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Title:Dash Nexus: Accelerated Development
Monthly amount: 166 DASH (19156 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-08-18 / 2019-12-13 (added on 2019-08-18)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 554 Yes / 288 No / 43 Abstain
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Proposal description

Our primary proposal (Ongoing Development) covers the basics necessary to keep Nexus fully operational and provides the resources to make gradual improvements to the platform. However, it alone is insufficient to make significant advancements in the platform's functionality.Funding this proposal will allow us to expand our development team and optimize our work flow without increasing overhead. By having additional developers on the project, we will be able to tackle more complex features, have dedicated resources to address bugs (without interrupting new feature development), and increase the overall synergy between designers, developers, testers, and project managers.

What does this proposal funding request cover?
The entirety of the funds requested in this proposal will be used to hire developers. As mentioned in the primary proposal, these will be in-house developers, rather than agency contractors. We will not need to spend any additional funds on project management, since this will already be covered by the primary proposal. Having a larger team also means that developers will be able to focus on areas that they specialize in, rather than spreading themselves thin across a number of frontend and backend tasks.With the additional manpower, we will be able to to begin working on more complex tasks, such as overhauling the discussion area to encourage more engagement. This would include adding the ability to tag users in comments, generating push notifications to alert users even when they don't have a tab open, unifying MNO-only and community 'channels' into one and creating permissions/filters to allow users to see the content that's relevant to them. Tasks like these require extensive development and testing and are only feasible with multiple devs working in sync.

Looking Forward
We believe that now is the perfect time to build out an in-house development team for Dash Nexus. Not only will it allow us to amplify the momentum that we have been building over the last few months, but it will also perfectly position us to take full advantage of the DAPI when it is released.

Thank you for your support!!

- Dash Nexus Team

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1 point,3 months ago
Voting YES. I would also like to suggest some feature requests for the project. I would like to see a business plan section that is mandatory to be completed. MNOs do not have much time and we need to see essential details about a project to properly assess its viability. Basic information like SWOT analysis and marketing, plans for the future, existing expertise, how they intend to make the project self sustaining financially etc . All this information is currently missing from the great majority of the proposals.

If a small business was to go to a Venture Capatalist firm to request funding for their project they would be laughed out of the room if they did not have a prepared business plan. Yet DASH governance continue to hand out millions of USD of our money to projects that have nothing more than a good idea and a smile. Then when the project dies off MNOs complain we have been conned.

MNOs need to accept responsibility for being conned. We do not have high enough screening standards for these projects a properly worked out business plan demonstrates the proposal owner is serious about their project and have done the hard work of thinking through all the aspects of the project before approaching us for funding.

It is true that plans can change but a business plan greatly increases the level of success for a project and we need to squeeze out every ounce of value out of our money we are spending month on month. Each time coins are given away our investment decreases. We are now 18th in the coinmarketcap and falling. We need to start injecting serious value into our projects if we are to regain our position and to increase the value of our investment.

The business plan section should be kept locked so that only MNOs can view the plans. This is to safeguard the work of the proposal owner who would not want all the fine details of their plans being made public. Making detailed business plans public could threaten their project by giving competition insights into how they intend to run their business. Therefore the reports could be unlocked and viewed only with a MNO voting key.

We should also have a official statement if the IP generated from the project would be made freely available to the DASH network under the MIT license. By retaining IP we can jump start other DASH projects around the world with already created products, services and designs etc. Currently we do not retain any IP rights from the projects we fund which I see as a huge lost potential.

e.g. Imagine if the Intellectual property for the Estonian project for the contactless NFC DASH card and terminal we funded could have been made available to DASH. There are many projects that could have used that technology e.g. the parking project in Venezuela. By having this additional field that states the IP would be donated to DASH would mean that we would leverage assets we are paying for for thousands of other DASH projects around the world. We could build up a large repository of developed products, services and software that would give small businesses off the shelf solutions they could immediately customise the products / software for their own businesses which hugely leverages our investment money. Small businesses could start up promoting ready build DASH payment products - giving us free promotion and marketing. We need to retain the IP we are paying for so we can leverage this world wide. We are wasting huge amounts of investment money on projects that are not sharing the IP we are paying for.

The Nexus project could help us with all of these improvements which could significantly increase the value of DASH.

MNOs need to consider that just because a project is not novel or new and therefore not the flavour of the month it does not make it a lesser project. If anything longer lasting projects such as Nexus need to be voted in first before new projects. We need this solution deploying ASAP . I don't understand why MNOs are not voting this project in. Nexus can bring so much value to DASH.

Definite YES.
0 points,3 months ago
There is still room in the budget in this cycle to add accelerated development.
1 point,4 months ago
Last minute shout out. Two hours to go, and this proposal to accelerate DashNexus still fits very nicely in the un-allocated Dash. 300 YES votes is a lot of ground to cover in two hours, but I have seen miracles happen before. Building more sophisticated infrastructure to submit props, vote and do governance seems like a much better use of the Dash than burning it.

However you vote, thanks for participating!

0 points,4 months ago
Voting yes, we can pick between the Nexus proposals, no?
0 points,4 months ago
Looks like this can still fit into our budget, can we have both Dash Nexus props passed this cycle?
1 point,4 months ago
I note that there is only a week left for voting, and in general, voting levels are pretty low. I would encourage everyone to get some voting done.

Another thing I noted which may cause some bad decisions is that DashNexus has two props going this month. One is to keep the lights on and keep the same current level/pace of development. Slow and steady, etc. They have a second prop that would allow them to hire some more Dev horsepower and speed things up. It would appear that the second prop won't fit since it falls below the yellow "Budget Limit" line (on app.dashnexus dot org). But Eugenia's "Transaction Turbocharge in VZ" is unlikely to pass (whole other conversation) and if that is true, the 2nd prop for DashNexus fits fine.

Yuri says that site traffic to DashNexus has really picked up the last few months, and now the vast majority of props are submitting using their (far easier) method. So, woo hoooooo, it's getting traction and working, but there are a bunch of features they would like to add, and the current skimpy budget just feels too slow.

I know everybody feels a bit depressed in Dash and the larger crypto space because of failure to moon. But we will get another bull run sooner or later. We need to get the easy infrastructure in place now to be able to accommodate a bunch of fomo newbies.