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Title:RENEWAL DashPeople_Sport_Education
One-time payment: 53 DASH (2296 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-07-18 / 2018-08-17 (added on 2018-07-03)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 169 Yes / 188 No / 27 Abstain

Proposal description

Dash Friends!   
We keep promoting Dash throughout Russia and Europe via sport teams and different sport communities.     
We started our work on Dash in February this year. In March our Budget Proposal_Dash_ Sport  was  approved. Within this period, our team significantly expanded its activity and achieved almost all goals planned.
We‘ve been not MNOs yet. However, we’ve got investments in Dash enough to be very interested in Dash wellbeing. This is our one of the serious stimulation along side with our inherent belief in the perfect and perspective content of Dash, unquestionably.

Now our work within this Proposal consists of three parts:
 -PR and increasing awareness via sport;
 -PR and increasing awareness via participation in educational events and organization of Conferences;
 -PR and increasing awareness via interviews with bright and talented individuals interested in Dash.

  While we work on the Dash recognition, our activity scaled up due to the following reason:
  We started obtaining a good effect when we introduce Dash Community and Dash Core members in persons to the people who are inquisitive about Dash.
1.  Our audience of followers began to understand Dash aims and the direction of Dash development better.
2.  Since our targeted audience met Dash professionals the loyalty have been increasing to Dash despite of declining the market rate in common.
3.  Business owners we negotiate with start being opened to our proposals concerning Dash.

Our team intends to continue the promotion further.

The detailed reports are available with appropriate links and pictures here:
   -  February-April 2018
(We thank DashWatch Team for the help in making the report about our work)
    -  May-June 2018 The report is here.

Briefly is here.
Performance done.
Channels we use for Dash promotion
YouTube: DashPeople – 1,075 followers
Telegram: DashPeople - 2,336
Telegram: FreeDash - 187
Telegram: Offical Dash Chat - 184
Telegram: Dash_ru - 3,864
DiscordDN: DashPeople
Reddit: u/DashPeople
Twitter: @DashPeople
Total: 7,642 subscribers (at the moment of writing the report)
Over 60,000 viewers

Sport events:
-The Championship “Gran PriхSochi”, 22th April, 2018. (The team “Favorit” supported by Dash has won the first Prize);
-The International Race Championship in Turku, Finland, 27th April, 2018;
-The Youth Race DashPeople, 27th May (DaspPeople team organised the race. Dash Prizes were delivered to winners);
-The Race in France, June (The “Favorit” athlete won one of the the first Prize);
-The International Race in Switzerland (The “Favorit” athlete won the third Prize). On 23th -27th May. The total distance - 329 km.
We’ve bought a sport professional bicycle for our best athlete who had won the Race in Switzerland.
We provided a bus to “Favorit” team and decorated the bus with the Dash logo. This vehicle is going to follow all the Races in which “Favorit” team takes part.
The purchases were made by our own money.

-Triathlon A1 on 20th May in Viborg town (Saint-Petersburg region, Russia);
-Triathlon A1 on 24th June, Russia; pictures and videos are here
-The Soccer youth “Viborg” team started to be supported by DashPeople. We provided them with sport apparel decorated by Dash logo.

P.S. At each Championship and sport events our athletes were provided Dash logo apparel and attributes.

Conferences with Dash participation:
-The Blockchain Conference in Moscow, Russia; (DashPeople – as reporters/interviewers);
-The Blockchain Conference in Saint-Petersburg, Russia; (DashPeople – as reporters/interviewers);
-The Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong; (DashPeople – as reporters/interviewers);
-The Blockchain Conference in Moscow, Russia. (DashPeople – as reporters/interviewers);
-International Banking Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (DashPeople – as organizers and the main sponsor);
-High Technology Park in Minsk, Smart Taler Conference (DashPeople – speakers. The speaker was Elena Besedina);
-International Banking Institute (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and St. Petersburg National Research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (DashPeople – as organizers and the main sponsor).

Interviews and comments
Totally: 79 videos (including interesting interviews with Dash Core team members: Ryan Taylor, Bradley Zastrow, Robert Wiecko, Fernando Gutierrez, Alex Werner)
Upcoming and ready to release in July: 6 video reports.

Budget Proposals translation into Russian
We started in April.
Over 30 Budget Proposals were translated into Russian for Russian speaking audience. 

During the DashPeople work period all the activities were implemented both by Dash support and our own funds.

Now this Budget Proposal RENEWAL requests 1 month of continued support.
Forthcoming events in July-August that we are going to implement/participate and promote Dash:


1. Europe Race Championship on 10th July Czech Republic
The Russian National Team consists of 6 cyclists. Three of them are from "Favorit". They are going there in apparel decorated by Dash logo.
2. World Race Championship (August)   

02.07.2018 - Friendly match Helsinki
09.07-14.07.2018 - Helsinki Cup Championship
11-12.08.2018 - 35 Cup Helsinki
08.09-09.09.2018 - Kotka Cup 2018
22.09-23.09.2018 - Saimaa Turnaus Lappeenranta/Imatra   

-Triathlon A1 on 28th July in Viborg town (Saint-Petersburg region, Russia);

Interviews and comments
We continue to make interviews with business owners, Dash Community members and Dash Core, Inc. to keep people informed about what is going on in Dash and in the crypto world in a whole.For July and August, 26 interviews (including comments) are planned.

Our DashPeople team and International Banking Institute prepare a meet up concerning Blockchain topics and Dash as a means of payment on 20th September.

Expecting results for Dash:
1. Continuing work on increasing the number of Dash followers.
2. Continuing work on creating a positive image of Dash on the market.
3. Continuing work on involving people in Dash Community.
During the upcoming period we are going to obtain over 5,000 new followers more to our YouTube Channel.
Thank to our sport activity Dash will be watched by over 10,000 of athletes, fans and visitors of sport events. The competitions will be highlighted by TV broadcast and another mass media. 

Friends, we are glad of working together with you to promote Dash!
Our team creates and implement campaigns for Dash with great pleasure.
Thank you!         

P.S. We are consciously applying for one month now. If Dash rate is higher in August we will request less funds in Dash for this Proposal to continue. 

Breakdown of cost
Crypto currency meetups on a base of International Bank University 10 Dash/month;
Interview manager (full-time work) – 7 Dash/month;
Sponsorship program manager (full-time work) – 7 Dash/month;
Marketer and Speaker - (full-time work) - 9 Dash/month; 
SMM and PR specialist - (full-time work) – 4 Dash/month;
Cameraman#1 and Light (full-time work) – 5 Dash/month;
Cameraman#2 for field events -5 Dash/month;
Post production specialist - (full-time work)- 3 Dash/month;
Copywriter and translator - 3 Dash/month.

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0 points,4 years ago
YES vote. Helena, you are doing a wonderful job with the interviews. You ask pertinent questions and the production is good.
The budget is terribly tight. Do not take the outcome personally. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. Respect from Australia.
0 points,4 years ago
Criticalinput, I really appreciate you for the comment. It is just quite in time as I started being unhappy for the voting situation a little bit. Now, I cheered up. Thank you very much for the kind words. We’re going to keep working.
0 points,4 years ago
Guys, support please our DashPeople Budget Proposal to let us bring DASH more sport achievements!!!!!!!
0 points,4 years ago
“FAVORIT” ‘s cyclist Roman Ermakov ?‍♀️ , supported by Dash, got the FIRST PRIZE in the Russian Race “ Gorod pervogo soluta “ yesterday. He took the win in all three distances, performed by the competition.
-1 point,4 years ago
Good luck! I really like your video-interviews with the members of the Dash teams - they help to look at their work from outside, to do a kind of "independent audit".
-1 point,4 years ago
Alex-ru! Thank youuuuuuu!!! )))) I am very glad to your comment!
-1 point,4 years ago
Thank you for excellent work Helena! I voted YES.
-1 point,4 years ago
ec1warc1, I appreciate you!!!!!!!
-1 point,4 years ago
Helena has demonstrated time and again her commitment and work for Dash. We definitely need a good presence in Russia and its a fair price.

Voting yes
-1 point,4 years ago
RobbyDash01, I appreciate you! I am very glad that you support our efforts towards the Dash promotion in Russia. Thank for your inspiring to our DashPeople team. This is a great value for me!
-1 point,4 years ago
Helena has done a great job at promoting Dash in Russia. We really should support her. And it’s pennies compared to what we get back, most people in her budget are costing us under 2kusd per month and she’s hiring 7 full time people.
-1 point,4 years ago
quantumexplorer, thank you for your support! ) Our DashPeople team is passionate about Dash. Herewith, when we read such encouraging comments we get wings! Thank you, thank you. THANK YOU!!! )))
0 points,4 years ago
Please reformat the proposal, I have no idea what is going on here
1 point,4 years ago
Hi. Yes. We've done it. Probably, You looked at it while we were editing. )) Thank you for so fast feedback.
0 points,4 years ago