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Monthly amount: 83 DASH (9566 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (6 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-04-18 / 2019-10-14 (added on 2019-04-18)
Votes: 813 Yes / 267 No / 22 Abstain
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1 point,3 months ago
examples of their marketing? How do we know if we are getting our money's worth?
0 points,3 months ago
Very encouraged by the latest DW reports.
0 points,4 months ago
We are in the last cycle of funding for SHIFT, are we thru the bedding period yet?
1 point,4 months ago
You claimed 6 of 20 earned media stories from Dash News in July report and 5 of 17 earned media stories from Dash News in June. I am waiting on @heymichael to compile an August report, but I am not pleased with Dash News stories being claimed as earned media. The network already pays Dash News to cover Dash.
0 points,5 months ago
Dash Watch July 25th 2019 Report on
Dash PR proposal by SHIFTCOMM
0 points,6 months ago
Dash Watch June 25th 2019 Report on
Dash PR proposal by SHIFTCOMM
0 points,7 months ago
Dash Watch May 26th 2019 Report on
Dash PR Proposal by shiftcomm
1 point,8 months ago
All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....17 hours. Let's get after it!
3 points,8 months ago
Voting yes for Shift as new PR firm
2 points,8 months ago
What happens if both proposals were to pass? Would it be better to have two PR firms??

Wachsman seems to support DCG very well and I'm sure they do a lot of good work behind the scenes that is difficult to see.

Shift is exciting with a new perspective and experience. Their actual proposal doc is very detailed and looks interesting.

Together it's "only" 3% of the budget. The network might need more PR than it's been getting so far.
1 point,8 months ago
In the unlikely event that both proposals were funded, we would only hire the one with most votes and use the funds from the second one to extend the contract of the winner (the payment address in both in controlled by DCG). In the following month, we would ask the network to downvote the loser proposal.

We don't believe it is a good idea to have these two PR firms at this time. It can work under certain circumstances, but one has to lead and they need to fill different roles. We think it is better if we choose and then complement with other firms for specific things/geographies when the funds allow.

You can see more details of the process and background here:
-1 point,9 months ago
No mention of LATAM strategy. Leaning towards No.
2 points,9 months ago
Having reviewed the credentials, performance, and industry activity of both candidates, I found Shift to be pretty impressive, all the more that they're willing to work with the first decentralized autonomous organization with legal standing in this, a most unconventional business relationship and often hostile work environment. It's clear that up to this point, what the general community has sought from a PR firm and what Dash Core Group has sought from a PR firm have been at odds, with seemingly irreconcilable differences in scope and even meaning of basic definitions (the distinctions between PR, Advertising, Marketing, etc). It's my hope that if Shift is selected, they can learn from these past controversies and perform in a way that both meets the needs for support of Dash Core Group while also helping to represent the larger DAO as a whole which has hitherto felt ignored. I look forward to seeing what Shift can do.
2 points,9 months ago
They're not ICO centric which is refreshing and they have connections with the cannabis industry...leaning here.
4 points,9 months ago
Voting yes,

1) cost effective compared to wachsman
2) as per their proposal they have worked with coinbase and uphold.

Look forward to seeing your PR Kung Fu,