Proposal “dash-incubator-mikhail-2024-q1“ (Completed)Back

Title:Dash Incubator Mikhail 2024 Q1
Monthly amount: 600 DASH (16775 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 1800 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-01-10 / 2024-04-08 (added on 2024-01-09)
Votes: 569 Yes / 58 No / 3 Abstain

Proposal description

Hey, MNOs! 

This is my Dash Incubator funding proposal for the projects that I will be working on in the Q1 2024.

As always, I am fully dedicated to the Dash projects, and requested amount should cover my full-time engagement plus allow me to attract more developers to work on important stuff community would love to see. 

My socials:

Discord pshenmic#1750
Previous DAO proposal :

Watch Dash Incubator Quarterly Report about the projects and next things to do!

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1 point,6 months ago
Is this the start of a new DAO?
1 point,6 months ago
you meant sub-DAO?
2 points,6 months ago
Is all your coding activity recorded in github?

If yes, do you think the above 3 contributions of January justify a 16000 USD salary?
1 point,6 months ago
Generally yes, I upload all my finished code in the GitHub, so you can always check what I’m doing. However there could be pending work on my computer that is not there yet, when I’m working on some complex and long stuff when it’s not final yet (like PrivateSend). I also do some infrastructure work, which can’t be counted / uploaded as a code, but this is something I must do.

First week of the January was dedicated to the Dash Electrum and PrivateSend, and it was almost non-stop debugging, reading technical specifications and raising questions to the Core team rather than writing code. Those 3 contributions that you mentioned took me at least 7 days of full time work. Second week of January I was resting, because I haven’t had a vacation for a long time. Basically, that also means that I’m not earning during these days.

If you want to look at the work that I do in long run, I suggest you to look what I do throughout the year, because 2024 is just started and it’s obvious that there won’t be much in the first weeks of the January (especially when people usually comes from the holidays)

You also used term “salary”, that I don’t find quite accurate. The amount requested in the proposal is not going straight in my pocket, but it settles down at the Lead Strategist’s wallet who ensures that my work follows Incubator Rules. I must do the work first and then claim a piece of it with the Pull Request pushed in the Github. All the work in the Dash Incubator is open, and you can always check what for we’re spending funds for.

Also, feel free to check my payout address for my dev work, and you can find what I’m earn in month, quarter and the year. For the past year, it is barely 40k$. I always use that single address for my all my dev payouts.
2 points,6 months ago
Hello Pshenmic and thanks for posting your proposal, can you detail the number of devs including yourself paid by this proposal and if they are full time, part-time, task based? Reason I am asking is $16k a month seems like a lot of money, though your work is excellent.
3 points,6 months ago
Hey :)

Currently, I am the only one full time dev working under my strategist's role projects. There are part-time coders: alexeyandreevsky (frontend), vijay (dash core contributor), emmanueleclipse (blockchain / mobile). These are frequent contributors, there also may be some others that I'm missing that don't contribute much. Some of contributors willing to work full-time, but they couldn't do that earlier because the budget was too tight in the last quarter.

All the work that we do in Incubator is task-based, there is no single monthly salaries. That means that we have to describe, itemize, estimate and submit our work in public in order to receive payments.

The reserve that I'm asking is not going straight to my wallet, it is held by Lead Strategist, who ensures that all tasks, claims and transactions follows Incubator Rules.

The amount may seems high, but keep in mind it is not going all for me, there are other people working under my budget, plus it allows me to keep a reserve in case we need some more people when urgent stuff is happening. It also will allow me to attract some more good developers willing to build Dash.
3 points,6 months ago
OK, thanks for answer.
2 points,6 months ago
Just for comparison, last quarter the monthly ask was for 200 DASH (5528 USD), I did consider that a little low, but this time it is almost 3x more, I'd like to understand that, is inflation getting out of hand in the former Union? Just trying to see what's new.
3 points,6 months ago
Yes, the previous budget was very low and it was barely fitting me and I had to share and sacrifice it with other people making projects with me.

That forced me to keep doing some dev work (like Dashmate, f.e.) under Rion's budget, so I would keep funded.

The budget that I'm requesting will allow my projects to scale. For example, right now I have to choose between projects, and I can only do one at the time. But there are often situations when I'm deep into something complex and don't wanna get distracted, but some requests coming from the community or DCG on different project. In this case I have to pause what I'm doing and make a switch.

To summarize everything again, I'm not taking 16k$ for me, I'm taking this reserve to keep the projects and make more useful and interesting stuff! ^_^