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Title:Dash Mobile - Denver Crypto Tour
One-time payment: 350 DASH (10384 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-10-05 / 2016-11-19 (added on 2016-09-22)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 206 Yes / 232 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

We are planning our next tour in the Dash Mobile! Now that she's branded, it's time to get on the road!

Our mission: To spread information and awareness of Dash to the crypto network in Colorado. 

Our family uses crypto currencies for most services and products we purchase. Creating has connected me with many people who accept alternative currencies. Most of them over the years have decided to accept Bitcoin. For Bitcoin users, Dash's learning curve is much less difficult, then teaching someone who is new to the technology. Therefore I plan to help the Agorists and others I have done business with, incorporate accepting Dash at their Agorist Businesses. We will be touring Colorado and have organized some events with local groups who are interested in decentralization.

1.   Dash Mobile at Liberty on the Rocks CO. Oct 19th Speech and Q and A will be provided in separate video on YouTube channel.
Cost: $50 Value: $200 
2.   Dash Mobile at Crypto Cannabis Conference. Oct 21-22
Park Dash Mobile on Public Street. Although I am aware of some animosity the organizer has towards anything not Bitcoin. I am an activist and I believe this an opportunity to non violently protest of sorts/educate from afar. Our local friends Jay and Sara are willing to join us, and if positive outcomes arise we will document. Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Cost: $50 Value: $200
3.        Dash sponsored costume contest at the Liberty Lodge. Oct 31st
We will give away a first, second and third prize to the best Halloween costumes! Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Third place $25
Second place $50
First place $100

Cost: $300 Value $600
4.   Dash Mobile meets "We are Change" TBD Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode. Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Cost: $50 Value: $200
5.   Dash Mobile meets Amagi Metals. We plan to visit Amagi Metals, they are already accepting Dash. I would like to ï»¿ï»¿know how they are promoting the use of it, as well as their experience with crypto currencies. This interview is subject to change, as I have not yet verified with Anthem Blanchard the visit. I am organizing with Jillian Batty. Also the owner of Stateless Sweets. Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Cost: $50 Value $200
6.   Dash Mobile with Joby Weeks. We will be staying at Joby Weeks House for some of our duration. Joby has been    ï»¿ï»¿traveling all over the world. Sailing around. We are looking forward to hearing his experiences and getting to share them in our video. Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Cost: $0 Value: $400
7.   Dash Mobile meets Farmers. Jay Noone and Sarah will help us teach Farmers/Agorists how to accept Dash. Jay and Sara are part of the liberty community. They are part of a large network of individuals who live alternatively.  Jay also works with Suns of Liberty mint. We are looking to expand our tribe and help the community further transition into a more decentralized life, by accepting Dash. Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Cost $50 Value: $200 
8.   Flyer/Litterature: All stops along the way will be left with cross promotion flyer Jackalope and Dash. This also may vary with an Agorist Marketplace/Dash promotional flyer. We will also target bulletin boards, as this is a great way to reach locals of areas. Documentation video provided on YouTube Channel in normal episode.
Cost: $50 Value: $200
9.         Dash Advertisement on Agorist Marketplace for 6 months.
Cost: $600 Value:$600

Travel Expenses: 
Gas/Propane: $800
Other: $400
Cost: $1200 Value $1200

Total Cost: $2400 
Total Value: $4000

All videos are released subsequently. Including the upcoming Jackalope video, which showcases the Dash sponsorship. 
As well as my personal speech. Now that the bus videos are finally out! Colorado Crypto Tour Details will be featured on the Website. As well as we will have a Facebook event on the Undocumented Human Page created for this tour. Up to date content can be found on the Dash slackchat #dashmobile. Instagram: @EarthPermit Twitter: @EarthPermit and also #trailofanarchy on Telegram.

This year we have done a fair bit of traveling. Starting with our journey to retrofit the bus in Austin, Texas. To get the Blush Family to Jackalope. Then we traveled to Alabama for our first Rethinking Everything Conference. I gave a short speech, and we debuted the Dash Mobile, even though there was a non crowd, we got great footage of the debut. We then continued to debut the Dash Mobile as we traveled from Alabama back to Arizona, making stops along the way. Including a mini tour of Houston, and then Austin, where I spoke at the 10th anniversary of Brave New Books. 

I have had positive outcomes paying Dash to Agorists I have done business with in the past. I believe it is
important to help Agorists continue decentralizing their lives. Recently I asked to pay Singing Tall Grass in Dash, and she is willing to accept it. 

I'd like to help free more families financially. I would like to encourage people to have a different mindset. A mindset where I don't hear "that's just the way things are". I believe we make things what they are, by creating new technologies that give us more choices. We'd love to continue spreading the message of Dash.  Please support us on this journey.

Bonus: I have updated the Jackalope website to include a special page for This page shows the various speeches that were given on the Dash Stage at the Jackalope Freedom Festival. More Jackalope Content to come. As well as the retrofit of the Dash Mobile! Here

Disclaimer: I have spoken to organizer of crypto cannabis event. He is aware the Dash Mobile is our home/vehicle. He has strongly urged we park at Joby Weeks and taxi in. Brian may attend with Industry pass. But it's still in discussion. Either way we will be available there with literature for those who see us and come visit.

Suggestions, Additions, Comment Below. Thanks for your time.

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-1 point,7 years ago
Dash: funding family vacations for everyone!
1 point,7 years ago
thanks for the video. Voted on the plus side ;)
0 points,7 years ago
The Making of the Dash Mobile!
1 point,7 years ago
Not sure why this is getting so many No votes. To me it seems someone actually invests a lot of time and dedication to DASH bringing some attention and awareness.

Showing the MN owners better what you did will certainly help to get more YES votes. So, thanks for the video. MN owners, see if you haven't done yet.
1 point,7 years ago
Thanks so much! The Making of the Dash Mobile will be released in our next video. I'm already half way done, and am hoping to release it before the voting deadline. We really appreciate your support!
0 points,7 years ago
There are way more projects than budget this month. I do not think your proposal will make it. But suggest you repost it after releasing more videos of what you achieved.
0 points,7 years ago
#3 has been updated and confirmed! Dash Sponsored costume contest! A separate line item has bee added for We are change.
0 points,7 years ago
Is there a Youtube channel with some of this stuff on it? Please provide the link. Thx.
0 points,7 years ago
Yes, the YouTube channel is Undocumented Human. Just released TODAY! the Dash Sponsored Jackalope Freedom Festival
1 point,7 years ago
Never saw any report back from you on your last proposal from us. You may or may not have fulfilled your promises to the network, but I have no way of knowing.

I don't want links to your Instagram or whatever it is you responded to Mastermined with. A person who understands how to be professional would have returned to both the Dash forum and this website, submitting documentation of completion of their job.

That you never did that -- and that you're now back to ask for even more money -- is so shocking that this gets no-brainer "no" votes from me.
1 point,7 years ago
Hope you enjoy.
0 points,7 years ago
very cool!
i'll be voting yes but it looks like y'all have a lot of competition this month.
if it passes but gets bumped because we ran out of funds i would encourage you to resubmit it next month, maybe for a little less dash and it should get funded. great job on jf.
0 points,7 years ago
Thank you! We may head to the valley Phoenix and tour there once it gets colder. We'd like to hit up Colorado before it's too cold. :)
1 point,7 years ago
Our videos are released subsequently. Most of my content is released this way. I just released two videos of the bus conversion. Next being released is the footage of Jackalope, followed by the making of the Dash Mobile. I'm sorry more content has not reached you yet, I can share more of it in the forums, however I believe it's important to maximize the effectiveness releasing the content on other networks. The videos are in addition to the already executed Dash proposal for Jackalope. It is important for me to plan ahead of a tour. Releasing content like the Jackalope video and the making of the Dash Mobile video, just before a tour, is good marketing. I hope the videos upcoming change your vote. If you hate them, I'll be happy to get some constructive criticism.
1 point,7 years ago
i still have a month old questions unanswered from your last proposal. never heard anything from you guys after getting paid. i expected at least a little more engagement and updates.

any pics/videos of.....

1. removed

2. Dash Portapotties. Includes Dash Advertisement hung outside 3 Porta potties. Jackalope Portapotties are paid for with donations each year. The majority of attendees use the johns, they are a high traffic area, and ads will be placed and dispersed accordingly to each john location. Ad can have QR code linking to website, or link to download app.

4. Dash ATV. We will brand our ATV with Dash logos. Dash ATV will be driven around Jackalope.
Cost:$50 Value:$100

7. The Dash Mobile. We will brand the Winnebago the Dash Mobile. Includes logos of Dash choice on sides/windows/front/back. Outside paint one color.
Includes branding for upcoming Crypto Caravan

Bonus: At Jackalope we will be giving .25+ dash to the first 50+ people who install a dash wallet on their smartphone etc. $200 Value.

did all this happen? any problems etc? how many wallets were set up?

0 points,7 years ago
Sorry I never saw this, I was however contacted by Amanda, and I responded to her. I have also since set up the #dashmobile slackchat, where you can view current content.

All of these things were executed and there is already documentation online for some, the rest will be in my Jackalope video. The only thing I did not get a photo of was the ad on the Portapotties (Although someone else may have). The person who donated upfront for the portapotties was compensated with Dash. This is a bonus that will be mentioned in our next video currently in production.

There are photos of the Dash ATV on Instagram and video will be released in the Jackalope video.

Literature was handed out at the Agorist Marketplace table, as well as on the Dash stage. I believe I have good footage of this, that will be in the Jackalope video, the dash mobile will be a separate video. I just finished our Austin videos.

A few people created wallets at Jackalope, and a third party did the transactions.

Neo fried my computer days before Jackalope, so that slowed me down a bit with the digital stuff. Luckily I had backed it up and encrypted my wallet.

After weeks of not having a working computer I got a new one and a back up one, and my wallet is backed up in three different places now. Some people messaged me after Jackalope letting me know they set up their wallet and I sent them coin then. I did not get footage of this so it's something I will incorporate into the video verbally.

After Jackalope, I sanded, and painted the Winnebago. There is documentation of this on Instagram and our Slackchat. Then we traveled to Alabama. Where the stickers arrived. There is documentation of the branded dash mobile on instagram, facebook, twitter, slackchat, and trail of anarchy on telegram.

My videos come out subsequently. I will do my best to satisfy anymore concerns you may have.
0 points,7 years ago
ok thanks. sounds good but i still have a few questions and concerns.

so it looks like the dash branding did not make it on the vehicle till after jackfest, correct? how about the atv? was it branded at jf?

also how many people attended jf and exactly how many wallets were created and how much dash was given away? seems like a easy thing to do (give away free digital cash).

i would have liked to see more engagement for the price and i don't think it would be unreasonable to expect posted updates on the dash forum and then copy and paste that to reddit and maybe our bitcointalk forum thread.
slack is cool and where everyone seems to have gone but myself and others are just now making our way over there and learning how it all works.
not sure how noobs find it as last i checked a few weeks ago there was no mention of our slack channel on the website or the btctalk ann thread or easy to find sticky/pinned links on the dash forum or reddit. obviously there's nothing you can do about that but i'm just saying.
2 points,7 years ago
Just wanted to note that further discussion has been added to the forum.