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Title:"Dash People" - Dash Sport Channel, Dash Ambassador, Dash Adventure
Monthly amount: 27 DASH (1864 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 81 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-03-19 / 2018-06-16 (added on 2018-03-07)
Votes: 720 Yes / 164 No / 12 Abstain

Proposal description

     Hello, DASH Community!
     We are  new Dash members and very glad to be a part of you. We contribute to DASH interests and do it with great pleasure.
   Being DASH digital money investors we want DASH to develop dynamically and reach its objective to turn into a full widespread payment service with  multiple useful options.
    We follow DASH news and watch videos from DASH conferences. Especially, Amanda B.Jonson’s DASH detailed and Ryan Taylor’s reports are very inspiring for us.    Obviously, DAO potential is huge. Therefore, we’re passionate as the active followers  to be among leading DASH promoters. We’re sure that our marketing activity specially designed for DASH will provide great benefit to the Community.     
    Our Proposal
    We are going to promote DASH digital money system throughout the Russian market via professional sport and different sport communities. DASH promotion especially through sport is the main key of our marketing concept. This project is considered to be held for 6 months with extension. As experts, we do believe that in most cases short-term actions provide short-term effects. Therefore, we always prefer thinking of several steps ahead doing coherent and scrupulous work.  These 6 months are divided into two periods of 3 months each.
    Here is our Proposal for the first 3 months.
    Supported by DASH, we intend to develop Dash Sport Channel on YouTube with DASH attributes and symbols. We’re going to promote DASH a specific  way. Namely, we will invite athletes and sport media persons for 15-minute dynamic and positive interviews that will contain different actual issues. However, every time we will lead our dialogs to DASH digital cash topics (Dash People YouTube Channel).
    On the one hand, this way we give our audience an opportunity to find out opinions of media people according to crypto currency and digital money market. On the other hand, we follow our interests and expand our DASH promotion among viewers and increase the number of DASH members.
    The fact is that digital cash era has already begun. This is inevitable process. Our conversations are considered to convince people that each sane person who owns assets and wants to be aware about the latest phenomenon should plan the future in line with the new crypto currency reality.
    In the framework of our Proposal, additionally we will support our media activity with a sponsorship program for athletes who participate in domestic and international competitions. The program includes providing DASH branding for sports apparel and sports accessories.

    Key points why we chose namely this DASH promotion strategy.

    There are three main factors:
    1. The common interest effect.
   An environment, where people bond with one activity or lifestyle, is always favourable for a new product introduction. Often practice demonstrates that inspiration of one or several persons is quite enough to attract others in a certain group. It happens since people trust each other and they are loyal mutually. They connect easier and ready to share thoughts. However, more valuable point is that they are often ready to follow their colleagues’ recommendations. Obviously, the sport sphere has got this factor well performed.

     2. The hyper segmentation.
This is an actual tool for each good marketer today. It already proved its effectiveness. Therefore, we involve people to DASH community using careful targeting and spread our influence not throughout Russia in common but first of all among the certain community. 

     3. Our own sphere of influence.
During our long business activity we’ve gained huge base of customers and business partners. There are also athletes of high qualification in our list. They reached great sport achievements in Russian competitions and International games. Starting with them we are going to realise our project.

        How  will our activity benefit DASH? 
  1. DASH will obtain about thousands audience via our promotion work within 3 months .
  2. New DASH members will be qualitatively informed and prepared to upcoming DASH Evolution. Supported by our enthusiasm, these people will become active DASH followers. They will also influence business and make it use DASH payment system.
  3. DASH will gain new investors. We are going to attract people who can also become efficient promoters too. DASH will  get new ideas and proposals.
  4. DASH will get our team as long-term solid partner with rich experience in business and marketing on the Russian market.
      Our next step to promote DASH deeper and deeper into our market is DASH Ambassador center placed on a crowded street of Saint-Petersburg. Further, DASH Ambassador point will be organised in Moscow. We are intending to accumulate people around our place and give them free consultations and express training for frequently asked questions. Our aim to show  people that DASH is a real financial instrument supporting by the same real and usual people as they are. We think this is necessary to make society start getting used to Dash ecosystem.This topic description will be in our next Proposal.Now we already launched Dash awareness program at International Bank University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). On 22th, April the first crypto currency and blockchain technology conference is going to be held.

         Our concrete actions now.

         1. We‘ re praparing materials to take interviews regarding to our concept. Now we've got  only interviews  on our YouTube channel that we previously made on actual issues for our Russian people (such as gavermental cryptocurrency, disapearing jobs, smart-contract) to start gathering a real audience step by step.  We've prapared promo animated video about Dash. 
        2. We’re collaborating with really crazy guys who experience Incredible Motorised Off-road Expeditions around the world. One of the guys is in our Dash promoters. Shortly, they perform dozens of expeditions with different vehicles: aqua bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs and outboard engine vessels. The total mileage of these trips has already exceeded 100,000 km. These shows are broadcast on 170 Russian federal TV channels along our country. For instance, in the TV Channel list are: “My Planet”, “Russian Extreme”, “World”, “Common Russian TV”. Outzone YouTube Channel.
         We started sponsoring this team. Dash logo coverage on ATVs  is upcoming.Additionally, we’re negotiating with some of the TV Channels to decorate the expedition shows with  “Powered by Dash”.The nearest off road trip is going to perform on Georgia-Armenia route (Caucasus)/ Start – in April.

       3. We’ve already made DASH branding for a cycling team : “Favorite”, Russia, Vyborg.
Now we prepare for DASH Race Championship to be organised with  DASH prize Awards to the champions.Upcoming races that we are going to highlight on our Channel:
-The Main Spring Championship. Sochi, Russia ( April ‘18)
-International Race in Turku, Finland (04/20/18-04/22/18); Tampere, Finland (05/18/18-05/20/18)
       4. We started preparing to perform a big crypto currency conference at International Bank University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). 

         We’re expecting for DASH support to enforce our DASH promotion activity.
         Our team is already in process to get this marketing concept realised. We love doing this.
         Of course, we will be very glad to make it in collaboration with DASH.
        Thank you very much for your attention.

         Total:  81 Dash for 3 months /  27 Dash/month.Full breakdown of cost is below:
         1. Events (to perform/to highlight):
-Dash branding for the Extreme Off-road team (“Outzone”)/ sponsorship - 3,3 Dash for 3 months;
-Dash branding for the cycling team “Favorite”, Russia, Vyborg/sponsorship – 1,7 Dash for 3 months;
-Dash Race Championship with Dash Awarding (of 2Dash Prize)/performance - 11,7 Dash;
-The Extreme Off-road Expedition by ATVs/ Caucasus route/ video reports/following the team - 3,3 Dash;
-Crypto currency conference at International Bank University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)/ organising on 22th, April - 5 Dash;
-The Extreme Off-road shows broadcast  on TV Channels with “Powered by Dash” logo - 6,7 Dash for 3 months.
          2. Our work-team:
1) Interview manager (full-time work) - 7 Dash for 3 months/ 2,33 Dash/month;
2) Sponsorship program manager (full-time work) - 7 Dash for 3 months/ 2,33 Dash/month;
3) Marketer and Speaker - (full-time work) - 7 Dash for 3 months/ 2,33 Dash/month;
4) SMM and PR specialist - (full-time work) – 4,5 Dash for 3 months/ 1,5 Dash/month;
5) SMM promotion – 8 Dash for 3 months / 2,67 Dash/month;
6) Cameraman#1 and Light (full-time work) – 6 Dash for 3 months/ 2 Dash/month;
7) Cameraman#2 for field events – 1 Dash for 3 months/ 0,3 Dash/month;
8) Makeup artist and fashion stylist – 1,2 Dash for 3 months/ 0,40 Dash/month;
9) Postproduction specialist - (full-time work) – 5 Dash for 3 months/ 1,7 Dash/month;
10) Animator -2,5 Dash for 3 months/ 0,8 Dash/month.
Additional description of cost for Dash Race Championship organisation:
1) Dash Prize - Dash Wallet with 2Dash for a winner;
2) Authorities' permission - 2,83 Dash;
3) Road signs and the Route signs, pylons, banners - 0,26 Dash;
4) Locker rooms for athletes and a warm-up area - 0,62 Dash (it's going to be up to 100 participants);
5) Food for athlets -0,83;
6) Start-Finish/Awarding place equiped - 1.83 Dash;
7) Host of the event, commentator - 1 Dash;
8) Dash souvenir production (standard stuff: key chains, magnets) - 1,67 Dash;
9) Mass Media invitation - 0,66 Dash;
10) Volunteers - free;
11) SMM and PR will be associated with Vyborg merchants who want to advertise their products and service at the event.
Additionaly, the Cycling team "Favorite" will provide huge SMM support over their SMM channels.
12) Wellcome treats for the guests and fans are going be also provided by merchants.

        Additional Information.
        Our team consists of 5 people. Main 3 participants are:
  1. Aleksandr - an entrepreneur with 20-year experience in the banking sphere. He successfully runs a company that has been operating on the international market for many years.
  2. Anton – a Vice President of  North-West Crypto currency and Blockchain system  Association. He has over 10 years of experience in the banking sphere and especially in the financial consultation. 
  3. Helena - an economist, a PhD holder in economic science. She is also a marketer with over 18 years of working in Sale and Marketing. Closing contracts is her real lifestyle. She is invited periodically to deliver lectures as a business master at one of the Universities in Saint-Petersburg.

        Our pre-proposal

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1 point,7 months ago
what exchange/s do you use to convert the dash to fiat to pay for these promotion/marketing efforts?
0 points,7 months ago
Dash Watch May 28th 2018 Report on
"Dash People" - Dash Sport Channel, Dash Ambassador, Dash Adventure by Helena_Besedina
0 points,8 months ago
Hello guys, here is our DashPeole report for the first month activity after our Budget Proposal has been passed, including pre-start.
1.We’ve already branded the cycling team “Favorit” (Russia) with Dash logo.

The team has won all tree Prizes on the Race Championship “Gran Pri Sochi”, 22th April, 2018. Federal TV Channels, such as TV Sochi, highlited the event.

“Favorit”, powered by DASH, successfully participated in International Race
Championship in Turku, Finland, 27th April, 2018. Finish TV Channel highlighted
the Race.
Dash People awarded athletes with Dash Prizes:
“Dash Champion, Turku, Finland 2018”
“The Great Experienced Cyclist, Turku, Finland 2018”
“The Youngest Cyclist, Turku, Finland 2018”
“The Most Persistent Cyclyst, Turku, Finland 2018”

“Favorit” website:

2.We performed 43 interviews and video reports including meetings with Dash Core members and also with valuable people for Dash Community. We visited on behalf of Dash promoters Blockchain Conferences.
March 2018:
-Blockchain Conference in Moscow, Russia;
-Blockchain Conference in Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
-Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong;
April 2018:
-Blockchain Conference in Moscow, Russia.

The List detailed with links is below.
By 05/01/18 - 53 123 viewers, 696 subscribers.
The most popular videos:
-What jobs will blockchain technology kill? 14855 viewers

- Cryptoruble! 12467 viewers

- Bradley Zastrow, The Head of Global Business Development Dash

-When will banks disappear?

-Dash –unique digital cash /interview with

-Three reasons to trust DASH

-Businessmen about Dash

-Smart contracts

-Hot Dash news/Evolution/Demo1

-Robert Wiecko about Dash Core team

-Robert Wiecko introduce Dash on Blockchain Conference in Moscow, April2018

-Champions about crypto currency

-Dash People comments about Dash rebranding, Miami

-Crypto Ruble, hot news

-Dash Community members perform on the Blockchain Conference in Moscow, April 2018

-Alex about the Dash Decentralized API trades Dash

-Wall BTC, Blockchain

-Oleg Karimov about upcoming Dash Smart Taler Conference in May,2018

-DashPeople comment about working for Dash

-DashPeople comment about crypto currency hedge issue , New-York

-Belarus Hi-Tech Park, V.Stepanov, CEO&founder Cryptosoft, Republic of Belarus

-DashPeople talk to TechSquad, Lead-Dev DashBoost

-DashPeople talk to JZA, Dash Community talented member personal comments about Dash and Blockchain Conference in Moscow, March 2018

-DashPeople comment about Dash on the Conference Token2049, Hong Kong, April 2018

Samuel Westrich , Head of Dash mobile team on Token2049

-Artem Koltsov, Head of the digital economy Committee under the President office, Russia. Personal opinion about Dash

-Outzone, off-road team, powered by Dash

3. We launched DashPeople_Proposal_BUZZ_Rus project for translating Budget Proposals in Russian to Russian Dash users and potential followers
Telegram: DashPeople_Proposal_Buzz_Rus
Telegram: DashPeople (for hot Dash news, comments and discussions) – 1 171 subscribers.

4. We met with representatives of the President office, Republic Belarus, to discuss collaboration in the framework of Hi-Tech Park, Belarus, regarding to the President legal act about digital economy development. We discussed opportunities for merchants in using Dash payment system when it’s available.

5. We prepare the Dash Conference that we are performing in collaboration with Intarnational Bank University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on 25th May2018.

We enjoy being a part of Dash Community and do our work for Dash with great pleasure.
In May there will be also many interesting events we’ve already planned to realize.
Thanks for your attention!
1 point,8 months ago
WOW Sport DASH Results! The Cycling team “Favorit” provided by DASH logo on their shoulders and powered by DASH got three main prizes on Race Championship in Sochi, Russian Federation, recently!
4 Race rounds!
Total distance - 500 km.
150 Cyclists!
Over 20 participating teams!
The annual Russian Federation Race Championship is one of the oldest and authorized Races in the country. Firstly, it was organized in 1954y. Very popular in Russia. It has been performed at the place of the famous resort region Sochi , where Olympics also were organized in 2014. The DASH Community is the best in all activities which it is engaged in!!!!! Congratulations!!!
Watch the videos. The second is by Federal Russian TV Channel “ Россия1”
0 points,9 months ago
Different. voting YES
0 points,9 months ago
Criticalinput thank you very much!!!! ))
2 points,9 months ago
Looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts. Thank you for adding video to this proposal. I'm hoping for similar success that Red Bull has seen with sponsoring extreme sports!
0 points,9 months ago
n00bkid, thank you very much for your support! I totally agree with you, Red Bull activity is an exellent practice to follow. I would like to see DASH every place where people experience exciting and positive emotions. )))
1 point,9 months ago
A definite yes from me! Really hope this one passes. Very honest and enthusiastic team.
0 points,9 months ago
quantumexplorer thank you for your support very much!!! We really love what we're doing and want DASH Community to develop successfully and enjoy our activity.
1 point,10 months ago
I am aware of your previous work because I visited your channel about a month ago and saw your video of AlexRu, excellent! I am going to vote YES. This proposal is requesting a reasonable amount for what it has proven to offer. I am glad to see your channel targeting people in Russia.
For future proposals, I would recommend focusing on fewer goals. My concern for this proposal is that perhaps it attempts to do too much or that it is talking about things that belong in future proposals. A proposal should simply state what you offer the community with the funds of this proposal and not offer too many items. But still, keep up the good work! I highly recommend that other MNOs subscribe to the Dash People YouTube channel:
0 points,10 months ago
ec1warc1, thank you a lot for your recommendation and very inspiring words! I've got about concentration on the current Proposal activity. I will act step by step. Frankly to say, DASH is so dynamic. Everyday something new happens. Much information. Many interesting discussions. It makes me feel succeed to do everything at one time. However, I realize effectiveness is the first.
ec1war1, thank you once again. I appriciate you for your support! This is very important to me.
0 points,10 months ago
Oh! ec1warc1, I forgot asking you one question. Should I better remove the video about Ambassador Idea from this Proposal?
0 points,9 months ago
Looks like your proposal will pass. :) I will be watching your videos and I look forward to seeing more good things from you soon! Perhaps you can help me to reach people in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Finland with my website
0 points,9 months ago
ec1warc1, thank you for your care. Wow, our proposal has allready passed!!! It is so great! We are happy. It makes us feel very inspired! ec1warc1, sure. We will be happy to help you with reaching people in Russia, Estonia and Belarus. We are not targeting on Latvia, Lithuania and Finland yet. However, these markets are close and similar to us. I will think about how to do it better and help with it too.
0 points,10 months ago
No, not really. It is presented as an idea, and I don't believe that the money requested could actually open an embassy, and I don't think anyone expects that either. I think this proposal is fine as it is. It is going to take some time to form your project in the way that best suits you and Dash. This is fine, especially because you request a reasonable amount.
0 points,10 months ago
Dear MNOs,
I appriciate you for your attantion to our Proposal. For me everything is exiting since this is the first time I've ever been involved in such amazing project like this. I think for many people cryptocyrrency and blockchain remain to be a new topics especially in Russia because of our cirtain govermental activity.
I catch your every word and vote! I am reading all discussions on other Proposals being voted now. I see how you are partial and caring about Dash successfully development. I realy acknowledge one of your basic principle "share of mind" (as TanteStefana mantioned it at Ben Swann's Proposal).
Therefore, I am much concerned about 42 'No" to my Proposal. Please, help me to understand "No" reasons.
( I jealous that Ben gets so hot debates). : ) in a good sence, of course.
I can see "Good Luck" comments under my Proposal. They very motivate me to keep acting.
Thank you very very much!!!
At the same time I care of "No".
I am not a MNO, but I so much interested in Dash rate to be growing and Dash spreading troughout the world. I love everything in Dash. People, business, marketing, atmosphere. I want Russians to be involved in it over their heads.
But how can I get what to improve?
I start guessing:
1. Maybe Dash Community don't believe in sport environment and I am on a wrong path with my concept.
Or there might be another reason.
2. We are just new members. Actually, we've got so far a little audience on our channel that leads to your distrust. In this case, I absolutely understand you. And we 're working on it.
Please, tell me what information I should provide you to make me more understandable for you.
3. Maybe my English. I'm sorry for that. This is not my native language. Perhaps, somewhere there are "cuts hearing" words that can distort the meaning.
Please, write me. I would like to explain.

Dear MNOs, you will help me a lot with your comments so that I can improve our Russian Dash activity.
I am convinced that ideological influence on people is one the first task for Dash. As I have found out from disscusions on other Proposals (for instance, interesting Venezuela projects) Dash Community realy cares of creating its own environment. With my idea I would like to participate in it too.
That is why after having analyzed I concluded that we can promote Dash through athletes and sport since they well influence people. Many of us are engaged in sport activity because this is the health, the life and a positive mood and mind .
I'll be waiting for your feedback to do our best for Dash.
P.S. Maybe you don't like just the speaker style on video while I am thinking of globaly ))
1 point,10 months ago
You probably don't want to use the word propaganda.

information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.
1 point,10 months ago
Thank you for your importnat comment! Of course, we don't mean this word in a negative sense. Never! Сonversely, I definitly mean effective and positive promotion. I apologize if this word has caused unpleasant emotions. (In our language, this word has several meanings. And as a special case means self-serving intentions matter).
0 points,10 months ago
Thank you once again for your comment. Oh, now I started being nervous that this word prevents positive voting.
0 points,10 months ago
I've removed this bad word! I'll never use it again in English.
1 point,10 months ago
Thank you for your proposal submission. Could you elaborate more specifically on your costs and how your budget will be allocated? I feel that this is a fairly reasonable budget, but I also noticed in step (3) that you intend to award champions with Dash prizes, for example, so seeing how and where you will be spending your proposal funding would be helpful in determining how to vote.
0 points,10 months ago
Arthyron thank you for your question.
Concerning step 3 (Dash Race Championship with 2Dash Awarding /performance - 11,7 Dash), we are going to organize it this way:
1. Сompetition venue- Vyborg (Saint-Petersburg region). This is a historical city. It is experienced in performing sport events very well. Links are below.
There is one more significant reason of this choice:
-we have friendly relations with the mayor of the city. Therefore, getting permission to held the Race is easy and not so costly.
We need: to arrange with traffic; to close streets on the route for almost the whole day; to provide security. This is easier to do with loyal support of the city authorities.
2. Breakdown of costs.
1) Dash Prize - Dash Wallet with 2Dash for a winner;
2) Authorities' permission - 2,83 Dash;
3) Road signs and the Route signs, pylons, banners - 0,26 Dash;
4) Locker rooms for athletes and a warm-up area - 0,62 Dash (it's going to be up to 100 participants);
5) Food for athlets -0,83;
6) Start-Finish/Awarding place equiped - 1.83 Dash;
7) Host of the event, commentator - 1 Dash;
8) Dash souvenir production (standard stuff: key chains, magnets) - 1,67 Dash;
9) Mass Media invitation - 0,66 Dash;
10) Volunteers - free;
11) SMM and PR will be associated with Vyborg merchants who want to advertise their products and service at the event.
Additionaly, the Cycling team "Favorite" will provide huge SMM support over their SMM channels.
12) Wellcome treats for the guests and fans are going be also provided by merchants.

Links (Vyborg Sport Activity and the city review):триатлон%20в%20выборге%202017&reqid=1520484394700685-964194699955303683621864-man1-2453-Vсоревнования%20выборге%20&reqid=1520484808749040-1818813107989220089923552-man1-3600-Vвыборг%20велогонки&reqid=1520485069245881-197073679771884036507982-vla1-1936-Vвыборг%20велогонки&reqid=1520485069245881-197073679771884036507982-vla1-1936-V
0 points,10 months ago
Thank you for doing this, you have my approval. I do want to recommend, however, that you update your proposal post with this information so MNOs don't have to search for it in the comments. Good luck!
1 point,10 months ago
Thank you for your approval. I am very glad indeed. I appreciate you for your recommendation . We have already made a correction to the Proposal. )
0 points,10 months ago
I met the guys from "Dash People" at a conference in St. Petersburg. Their enthusiasm captivates, I think their experience in previous activities can be useful for DASH. Good luck, guys.
0 points,10 months ago
ikeaman thank you a lot for your support!!!
1 point,10 months ago
I've met with this team in person and they sound quite promising to me...

They are still just going to find the most effective ways of operation (I'm not sure that their approaches are effective right now - so please decide yourself) - but I hope that their previous business experience will afford them to eliminate the number of unavoidable ineffective actions at start.
I plan to help this team also to achieve efficiency and sufficiency.

In general, it's a pleasure to see a growing and productive "competition" between several teams in "Russian" crypto(Dash)space - all of them have unique competences and different approaches - so I expect a kind of evolution from these teams in nearest future, including cooperations, mergers, ... IMO it's a right way of growing for local Dash movements - let's give them (in case of asked price will be reasonable...) a chance to prove the ability to be effective (or not)...
0 points,10 months ago
Alex I appreciate you for your warm comment and for your trust to us. We are actually interested in doing our Dash promotion the best way. To be an active part of Dash Community and also useful indeed is very important to us.
1 point,10 months ago
Events are cool, but is there an online following/audience behind any of this? I'd really like to see some online pages where this stuff is getting out to the public.
0 points,10 months ago
Thak you for your comment. Realy important notice you mantioned. I will post some links. I am making a set now.
0 points,10 months ago
0 points,10 months ago
Please post the link to your pre-proposal discussion thread on In case you haven't, take a look at this:
0 points,10 months ago
Thank you! Definitly. I've done.