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Title:Dash Developer Campaign I Global Developer Support and Outreach I Crafting Dash Usage for Gaming, Travel, Remittances and Crowdfunding I #BuildWithDash
Monthly amount: 66 DASH (3276 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-07-21 / 2019-10-14 (added on 2019-07-21)
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dAPI and Dash Drive repos have been open-sourced by Dash Core. View Github Link I Read Announcement

Dash Developer Campaign I Global Developer Outreach Support and Awareness I Crafting a Vibrant Independent Developer Ecosystem for Dash I Use Dash for everyday things like Gaming, Travel, Payroll, Remittances and Crowdfunding I #BuildWithDash 

Update: Dash Developer Program Launches Explainer Video

The Dash Developer Program is an initiative to craft a structured outreach to new blockchain developers worldwide working on payments focused blockchain applications. This program aims to spread awareness about Dash in the larger Blockchain Developer community, facilitate critical support for development / integration queries and showcase successful Dash-enabled applications to the Dash Community. 

In the last 45 days, the Developer Campaign has launched a platform on, connected with over 20 App developers working in diverse sectors such as Gaming, Remittances and Financial Credit including Crypto100 projects. We have also established a support mechanism for Developers and answered a number of support queries. 

The campaign has also started to receive applications from interested Blockchain App Developers looking to collaborate with us. As we ramp up our outreach, we expect this number to grow quickly. 

Work Done Thus Far :

a) Dash Developer Platform is Live - The Dash Developer Program platform is live on BuildwithDash to connect with developer teams across the board and facilitate the information flow. The platform has been built to exact brand specifications laid down by the Dash Core Group on Dash.Org.

b) The Program 

The Dash Developer Program offers Marketing and Technical Support to Blockchain Developers, Teams and Companies working on consumer facing applications. Enabling Dash as a payment method or utlizing it as base platform is the main criteria for selection. Selected Projects will be showcased to the Dash Community; gaining from the wide exposure they will get in one of the largest and most vibrant crypto communities. 

c) Developer Support Line

The program has a functional support mechanism by which teams can have their support queries answered by Dash community experts. Offering timely support is critical to winning other developers over and key to establishing a strong reputation.

d) Outreach 

In the last 45 Days, The Dash Developer Program Team has reached out to developers for 23 applications, including two Crypto100 projects. We have further reached out to 3 Application developers who have Dash Integrated but doing low volumes, largely due to lack of promotions. We are working with them to ascertain the best course of action based on their specific requirements.

While working with developers we have realized that there are various stages of building a Dash Integrations that results in transactions. 

These stages are

1. Developer Lacks Awareness About Dash. 
2. Developer Aware of Dash but currently uninterested in moving further. 
3. Interested in Integrating Dash but currently not on Tech Roadmap.
4. Interested in Integrating Dash and currently on Tech Roadmap.
5. Dash Integrated but Not Promoted to users.
6. Dash Integrated and Promoted to Users.

Our marketing effort is centered around moving developers up this pipleline irrespective where they start. Many developers that we have spoken to fall on the 2nd and 3rd Steps thus far.

We have also found some applications that have dash integrated but with few users using it. While they are one step away from becoming productive, they don't account for real transactions. We see these as great opportunities for optimization.

Original Content Creation :

The Dash Developer Program is developing original content in written formats to promote the program in creative ways. Please take a moment to read one of our articles about Practical Design. VIEW MEDIUM LINK

Content Distribution + Social Promotions

The Campaign is currently being promoted on Social Media Across the board, more specifically on Twitter and Reddit. The reception has been great thus far and we are expecting it to further convert in more applications as we ramp up Social Promotions.

Reddit Announcement
Twitter Announcement

What's Next ? 

This proposal is for a continuation of the recently launched program. 

a) Expansion of Outreach 

The Dash Developer Program will be expanding our structured outreach program to add more application developers team across payment focused use cases via the method outlined before.

b) Program Application Support 

We will reach out to program applicants and ascertain the best way to support their efforts to simplify the life of users via the Dash Blockchain. While Dash enjoys tremendous name recognition, many applications have not integrated with Dash thus far. Reasons range from lack of bandwidth and not knowing where to begin.There is also a small set of applications that are Dash-enabled but remains unused due to lack of awareness / promotion / incentives. We aim to work on these businesses as well.

c) Collaborations / Connections : 

As the Campaign ramps up, we will also be working on creating more collaborations through Talent matching. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs and developers who might benefit significantly by working together on Dash together. We are planning a launch a small system to help connect these teams and let them explore synergies.

d) Developer Support Line Refinement 

We are working on further refining this process and making it simpler to access, as we scale up to serve more teams. 

e) PR Campaign

The Dash Developer Program is in the middle of launching a limited, precision-targeted PR campaign aimed at developers though various publications. We believe awareness about Dash being open to collaborating with developers is a critical step in building a thriving ecosystem and will go all out to reach out to as many developers as possible through the PR Campaign.  

f) Project Showcase 

We aim to launch a Project showcase feature in the beginning half of this campaign to promote new integrations and Dash-centric promotions. The Community is the biggest strength of the Dash Network and this feature will help app developers find new users and precious adoption for their own businesses.
Social Outreach : We will continue to promote the program on social media channels like Reddit and Twitter to gather an increasing number of applications.

g) Original Content + Program Video Launch

We have developed a customized high-quality video which will be launched in the upcoming week along with the ramp-up of our campaign and PR launch. We are also creating a monthly series of original content pieces on dapp development and design, while we will continue to churn out.

Why Is this campaign Important ?  

To scale transactions on the Dash Network ; We need millions of everyday people using Dash for Ordinary Use Cases - Simple things like Travel, Crowdfunding, Sending Remittances, Games and Buying Online Goods. 

To achieve this, we need Dash integrated with the widest range of Applications possible. 

While a few high-impact applications can be supported directly by the treasury - we need to partner with a large number of independent developer teams and companies to ensure Dash always remains at the forefront of Consumer Adoption.

This campaign is targeted at bringing new developers into the Dash Ecosystem and scale up promotions.

About Us

The campaign is led by Gaurav Gupta. He specialises in making marketing more effective through Lean acquisition at Scale, Simplifying On-Boarding processes, Funnel Optimisation, and Marketing automation. He has led marketing for consumer internet businesses like Labster (Virtual Reality Education, Raised $20Million) and Bridallive.Com (SAAS for Bridalshops, Acquired By Fullsteam). 

He has a background in the online talent industry and has also previously led marketing for the Netherlands based Squads.Com, a popular online platform to match teams of top developers with employers.

Budget Request


Q: How do you place Dash Evolution in your plans to scale the Developer Community? 

A: Repositories pertaining to dAPI and Drive have already been open-sourced by Dash Core. We see building the developer community as a continuous process and the most critical part of the ecosystem. Waiting for evolution to promote integrations might see us fall behind in the race for developer talent and delay the network effects of early adoption.

We seek to ease developers into different protocol updates and test-nets (as and when available) by engaging with them and giving them timely information, support and resources. 

As things stand, developers can still easily integrate Dash and plan Dapps based on the Evolution Documents.

Q: Are you planning on targeting brick and mortar stores? 

A: We are laser-focused on integrations with digital payment centric applications like Gaming, Remittances, Global Payroll and Purchase of Digital Goods. We see them as highly scalable and low hanging fruits when it comes to adoption. 

Instead of working with merchants directly, our strategy would be to work with POS solutions providers and develop a merchant network through partnering with them.

Q: Isn’t it better to focus on consumer adoption before raising independent developer awareness? 

A: Dash activates 1000's of wallets every month. However, without real use cases, new users don't know what to do with their Dash. As a result, users become inactive right after signing up.

Independent Blockchain Developers are the critical link to success in this ecosystem. Transactions on the network scale with the number of usable apps and the best way to increase them is to integrate with a large variety of public applications. 

Is there a Blockchain App that you Love? 

In case you would us to work a particular app integration that you love, please feel free to reach out to us here or on . We will be glad to try bring it on our list and explore how we can bring them on board for you! 

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1 point,2 months ago
what are the top apps or websites that this proposal will assist in accepting Dash for payment?
0 points,1 month ago
Is this funding paid out to this proposal going to deliver any apps or websites of substance?
1 point,1 month ago
Hi Currency_use_case

Over the last 50 days, Our Campaign has resulted in 23 Applications for the Dash Developer Program including applications from developers working on fiat ramps, an upcoming travel booking platform, software tools for mobile development and a payment related application. 

We have reached to all program applicants and other teams to ascertain how best we can assist them with marketing or technical support, in addition to providing them with information about the Dash DAO and its various arms. 

Additionally a third-party application offering transaction privacy externally is working on an Dash integration and should be released by Early November.

The program has also further reached out to over 65 different application developers to promote the use of Dash in their applications and is working to advance the utilization of Dash in their project roadmaps.

Best Regards
Team BuildWithDash
2 points,3 months ago
Update 27 August 2019

Dash Developer Program Publishes Developer Focused Article Titled "6 Big Ideas for Blockchain Developers".

Link :
3 points,3 months ago
Hi Dash Network!

Thank you for all the support so far! Here is a brief update:

We are excited to present the Dash Developer Program Explainer Video to the community.(Embedded Above). We plan to translate this into more languages to reach out developers across more geographies.

The #BuildWithDash Campaign has also received new Applications from Developers for our Developer Program. These applications are currently being vetted and teams consulted to pin-point areas of synergy.

We are also launching an initiative in September to promote apps offering Dash-Based Fee Discounts. We are in discussions with Apps that already have dash integrated but not doing many transactions due to lack of awareness.

We ended up some votes short for July, which has restrained many our our promotional initiatives for developers.

We hope you would consider supporting us for the current August cycle, so we are able accomplish so much more!

Best regards,
Team Dash Developers
-3 points,4 months ago
As per the latest quarterly call, Evo will not be released to testnet until December, and DCG will have an associated developer portal available at that time. My feeling is that this project should be put on hold until then.
2 points,4 months ago
Hi Geert

We need many more blockchain developers to be working on Dash to build everyday use cases.

This proposal is about continuously engaging the independent blockchain developer community and offering them support and promoting their apps within the dash community to begin with.

As Evolutions hits TestNet and beyond, this community can be leveraged to vastly improve our usability. Besides, Evolution repositories are already live and most integrations are possible even as things stand.

We have already received a number of applications from interested companies and projects to join our program. Despite being currently unfunded, we are engaged with these companies working on finance focused projects that will keep new users engaged. 

We hope you will consider supporting us. 

Best regards
Team Dash Developers
6 points,4 months ago
The Dash Developer Program has reached out to over 50 Apps across Micro-Payments, Gaming, Remittances, Transportation and Consumer Finance.

We will support their teams and help them #BuildWithDash !

For any app suggestions or support queries reach out to us on Developer@BuildWithDash.Com or on Twitter (Handle : BuildWithDash)
3 points,4 months ago
Yes from me, good luck.
1 point,4 months ago
Thank you.
-3 points,4 months ago
My feeling is that funding for this should be put on hold until we have Evo on a public testnet and the dashpay wallet reference app is available. I'm willing to listen to opposing viewpoints though.
4 points,4 months ago
Hi geert

Thank you for your comment!

We see building the developer community as a continuous process and an important part of scaling the dash ecosystem. Waiting for evolution to build a developer network might see us fall behind in the race for blockchain talent and delay the network effects of early adoption.

By engaging with developer teams and providing them with timely information, resources and technical support; we seek to establish a vibrant developer network. A developer network which is not only familiar with Dash but can also make use of all protocol updates like Testnet and Evolution 1.0 without delay. Drive and dAPI repositories are already live along with some documentation.

That said, Dash can be easily integrated with many consumer apps, as things stand. Most App developers need early adoption for their businesses - by integrating Dash they get access to the large and vibrant community of Dash Users besides all our other features. Dash benefits from offering more use cases to the community, helping new users remain engaged.

Our program aims to manage this symbiotic outreach in a systematic manner and communicate the benefits of using Dash to more blockchain developers / teams.

I hope this addresses some of your concerns. Really Appreciate the time you have take taken out to review our work. We would be glad to answer any further queries!

Best Regards
Team #BuildWithDash
4 points,4 months ago
Dash Watch July 25th 2019 Report on
Dash Developers - #BuildWithDash by GauravGupta
2 points,4 months ago
Thank you so much.
-3 points,4 months ago
120!! Dash at 140$ usd~ MA!!!!

Read the report guys!

Its what we contract dash watch for not just fluff reports

2 points,4 months ago
Hi Realmrhack.

Our platform has been built to exact specifications laid out by the Dash Core Group.

We are working on the following ongoing initiatives to scale the developer campaign :

a) A Multi channel campaign on Twitter, Reddit and Email to reach out to App Developers across industry segments.

b) Activating a developer support line to help with critical development support queries.

c) The first in our series of original content articles on Adoption Design is live. It is titles “Using Crypto Is Hard, but It Doesnʼt Have to Be” and can be accessed here :

d) An ongoing PR campaign to bring Dash centric decentralisation to more developers.

A Custom Animated Dash Developer Program Video will also be unveiled and distributed widely in the coming few days. We are also currently supporting developers working on Dash Integrations.

Building everyday finance focused use cases is crucial to Dash Adoption and empowering Developers is the key to realizing that vision. We seek to further build upon our work in that direction.

Best regards,
Team #BuildWithDash
-4 points,4 months ago
So as per dash watch we paid 120 dash to create a simple front end website with a ' application form and a support line through email and Twitter'

Guys please wake up for gods sake and smell the smoke, again and again taken for a joy ride with over ambitous projects and no accountability

Voting NO
-4 points,4 months ago
6 days before deadline.

Could dashwatch also post the reports and KPI for gauruvs previous proposals.

'dashlancer' et al