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Monthly amount: 100 DASH (7444 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 100 DASH (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-02-14 / 2020-06-12 (added on 2020-02-13)
Votes: 835 Yes / 274 No / 52 Abstain
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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,5 months ago
Still yes on this, I am glad you made it back into funding.
0 points,5 months ago
Voting Yes! again. Can anyone explain why DashNexus never gets any funding? I would think they'd be considered an essential service by now...
0 points,7 months ago
Yes from me.
-1 point,7 months ago
1 point,8 months ago
Voting YES! for this. Why? DashCentral and DashNexus serve two different purposes for me. I use DashNexus because I like their summary information, graphical proposal breakdown, and I just think the UI is clean and slick for all the information it provides. In short, DashNexus to me is, at least for now, a great way to see the state of the Dash DAO proposal ecosystem.

DashCentral, *also* has a place in my monthly proposal cycle in that I come here to read the MNOs comments, make comments myself and see more indepth proposal information. I don't really value DashNexus for the discussion aspects, at least right now. Could it all be in one place? Sure. But the fact is, I've grown pretty comfortable with both services. One to display all the information in a neat summary format, and another to drill down, debate and get into the nitty gritty.

Another user commented that this proposal has generated 'little value'. I disagree. Having a rich ecosystem with multiple entrants is in itself a great value proposition that most other coins DON'T HAVE. We are already in a luxurious position relative to our competition in terms of our fundamental decentralization and base principles. Which means our growth can be more rapid, sustainable and *reach higher heights* than other coins. Kind of like the difference between having a house foundation and a skyscrapers. The house might get built more quickly, but in the long term, the skyscraper will be a much greater edifice.

I would also like to remind everyone of the tenets of the liqudity school of adoption, to which I am a student. If you disagree with this school of thought on how to best and most quickly spread Dash adoption, please do not hesitate to indicate as such in a reply here. I'd love to hear alternative ideas to better, more quickly spread Dash. The liquidity school of adoption simply states that the only real purpose of inflation in cryptocurrencies (i.e. the blockreward, i.e for this discussion, the 45% that goes to MNOs and the 10% of the treasury budget) is to incentivize the adoption of cryptocurrency while also spreading it to as many people as possibly, as quickly as possible.

Coin distribution is very important. Without a good coin distro, you can't have a large community because most of the coin will be in very few peoples hands. This means that we need to spread Dash as much as possible. Miners secure the network, MNs provide 2nd layer services and the rest of the community (10% treasury) provides the adoption, development, biz dev, services. But these services really have the goal of spreading Dash to as many people as possible. Which means the 10% treasury's real purpose is to get Dash into the hands of people who *aren't* miners or MNOs, whoever they are, and whatever they offer to the network (as long as its not fraud/already failed strategy/anticompetitive etc.).

This puts tremendous pressure on more and more people to use Dash for their daily expenses, bills, shopping etc. Which, in turn, creates more pressure for Dash to be adopted locally because the people who have it want to spend it, so they look for places that accept it and put pressure on places they frequent to adopt it. This starts a self-reinforcing feedback loop that rapidly causes Dash to grow. Remember that in order to beat our competition, like BCH, ETH and eventually BTC, we have to grow A LOT.

BTC is ~92x larger than Dash is by marketcap. Marketcap isn't everything, but it serves as a rough guide to determine relative size (once you take into account the differences in supplies). That means that SLOW AIN'T GONNA CUT IT! We have to move FAST and break things like facebook in order to rapidly rise in the ranks. That's how they overtook myspace. They tried a lot of stuff, found out what worked and spammed it *hard*. Otherwise, we will maintain or even lose relative position to other coins because we did not grow faster than them, despite our technological advantages.

We have to do the exact same thing as facebook did if we wish to overcome our competition and become the number one coin for digital cash payments. We have to repeatedly "spam" the spread liquidity button until we win. I think LTC, BCH and BTC have already taught us, that the best tech doesn't necessarily win. Regardless of how slow BTC, LTC and BCH are, they still command a considerable lead in terms of community size over us. LTC was able to garner 1000 votes at the last minute and overtake our position to get added to, which is apparently a pretty big liquidity provider in Venezuela. So this is not theoretical, we are suffering actual losses due to this *right now*. We have to overcome this. The best way to do that is to incentivize new entrants into the market in as many ways as possible. If we have more ways of adding new users to Dash than other coins faster than other coins, then eventually our growth will overtake theirs and we will become the default choice.

So we need to support services like Dash Nexus, communities like Dash Venezuela, etc. Unlike traditional ventures WE CAN SELF FUND. The blockreward doesn't belong to anyone but the network as a whole. So we can literally give it away to anyone we choose. We should use that power to the maximum effect by giving it away to anyone who is spreading Dash adoption, working for Dash, or even just willing to spread it (liquidity spreaders). Everyone talks about liquidity providers, but we also heavily need liquidity *spreaders*. People like the communities in Venezuela who are working night and day to get Dash added to malls and parking lots. People who are spending and using Dash at these services because its better, faster, cheaper, whatever.

Whatever works, we need to keep spamming that until we're number #1. As long as the PO is not engaged in fraud, deception, or anti-competitive practices (the coworking specification released by Dash Next details this a bit better), then we should wholeheartedly support them. We shouldn't chase after "value" or "ROI to the network". Especially not at this early stage. We are bootstraping, which means we have to eat initial costs of setting up our global DAO until it reaches self-sustaining levels.

That could take years, so we can't be shortsighted in our funding decisions. We should be willing to throw Dash at verified, non-fraudulent POs who are assiting our goal of becoming #1. We shouldn't be stingy. The money literally renews itself every month and there's a fixed cap on our coin supply already so there's NO REASON not to spend it to gain adoption as much adoption as possible, right now. We must strike now while the iron is hot and our competition has no way of competing with this advantage.

The more teams we have that are funded by the DAO, the more constructive competition will be present in our community, which means we'll grow at the fastest rate possible. We've kicked out the scam teams, now lets drill down and focus on the teams providing value-add, let's vote YES! for Dash Nexus.
0 points,8 months ago

DashNexus and DashCentral are complementary and also function as backup systems for each other. The services they collectively provide to the DAO are crucial. DC has the edge when it comes to debate, but the DN Leaderboard and Sandbox are invaluable for helping MNOs fine tune their votes as we get close to the cutoff.
1 point,8 months ago
I liked the idea for this project but it has generated very little value for the network to this point. Almost all activity on proposals still happens here on dashcentral after many months of nexus development. I am not sure whether it's because nexus is fundamentally lacking in some way or if it's just most people being too lazy to switch. I might vote for this but I do not consider it a high priority right now in case I need to weigh this against other proposals.
1 point,7 months ago
The reason nobody uses it is because you can't vote with it. For my part, I want to read the proposal, scan the comments, place my vote, move on. I spend about 20 mins a week on it. We need people like me to vote because of the 10% rule, but obviously it is much quicker all on one page.

These pages are a bit kludgy and old fashioned, but they work, and they are fast and the information is condensed into one place.