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Title:Dash Watch 10th Proposal (July 2019 Funding Request)
One-time payment: 85 DASH (6334 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 85 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-06-21 / 2019-07-16 (added on 2019-06-21)
Votes: 675 Yes / 42 No / 6 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

Dash Watch is submitting a one-month proposal for the July 2019 cycle to continue providing verification, accountability, and reporting on Dash-funded proposals for the MNO community. We are also overseeing the Dash Investment Foundation election.

Dash Investment Foundation Election Candidate Information page:

June 2019 Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor Candidate Videos:
-Amanda B Johnson
-Cole Allen
-Hytham Abdel Karim
-Matthijs Vogelenzang
-Spencer Kuzara
Dash Watch Monthly Proposal Reports for the Last Six Months:
December 2018 HERE
January 2019 HERE
February 2019 HERE
March 2019 HERE
April 2019 HERE
May 2019 HERE
June 2019 HERE

Past Accomplishments
475+ Dash Watch Reports, Community Concern Reports, Financial Reviews, Proposal Owner Interviews, Proposal Owner ID Verification,,, Trust Protector Candidate KYC, Trust Protector Election Verification, Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor Candidate KYC.
Dash Watch performed a comprehensive review of all funded proposals to identify common pain points that can be addressed in the pre-proposal phase and relayed that information for Nexus to utilize. A summary of these results can be found HERE.
Milestone verification has been added to all reports, allowing MNOs to easily see which milestones listed by the proposal owner have supporting documentation and are verified as being complete.

May 2019 Videos Interviews:
Drako, Co-Founder and VP Strategy & Propositions for Kuvacash Video Link
Felix and Sascha, Co-Founders of Dash Thailand Video Link
Dash Watch Proposal KPI Explorer
Dash Watch's Proposal May 2019 Report HERE
Recent Accomplishments:
In May, Dash Watch produced 27 monthly reports for Dash-funded proposals,
Produced two proposal video interviews with Dash Thailand and Kuvacash
Added KPI visualizations to Dash Watch reports tab HERE 
Dash Investment Foundation
  • Coordinate, validate and compile KYC eligible candidates from Dash Community
  • Created candidates profiles and web portal for organization of all candidate information HERE
  • Created candidate QA videos from questions gathered from the community
  • Worked with Dash Core Group to enable voting in the election with owner, voting, or collateral addresses
  • Developed new code to handle new voting address capabilities. For example, votes will not be counted twice if a MNO votes with a collateral address and voting address for the same Masternode.
Dash Watch Website
  • Migrated custom site ( to Google Servers and under the original Dash Watch domain (
  • Built out and testing first iteration of public Dash Watch non-governance voting mechanism. This will be a voting system that is similar to the Trust Protector and Investment Foundation election. This voting mechanism is being built as proof of concept for future non-governance related consensus decisions. When completed, this first iteration will be used to help guide Dash Watch with MNO direction.
  • Made a v0.11.2 release as a deliverable for this month. It's basically a package of this month's changes:
    - Election section revision for Dash Investment Foundation
    - Proposal Page changes for the metrics overhaul + Nexus links;
    - Back-end changes to accommodate deployment on Google Cloud
  • Working with Dash Core Group to bring in additional analytics data for measuring proposal engagement (i.e. Wallet/App downloads, website metrics will be coming down the pipeline soon)
Ongoing Work:
  • Verifying and assisting with the Election for Dash Investment Foundation Supervisors
  • Video Q&A's for DIFS Candidates
  • Review and follow up with old proposal owners that have not had proposal marked as completed
  • Monthly reports for June ongoing and active Dash funded proposals
  • Continued expansion of the Dash Lab section of

4 Person Team Salaries $12,050.00 75.31 Dash
Video Creation $300.00 1.88 Dash
Hosting and Software/Misc Costs$400.00 2.50 Dash
5 Dash Watch Reimbursement $810.00 5.06 Dash
Dash conversion rate: $160
Price on: June 18, 2019
$13,560.00 or 84.75 Dash at time of submission

Future Plans
  • More detailed reporting and verification on listed proposal deliverables and KPIs
  • Continue producing detailed monthly reports on active and ongoing proposals
  • Expansion of interactive data visualization for Dash Watch reports
  • Proposal owner video interviews focusing on the status of their proposal
  • Continue detailed verification reports for proposals that require additional attestations and due diligence work
  • Dash Watch reports posted on Dash Nexus when this feature becomes available
  • Development of non-governance fee-less voting/consensus system.
Please feel free to contact us at or on Discord as paragon, DashWatchTeam, MattDash, peytondw, or Dash-Al
Thanks for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve the Masternodes and the community

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you have my support.
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Dash Watch June 25th 2019 Report on
Dash Watch 9th proposal by paragon
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Thank you for your quality reports DW. Keep doing what you do. Voting yes.