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Title:Dash Nexus: Ongoing Development (Sep-Dec 2019)
Monthly amount: 130 DASH (14978 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-08-16 / 2019-12-13 (added on 2019-08-16)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 816 Yes / 349 No / 9 Abstain
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Proposal description

Status Update
Over the last few months Dash Nexus saw numerous improvements across the platform and made significant progress towards laying the groundwork for further development.

Much of our development efforts have been focused on implementing the suggestions we collected using our feedback tool and enhancing the core functionality of the platform. This included re-writing the 'leaderboard engine' to introduce new logic that makes it easy to evaluate the budget capacity, see live vote data without having to refresh the browser, and vote directly from the leaderboard using conveniently placed 'arrows' that are visible to users who registered their voting keys. We also overhauled the 'Masternode Wizard', making it easier than ever to add and manage your nodes on Nexus. Beyond that, we fixed numerous bugs across the platform and implemented a number of UI modifications to make your governance experience even smoother.

In addition to improving the platform's core functionality, we also made great progress with design and documentation for new features and have begun their development.One feature included in our upcoming release is the Sandbox - a tool that will allow users to create hypothetical payout scenarios by selecting any number of proposals and seeing their total cost. Users will then be able to save and share these scenarios with the community, making it convenient to evaluate tradeoffs and optimize the budget allocation. Please view the Ongoing Development proposal on Dash Nexus ´╗┐to see screenshot of what the tool will look like.

What does this proposal funding request cover?
- Development: this proposal will allow us to continue the design, development, and testing of new features that we have on our roadmap, as well as those suggested to us by community members. We will also continue to perform regular and ongoing site maintenance to ensure that the platform is in sync with the Dash network, ensuring that the governance data is accurate and reliable.

- Support: our team will continue to be available to address any issues that come up, especially those that are urgent in nature and may affect the governance process. This includes assisting proposal owners who are submitting their proposals for consideration and answering any governance-related questions that community members may have.

- Operating costs: this funding will also cover all hosting and software fees to allow Dash Nexus to remain online.
*In order to ensure uninterrupted service in the event funding is not available this cycle, we have set aside a 3 month 'emergency reserve'. Our goal is to continue to build this reserve up to a 6 month buffer, so that the platform remains operational even in the event of a prolonged bear market.

Cost Optimization
While our team has had the pleasure of working with STRV for the development of the MVP, the current funding conditions make it challenging to work with a top-level agency. The last few months, we had to get creative with resource allocation, staggering design, development, and QA, rather than having them run in parallel. This slowed down the overall progress and required more project management to coordinate each step of the process.

As such, we began the transition to using freelance resources with the goal of building out an in-house development team. We interviewed over 20 candidates and have begun working with a select few on a part-time basis. Over the next few months, we will be trialing their skills to ensure they match our quality standards. Once we confirm the candidates, we aim to transition them to full-time positions. In the meantime, the original development team from STRV will remain on standby, available to assist with knowledge transfer and complex tasks that may be challenging for newcomers on the project.

A Bright Future
In an industry embroiled in controversy and failed projects, Dash continues to shine as the leader in decentralized governance and remains the world's most innovative DAO. It has been our honor to work on Dash Nexus and to help advance the unique value proposition not found in other crypto projects. With this funding, we can continue to build upon our success and deliver value to the ecosystem for years to come.

Thank you for your support!!

- Dash Nexus Team

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2 points,1 month ago
The treasury has 129.82 available and the this proposal is asking for 129.98.
1 point,1 month ago
proposal is asking for 130 according to DashCentral here
2 points,1 month ago
Why do we continue to fund a proposal that is not delivering and is a money pit?

We've spent over a million dollars of treasury funds for what? I'm using DashCentral because it works (and it's free!).
1 point,1 month ago
interesting point. Are sure it's been over a million usd tho?
1 point,1 month ago
Time to cut our losses. Don't engage in sunk cost fallacy.
0 points,1 month ago
Dash Watch November 2019 Report on
Dash Nexus: Ongoing Development (Sep-Dec 2019) by DashNexus
3 points,1 month ago
I tried using DashNexus to make the DIF's first funding proposal. It was miserable.

Chair of the DIF Michae Lewis (aka @walter) then tried it himself the following month, and also had a miserable experience. Actually, he used a more colorful word than that.

Will someone explain to me -- and I'll pass the message on to Mike -- what we're both missing about why this proposal continues to get funded?

Why, in fact, the bulk of conversations around proposals continued to be here on DashCentral (read: FREE) and not DashNexus (read: expensive for 2+ years and running)?
0 points,4 months ago
Strong yes from me on this. Still considering the other funding request to see if it will fit into our budget, but we need to at least keep sustaining funds to DashNexus going.
1 point,4 months ago
Delivering the full Nexus experience will lead to significant improvements to our governance system and therefore to the ability to make sound investment decisions. I much prefer to invest in a team that have a proven track record (i.e we can trust) and are in it for the long term. This type of project is building a solid asset for DASH that we can use for many years afterwards and is therefore a solid investment. Voting yes.
1 point,1 month ago
People were saying this about DashNexus when they first got funded two years ago.

Would you say that the time for "the full Nexus experience" and "significant improvements to our governance system" would have rolled around by now?
0 points,4 months ago
I note that there is only a week left for voting, and in general, voting levels are pretty low. I would encourage everyone to get some voting done.

Another thing I noted which may cause some bad decisions is that DashNexus has two props going this month. One is to keep the lights on and keep the same current level/pace of development. Slow and steady, etc. They have a second prop that would allow them to hire some more Dev horsepower and speed things up. It would appear that the second prop won't fit since it falls below the yellow "Budget Limit" line (on app.dashnexus dot org). But Eugenia's "Transaction Turbocharge in VZ" is unlikely to pass (whole other conversation) and if that is true, the 2nd prop for DashNexus fits fine.

Yuri says that site traffic to DashNexus has really picked up the last few months, and now the vast majority of props are submitting using their (far easier) method. So, woo hoooooo, it's getting traction and working, but there are a bunch of features they would like to add, and the current skimpy budget just feels too slow.

I know everybody feels a bit depressed in Dash and the larger crypto space because of failure to moon. But we will get another bull run sooner or later. We need to get the easy infrastructure in place now to be able to accommodate a bunch of fomo newbies.

1 point,1 month ago
Submitting via DashNexus is NOT a "far easier" method compared to DashCentral.

Anyone who claims this hasn't tried it. You included.

You can ask Michael Lewis or me for details on our experiences if you'd like real-world feedback on why we *still* prefer DashCentral (free) to DashNexus (expensive).