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Title:Dash Marketing Hub - User and Merchant Onboarding
One-time payment: 200 DASH (12188 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 200 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-01-10 / 2023-02-09 (added on 2023-01-09)
Votes: 610 Yes / 122 No / 20 Abstain

Proposal description

DMH Proposal - User and Merchant Onboarding

This proposal is a supplement of the Dash Marketing Hub, an official fork of the Dash Incubator, focused on grassroots marketing and promotion of Dash with the goal of facilitating the onboarding of new users.

At the moment Dash is caught between major integrations and product releases: Platform, a potential THORChain/Maya Protocol integration, DashDirect/Ionia card programs, are all several months out or more, but without firm and reliable release dates. This leaves us without a major release or integration to promote. At the same time, Dash not only remains a solid and usable crypto, but also features two functionalities which offer a competitive end-user advantage today: CrowdNode and the in-wallet merchant map. CrowdNode has proven to be effective in recruiting new Dash users, and adding more merchants to the in-wallet map strengthens the usefulness of the wallet without any extra integrations. This is especially useful for countries which do not support DashDirect at this time.

After polling the MNO community and in an attempt to make the Dash Marketing Hub more granular and accountable, we will be submitting proposals that are more specific in nature. This proposal is specifically targeted toward onboarding new users and merchants. Also, if this proposal passes, existing tasks in the current bounties, when applicable, will have their focus directed toward supporting this effort, thus amplifying the effect of this proposal. 

As those of us who use cryptocurrency in the “real world” know, once you’ve experienced the advantages of Dash, it’s hard to go back to using any other cryptocurrency. Also, as we find our world becoming increasingly restrictive due to government regulations, banking regulations, unreasonable identification requirements, restrictions on cash usage, etc, more and more people are finding themselves being excluded from the retail environment. Our goal is to expose as many people to Dash and its advantages and convert them into regular Dash users and help them discover financial autonomy.

This proposal is requesting funds for developing and executing a campaign to onboard new users. Among the activities we will be developing are:
  • Video Tutorials and Material:
    • Staking via Crowdnode 
    • Spending Dash directly
    • Purchasing gift cards and using debit cards via DashDirect
    • Purchasing gift cards and paying bills via Bitrefill TBD
    • Spending Dash through other means
    • Accepting Dash as a merchant
  • Material and content designed to help community members onboard new users
  • Material and content designed to help community members onboard new merchants
  • Merchant Kit consisting of pamphlets, stickers, posters, and other such material

Consumer Guides and Content: 120 Dash
Retail Guides and Content: 25 dash
Community Guides and Content: 30 Dash
Administrative fees: 25 Dash
Total: 200 Dash

All operations of the Hub funded by this proposal are subject to the latest Rules published here:

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2 points,11 days ago
Dash-Ru community votes "yes"
1 point,14 days ago
Printed Merchant Kits? Like sales kits? How would those be distributed?
2 points,12 days ago
When a community member gets or is in the process of getting a new merchant set up, they can request the material. We'll set up other distribution methods as the needs arise.
2 points,12 days ago
I trust you judgment when it comes to sourcing materials. Just wanted to know some details.
1 point,16 days ago
When this first launched I was skeptical due to all your affiliation with DFN, but I was eventually won over to at least give you guys another chance.

To me, that chance has run out. I still like the idea of the marketing incubator in theory but you guys aren't effective. I don't know if the answer is a change in leadership, a change in strategy, or just giving up on this entirely, but this does not seem to be working.
3 points,14 days ago
Can you share what criteria you have come up in order to judge the marketing incubator as ineffective? I honestly am curious.
3 points,14 days ago
I am not blaming the Dash Marketing Hub for this but anyone doing a google search result on 'dash crypto' and click on news, should count how many times Dash 2 Trade is mentioned. It is completely overshadowing the Dash search results, and it has been overshadowing Dash for some time now. Someone really needs to take action here, to protect the dash trade name.
3 points,14 days ago
Also why can a crypto project like Dash 2 Trade which ranks 2862 on coinmarketcap be so effective at marketing and promotion that it seems like they are everywhere, while Dash which ranks 71 on coinmarketcap is pretty much invisible (at least to google search results), with regards to marketing and promotion ?

What are they doing right and what are we doing wrong ?
0 points,13 days ago
I am not at all having the issue when searching on Google, Dash 2 Trade is the third result on page 4 for me. Remember search results are based on your previous history. Try the same search in incognito mode using a VPN like I just did.
2 points,13 days ago
Please confirm you are seeing the problem i am describing, when selecting the news tab ? (selecting a time period or not does not seem to matter much, the same results with regards to Dash 2 Trade)

This is going on since late November 2022 (at least that is when i started to notice it, could have been happening before that) and it completely undermines all the work Ms Dash did previously on Google Search.
2 points,13 days ago
In the end i just want Dash to have a lot more news presence in Google Search results, in the actually news tab.

New Dash Core version out ? Create an article about it and spread that article to several different websites that we have a (paid ?) connection with !
Possible Dash network attack squashed ? Create an article about it and spread that article to several different websites that we have a (paid ?) connection with !
New Dash Platform Development update out ? Create an article about it and spread that article to several different websites that we have a (paid ?) connection with !
Dash Price showing bullish signals ? Create an article about it and spread that article to several different websites that we have a (paid ?) connection with !
Teaser serie about upcoming Dash Platform release ? Create an article about it and spread that article to several different websites that we have a (paid ?) connection with !

We really need to start thinking about launching some kind of Dash outreach program through the Dash Marketing Hub in order to reach new crypto users.

An outreach program that will actually give us hits when users search for Dash News through Google Search.
2 points,13 days ago
he said on the news tab. He is correct.
0 points,13 days ago
why are you not blaming DMH for this?

The answer is because Dash 2 Trade is paying for attention and we are paying DMH to make videos that they share on their twitter account with a couple thousand followers.

Dash 2 Trade is doing marketing. DMH is paying off an influencer group whose influence is almost exclusively in-network.
1 point,12 days ago
i agree, D2T seems to have effective marketing - and we donĀ“t !!!!
lesson to be learned here:
at least offer the free CMO position to the D2T guy who is heading their marketing with a standard salary.
if he rejects, we should think about doubling that salary in order to persuade him.
3 points,13 days ago
I am not blaming DMH for this, as they are not responsible for protecting the Dash tradename in case of a competing crypto project infringing on the Dash name. That is DCG responsebility. Evan Duffield legally registered the name Dash within the cryptospace so we have legal protection there, why does DCG not use that protection ?

Maybe it is time that DCG starts looking into Dash 2 Trade (see : and maybe it is also time DMH takes a good look at which websites Dash 2 Trade has paid to attract attention and see if we should be active there too.
0 points,16 days ago
are you suggesting outcomes are important? Haven't you heard they changed their processes. They report on their process. The process is what is important. /s

Did you expect the people responsible for making marketing decisions to make marketing decisions? Well, there is this great new update to the process where they will allow the MNOs to make these decisions. No, this doesn't make the hub redundant! /s

/s is necessary given how badly the Dash MNOs are failing this intelligence test so badly. It is concerning.
0 points,16 days ago
See my comment above. I mistakenly made a new comment instead of responding to this one.
0 points,16 days ago
We have changed our strategy. We are now requesting funds for specific projects such as this. This gives the MNO's more granular control over how the DMH spends its funding.
0 points,18 days ago
if this was a real marketing proposal it would explain how customers would see and consume the marketing materials.

It does not.

This is just more evidence the DMH is totally incompetent and only self-interested.

What happened to the thousands of dollars spent on videos in the past? Why are they not being used? The answer is obvious. Because if money is being spent to promote videos on various platforms that is money not going directly into the pockets of the DMH admins.

The DMH has not demonstrated any proficiency in growing the number of marketers in the dash ecosystem. Has not grown user count. Has not grown transaction count. Has not grown general attention to Dash. Has basically not accomplished anything of note.

Stop throwing dash away and suppressing the price of dash.

Let us have standards.
-2 points,20 days ago
this is not a marketing proposal this is a jobs program