
--This would include being in the proper relevant conversations, chatting with would be Dash users, growing the Dash user base 24/7.
- ~10 hours per week of Marketing campaign development for each Dash feature, and Dash as a whole to proper user groups. Starting with the DigitalCash Campaign.
---This includes development of a "DigitalCash" social media and marketing campaign geared towards targeting specific verticals of would-be Dash users and provide them with the appropriate information that concerns them related to Dash via certain landing pages and so on. 30-50 hours over a 4 week period, then I will move towards building the next campaign while "managing" this one.
- ~5-10 hours of landing page & microsite design & coding per week as needed by the campaign. (this will be ideal in tracking the traffic and growth of this project, as opposed to sending everyone to, which is a mess right now in terms of story telling.)
- Any community or core (Dash related) work/help requested will be included free of charge as long as we don't turn this into a slave labor situation. ( I reserve the right to prioritize the work for my proposal first though. While keeping under my 40 hour a week limit.

Basically; I would be working for the community and Dash blockchain at the same time. I recognize the core team will need to be in touch with me from time to time, and may require my assistance on certain things, and I am open to helping those needs as well, as long as my campaign is prioritized in the process. I hope to split my time as best I can between social media outreach, a "DigitalCash" marketing campaign, development and implementation of which will include include full reporting of my work and will keep the community in the loop as far as what I'm doing, when I feel "milestones" have been reached and so on.

###My current/past Dash related volunteer work: is currently being revamped. (Landing page is live)
- Helped out many many community members with marketing advice, graphic design, website help, and so on for a little under a year now. Most times free of charge.

###Coming Soon:
- (might change the URL still) campaign & associated landing pages and microsites.

###Possible FAQs:

q: Why not just "join the core team" and work with them? a: I envision a Dash where one can apply to the blockchain and provide a service that masternodes can properly measure as opposed to adding all the crazy complexity that comes with a team. I have been doing this job for 10 years for companies of all types and have been a professional web designer for over 10 years as well. I can handle this type of workload with ease and simply want to show others it is possible to work for the Dash economy independently, provide a value and help grow Dash overall.

q: Why so much emphasis on the "Dash Blockchain Contractor" role?a: In a world full of decentralizing technologies we have forgotten the end game, to fully decentralize everything. I think working in such a manner is the best possible format for contractors to take as the nodes will always be able to decide, based on the information provided, if this investment is worthwhile or not, and that, in my opinion is how Dash entrepreneurs & contractors should think about the blockchain. It is a much more lean method of providing value to the service and people can pivot and adapt quickly this way.

q: Why was ~25 hours the chosen amount per week?
a: I want to provide a solid measurement of how often I expect to work so the nodes can better gage their investment in my skills and I feel a salaried method is not the way to go if I'm trying to prove how much I can do in a set amount of time. I most likely will go over this time constraint very often as I work on Dash quite a bit anyways, but I am trying to offer a sort of peg for this proposal so the math can be more straight forward, and so people can see the value created based upon XXX hours of work. I was also asked by a few forums members to scale the project back a bit so I did, the original was a full-time project. 

q: Why is this proposal worth 130 Dash for 3 months?
a: If I can bring in more than $1,500 worth of investment into Dash, this proposal is worthwhile. I believe I can bring in much more than that, without alot more of a lean plan to get there. There's no waiting months on me to provide results or to unviel some grand scheme, I plan to work everyday, and recruit people online 1 by 1 via social media outreach, marketing, landing page designs, email campaigns, real world visits to businesses to hand out Dash related pamphlets and so on in order to bring quality individuals into Dash. I don't plan on running vague advertisements or anything wasteful, just the nitty gritty work of ACTUALLY going out and recruiting people to the Dash side.

q: What does the Dash community hope to get from this proposal? 
a: I will be providing the Dash ecosystem with full-time marketing aimed at exactly the types of people Dash wants to recruit right now; early adopters, tech savvy users and helpful community members. The DigitalCash campaign will be aimed at educating would-be Dash users who are already sort-of in our recruitment funnel. I will be finding new crypto currency users, educating them on Dash, talking to reporters, users, businesses and so on via social networks about Dash and the benefits of using and/or integrating Dash. I don't feel we need large companies with priorities other than Dash doing our marketing when we have capable community members stepping up to the plate, but thats just my opinion, man.

q: Are there other campaigns planned? Or is this the only one?
a: I have a few ideas for future campaigns, but I want to be able to focus on one at a time to provide quality return on the investment being made by the Masternodes. I also am hoping to work on a Dash for Merchants campaign in the future once Dash is more capable and ready to go.

q: Why should we just not keep paying "big public relations & marketing firms" hasn't that worked for us so far?a: You could say that these campaigns have been successful I guess, new people show up all the time, everyone points to stats shared about all the press releases and what not... But 1 thing we have never had is the transparency into what work is being done, and what value it is creating. With this proposal I am offering the Dash community a way to work with me to grow Dash instead of letting some profit driven company do our marketing for us. I do not plan on writing press releases nor do I plan on casting large nets in hopes to get a million users in a single weekend. I plan on working daily, to recruit would-be Dash users and businesses 1 by 1. The honest way. I do not plan on using smoke and mirrors to create an illusion of success, I will prove it with users, direct traffic and so on. No pulling numbers out of my butt from trying to claim I did that, I will show you by using my own microsites and so on to better understand the traffic data and present all of it to the community.

 q: What are the funds for? You? Materials? Advertising?
a: The monthly cost is basically to fund my time, resources to do such a job as its mostly just a time consuming job to get a good campaign rolling, not exactly rocket science per say. I will use funds to pay for marketing collateral, printing, my 30-40 hour weeks & I will not be purchasing many ads if any at all. If I choose to go this route I will develop a plan and share it first anyways. Mostly this is to pay myself to work as hard and long as I can to provide value to Dash, at a pegged amount of hours, for simple maths. I will also pursue other routes of growth, campaigns and what not.

q: How do you plan on providing progress reports to the community?
a: I will have a google analytics setup with all of my landing pages, mailchimp data with all of my email campaigns, stats from all of my social media accounts and so on on a monthly basis, a week before the voting cycle ends to provide ample time for everyone to digest said data and chit chat.

Conclusions:As per previous marketing proposals, I will not be flooding you with crazy number mumbo jumbo, I will merely be reporting on growth and leads as they come in an an effort to only recruit quality businesses and users to Dash. As opposed to just anyone. Landing pages will make tracking my progress fairly simple and straight forward as will things such as follower counts and what not per platform.

I will be creating my own social media accounts for these campaigns and operating multiple accounts on all the most popular social media platforms, constantly be searching for "Dash appropriate" businesses, users and conversations to be in touch with!I also won't be targeting EVERYONE at once, I would prefer to get better conversion rates than just throwing big nets out I hope to bring in Dash users 1 by 1, businesses as well.

This requires a bit of hand holding along the way and between myself and DashChat I think we can pull it off with no issues.I hope to provide a service to the blockchain just as the blockchain provides me with a service, and I hope the nodes can see the value presented here and vote accordingly. I welcome any criticism, questions, concerns or further of my proposal and will do my best to provide a quality straight forward answer for you.

Sincerely,The ever so polite, lovely and welcoming, DashGuy

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-1 point,7 years ago
Just vote this down. It's painfully clear anything with my name on it is a no-go. Thanks for the clarification guys. Best of luck with your PR companies and zero feedback.
0 points,7 years ago
I would love for anyone voting no and/or not voting to come forward with reasons. They can easily be dealt with, it seems like the only feed back I'm getting is yea go for it, sounds good.. but that obviously isn't reflected in the votes quite as much..
1 point,7 years ago
Also, all the landing pages will be atleast this ( quality that i make for this campaign, and I expect to make 10-20 depending on the sales pitch on said page. These will prove forever valuable to Dash and come in hand quite often beyond the scope of this campaign, IMO.
1 point,7 years ago
I'm voting yes, another good non-core proposal, I have already asked these 2 questions and received answers in Dash Slack, but am reposting here so it can help voters come to an informed decision.

1) Do you have a linkedin? I feel the proposal lacks a trustable identity. Do you wish to remain anonymous?

2) Will you be sharing the marketing materials you create with the Dash community?

Thanks for answering and good luck!
0 points,7 years ago
Hey Cryptosi! Thanks for the show of support!

1. As with you, if anyone wants to see my linked, feel free to find me in Slack or on DashTalk, but I would prefer not to openly advertise it here. I have no issues sharing it, just can't edit these comments later.

2. Of course! Everything I make will be hosted and publicly available for anyone to use.
0 points,7 years ago
LinkedIn* See, you can't edit! lol
1 point,7 years ago
You got my vote ! I have seen how extremely passionate you are about dash and honestly I think you are short selling yourself for <15$ an hour, the average hourly pay rate for Social Media Marketing Manager is 52$
So I see a bargain here, given all of your skill set and enthusiasm. Maybe you and Tao could team up and lead our SMM, you guys should talk ;)
0 points,7 years ago
Since you guys are (hopefully) going to London, any chance you will hit up Max Keiser for a interview? 2 birds in one stone and all that ;)
0 points,7 years ago
haha wrong thread, there is no way to del or edit comments made :/ that would be a nifty feature @rango ;)
1 point,7 years ago
looks good - you have my vote
0 points,7 years ago
Thank you. I did my best to show there are better ways to work on DGBB funded projects, such as keeping the MN's in the loop every few weeks and making it clear where the value is.