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Title:Dash Masternode Tool - please downvote
One-time payment: 130 DASH (8524 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-11-17 / 2018-12-16 (added on 2018-11-25)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 103 Yes / 251 No / 4 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 636 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

*** UPDATE - please downvote ***
I sent the proposal while the budget had still 170 Dash of unallocated funds, but for some reason it was not visible until the next day (I had to resubmit several times). As I do not feel well threatening other proposals that have been accepted, I hereby withdraw my one, so I am asking those who voted YES to vote NO and I apologize for the resulting confusion.
I will probably reissue it in the next cycle, but I would also like to assure you that I will work full-time on the project at least until the end of the year, i.e., I hope until the rollout of Dash v13 on mainnet.

This proposal concerns the continuation of the development of the Dash Masternode Tool (DMT) program in the period September-November 2018.

DMT is a program that supports MNOs in performing some important activities related to masternodes if its collateral is controlled by a Trezor, KeepKey or Ledger type of hardware wallets. Over the last year, the development of the program was financed by Dash Treasury through the acceptance of my two proposals. The last one, covering the period from June to August 2018, was focused on the v0.12.3 protocol support, providing user support in the process of migration to this version, and starting work on supporting Deterministic Masternode Lists, described in the document DIP-3.

Due to extensive scope of the last of these topics, I was continuing work on it after the end of the duration of my last proposal up to the present day. I estimate that further works will be carried out until December or a bit longer - a lot depends on when the the Dash v0.13 software (which introduces deterministic masternodes) will be launched on mainnet and what challenges it will create.

In terms of financing my involvement, I decided to take a risk and change my approach: instead of asking for payment "in advance" - right after the end of the duration of the previous proposal, I decided to apply for funds after completing some part of the works, that is: now. There were several reasons for this decision, but the most important is that it's is much easier to calculate the costs for past period than for the future, when I do not know whether I will be involved in the project 100% or a little less. The disadvantage of this approach (for me) is the risk of MNOs not accepting my proposal and thus me not receiving any reimbursement at all, which is quite likely if you take into account the tight budget, we are currently dealing with. I am aware of it and I will not have any complaints about it if it happens - I am in this project because I believe that Dash has a bright future ahead, despite the current problems of the crypto industry.

The scope
Back to the scope of the proposal, i.e. handling of DIP-3 masternodes. We now know the details of the default migration process of "old" masternodes to "new" if their collaterals are controlled by harware wallets and if the funds are to remain "untouched". Without going into details, this process will require several manual steps, including entering commands in the Dash-Qt debug console. This will not be a major problem for tech savvy users, however, from my conversations with MNOs, I know that some of them do not feel confident in this kind of activities and may have a problem with this process. The upcoming changes planned for v0.13 are so important for the whole Dash ecosystem that the problems of individual MNOs can accumulate and in some way become a bigger problem, which is why I want to help in eliminating at least this one. The features that I am preparing in DMT in this area are therefore focused on the simplification of the process and are dedicated to a group of less-skilled users or, in general, to people who prefer to click rather than to enter commands.

The initial DMT version that includes the functionality of migration to DIP-3 masternodes will be made available soon (I will post an appropriate update here), so that each person will be able to test the process on testnet and make sure that the process on mainnet will proceed without any surprises.

The target (production) version of DMT, supporting the above processes, will additionally have several earlier promised functionalities that I have been working on in the meantime, including: significantly improved wallet with the history of transactions and their values expressed in USD, which some people want to use for tax purposes.

The changes I've been working on for a few months are in the dev branch at GitHub:

Due to the tight budget, I decided to cut my monthly salary up to the amount of 6500$ and postpone clearing the costs of infrastructure which I incurred and the proposal fee reimbursement.

Effective number of months worked in the period September - November 2018: 2
Dash price (24 Nov 2018): 100$/Dash

Amount: 6500 * 2 / 100 = 130 Dash

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0 points,14 days ago
Yes next cycle :-)
8 points,17 days ago
The requested funds are not even available in this budget cycle :(
1 point,16 days ago
I will definitely vote on this next cycle ;)
thnx for the update Bertrand.
0 points,16 days ago
Downvoted this proposal as requested, you have my support for next cycle.
1 point,16 days ago
Will be voting yes, next cycle though. 3 Days isn't enough time to plan the budget.
0 points,16 days ago
To explain why I posted the proposal so late, I will only say that sending it too early is also bad - although for other reasons. Nevertheless, I decided to withdraw it. Thank you for your comments and for your support.
0 points,16 days ago
Voting yes because the project is valid, but I don't see how this can be approved in this cycle considering the proximity of the voting deadline and the state of the treasury.
0 points,17 days ago
Care to explain why this budget proposal gets created with only 3 days of voting left ?
0 points,17 days ago
In 1 hour one entity provides 6 upvotes to Johndude, 6 downvotes to kalon and have this thread downvoted from +2 to -5
There is something seriously wrong with the upvoting and downvoting mechanisme.
0 points,17 days ago
Actually, make that 7 upvotes, 7 downvotes and the ability to move a thread downwards in the budget section with 7 downvotes.
I suspect someone split their masternodes over 7 Dash Central accounts and is abusing the voting mechanisme.
0 points,16 days ago
FYI, upvoting and downvoting won't work like this on DashNexus.
0 points,16 days ago
thank god :)
-3 points,17 days ago
Making sure MNOs have a smooth transition to v0.13 is an important goal for the health of our network. You've done great and valuable work so far and I look forward to the coming improvements to the software.