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Title:Dash x ReadyRaider Partnership Scaling Proposal (6% Equity To DIF)
Monthly amount: 200 DASH (40455 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-09-13 / 2020-12-11 (added on 2020-09-04)
Votes: 869 Yes / 30 No / 8 Abstain
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Proposal description

What is ReadyRaider?
Readyraider currently provides guild and clan management portals, powerful analytics companion tools, and cryptocurrency powered esports leagues/tournaments for popular online multiplayer video games. We currently offer products or competitive play for World of Warcraft and Escape From Tarkov. Our Fortnite Companion is launching shortly. Other games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Magic: The Gathering, and more are in the pipeline.

ReadyRaider Team and Affiliates

Founder - Jacob Ballou
Co-Founder and Creative Director of VegaWallet. Jacob has worked closely with the Dash Core Group for several years in helping with business development, integrations, and future dash development. Several appearances on Dash related media and podcasts with the latest feature in Yahoo Finance - If Blockchain Can't Serve Gamers, It's UselessIt is worth noting that ReadyRaider is not affiliated with VegaWallet in any way and currently uses its own technology. 

Co-Founders - Shane “Dochunk” Arcuri & Jake “KnickKnackz” Carrigan
Our co-founders bring excellent experience to the table to fully balance out our team. 

Shane has prior experience running a cryptocurrency mining company, graduated from University of Arizona with dual degrees in Psychology/Business Administration, and currently helps alongside Jacob with multiple business-related facets. 

Jake acts as ReadyRaider’s external integrations expert. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Computer Science. He specializes in C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL, Java, and REST. Jake is responsible for the development of our discord bots and other third party products.

ReadyRaider Affiliates
The ReadyRaider team has put together an extensive list of affiliates. These affiliates consist of logistics coordinators, popular Youtube content creators, and Twitch streamers for multiple gaming titles. The affiliate team helps with event coordinations, ReadyRaider/Sponsorship promotion, shout casting, and more. Our affiliate team currently boasts over 14,000,000 historical views with more than 1.8 billion total minutes watched.

ReadyRaider has also partnered with gaming companies like Challonge, Overwolf, Nexushub and Warcraft Logs, with more public integrations and partnerships lined up as we release future products.

ReadyRaider eSports
ReadyRaider has successfully hosted 4 eSports events, all of which have been paid out in DASH. The average growth rate per event has been over 200% with Twitch views, replays, and media coverage also growing at an exponential rate. Our latest event boasted over 670,000 minutes watched alone (on just the main stream) with a projected 20,000 unique viewers. “Sponsored By Dash” is visible across caster screens with shout outs, commercial breaks, and explanations during coverage as well.

We have solidified our brand as a trusted eSports venue through these events and now have not only amateur competitors, but also veterans and world champions from professional organizations like Cloud 9 and more frequenting our events alongside our own Team ReadyRaider affiliates and competitors.

Our success in the esports industry, using only Dash as payments, has provided solid proof of concept for scaling and growth into more comprehensive products. Our eSports offerings among other integrations provide the perfect route of network expansion into a younger and computer fluent generation.

Current Dash Integrations
User Owned Dash Wallet: ReadyRaider currently uses Dash wallet technology to provide a user-owned and encrypted web wallet solution. This includes age verification, user-owned private keys, and current onboarding through Changelly. Dash is currently the EXCLUSIVE payment method for ReadyRaider. 4500+ Dash wallets have already been created.

Lifetime Premium Subscription: Users can pay $40 in Dash for a lifetime subscription to ReadyRaider. Our monthly Patreon supporter pays $5, this special pays for itself in 6 months. We will also be launching free Dash x ReadyRaider merch for all Dash subs shortly because gamers love swag. Cheaper Dash monthly subscriptions are also planned.

Esports Event Payout: All ReadyRaider eSports event payouts are currently Dash exclusive. Our team provides education and use case material during the prize claim process to help participants with any barriers.

Future Dash Integrations
Affiliate Content Tipping: Tip registered content creators, streamers, and more with Dash through our upcoming affiliate page update. 

Marketplace: ReadyRaider has initiated a partnership in order to provide a full software and gaming key marketplace. Users will be able to use their winnings or load their Dash wallet to purchase their favorite games, gift cards, or software. Over 10,000 products will be available with INSTANT delivery.

“ReadyRivals”: Our ultimate competitive gaming experience and a direct competitor to GLOOT will be available after our team feels we have met the scaling needs to provide adequate matchmaking services. Users compete in daily challenges for Dash payments or can challenge another user directly for an agreed-upon prize pool. This is covered in the video interview with Amanda above. ReadyRivals also looks to integrate the Dash Platform when finalized.

Time To Scale
We have proven the integration of Dash into the gaming and esports community is an excellent match. A large proportion of our funding until now has been self-funded and we now have an extraordinary amount of traction before us in order to correctly approach our adoption strategy.  Funding from this proposal will go directly into the growth of our platform related to Dash specific integrations to help provide further use cases and visibility for the network.

  1. Affiliate System Improvements:  Update our affiliate system to allow custom content posts and websites for content creators with Dash tipping enabled. This also extends to Twitch Stream and Youtube Donations. We will also allocate an affiliate of our choice from the Dash News/PR community to post Gaming/Dash material directly to our news feed and affiliate pages. The Growth of our affiliate system also puts ReadyRaider x Dash on more screens across the globe with the most interactive audience currently available.
  2. Improved Companions:  A fresh UI revamp of the current companions. The addition of at least two more supported games and improvements and extra functions for our existing game companions. Further supported games open up more esports opportunities for Dash.
  3. Full Marketplace Launch:  Launch our gaming and software marketplace with Dash payments from ReadyRaider user accounts enabled.
  4. Extended Event Sponsorships:  Further sponsorship funds for ReadyRaider eSports prize pools with exclusive Dash branding on event pages and media. 
  5. Affiliate Sponsorships:  Further sponsorship funds for ReadyRaider affiliates. This includes content, participation in our events and external events, and more.
  6. Improved Onboarding/Offboarding:  We have designated the need for an improved and fully integrated onboarding procedure that does not use an external widget. We will also look to implement a complete offboarding process to a user’s bank account or native local fiat capable partner program for tip recipients, event winners, and future ReadyRivals users.
  7. Marketing:  Marketing in designated channels with targeted PR to further increase the visibility of our platform and products offered. This marketing will also focus on why ReadyRaider has chosen Dash as our payments provider and the benefits this has for gamers moving forward. 
Funding Request
We are currently requesting 200 Dash per month for the next 3 months. 200 Dash pm x 3 months = 600 Dash. 

These funds will be used for the above deliverables in order to further scale ReadyRaider and Dash’s reach in eSports. We will provide bi-weekly updates into platform development and continue to work closely with the Dash Core Group during this time as well. ReadyRaider LLC is currently being revised to a DE Corp and our team will deliver 6% equity in the company with a successful 3 month funding period. This will be arranged with members of the Dash Core Group and equity will be distributed to the DIF if all conditions are met. We have also included the average legal fee for distributing equity to the DIF into our funding request.

Budget Breakdown
- 67% Development and Scaling
- 25% Sponsorships / Marketing / Affiliates
- 8% Legal Fees

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3 points,11 months ago

ReadyRaider has entered an agreement with the DIF, as mentioned in Darren's comment below.


ReadyRaider has released stage 1 of our new esports engine. Users can now create their own leagues to play against friends, coworkers, or other gamers. They can also enter one of our verified rated leagues to move up the seasonal ladder. Increasing personal ratings through verified competition will deliver "loot" from our partners. Our first loot partner for this system is Travala! We are also in direct contact with professional esports teams to host their own leagues on ReadyRaider.

Stage 2 of our esports engine brings direct team challenges with available wagers using our integrated Dash Wallets. Users will also be able to fund community prize pools for traditional tournament events.

We are hard at work upgrading the system to v3! Better game companions, Dash-powered marketplace launch, and more.
1 point,1 year ago
You have my support.
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks! I'm excited for future possibilities.
3 points,1 year ago
ReadyRaider and the DIF have entered in to a binding memo of understanding.
We have preformed basic due diligence on the company to ensure there is no liability to the DIF.
1 point,1 year ago
Thanks for the update. Looks good to me to support this proposal
6 points,1 year ago
Jacob Ballou was able to join the DIF at our meeting today.

The DIF is preparing to move forward with this deal if this proposal passes.
5 points,1 year ago
We appreciate the DIF's time and are excited to move forward together!
1 point,1 year ago
Wow, this looks like an amazing integration and a 6% stake for the DIF? Yes.
3 points,1 year ago
Finally! The network's continued focus on *real* gaming makes me happy! This proposal and andyfreer's incubator proposal are the two that I'm most excited about.

As mentioned several times, the *video gaming* market is an ideal audience: often young, technical, and energetic.

Having affiliates like YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers is amazing.

On top of all that, the 6% equity stake makes this incredibly good risk/reward for the DASH network. Building awareness, usage, excitement, AND getting stake in a growing company?? YES PLEASE!
5 points,1 year ago
I provided some advice to this proposal owner, my quick takeaways:

- 6% at this price point is pretty reasonable and a good first take for the DIF. A typical Y Combinator investment is $125k in return for 7% to give some comparison though is obviously very competitive. The YC model includes considerations for future dilution and I would suggest the DIF follows this same model (assuming the ReadyRaider team are okay with this).

- I watched their recent $3,000 Dash tournament briefly and saw it had good coverage with authentic viewer numbers, averaging well over a thousand active viewers. I would have liked more prominence for Dash as the logo was small (though they did play our what is Dash video and Dash branding was featured) however this is a minor consideration.

- The gaming segment offers a huge opportunity for Dash and the particular space ReadyRaider is contesting in is under-served. As gaming and esports have grown rapidly in popularity the supporting infrastructure is often lacking, with a few exceptions like Dota Internationals, CS:GO Majors, League, etc. A lot of games which fetch huge audiences often outsource the running of their tournaments to entities like ReadyRaider and this will only become more commonplace - meaning there is a huge opportunity for growth and return from this investment both financially and in terms of Dash awareness.

- As the Yahoo Finance article highlights, gamers are a great audience for Dash - If you drew a Venn diagram of crypto holders and gamers the overlap would be significant, as well as the existing exposure to virtual currencies and ready adoption of new technology they are often young, affluent and interested in acquiring stocks and crypto.
-1 point,1 year ago
We need to hear from the DIF supervisors regarding whether the benefits (if any) of holding equity in Ready Raider, LLC is worth the time and money it will take to set this up legally.
-2 points,1 year ago
Agreed. I would like to see the proposal to be submitted by the DIF. Also we need to analyze the company value itself and would love to see the DIF do this.
NO for now, but I like the idea itself.
3 points,1 year ago
Looks like Darren from the DIF has replied now - worth noting that it was always intended that businesses could give equity to the DIF through their own proposals alongside the DIF directly putting forward proposals.
-2 points,1 year ago
In general I don't like this idea. The DIF would have less than a month to make a determination regarding the worth of the equity and it greatly reduces the ability of the DIF to negotiate terms. An illiquid, minority stake in a company is often worthless if the company does not grow and/or turn a healthy profit.

It's putting the cart before the horse IMHO and I hope this does not turn into a "thing" that POs use to goose upvotes from the DAO.
3 points,1 year ago
Would you care to identify a better use of network funds? Growing awareness, usage, and good-will alone is worth it. ReadyRaider does all three. The equity is just icing on the cake, IMO.

> An illiquid, minority stake in a company is often worthless if the company does not grow
Yes, that's exactly right and intended. Do you not understand how VC works? We should hope to fund 10-20 different ventures (or more) where 90% fail to turn any profit, perhaps 5% turn a small profit or small loss, and 1-2% knock it out of the park with 100-1000x gains.

Even ignoring potential gains, simply bringing awareness *and* utility *and* excitement about the "product" needs to happen, somehow. ReadyRaider is an ideal example of this.

I very much hope this *does* turn into a "thing" that POs use to "goose upvotes" from the DAO. We would all do very much better if the network had interest in every single venture it funds.
-1 point,1 year ago
I am personally upvoting this proposal. In this case it seems that there was some contact with the DIF supervisors beforehand. I am concerned however that PO's will start using worthless equity stakes as a gimmick to entice the MNO "nerd herd" into upvoting questionable ventures. It is the job of the DIF supervisors to vet equity deals and bring them to the DAO.

One of the great things about the proposal system is that we can easily and quickly cut ties to any organization that is non-performant. I am really happy we do not hold any equity in all the failed ventures that we've funded over the years.
1 point,1 year ago
Term negotiation has not been a problem and everything is currently being handled accordingly and in a timely fashion. Communication with several parties was made before the proposal was established.

Equity deliverables are there to show our continued dedication to DASH. In most proposals, companies only list deliverables. The DAO and the DIF receive more than deliverables in this stake and part ownership of RR helps to form future collaboration in bringing the network's interests to a highly sought after industry.
1 point,1 year ago
I find this an interesting budget proposal and i like that there will be a 6% equity deliverance to our DIF.
I also think this proposal aligns with Dash strategy plan to expand more into the gaming sector (see timestamp 8:35).

What i would like to know is if there are any dependencies that could prevent Dash from getting fully integrated into ReadyRaider and fully used as payment tool ?

Last thing i want is for Dash to support the development and scaling plans for ReadyRaider and then somewhere down the line the Dash community gets to hear that full Dash integration can not be completed due to some important partners or important sponsors stepping on the brakes. So i would like some reassurance in that area.

Also please confirm that the whole equity deal is off the table, if Dash funding fails in any of the three months of this proposal. Lets say two of the three months are funded, that will get the DIF zero equity ? Correct ?
2 points,1 year ago
Hello Qwizzie, thank you for your interest!

Dash has already proven to be viable in the esports and gaming communities through our established integrations and events. Users can already opt-in to receive a Dash wallet in order to claim prize winnings etc.

There are currently no legal or technical roadblocks in establishing a more comprehensive integration of Dash and most of our roadmap for products like ReadyRivals down the road would also benefit greatly from Dash and Dash Network features. A fully native onboarding process (as described in the proposal) is our largest speed bump but conversations are already open and it ultimately comes down to development cost, which is listed in the proposal.

We are already in communication with several of our integrations partners, game developers, and other sponsors, and Dash has not driven a single conversation or deal away. It has actually become a fun talking point when brought up in conversation. Our recent World of Warcraft Classic tournaments are all Blizzard/Activision sanctioned (One of the largest game developers in the world) and they immediately gave us the green light, even after hearing of the Dash prize pool and sponsor. It ultimately comes down to how you approach the subject, and with several years of business experience and the fact that we are all avid gamers, it becomes quite easy.

The proposal is structured to deliver the FULL 6% equity upon a successful 3 month funding period. However, if for some reason the funding falls short, we would open conversations with Core Group and the DIF to work out what we feel would be fair for the funding received. In the case of an incomplete funding period, we would no longer cover the legal fees and they would need to be subsidized elsewhere.

Let us know if you have any more questions!
-1 point,1 year ago
"In the case of an incomplete funding period, we would no longer cover the legal fees and they would need to be subsidized elsewhere. "

If you will go to the DIF first and make and agreement with them, you will not get in a situations of incomplete funding. I suggest to you to resubmit the proposal through the DIF.
1 point,1 year ago
We were able to join the DIF on a call today and both parties are in agreement for preparation moving forward.
2 points,1 year ago
You will also notice ReadyRaider in the Dash Core Group Q2 2020 Summary Video you linked above at 41:50. We work closely with Core Group on their esports strategies.
1 point,1 year ago
Thank you for your quick reply, i appreciate it. I will monitor for additional comments from other masternode operators for now, but i do feel positive about this proposal.