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Title:Dash Text Q1 - Platform improvements with new commands - Dasherpay enhance with new look and community events -Valentine's and Carnival contests - Community activities and much more!
Monthly amount: 78 DASH (2030 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 234 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-01-11 / 2022-04-11 (added on 2022-01-07)
Votes: 620 Yes / 101 No / 25 Abstain

Proposal description

-Dash Text Q1 2022 proposal video:


  Christmas routes first stop: Traki. Buy Christmas decorations and more

  Christmas routes second stop: 2DoceMarket. Buy candies, necessities and much more

  Christmas routes third stop: Forum. Big wholesaler 


  Christmas routes fourth stop: Bodega58. Import products shop 

  • What does this specific proposal fund?

This proposal funds Dash Text’s ongoing costs - including all developers, administrative staff, business development, providers, and other costs.

  • Deliverables of this proposal:

  Improvements to our platform (Commands)
  - Last transactions, Dash values in other currencies, Buy Dash Command, Asistance command,    Shortcodes command, Dashy AI


  -QA & programming to test the system and interface. 
  -Reports, Statistics and smartphone view design. 
  -Implement improvements to refine the current design
  - Platform Webinars for small, medium companies
  - Online guides and continuous assistance

  Marketing and promotions

  - Dash Text monthly promo.
  - Lucky Mondays, Cashback weeks, bags giveaway, phone refills, invitation promo
  - Valentine's day giveaway 
  - Carnival costume contest
  - #LiveonDash content


  • Cost Breakdown:
   Budget requested per month (DASH Rate = 134 USD/DASH)

   Team Compensation and Development Costs:         8,589.4$ USD ------- 64.1 Dash
   Service Providers, promotion and other expenses:             1,648.2 USD -------  12.3 Dash
   Proposal fee refund:                                                                                       1.6 Dash 

   Total cost per month:                                                            10,452 USD -------   78 Dash

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3 points,2 years ago
You've got your priorities a little wrong. You need to concentrate on the payroll and business side and forget about the free t-shirts and competitions. Such things are better suited to Dash Help.

These additional commands to Dash Text are just fluffy and not particularly ambitious. Focus on technical and business partnerships.

I'll throw you a single vote this time but you need to knuckle down and surpass expectations in three months time.
2 points,2 years ago
Hello GrandMasterDash, we are actively working on Dasherpay alongside Core and new businesses are adopting it, we've refined the UI/UX and are building many more features around it. We have a content side as well and we think promotions and activities are important, but we take your recommendation and will evaluate our messaging so it doesn't mislead from our core objectives. Thanks for the message and for the support!

2 points,2 years ago
Does Dash Text generate any revnue of its own? We have overlapping Latam proposals, it is a big world.
0 points,2 years ago
Generating revenue or infratsructure? What is it? We have overlapping DFOs in the region, what is the plan?