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Title:9 BizDev + 120 Merchants + 3 Major Car Importers + 8,000 stores selling Dash - Feb - April 2019
Monthly amount: 98 DASH (6767 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-01-16 / 2019-04-15 (added on 2019-01-11)
Final voting deadline: in 12 days
Votes: 66 Yes / 89 No / 8 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 507 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Table of Contents 
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Why vote YES?
  3. Proposal Scope February - April 2019
  4. Budget Breakdown
Executive Summary

Despite very scattered funding during 2018 we managed to establish a strong basis to build on for rapid Dash adoption in Nigeria throughout 2019. Based on our recently adopted and since proven BizDev and Merchant focused strategy and general Dash ecosystem trends we project to bring Nigeria to #4 on during the next two months. We can now expand Dash on the foundation we’ve build in Nigeria where people can now easily acquire and spend Dash at various service providers. We believe to have proven to be a flexible, high delivery and low cost team perfectly suited to bring Dash adoption to Nigeria. To bring this to fruition we however need reliable support from the Dao. Based on our strong deliverables and clear strategy we believe our project is undervalued and should be re-evaluated by the masternode owner community. It’s time to make Nigeria Dash’s next growth market. During February to April we propose to onboard 120 Merchants and 9 big integrations like POS solutions, exchanges and high profile services like Bitpesa and taxify. We will also hold a business conference to foster network effects between individual merchants, work on Dash supply chain integrations, generate new leads and strengthen our presence in the Nigerian business community.

Why Vote Yes?
Charities in Nigeria and Germany Utilize Dash for Market Appeal and Security
Dash Nigeria Increases Merchant and Exchange Integrations
Dash Expands Liquidity in Nigeria As Presidential Candidate Promises Regulations

Despite limited funding we established a solid foundation for continued Dash adoption in Nigeria during 2018. Our most significant results can be seen in the infographic above.

During our past operations we have managed to complete 5 large Dash integrations consisting of:

  • [b][/b]: Offers a wide array of cryptocurrency services for Dash holders such as buying, selling, interest payments on holdings and Dash backed loans.
  • [b][/b]: Offers safe investment and savings services for the unbanked Nigerian population. The service is of high popularity and operates throughout the country. Because of our work Dash is the first and only cryptocurrency on the platform.
  • [b][/b]: Easy to access gift card based onboarding solution. Especially interesting for the unbanked population which cannot use regular online exchanges.
  • [b][/b]: Cryptocurrency exchange. Now offered Dash as the fourth supported coin.
  • [b][/b]: Multinational provider of a cryptocurrency payments gateway, e-wallet and cryptocurrency card.
We have also attended the [b]African Fintech Festival[/b]to generate new integration leads. We’re working with them to establish an integration timeline. We will keep you informed as details emerge. Moreover we have on boarded 77 merchants during November and December and listed them on We also finished our [b]new website[/b] where interested businesses and consumers can learn about us, Dash and reach out in case they have any inquiry. We are currently not fully operational since our last budget proposal was not approved for unknown reasons. We therefore couldn’t pay our contractors which we are since retaining and are awaiting further Dao support. If you despite our achievements decide to not vote in favor of our proposal we’d highly appreciate your feedback.

Proposal Scope February - April 2019 (Deliverables)
We decided to limit our costs to a bare minimum in order to sustain operations only. For this reasons we plan to onboard 9 large integrations and 120 merchants during February to April. Due to our momentum which we’re starting to pick up securing integrations and merchant sign ups is increasingly becoming easier. However we’d rather only promise the same scope as in our previous proposal in case the market drops further at which point we would need to take appropriate measurements in order to stay solvent. The following integrations are currently in mid to late stage and are scheduled to be completed in the near future:

  • Yellowcard.ioDash currently in beta version. Full launch and push into 8,000 stored across Nigeria.
  • No Signup, KYC instant crypto/fiat conversion service.
  • [b][/b]: Bitpay like service for Nigeria. Provides instant settlement options for risk averse merchants. They will accelerate establishing a strong Dash merchant base in Nigeria.
  • [b][/b]: Multinational African crypto/fiat exchange. Will offer Dash as their third cryptocurrency.
  • [b][/b]: Nigeria focused cryptocurrency exchange. It will integrate Dash as their forth cryptocurrency.
  • [b][/b]: Upcoming semi-decentralized exchange, also offering centralized fiat onramp and credit options.
  • 3 big car dealers: We are integrating Dash into 3 big car resellers. They import cars mainly from Europe and resell them in Nigeria. Because of the downsides of traditional cross border payments Dash fits their needs perfectly. They each move 6 figures per month.
  • [b][/b]: One of the top 5 ridesharing services worldwide. It has achieved market dominance throughout Africa and east Europe. Sees Nigeria as a test case for platform wide Dash integration. We’re especially excited about this integration. This is a big one.
We’re constantly replenishing our integrations pipeline and will update the proposal throughout the month as details emerge. We also propose to organize merchant networking events. We will have a Merchants Low Cost Adoption meetup program. This would involve holding meetups in a merchants shop, setup new wallets, tip them, and get them to spend a part of it on refreshments at the merchants’ shop. That way, it’s a win-win situation. We envisage a minimum of 10 new participants per meetup. And we would tip each with $10. This would onboard new users and strengthen the Dash community in Lagos, Nigeria. We’d also target 100-150 participants in this event consisting of our Dash merchants, interested new merchants and our sales staff. This serves multiple purposes in this budget environment. For one it lets us save merchant retention costs we’d otherwise incur in our Dash bootstrapping phase. Secondly it allows us to generate cheap leads and sales of interested, not yet integrated businesses. Thirdly it provides us the opportunity to go for supply chain Dash integrations otherwise not possible in 1 to 1 merchant interactions. We propose to hold two of these during the next three months.


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1 point,10 hours ago
I'm unclear on why this proposal has recieved so many no votes, could someone explain?
-1 point,7 hours ago
This is very strange to us. We've delivered on our promises even after Dash fell losing over 60% of the budget allocated.

We've delivered on solid integrations with the potentials of bringing in thousands of new users to Dash. One of such is

We're on the process of integrating Dash into and Taxify.

We hope to have explanations regarding the negative votes while expecting that this proposal passes ultimately.

Thanks for the support.
0 points,8 hours ago
You are really committed, you have my support.
-1 point,7 hours ago
Thanks for recognising our commitment to making Nigeria Dashy. Thanks also for your support.

It's our hope that our works would be appreciated and we'd have this proposal pass.
-1 point,41 minutes ago
You've got my vote. Hang in there Nathaniel, surely the MN tide will turn in your favour.
3 points,2 days ago
Come on guys !!
Please vote in favour of Nathaniel's proposal
1 point,2 days ago
Thanks for your support.

It's actually strange seeing negative votes without comments to that regard.

We hope the community appreciated our works and votes to get us funded.