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Title:(Core-Escrow) DashLancer - Earn Dash with your Programming Skills. A marketplace to empower Freelancers. An adoption project from the makers of Dashboost. Update: Podcast with Techsquad
Monthly amount: 120 DASH (58930 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-08-15 (added on 2018-04-09)
Final voting deadline: in 4 days
Votes: 281 Yes / 164 No / 3 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 359 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Update: Podcast with Techsquad, Lead Developer- Dashlancer Available Here
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ : Digital Cash for Digital Work  (Dash Core Escrow)

-A digital adoption project from the makers of DashBoost and Dashlancer. 

This proposal has two main objectives:

 a) Build a marketplace that matches Freelancers and Employers while enabling them to: 
  1. Post Jobs
  2. Negotiate and agree a Scope of Work
  3. Make and receive payments securely with a Dash multi sig wallet with acting as arbitrator in the case of a dispute.
 b) Commerce and User onboarding - Promote the benefits of earning and spending in Dash to the global skilled workforce. A lean and efficient data-driven user onboarding campaign on emerging platforms like Dtube and Steemit.

By achieving the above two objectives,  we want to reduce the selling pressure on Dash by increasing absorption of Dash as circulating currency in the Freelance Economy. Also create new a way for users to earn and spend Dash, without conversion to Fiat. 

Objective a) Building the marketplace web application.

The web application, hosted at will be developed by @TechSquad who are the developers of DASH-BOOST
As part of this project, a bespoke 2/3 Multisig Wallet solution will be crafted to allow for trustless escrow with an intermediary in case of dispute. The specifications for this project are available HERE and will cost 180 Dash and will be designed with Evolution in mind. - Payment Processor Job’s Portal

Objective b): User Onboarding 

The onboarding strategy is to promote to the global skilled workforce via decentralized platforms.  

The marketing team will be led Gaurav Gupta, who is a Marketing Technologist and growth hacker.  

Detailed marketing plan [b]here. [/b]

High Level cost of 180 Dash and the breakdown of the marketing budget is as follows;

  • Adspend for Promotion on Digital Platforms Like Dtube / Steemit : 50 Dash
  • Global PR and Media Exposure : 50 Dash
  • Content Development and Marketing: 30 Dash
  • Personalised Outreach to Top Talent: 30 Dash
  • Dashbacks and Giveaways : 20 Dash

The following channels will be used to promote;
  • Dtube
  • Steemit
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • PR Blitzkrieg
The following is a sample of visual media that will be used;

Why is better than traditional freelancing platforms?

For a detailed technical report please click the following link.
Comparison of cost structures between traditional platforms and Dashlancer

Benefits to the Dash Network:  Return on Investment

Dash Adoption: 

Building a strong use-case for Dash in the payments space for Digital services industry grows dash-centric commerce. Supply chains are short, people-to-people based and can be entirely serviced by Dash’s unique strengths like InstantSend. Freelancers are the ideal set of adopters for Dash.

Technically proficient user base: 

Digital services are one of the best bets for Dash adoption. A large and growing market, very low cost of acquisition and technically-savvy users with an inclination to use better systems make the freelancing industry an obvious choice for Dash-use.  With no expensive point-of-sale requirements, freelancers can switch to Dash immediately once aware of the benefits and for lost costs.

Increases talent pool

By focusing on the Dash Ecosystem to begin with, this project adds a rich vein of talented engineers, marketers and designers to the Dash community, acting as a potential force-multiplier for projects to hit the ground running with talented employees / subcontractors.

Eliminates Fiat-Conversion Step

Converting Dash to Fiat to pay for salaries can be a convoluted step for proposal owners, even more so across different geographies. In the absence of unambiguous laws, converting cryptocurrency into cash to pay salaries leaves behind a blaze of paperwork and complicated tax compliances for proposal owners to deal with.Converting to Fiat also reduces the number of people who hold dash e.g. Employer sells Dash to one person instead of paying 4 people with Dash. 

Accessibility to Dash for New Users in Non-Dash Regions

Many regions in the world lack access to Dash due to regulations and/or hyperinflation. Through Dashlancing, Dash can be earned for work, creating an alternate path for Dash to be sustainably spread globally without borders. Countries like India, Philippines, Zimbabwe and Venezuela can benefit significantly from Dash based work.


DashLancer aims to be a self funded organization with no enduring costs to the treasury. 

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3 points,24 minutes ago
Can no votes provide a little feedback? seems a good proposal to me this is actually doing something useful and building the Dash ecosystem and potential first app for evolution.
7 points,6 days ago
Dashlancer - Digital Cash for Digital Work.

Project Update / Notes :

1. The Dashlancer project welcomes @Pasta and @TechSquad onboard, the elite technical team behind the Dashboost project to craft the Dashlancer Platform. The project proposes to develop the first practical 2/3 escrow solution for dash-based services, a bespoke reusable innovation that adds value to a number of future Dash Projects, delivering strong ROI far beyond the immediate scope of this project.

2. Being able to Earn and spend Dash is a fundamental need being addressed by Dashlancer. Much like the popular acquired by Coinbase for $120M), the Dashlancer project would enable the community to hire talent and help freelancers monetize their skills while avoiding large remittance fees from companies like Paypal and Western Union - scaling a perfect use for a Digital Currency like Dash.

3. The project is being designed with evolution in mind.

4. We have updated our revenue model and will charge a nominal service fee of 1% to both parties(after 3 months) to ensure we are able create a sustainable business model that does not require long term treasury support and is self-sustaining.

Do you believe Dash can transform the future of digital work?
Look forward to hearing your views !

Gaurav Gupta, Techsquad & Pasta
Team Dashlancer
3 points,6 hours ago
Delighted to be on board with such an exciting project.

We are super energised to build this platform and I’m extremely confident that we can deliver a high quality strategic piece of infrastructure that will benefit the Dash community long into the future.

We were attracted into the Dash ecosystem via the ‘Gig’ economy by extension of working for the Dash DAO, and based on my experience I’m certain that DashLancer will attract another whole wealth of talent to the community. The skills pipeline is key to the prosperity and longevity of any great organization.

With respect to the value of Dash, by providing employers with another mechanism to spend Dash we will reduce sell pressure. 6,176 Dash to be distributed to contractors on this cycle alone. If we had a platform to directly exchange Dash for services (DashLancer), there there would be no need for the fiat conversion, resulting in a healthier and more valuable ecosystem.

Thrilled to be involved in such an exhilarating and beautiful movement !

All the best,
6 points,9 days ago
Dear GauravGupta,
For the reason post in the forum and with the answers to Arthyron questions, its an yes.
2 points,9 days ago
Hi JoL

Thank you so much for your support. Appreciate it!

Gaurav Gupta
Team Dashlancer
6 points,10 days ago
I think this is a great and much-needed service for both the freelance and "gig" economy. The details and budgeting for the project seem reasonable and in keeping with what you've accomplished and learned from your previous proposal and this is the next step. I suppose my only question is with Evolution looming on the horizon, how will your implementation change, and will you be seeking more funding to update your service at that time?
5 points,10 days ago
Hi Arthyron,

Thank you for your question and for taking the time to review our proposal.

I would like to answer the question by covering the following three points;

1) What is the payment process we are proposing as part of this proposal?
2) When/Why we would integrate with evolution (i.e. 2.0)?
3) How would 2.0 be funded?

1) What is the payment process we are proposing as part of this proposal?

We plan to create a bespoke (2 of 3) multi signature wallet/escrow.

Once a job is agreed between the employer and freelancer, the employer will be requested to put the funds into a multi-sig wallet/escrow, with the DashLancer admin team automatically added as the 3rd signatory.

If the job is completed successfully with both parties being satisfied, then both parties can sign and complete the transaction.

If there is a conflict, the DashLancer admin team will act as arbitrator by extension of being the 3rd signatory on the wallet/escrow.

This service will add a layer of trust between the transacting parties while also providing a conflict resolution mechanism.

2) When/Why we would integrate with Dash Evolution (i.e. 2.0)?

First and foremost, will be built and developed using modular design. This will essentially allow us to ‘Plug & Play’ with any new payment gateways/features that Dash Evolution may bring online.

In the event that Dash Evolution makes available a feature set that significantly enhances the value that DashLancer can bring to the Dash network, then it will be integrated to the Dashlancer platform.

While evolution is exciting, I wish to emphasis the value of the wallet/escrow that we will build as part of this proposal. It will be a ‘Built for Purpose’ piece, servicing a very specific need, I am very confident it will be a valuable feature long into the future.

3) How would 2.0 be funded? aims to be a self funded organisation. We are proposing to charge 1% to both parties after initially allowing them a 6 month free period in order to scale up the platform.

By utilizing the 1% fee, Dashlancer will become a self sustaining operation where development will be provided for on an ongoing basis. If we successfully onboard enough users then it is unlikely that there will ever be a requirement for large chunks of funding.

I hope that this answers your questions. If you do have any further queries we would be happy for the opportunity to respond.

All the best,
Team Dashlancer
4 points,9 days ago
@TechSquad1 - Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I believe you answered them all fully and satisfactorily. A lot of MNOs have been talking about how important it is that the projects we fund develop some self-sufficiency, because we can't just fund all projects in perpetuity out of pocket, so it's great to hear that you've not only created solutions for facilitating your product, but that you've also established a fair way of keeping yourselves going. This is exactly the kind of project I love to support. Good luck!
3 points,9 days ago
Hi Arthyron

Thank you so much for your support and valuable feedback. We will strive to do our best to develop a real commercial use case for Dash, given an opportunity to continue working on this.

Gaurav Gupta
Team Dashlancer
6 points,14 days ago
Hello everyone, this is Jon Kindel with Dash Core Group and I confirm that the Dash Core is in receipt of a signed escrow agreement.
4 points,14 days ago
Hi Snogcel

Thank you for confirming this.
A special note of thanks to Omar and Brad for making the escrow process smooth for proposal owners.

-4 points,13 days ago
Next year
7 points,16 days ago
His previous proposal looks like a success:

Many projects have been covering the where to sell/use Dash (merchant adoption, point-of-sale systems, Purse/BitCart). And some are addressing where to "buy" (Uphold, exchanges). But this addresses another important need: How to earn! And once we have "closed loops" in the ecosystem, there will be less need to "cash out" to fiat. This is what we want!

Sure, integrations and sponsorships are nice... and not trying to knock them, but if this works even a little it will be orders of magnitude more effective. We don't so much need people to know how they can speculate (buying/selling) on the next big thing. We want them to know how they can *earn* and use Dash!

TLDR; well organized/professional, good updates/reports. Addresses the "earn" side to close the ecosystem loop. BONUS: bypasses the ad ban, since it's for courses and now jobs/employers.
5 points,16 days ago
Hi Henrygeorgist

Thank you so much for your support!

A large number of projects in the Dash Ecosystem can benefit from paying wages directly in Dash. By delaying conversion to fiat at every step and making Dash travel further in the services supply chain, we can build a larger payments ecosystem.

Also, an average freelancer, especially in developing countries, loses upto 8% of their pay on remittances via PayPal and Wire-Transfers. For someone earning $15000/yr, this adds up to $1200. Dash can virtually eliminate this cost.

We are very excited to take this forward!

Best Regards,
-2 points,16 days ago
While your proposal is a great idea and well presented, your main video ‘Dash For Freelancers’ claims to organically have 232,638 views since January. I find this hard to believe when there’s only 5 likes and zero comments on that particular video, as well as a virtual absence of participation on the other videos.

In your proposal you claim to have over 800,000 YouTube views in total from Dash related videos. One would assume that you have received a large degree of interest, however a quick search on google will demonstrate how easy it is in fact to buy likes in order to falsely increase engaging viewers. This is not intended to be an accusation, only an observation, which becomes more suspicious when you also chose to hide your number of YouTube channel subs.

It’s a good thing that you’ve arranged escrow from Core if this is indeed the case, however their service is in no way an endorsement on their part.

At first glance I was truly excited about your proposal, although now I am yet to be convinced how these YouTube figures are even remotely possible without apparently having the slightest of viewer participation.

Please explain.
4 points,16 days ago
Hi Foxtrot !

Thank you for your comment.

I have added a snapshot of the Youtube advertising campaign on our proposal, right below the summary.

You are absolutely right on the complete absence of comments on the the videos and that is because these views are a combination of embedded views on the platform and our Youtube advertising campaign, both of which do not give viewers a direct option to comment on the videos themselves.

For instance, if you view the video on the proposal for over 30 secs, it will count as a view on Youtube. Same is the case with an advertised video on youtube. When it is watched for over 30 secs, a view is counted without advertised video's comment section being available for users to engage with.

The call to action overlay is the main focus of the video and allows interested users to click through to your target destination, which in this case is the Dashlancer Platform.

I have also enabled the subscriber count to be publicly viewable.

Our team has worked very hard to spread the word and market these videos across all platforms. We hope take this work forward by connecting freelancers and businesses and helping them transact with Dash in place of Fiat.

Would be happy answer any further questions.

Best regards,
Gaurav Gupta
Team Dashlancer
0 points,16 days ago
Thanks for your reply Gaurav.

I believe this observation needed to be brought to the table for further discussion, and as you can appreciate foul play isn’t something that tends to be taken lightly when it comes to the budget.

I am for the most part satisfied with your answer and if there are no further inquiries or objections on this matter from the community then indeed I will be voting ‘yes’.
2 points,16 days ago
Thank you so much for your support, Foxtrot! Appreciate it.