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Title:Dash Incubator Jojobyte 2024 Q2
Monthly amount: 400 DASH (12049 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 400 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-05-10 / 2024-07-08 (added on 2024-05-10)
Votes: 456 Yes / 60 No / 13 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

We are requesting funds to start and continue work on the following projects and features.

  • DashJoin.js - Vanilla.js Coin Join Implementation
  • DashProposal.js - New library for proposal generation

Library implementation examples
  • Wallet UI
  • DashProposal.js - New UI for proposal generation with a built-in wallet that will streamline the proposal process and live at

The progress on each project can be tracked on GitHub at Wallet UI - Roadmap and Libraries - Roadmap

What we've built so far

As part of the Dash Incubator, we (@coolaj86 and @jojobyte) have built JavaScript libraries with minimal (preferably zero) dependencies and examples to showcase those libraries.


Code Examples


Most of this work has been streamed live and can be watched at:

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3 points,15 days ago
Video update covering this proposal:
-1 point,15 days ago
Javascript is NOT a safe language.

You have better give up.
4 points,15 days ago
Define "safe language"...

But to your point, it is a reason why we are eliminating superfluous dependencies and writing in Vanilla JavaScript.

For anyone building for the web, having code written in the language you're familiar with (JavaScript) and limiting the number of dependencies you may have to look through for debugging can improve code quality, security, reliability and potentially even safety.

Giving up because JavaScript, means giving up on the web. Terrible as JavaScript & the web can be, they're also Amazing. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.
0 points,12 days ago
There is a fundamental security flaw for whatever language runs through a virtual machine. A flawed virtual machine can be send by the coders of the virtual machine to targeted IP addresses (either for malicious purposes, or because the coders are forced to do this by government agents).

This flawed virtual machine can change the meaning of the language's commands and thus tottaly change the behavior of the code.

So whatever language runs through a VIRTUAL MACHINE is NOT SAFE for important tasks (like cryptocurrencies).

Only the languages that are compiled and can be executed directly in the processor (as bytecode) could be considered as safe languages.

Bare Metal JavaScript: The JavaScript Virtual Machine
1 point,11 days ago
This does not appear to be a good faith argument.

Implying that something is safe because it is compiled to bytecode is disingenuous.

It could just as easily be a backdoor, virus, malware or ransomware, safely compiled to bytecode. Perhaps you're unaware or purposefully ignoring the recent `xz` backdoor from this year?

Not using a VM just changes the threat vector.

No language is completely safe. Its just trading problems/threat vectors.
-2 points,11 days ago
Half knowledge is worse than ignorance. There are safe languages.

The formally verified languages.
-2 points,11 days ago
-2 points,11 days ago

Of course the formal verification does not solve the flawed virtual machine problem, but it is certainly a very important test for whatever important and secure code you want to write.
-3 points,11 days ago
2 points,18 days ago
For more context about this (jojobyte's) proposal, please see my comment on my proposal: