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Title:Dash Masternode Tool - Infrastructure
One-time payment: 16 DASH (1071 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 16 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-07-17 / 2019-08-16 (added on 2019-07-13)
Votes: 822 Yes / 13 No / 17 Abstain
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Proposal description

The goal of this proposal is to provide financing for infrastructure related to Dash Masternode Tool (DMT) for the next 12 months, which has so far been covered by my own funds.
In particular this applies to:
  1. "public" RPC nodes for mainnet and testnet
  2. the domain
  3. funds dedicated to cover transaction fees for protx transactions carried out by the "public" RPC nodes
These costs are not huge, but from the perspective of over a dozen months, they become noticeable for an individual, while for the Dash Treasury it will be negligible. On this occasion I would also like to slightly improve the current hardware configuration to avoid potencial failures due to insufficient resources and return to the configuration with three RPC nodes, which I gave up about six months ago.

RPC nodes.
RPC nodes referred to here are VPS servers running dashd instances along with a few other software components and the selected API functions shared to the public, which are the default gateway to the Dash network for Dash Masternode Tool. While DMT allows using your own RPC nodes, but in order to simplify the use of the program, especially for those who start dealing with it, I decided to provide dedicated RPC nodes, which I define as "public". Each node supports both mainnet and testnet, so the planned configuration is 4GB RAM. The cost is about USD 20/each/month (excluding taxes).

Some statistical information from CloudFlare regarding RPC nodes:
  • monthly number of unique users: 1500
  • monthly data served: 35 GB
Funds dedicated to PROTX transactions
DMT has a GUI for a group of functions related to the registration and reconfiguration of masternodes at the blockchain level - protx calls. Using DMT you can easily overlook this, but every protx operation involves a certain (fortunately small) tx fee. Since currently none of the hardware wallets supports such transactions, DMT carries them out through "public" RPC nodes that pay the appropriate fees for the user. Therefore, it is required that in the wallet of each of such nodes there are funds allocated for this purpose. Until now, these were my private funds (of which about 3,500 protx transactions were covered), but the goal is to allocate funds from Dash Treasury: 0.3 Dash on each node.


The domain is currently paid for by the end of the year, so I plan to extend its validity for the next year.

a) USD:
VPS: 20$ * 3 * 12 = 720
Domain: 15$
Sum: 735 * 1.23 / 0.68 = 1329$

b) Dash:
Protx fees: 1 Dash

Dash/USD price: 138

Budget total
: 1329 / 138 = 9.6 Dash + 1 Dash + 5 Dash (proposal fee) = 15.6

  • 1.23 multiplier: 23% VAT which is added to my purchase of services as an EU citizen
  • 0.68 divider: 32% income tax, which in my case has to be paid when converting crypto to fiat
  • difference of the final Dash/USD price in relation to the assumed value will be applied to the actual number of months for which services will be purchased

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0 points,1 year ago
Dash Watch May 26th 2019 Report on
Dash Masternode Tool - February-March 2019 by Bertrand256
1 point,1 year ago
Yes from me.

I do wish in the future this would also be available on mobile phones through apps, meaning less dependence on windows pc / tablet / laptop (pure for conviennience).

But at the same time i do realise that will require different developer skills and experience.
1 point,1 year ago
Yes from me. Thanks Bertrand for making the DMT. It has made life so much easier to setup Masternodes or move a masternode having this tool. Also it means when there are upgrades and changes to the network we know the DMT tool will make it simple for a MNO to reconfigure their MN. I would like to suggest a feature request for the agile backlog.

Feature request: It would also be great if we could export data directly from MN hosting companies such as and and then import directly all congif fields in one go into the DMT tool.

The hosting companies currently provide a standard output of data that we need to manually transfer field by field to the DMT tool -it would be quicker and less prone to an error if we could simply import via CSV. It would also be in the interests of the hosting companies to work with DMT project for compatibility with DMT for import. MNOs could then simply select their hosting company in the DMT tool and provide the path to the import file and the DMT tool would import the data with a single click.

0 points,1 year ago
Thanks for your support and for the suggestion. Admittedly, I can not promise whether/when I will implement it (for budgetary reasons, my current involvement in the development of the app is limited to work after hours) but I will surely look at it.
Is the description of the data export format available to the public?
1 point,1 year ago
I see the continuous DMT development in the future with new features.
Remember DeepBlue that too much stuff is not good neither as it cuts out the simplicity.
There are currently checks implemented to verify if the key is in the right format etc.
Anyway I do agree that DMT is needed product which if requested by many ;)
2 points,1 year ago
DMT is essential and we should be investing even more into building it into a high quality product.
0 points,1 year ago
I appreciate your support.
When the Dash Tresury gets a bit more room, I will probably return to a more intensive development than just maintanance as it is now. There are certainly a lot of things that can be improved.
2 points,1 year ago
YES! This is a tiny amount for continued service on this very valuable tool.
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks for your support.
1 point,1 year ago
I like the tool. Everybody must like it. Its a shame so much of the cost goes to the proposal fee and the taxman, but its the system.
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks. I agree, nearly 50% of the overhead is a bit outrageous.
4 points,1 year ago
First, yes! :) Keep it running!
1 point,1 year ago
0 points,1 year ago
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks splawik!