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Title:Resubmittal for Reimbursement for Acquisition & Setup of Dashtalk
One-time payment: 1053 DASH (31252 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 1053 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-05-07 / 2016-06-21 (added on 2016-04-15)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 1105 Yes / 38 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

This is a cross-post from Dashtalk

This proposal is a second attempt to obtain reimbursement for the costs of acquiring and migrating Dashtalk over to Dash ownership. The first proposal, which can be found here was not funded. We are resubmitting the proposal for a few reasons:

1) The proposal actually received enough net votes to receive funding (at ~14% net votes), but was not included in the budget because of lack of available budget. The May budget appears much more capable of providing funding, with far fewer competing proposals.

2) Many community members on the forums expressed support for the proposal, but voted against it because they wanted to make sure Dash World funded in the April budget, or felt that we were submitting too late in the budget cycle. Many encouraged us to resubmit the proposal for May and would reverse their votes to YES.

3) With higher support expected for May, we believe resubmitting would best express the wishes of the community to own Dashtalk. Otherwise, we would again be in a situation where our primary communication channel was in the hands of individuals.

Original post with revisions for updated costs and current USD and EUR exchange rates: has been a valuable resource for the Dash community and contains a great deal of our community's collective history, work, creativity, and ideas. However, Dashtalk was actually started by a community member (like Dashwhale) at their own expense. However, because the core team didn't control this asset, whenever outages, expired certificates, or other issues have occurred, we have been dependent on the owner to fix the issues. If you use the forums as a resource, I'm sure you've noticed the many outages it has experienced lately. As the database of content continues to grow, the value of Dashtalk to the community - and our dependence on it - only increases, so it was critical for us to control it.

I am pleased to share that the core team has negotiated the purchase of Dashtalk and the forum historical database and is working to transition / import the entire site to Dash control, while upgrading the versions of software it is running on. This is great news for the community that we were able to preserve the site in its entirety for a reasonable cost.

This proposal is a consolidated set of costs to acquire Dashtalk including:
- The purchase of Dashtalk's database and domains
- The purchase of necessary software to permit hosting of the forums ourselves
- XenForo license
- XenCentral
- Design expenses
- Cost of proposal submission
- NEW Cost of registering both and domains upon transfer (2 years for each)

Note that there are no costs included except for direct costs incurred by the team. We are only asking for reimbursement, and no costs for labor. Tungfa, moocowmoo, and fernando have been working very hard behind the scenes to make this all happen. moocowmoo in particular has put in many long hours working through long lists of issues to ensure a seamless transition.

Please vote to reimburse these guys for their costs!

I used an exchange rate of $6.41 / Dash for all expenses (based on the average market price on April 14th, the most recent full day available at bininfocharts). For EUR based expenses, I used $1.1265 / EUR. The community members being reimbursed assume all currency volatility risk.


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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,8 years ago
Would it be so bad to just have these same discussions somewhere that's free, like r/dashpay?
0 points,8 years ago
i think with reddit you will always be a part of a forum (a sub forum actually), with Dashtalk you have far more independence and you can control it also far better (moderation and all).
0 points,8 years ago
Also, see GreyGhost's post below, it will really help our rankings in Google and thus visibility.
1 point,8 years ago
We should probably try and secure all domains relating to DASH. Branding & control of the brand is important as we all have seen though blockchaintheymoscoins control of domains, reddits and forums . I will vote yes unless I receive reason to reverse.
1 point,8 years ago
No reason to reverse, I just hope we don't have a jam packed end of month, last minute submittals of new proposals, causing big chunky ones to get pushed out.
1 point,8 years ago
Dashtalk forums represents real value for Dash and will vastly improve site's visibility. Your comment, Tante, is also an important one.

I think the submissions of proposals should have a deadline as much as the voting has it. If people want the funds from Governance they should be able to seriously prepare their proposals, submit them within, say 48 hours time frame, and than have time to lobby, compete, improve in order to get funded. Masternode owners would also have equal amount of time to seriously consider all the proposals without any time pressure.

And everyone would be on an even keel.