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Title:Dash Text Q3 2021 - Dasherpay New features more partners (continued work with DCG) - Launch in Italy - Dash Text points, and more!!
Monthly amount: 65 DASH (10705 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 65 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-07-13 / 2021-10-11 (added on 2021-07-09)
Votes: 502 Yes / 24 No / 35 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

We post constant updates, tips and other useful information on a daily basis on our twitter page! @dash_text follow us on twitter! Or just click here:

  • What does this specific proposal fund?

This proposal funds Dash Text’s ongoing costs - including all developers, administrative staff, business development, providers, and other costs.

  • Deliverables of this proposal:
  -Launch Dash Text in Italy. platform maintenance and growth (work with Dash Core Group)
  -Video content paying with Dash Text throughout Venezuela.
  -DashText Talks, Weekly talks answering question and doubt about the usability of Dash Text, informing news about alliances and system optimizations
  -Multiple new promotions and discount on merchants if you pay with Dash Text.
  -DashText webinars alongside Dash Help.
  -New Dash Text promos with multiple companies as allies.
  -Delivering happiness with Dash Text (helping people in need with Dash).

  • Cost Breakdown:
   Budget requested per month (DASH Rate = 129 USD/DASH)

   Team Compensation and Development Costs:         6380 USD ------- 49.45 Dash
   Service Providers, promotion and other expenses:             1800 USD -------  13.95 Dash
   Proposal fee refund:                                                                                       1.6 Dash 

   Total cost per month:                                                            8180 USD -------   65 Dash

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Voting yes.
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Hello agnewpickens! Thank you so much for your support!