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Proposal description
This proposal focuses on the continued grow and expansion of one of the most importantprojects about real adoption and utility of Dash in Venezuela, Latin-America, and hopefully the world.

Dash Mall and Parking enables visitors of shopping centers to easily use Dash in shopping malls and parking lots.

At This time we want to share some of the news reported by Dash Mall andParking a program focused on Real Utility and Real Adoption!
  After the great success achieved by our team with the 2nd ShoppingCenter accepting Dash as payment method "Pie de Monte Shopping
Center" in its continuous parking lot working on the adoption and dissemination of knowledge about Digital Cash Dash, educating the staff of
chains of businesses and stores within shopping centers.

  Currently, we have the continuous presence of our team and a monitoringof each of the stores and records, 53 shops registered to date.

  We have been sharing different events with our new Dash allies, Pie deMonte Shopping Center (one of the largest shopping centers in Mérida-Venezuela), training its staff to accept payments with Dash, As well as the acquisition, training and Facilitation of Dash digital tools that allow users to obtain Dash with our Dash Mall equipment and parking within the mall, in addition, we provide people with knowledge of how to acquire Dash in exchanges such as: Cryptobuyer, Cryptoway, Basichange and Uphold and Panda BTM.

  Dash Mall and Parking has an activated WhatsApp line to refill Dash witha database of more than 1600 users (including shops and their staff).

  We had the privilege of visiting the 1st Panda BTM in Xinestesia Bodegón(located in the center of Mérida). We were able to know what has been used for the purchase, sales and payments with Dash, with whom we made alliances to increase the purchase, sale and Dash payments at its establishment.

  At the same time, participate in the successful OdontoRunning eventwhere he talks about Dash as a method of payment and Donations, celebrating and supporting the pink month and the Senos Mérida Foundation together with a great team of entrepreneurs, who decided to make their donations and learn from Dash for upcoming payments, these are an alternative to the Venezuelans crisis that are experiencing in times of hyperinflation and market contraction.

  We currently have 2 shopping centers, we aim to expand in the city, to massify the adoption by the owners of establishments and merchants, as well as to provide ease to its users, it is planned to reach 5 active parking lots (2 current and 3 additional) Using Dash as a payment method at the same time at the end of the proposal in the city of Mérida-Venezuela.

Complete List of achievements/ completedintegrations with details:


  Pilot test: First parking lot of shoppingcenter in Venezuela to accept Dash as payment method, generating hundreds of
new users and transactions

With more than 1000 transactions per parkingservice

Testimonial Video: Ceo of the first parking lotof shopping center in Venezuela Dash as a payment method

Second parking lot of shopping center invenezuela: installation and training staff

Video Testimonial: Owner of the second parking lot of shopping center in Venezuela where Dash Mall and parking project is
applied, talking about his experience accepting Dash as a payment method


  First tutorial:  how to pay with Dash Digital Cash in parkinglots of shopping centers

  Video Tutorial: How can people refill and buy withDash at the shopping centers of Merida Venezuela?

  Alliances with 9 merchants of shoppingcenters
  ANDENES MERIDA: Craft Beer accepting Dashas payment method

[b] [/b]

  +250 Craft beer paid with Dash

  VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: D`Rizos Cosmetics a nermerchant accepting Dash as a payment method, located in Pie de Monte shopping
center in the city of Mérida - Venezuela where Dash mall parking project is
currently being applied, creating a Dash ecosystem.

  AutoEscar: Auto Parts store of Merida Cityaccepting Dash as payment method-

  Café Roble:

  KIG- GIST: In Pie de Monte Shopping Centerchildren can enjoy a ride in mini cars paying with Dash


  Participants of coaching and entrepreneurshipevent

  Walk-Run OdontoRunning for the benefit ofthe ULA Dental School and oncological patient of the Senos Merida Foundation

OTHERS   Visit to Xinestesia Bodegon, First Panda-Btm inMérida – Venezuela   Launch of Dash Mall and Parking TransactionTracker   Launch of Dash Mall and Parking web page
More and more users join the Dash experiencesin shopping centers
  Interview with Yoana Castillo Founder of DashMall and Parking program in one of the best known stations in the city of
Mérida - Venezuela.

  The audience was able to learn about DashBenefits as a payment method and the solution it provides to users and
businesses when sending and receiving payments.

  Interview with Rodrigo Ambrizi – DashBrazil

  From our pilot test we managed to identify the problems that merchants, owners of parking lots and users have when sending and receiving payments, such as:
·        Cash shortage
·        Connection problems
·        Inefficient point of sales
  As previously mentioned, in Mérida-Venezuela there is approximately 30 shopping centers with necessary characteristics to implement the project, with a coverage between the population segments that regularly visit this type of business, being approximately 64% of Merida citizens, who are part of the segment E and C in accordance with the classification by social strata extracted from DATANALISIS (2019), for a total of 152.048 potential customers, as shown in the following graphic:

  We currently have 2 shopping centers in the city where the project is applied, however to massify the adoption by the owners of parking lots and commercial premises, as well as to provide ease to their users, it is planned to reach 5 active parking lots (2 current and 3 aditional) Using Dash as payment method at the same time at the end of the proposal in the city of Merida-Venezuela.

In the previous cycle we had the opportunity to work in entrepreneurship fairs and different events and activities the city of Mérida, such as:

  During these events we managed to position Dash in the business ecosystem and payments as a brand, onboarded hundreds of users and achieved hundreds of transactions. But most importantly, we developed great business relationships which we expect to leverage into more growth for Dash.
  Due to the positive impact that we had in the activities and events, the shopping malls and parking lots have requested us the installation of mini stores/Stand located in shopping malls where we could provide better attention and education to Dash users.
  People that use Dash to pay for products or services, are trained by our team inside of the shopping centers and events, where they learn about the benefits of Dash, how to pay with Dash, how to Buy Dash through Exchanges or how to sell Dash for FIAT when needed.

Deliverables of this proposal:
·        5 Parkings of Shopping Centers (2 current and 3 additional)
·        Duration: 3 Months (every day)
·        Participants: Users of 3 shoppings centers in the Mérida area.
·        On average 80 organic transactions per day.
·        3000 new wallets
·        Advertising on the outside/ inside of shopping centers.
·        30%of merchants per Shopping center using Dash.
·        1 Dash Day.
·        1 Meetup.

Cost Breakdown:

  In this new stage, due to the low price of Dash we have not included in our plans (or in the budget) participation in paid events, nor being present in mini-stores or Stands in the malls (A great education opportunity we have been offered many times, as mall operators want to have a physical education point inside the malls); However, we hope to be able to include these higher-cost, larger impact elements when the price of dash increases.
So we are working hard and expect our results to add relevance for Dash, grow usage, and improve acceptance which will also help improve prices
Thank you for your support! We welcome any questions! 
Yoana,Hillary and the Dash Cabimas team! @cabidash1

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2 points,19 days ago
For voters: 2 VZ proposals were funded (Lorenzo Rey+Dash Help)
Challenge to voters: that this proposal is far most useful than the 2 above as this proposal drives purchases of Dash with FIAT much much much more...
1 point,17 days ago
This team found a use case where Dash was substantially more beneficial than the Bolivar for purchases. And this team has the agents there to sell the customers the Dash on the spot. 1 of the best proposals out there possibly
1 point,19 days ago
@yoanacastillo I have been through all your posted links on updates. The most useful for me were the testimonials from two owners of the parking lots and the interview with Rodrigo.

Parking owner 1
Parking owner 2

Interview with Rodrigo

The daily DASH transaction counts are consistent from 40 to 100 transactions per day.

The Dashwatch report shows your project is in order and you've provided evidence backing up most of what you have achieved.

However I have feel MNOs need more details to better understand your project. To this end here are some questions regarding your project so that we can better understand it.

1. Once you have setup a parking payment system in a Mall is it self sustaining or do you need to continue to provide support in order for it to continue to work?

2. How much time does it take to train up the Mall staff so that they can look after the DASH payment system on their own?

3. How many shops are present in each of the Malls you have already installed the DASH payment system?

4. In one of your videos you give the number of transactions but can you state the time period that the number of transactions relate to? e.g daily? weekly? monthly? or total from the very beginning? It is important to give the time period when quoting the number of transactions.

5. If your project was not to receive funds would the number of daily transactions continue as now or would they drop off to zero with time? This is important to know because we are looking for sustainable business. I suspect the transactions would continue because they are solving a real world problem however I would like for you to confirm this.

6. What % of the total shops are signed up from the first and second malls. Could you give the % values for each separate mall?

7. In your updates you show some shops in the mall that were also now accepting DASH however you only give a graphic only. Could you give a video for each shop that is now accepting DASH and if possible an interview with a few shop owners to know why they are now accepting DASH. This is not just a testimonial it is also a way for MNOs to learn the reasons why a project is working.

8. How many customers visit each of the Malls per month including repeat visits?

9. How many *unique* customers are there for each mall, if you dont know exactly could you ask the mall owner to see if we can get this information. This gives us an idea of the amount of customers that could be using DASH

10. What is the % of total customers that visit the mall also use the mall car park ?

11. You mentioned you have 6 staff could you explain what each person is doing and if they are working full time or part time. By full time I mean at least 8 hours per day 5 days per week. If not please give their working hours and their specific roles.

12. You mentioned there are costs associated with basic infrastructure costs. But what specifically are these infrastructure are you referring to. We already know about the internet connection but wouldn't the Mall or the parking lot owner be responsible for paying for this? In my opinion once the trial has been set up and they parking lot owner can see the solution works the parking mall owner should be paying for any infrastructure costs. Our role is to show them a solution that works. It is then their responsibility to pay for any infrastructure costs after the free trial finishes.

13. How many shopping malls are there in Cabimas in total that have a parking problem where a DASH solution can be applied?

14. How many shopping malls with parking are there in all of Venezuela? You could get this information from your local council of from other public records. The reason I ask this is that it provides a vision for how big your project could scale.

15. What are the total number of people using the parking in the two malls you have signed up and what % of these people are using DASH to pay for their parking?

16. For the people that are not using DASH for their parking in Mall 1 and Mall 2 what payment method are they using and why are they not using DASH?

I like your project because using DASH is underpinned by real utility. This means people need to use DASH to solve a real world problem. People can pay for a low cost parking ticket and in the process learn about DASH and start to feel confident with it after a few uses. If they then see shops in the shopping mall are also excepting DASH is means they could go on to use DASH more in their daily lives.

These are just a few of the questions I have to better understand your project and its potential for future growth.

In my opinion merchant sign up MUST be underpinned by solving a real world problem with DASH. This way people are obliged to use DASH rather than it being optional. Merchant sign up on its own is not enough but what you have done is solved a real world problem in a micro-climate of the shopping malls. This is the way to establish DASH as a payment method. DASH must solve a real world pressing problem in order for people to use DASH consistently and then with time they become confident in using it.
1 point,18 days ago
Hi, Deep Blue Thanks for your question,

Dash Mall and parking team has been working in a business plan to be self-sustaining, keep in mind that our proposal has been running for only two months in two locations, there is still a Dash presence as a payment method in the city to capture the largest number of users paying with Dash.

In this short time, we have found a model that generates value for users, and we have the vision of working on a formula for self-sufficient operations working with the combination of variables that we have seen so far.

It is necessary that the team stays for a period of time working in the parking lot of shopping centers, where the largest number of users are handled, our job is not to place the Qr code in the shopping center establishments and parking lots (this can be done by anyone), without having users paying with Dash in the shopping center, Dash will not be successful in Venezuela.

We are evaluating charging a transaction fee or charging future shopping centers for a license, but we still need to validate and test these options, and we hope to do so as we continue to grow and we can move from one option to another when comparing locations, meanwhile we need financing to achieve the self-sustainability of shopping centers where they could work alone without the presence of our team, while we expand the project in more and more shopping centers in Venezuela.

The project will be working in shopping centers and parking lots when the highest percentage of visitors use Dash, in addition to that we need a staff responsible for selling Dash in shopping centers to facilitate user acquisition and create a real utility and real adoption, not based on add merchants also its about train and educate users who will use Dash in shopping centers.

The staff training varies depending on the location and the number of employees, currently some merchants received payments without help, however we serve as support if the customer have doubts or questions when receiving payments in the shopping centers, by users or merchants.

Our work is not based on attracting and training merchants, we provide payment tools that facilitate their day to day, and this is not possible if there are no users who buy or pay using DASH

The number of transactions corresponds to the total transactions made since the beginning of the proposal financing (2 months)

Proposal started::09/01/2019 Milenium Mall

Start date of 2nd shopping center: 01/10/2019 Pie de Monte Shopping Center

Final Proposal Date: 31/10/2019.



Transactions in parking lots, shops and restaurants may continue, with a lower average without the presence of the Dash Mall and Parking team willing to capture users and sell Dash on the site.

As we mentioned earlier in our second location there is still work to be done in the city of Mérida Venezuela.

In our database we have a registry of people who have been constantly buying Dash so we see that people will keep using Dash as a payment method, however we can have a greater reach with the presence of our team in the mall for a long period of time, then shopping centers will continue working with Dash as payment method without our help.

We are glad to share the testimonials videos of new merchants at shopping centers using Dash as payment method:







The parking systems of the shopping centers are not automated therefore, we cannot have the information about how many cars visit shopping centers daily.
However, in the attached file we can know the indicators of the visitors of the shopping centers in Venezuela in a general way:

Right now, in our team, we all do everything through the functions and we are all working hard to achieve the excellent results we have shown so far; Here is the breakdown of the functions:

There is a person who leads the team and meets with business owners to address more shopping centers, more stores and train them.

There is another person who conducts training in more than 30 stores to allow them to use Dash, and everyone calls to ask how to buy / collect / withdraw money, etc. This person also leads the video recording and the use test in different places.

In each mall, there is a team of two physically present every day from 9 to 9 at the cashier to download wallets to new Dash users and train them on how to pay with Dash, supporting the purchase of P2P functionality and respondents on how to buy Dash in the exchanges that now operate in Venezuela and providing all kinds of support (people come with other cryptos and we help them exchange, people want to introduce us to their businesses and so we can generate new potential customers, people ask how store your board in another place, etc.).

(People 3,4,5 and 6) In addition to all this, when we have the opportunity to go to conferences or fairs, we all organize the stand, work to attend and provide Dash rating at fairs, and most of the time they work double shifts to make this possible, while continuing to support shopping centers.

As you can see, our team is fully occupied with only two shopping centers, and in this new project we are increasing the workforce so that we can immediately operate a third and fourth shopping center, as well as bring a dedicated person center to Take care of the 100 stores that we are ready to enable with Dash payments within the first 30 days after receiving funds.

So, for next month, we are planning to add two new teams of two people each, and a salesman of Dash, for a total of 5 additional team members.
It is important to keep in mind that no other organization we know has brought the kind of results we have (such as 2000 TX in 40 days) because we have found a way to boost real transactions and the actual use of Dash, and that is what we want climb now.

Our work, in addition to capture parking services and training the Ticket Office staff, is based mainly on the recruitment of users who will pay in these commercial premises, although it is true Venezuela has many shops that accept Dash as a payment method.
Some of this stores do not receive frequent transactions, causing disappointment on the part of businesses in the use of Dash as a payment method that is why they stop offering Dash as payment method.

About infrastructure costs: the parking lockers are located in the basement where there is no access to any type of connection, for downloading wallets, access to Exchanges platforms or Dash purchases on the site.
We are requiring infrastructure expenses we mean internet connection, wiring and other elements that help us facilitate mass adoption.

Venezuela currently has 438 shopping centers, in our business plan we are evaluating which shopping centers need the solution that Dash Mall and PARKING offers.
People who do not use Dash as a payment method at shopping centers is because in Merida city there are ignorance about what is Dash Digital Cash, for this reason, people prefer to use another Payment method such as Bank transfers or point of sale (When it works).

The work we do is focused on increasing the adoption of Dash in users/visitors of the shopping centers that allow replicating the way of paying in each assistance to the mall or premises that accept Dash as a payment method.

Here you can see the percentage of affiliated stores for each shopping center: blob:

Please let us know if you would like to review any more details,

4 points,21 days ago
Dash Watch October 2019 Report on
Dash Mall and Parking by yoanacastillo
1 point,23 days ago
Too much for one mall/parking lot.
1 point,23 days ago
Hi 3d1409ae, thank you for your comment.
The work we are doing is used to grow in the whole mall, so while the parking lot is the entry point and key proposition, we are growing a full ecosystem inside the mall. For example, in the last 40 days we evidenced 2000 transactions in the ecosystem as a whole: 720 were on one of the parking lots, 421 on the other parking lot, 324 on a group of phone stores (Mobile top-up promotions), 36 on a bar, 22 on a coffee shop and the remaining on a list of over 30 places where now people are paying with Dash.
We are scaling this ecosystem from 2 locations today into 5 locations in the next three months, and when the transactions scale accordingly we will continue driving incremental users, incremental transactions and keep being the team with the largest amount of transactions and utility in the network.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, I will be happy to respond to them.
0 points,22 days ago
(Please remember the incremental cost to run new Dash-enabled-locations is due to 2 extra team members added to work on the new malls (One per shift in order to download Dash wallets, educate users and enable P2P selling as shown on our posted videos)
1 point,24 days ago
October 21st Updates:

1) Installed new parking payment service at 2nd Sopping Center “Pie de Monte”:


1) Authorized Agent Digitel one of the main telecommunications services in Venezuela accepts Dash in 3 branches of shopping centers:

2) Interview with Pie de Monte Shopping Center, 2nd shopping center to use Dash as a payment method:

3) So far (23) stores accept Dash at the Pie de Monte shopping center in Merida - Venezuela: Sneak peak

User reactions and validation

1) Users of the Millenium Mall shopping center pay daily Parking lot service and buy with Dash:

2) People in Merida is surprised with Dash due to Fast and easy transactions:

Media appearances:

1) Interview with the Founder of the Dash Mall and Parking program in MeridaRadio, the best known radio station in the city– Venezuela:

2) First Tutorial on how to pay with Dash Digital Cash in parking lots of shopping center:
2 points,26 days ago
In this interview parking lot owner of Pie de Monte Shopping Center in #Venezuela is describing the painful problems Venezuelan businesses & customers are facing and how Dash offers a great solution for his business, so he became a pleased hodler and is seeing a growing number of customers.
-3 points,26 days ago
Questionable, responses going to have to abstain for now
1 point,1 month ago
I don't understand why you are asking for more money in this proposal than the last one. IMHO, you are asking for too much money. You should need LESS as you gain experience with your processes and cut waste. And IMHO, you should be focused on making your enterprise self-sufficient, and not asking for more and more funds.
1 point,1 month ago
Hello geert, Thank you for your comment,

As you can see from our budget the two components that increased on our proposal relate to team salaries and other expenses, and this is caused by two factors:
1) We are ramping up presence from two malls into five malls, so in reality, we are decreasing the operational cost per mall to 968 USD from 1081. There will be even more efficiencies made as we grow because at this moment we are including a store agent who will be taking care of the requests and needs of the stores in the malls so that we can ensure the creation of Dash ecosystems within the malls, while making sure we continue the operability of the parking lots.
2) The other expenses account is growing by 823 USD Vs the previous proposal as we are including basic infrastructure components needed to adapt each of the new malls to the Dash infrastructure, which is part of the learnings we had in the first two malls. These include internet connectivity & backups for electricity problems, as well as other basic infrastructure needed to make sure we can operate in the spaces that are not adequated for cryptocurrency usage before we arrive.

Please consider our proposal has been running for just two months in two locations, and during this time we have managed to drive the largest number of transactions, while onboarding close to 3000 new users in the city into Dash.
In this short time, we have found a model that drives value for users, and we have the vision to work on a formula for self-sufficient operations by working with the mix of variables we have seen as of now. We are evaluating charging a fee per transaction or charging future malls for a license, but we still need to validate and test these options, and we expect to do them as we continue to grow and can pivot from one option into the other while comparing locations.
Please let us know if you would like to review any more details,

1 point,1 month ago
Yes from me, good luck.
0 points,1 month ago
Thanks Qwizzie!
1 point,1 month ago
I would like some explanation of what exactly happens to the Dash when you get it. Do you sell the Dash for Bolivars or Colombian pesos to people who are going to use it for parking? And then what does the parking agency that receives the Dash from the parkers do with the Dash? I assume at some point the Dash is converted to local currency. How and when does that typically happen?
0 points,1 month ago
Hi Geert, thanks for your question.

It is important to highlight that we are not giving away any Dash in the parking lot operations, we are enabling Dash payments and teaching parking lot teams and users on how to use Dash as a payments tool.

In order to do this, all the Dash Parking team, supports users and parking lot workers on a daili basis so they can acquire Dash in a compliant P2P way. For example, there is one parking lot person that buys batches of 20 dollars from an exchange and exchanges their bolivars, there are others who tried buying at LocalBitcoin and then onto another exhchange to get Dash. We are there to support them in signing up to exchanges, helping them set up their accounts and sometimes supporting their purchases.
We are luck that there is also a BTM in the city (Panda Exchange), in there people can buy and sell their fiat for Dash. So when people ask where they can buy more Dash, we point them out to Cryptobuyer, Cryptoway, Basichange, CoinCola, the BTM or show them a way to get Dash traded.

Once the parking lot teams have Dash for their operations, users can buy it from them in order to pay for the parking ticket, and some are starting to buy more in order to pay for other services and products in the stores that we have now onboarded or buy for multiple parking usages. As we mentioned in our offer, we are working to create and grow a ecosystem where people dont need FIAT, as that is a big problem for us in Venezuela.

About the merchants and what they do with the Dash they receive, some have expresses to keep Dash as it provides a benefit when compared to Bolivares, and others said they will cash out once they save a certain amount. Anyways, at that point it is already their money, and some come to us for advice, and we always tell them to keep their Dash or spend it in the ecosystem.
So far nobody has come with pesos to pay the parking lots.
Please let me know if you have any further questions, happy to answer them!
1 point,1 month ago
(It is important to highlight that it is a slow process, and we are reviewing how to make this work with less supervision, because the parking operators are still not very skilled to do this work by themselves)
3 points,1 month ago
how is USD usage at the mall parking lots?
1 point,1 month ago
Hi, Currency_use_case, thanks for your question.

In parking lots of Shopping Center the owners don’t receive USD as payment method For the low amounts of their fare and additionally in Venezuela in stores, people prefer not to accept damaged, broken, marked or widely used USD bills. And in Venezuela there are not a lot of USD bank notes, so even though there is a lot of people accepting Dolars, giving change after payment is a bit problem.

Bank transfer in USD is slower than a Dash Transaction, for this reason Dash has had a good reception in the parking lots and merchants of the shopping centers.
3 points,1 month ago
Is there any anecdotal data confirming this?
2 points,1 month ago
Hi Realmrhack thanks for the questions,
Yes we have plenty anecdotal support for our work, you can see much more on our twitter @cabidash1, and here are some examples of what is making up the 1756 transactions we had in the past 40 Days:

Some people can buy parts for their car in Auto Escar:

We were the only cryptocurrency available to pay for beers at Andenes Cerveza on a joined event (They have a store at the mall and like to offer Dash to their users, because it's immediate versus waiting 10 minutes for a bolivar card transaction);
Please see some images and videos

Finally, we also made an Alliance with the local phone carrier Movistar agency, for a top-up promotion when people paid with Dash (They provided the extra incentive and we provided training, this also resulted in many transactions)

As you can see, the parking lot is an important part of the ecosystem, but we are not stoping there. We know we can solve an important payment problem, and we are working hard to get more stores to use Dash, because we understand and can show to them about the benefits.

Thanks for your question and we hope to have your support,

-1 point,1 month ago
@yoanacastillo @dashwatch has there been any audit of there spending 30k proposal for parking lot project seems a bit excessive for the target market
1 point,20 days ago
Hi Realmrhack, we can share you SEPT-OCT UPDATES

Our Dash Watch report:
0 points,1 month ago
Hi Realmrhack, yes we are working with DashWatch and are providing to them the usage of the Dash we received for the reports.
Can you please tell us which concept you believe is excessive for the work? We will gladly share details or an explanation for the amount of the expense.
Thank you
3 points,1 month ago
Guys we are looking forward to fund you, but you need to put in a proposal description...
4 points,1 month ago
Hi Nudfelsyoshy, thanks for comment.

Our proposal is finally published.
3 points,28 days ago
you got my vote. I appreciate you guys scaling up to more malls. You are obviously onto something.
0 points,28 days ago
Thanks @nudfelsyoshy for support, we (@cabidash1) continue doing our best work.

Yoana and the Team.