Proposal “dash-incubator-2022-q3-updated“ (Closed)Back

Title:Proposal withdrawn
Monthly amount: 600 DASH (17414 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-07-12 / 2022-10-10 (added on 2022-07-12)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 55 Yes / 400 No / 42 Abstain

Proposal description

No description has been stored with this proposal by the proposal owner. Please check the external information website for details:

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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3 points,2 years ago
> Proposal withdrawn

Thank goodness for that !
-2 points,2 years ago
He made another for even more Dash lol.
1 point,2 years ago
We don't even know who created this proposal, we just know its not Rion.
1 point,2 years ago
Very bad timing it seems, just after Rion's Dash Incubator budget proposal ( already hit the network and was receiving votes. Then another budget proposal emerged from 'Dash Incubator' that is not being acknowledge by Rion (current proposal owner of Dash Incubator) and is causing a lot of confusion (this one : as it also request to hold any voting on both budget proposals, untill this vote on the appointment of a new proposal owner concludes (which could take a week !!).

This all seems very rushed and badly communicated internally. It also feels a bit like an internal Dash Incubator coup, the way this is being played out currently.
Why is this played out this way ? Why does Rion needs to be replaced by Sam Kirby this urgently, that it actually interferes with Dash Incubator budget proposals ?
1 point,2 years ago
(See :
2 points,2 years ago
I decided to vote NO on this budget proposal, regardless of the outcome of the vote on a new proposal owner, as i don't like how this is being played out.

Get your internal mess sorted out before intitating any new budget proposals please.
1 point,2 years ago
Why are there two budget proposals active now for Dash Incubator ? One for 600 dash / 3 month and one for 900 dash / 3 month ?