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Title:Dash Watch 14th Proposal (January 2019 Funding Request)
Monthly amount: 84 DASH (8424 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-12-19 / 2020-02-12 (added on 2019-12-19)
Votes: 669 Yes / 162 No / 14 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
External information:
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gobject vote-many c900893ad57121a24e70793b2ba8897b25d02ae2885f3c45cacca0859dbc77c3 funding yes

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Proposal description

Proposed Scope of Work: Due to increased budget constraints, Dash Watch is reducing our ask to its lowest level ever and will do our best to continue to fulfill as much of our oversight duties as possible with limited resources.
Continued Scope:
  • Detailed monthly reports on active and ongoing proposals
  • Includes executive summary, KPI tracking, milestones/deliverables tracking and verification, budget tracking and high level accounting, future plans, and proposal status
  • Includes continued follow-up and verification from proposal owners 
  • Maintenance of 
  • Ongoing support for Proposal, Funding, Reports,and KPI database - needed for Dash Nexus Integration
  • Month view and search view available for easy access to all current and past proposal reports
*Some scope may continue development depending on time and availability of Dash Watch team members.
Past Accomplishments: 

500+ Dash Watch Reports 
Financial Reviews
Proposal Owner Interviews, a few examples include:
  • Database of all proposals from 2017-2018
  • Metrics, relevant information, and reports for all Dash Watch reported proposals
  • Reports Section - current monthly view that gives a quick and easy access to all the current month proposals and their relevant reports
  • Proposals Section - Card view of all 2019 proposals that has a high level summary of each proposal and their relevant information. Also searchable.
  • Election Section - Summary of election candidates and results
  • Labs Section - visualization of proposal KPIs, Point of Sale systems, and Wallet activity for the Dash network. 
  • About Section - Dash Watch team contact information, API access to proposal database, and open source access to website code
Dash Consensus Poll
  • Fee-less consensus mechanism for MNOs to decide on topics in a more nimble and flexible method
2 Person Part Time Salaries $3,250.00
Server Fees $250
Proposal Fee $215.00
Dash conversion rate: $42.7
Total: $3715

Please feel free to contact us at or on Discord as paragon, DashWatchTeam, MattDash, or Dash-Al
Thanks for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve the Masternodes and the community.

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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-1 point,1 day ago
Yes for me. Critical infrastructure.

3 points,7 days ago
I want to vote for this but we can't fund projects that have an unresponsive proposal owner. This needs to be voted down if the proposal owner is still unresponsive by the budget deadline.
-2 points,9 days ago
Looks like Dash Watch has run away with the Treasury Money. A replacement needs to be found ASAP.
2 points,17 days ago
Looks like Dashwatch team has disappeared without doing the work they are getting paid for. December reports are still incomplete and funding decisions had to be made without them.

This should be voted down unless there is an explanation forthcoming from paragon.
0 points,17 days ago
agree, voted No.
1 point,17 days ago
DashWatch: a) rambrissi has claimed that: <Also we are focus on selling MN as investment, not door to door business accepting Dash .> (,

b) <in 2 years of our proposal we sold 24 MN to investors> (same link), (comment date: comment left 25 days ago)

c) are you able to verify factuality of this proposal performance metric?

d) also rambrissi indicated on his 2nd recent proposal: <So Far we are focus on MN as investments, we "sold 19" MN to passive investors and also gateway integration for e-commerce and bill payment. > (, (comment date: comment left 2 months ago)

e) DashWatch: are you able to clear up if rambrissi is going for the same proposal performance metric (ie. selling MN's) on both of these 2 separate proposals?
0 points,17 days ago
Dash Watch didnt even publish basic reports on time so you can forget about answering queries. They are getting free money for doing nothing and are firmly on the gravy train.

This allows people like RAmbrissi to make grossly exaggerated claims and get away with it.
1 point,23 days ago
Dash Watch is going to get paid for no work this month. Bravo !
1 point,22 days ago
Check their website for the December reports.
0 points,22 days ago

Unpublished reports. Highly unprofessional.
1 point,17 days ago
the month of dec just finished yesterday. why would the reports be available before the month finished ?
0 points,17 days ago
Dec report is 19 Nov- 20 Dec. They just collect information and post it next day without any investigation. This month they failed to even do that.

Dashwatch is a group of slackers who are getting paid for doing zero work. Disgusting work ethic.
0 points,22 days ago
Shame these slackers are going to get free money for doing nothing this month.
-2 points,23 days ago
Where are the reports for this month with 12 hours to go?

As it is you are getting paid for working 2 days in a month and even then you are unable to provide reports in time?
1 point,22 days ago
1 point,24 days ago
the letsencrypt certificate on expired
0 points,24 days ago
Yes from me.
-2 points,24 days ago
Where are the reports for this month?

Hardly a day to go and no reports? What is the point of funding this when you can't even publish simple reports in time.
1 point,27 days ago
Voting Yes. Good luck guys!
1 point,27 days ago
DASH WATCH has earned my ongoing support, they are an integral part of the ecosystem that allows us to evaluate proposals and monitor progress. They also perform many other functions that serve the community. ?
1 point,27 days ago
? = ❤️
-2 points,29 days ago
Dash Parking Mall is claiming $800 a month for "banners". Unbelievable. Can you verify whether this expense has been made or if treasury money is getting embezzled?
7 points,28 days ago
George I thought Bcash was giving you money now?
1 point,27 days ago
MNOs just ignore ValenciaDash (George Donnelly's) comments. He's just trying to cause damage to projects as we all know he lost his own project i.e. a project loser with a grudge.
-3 points,27 days ago
Deepblue - You have similarly backed scammers before and they were later found to be stealing(Lorenzo) from the treasury. $800 every month is a lot of money for banners in a starving country and I am only asking dash watch to verify.

Considering they are doing doing less than a few dash in volume 800 a month is a mindboggling number.

Are you against verification ?
3 points,27 days ago
@ValenciaDash just move on. Spend your energy on doing something good. Why can't you learn from your past mistakes? You're simply damaging you're reputation more with every post.

Let me address your issue for the last time regarding DMV salaries and your claim to fraud.

In the investigation that DashWatch made with DMV project it was confirmed by DW that the *total* amount allocated and spent on salaries was correctly reported i.e. the combined salaries amount for all people on the DMV project was accurately reported. MNOs had already agreed to pay that total salary amount for the DMV team. What was not correctly reported was only the distribution of those salaries.

There were trolls spamming the DMV project with over 100 messages repeatedly saying that the monthly average salary in Venezuela was $10 and that we should not be paying that amount of money for salaries in Venezuela. There was an unprecedented amount of negativity in their final DMV proposal that I thought was nothing short of disgraceful.

Both Lorenzo and Alejandro are entrepreneurs and qualified business people that have been offered more money working for other companies some of these outside of Venezuela. The amount of money they took for their personal salary in the DMV proposal which I believe was around $1500 per month (DW please correct me if I am wrong) was a reasonable amount for their ability contribution, experience and skill set - even in Venezuela. But due to the huge negative troll attack they had in their proposal they feared MNOs would not understand or accept that so they made a bad decision and reported incorrect *distribution* of the salaries only. However I have to repeat again the total salary amount reported was correctly reported (DW please confirm).

MNOs knew the total salary amount and voted in that project. Therefore MNOs had already accepted the total salary ask on the DMV proposal and that total was accurately submitted by the DMV team.

In no other DASH project to date, and that includes the DashCore group, are the salaries broken down to the individual level - Nowhere. However this is what happened in the investigation in the DW report in the DMV investigation.

If I could have I would have advised the DMV team to give their correct distribution of salaries to DW and clearly state upfront how much they were paying themselves and then simply argue the reasons why they were worth that amount of Salary. But unfortunately they did not consult with me for this advice before approaching DW. If they had I would have told them to report the correct distribution of their salaries.

Another security factor that was bearing down on them was disclosing exact Salary amounts in Venezuela opens people up to be targets of robbery. I know the DMV guys have been mugged several times. Something that most people do not have to put up with.

The two pressures combined along with the repeated negative troll attack and as a consequence DMV made a bad decision in how they reported how much salary they were receiving.

The DASH community have responded appropriately and I think fairly and that is now in the past. But people like you however want to keep digging this up over and over because you want to bring them down and discredit them for your own gains. Each time you are doing this it is decreasing your credibility.

If you are George, or JulioDash or whoever I advise you to just move on. Use your energy in doing something positive.

You don't have a masternode, and you don't have anything to show that is positive in terms of contribution to DASH. Clearly you want to bring down others to benefit yourself. You can't get votes or support through your own positive contributions because you're incapable of doing this. ValenciaDash is clearly someone that is a project loser and has a grudge to bear. I had advised George Donnelly, stop running people down and focus contributing positively but he could not do that. Look where he is now an outcast with a bad attitude and poor reputation.

I know this advice will fall on deaf ears. Just move on mate. Let it go.
2 points,28 days ago
I can add that 1m2 of banner costs about $30 in Venezuela. This would be a lot of banners... Should be easy to get pictures of that or at least a receipt for the order!
1 point,17 days ago
a) is that cost just for printing of banner?
b) does it also include rental cost per month of the spot where the banner is placed?
2 points,1 month ago
Yes!!! Much needed