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Monthly amount: 50 DASH (3432 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-05-15 / 2020-08-12 (added on 2020-05-02)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 165 Yes / 260 No / 73 Abstain
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Table of Contents

1-Executive Summary
2.-Proposal Scope
3-Previous Activities of Dash Haiti
4-Why Dash For Haiti?

1. Executive Summary

Cryptocurrency is innovative enough to impact the future of youth in developing countries. It was formed with the financial crisis of 2008 and its task is the facilitation of financial transactions through a technology called blockchain. Not all cryptocurrencies offer the same ease of use. Dash, however, is an example of success. It has potential for both currency transfers and purchases of goods and services, and with Evolution, it’s use can increase. Dash is however little known to Haitians. Our community existed back in 2016 and with our fund and some support we had realized a lot of things. So now we think that with Evolution coming and major recent political happenings and local money devaluation, we want to show the Haitian people the benefit of the Dash alternative with the same benefits for their financial freedom.

We did a lot of meetups in the past, but now we want to create awareness about Dash in Haiti with this proposal.

Since our 3 years of existence we have organized small meetings to promote Dash, which we have found to be insufficient, utilizing the support of our donors. We now think that we are ready to start a big promotion of Dash in Haiti. We want to be clear that our project is a long term project that includes:

The implementation of strategies to promote Dash and to make it known on a national level. These strategies include; recruiting and training agents at the departmental level to coordinate the activities of Dash Haiti in their locations, creating an educational portal with videos to allow people to know how to use the platforms, buy, sell and setting up a system for transferring funds locally and internationally.

2. Proposal Scope

The team want to promote dash in the country with using these activities:

  • Due to the Covid19 people can't go out, So we will use social Media to make our meetup this time.
  • Campaign to create awareness about Dash on Social media
  • Creation of a network of Dash users in the country, We have 10 States in the country we will recruit 1 person in each state to be in our Dash Team and they will also be a Dash ambassador in his state. And we will give them tools to work as an Agent for Dash promotion
  • Dash campaign to recruit merchants to accept Dash as a method of payment.
  • Recruit 6 International Agent in Brazil, USA, France, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic for helping Haitian people in these countries and cover our activities to help people remittance Dash in Haiti
  • We will also make new videos about technical tips on how to install a wallet, how to buy and spend Dash.
  • Upgrade our Website and make it more attractive
  • Partner with some Haitian influencer to promote Dash

Target audience:

We want to promote Dash through all Haitians who are able to use the technology. Haitians living in the country and those living abroad who often transfer money for their loved ones or family here in Haiti. The audience also includes businesses, investors.

3. Previous Activities of Dash Haiti

  1. We organized severals meetups
  2. A Youtube channel with 3 videos about introduction to dash and blockchain in our native language
  3. We own a website and social media account
4. We were featured on Radio emission(Capitalize) in Canada. 

4. Why Dash For Haiti?

Since the commencement of the Dash Haiti community, we have organized several meetings in Port-au-Prince and the State of Grand’Anse. Now we want to grow our activities, starting with meets up and discussions gathering all over the Haitian territory and for that, we need funds to continue and expand the growth of Dash cryptocurrency. With Dash Haiti, we want to help people of our country and also those living in the Diaspora on the benefits of cryptocurrency and Dash mainly, to invite them to use Dash in the future to send money for their family within Haiti and outside, also as a means of payment for goods and exchanges. Our main goal is to promote Dash permanently in the country, Haiti. Kindly click here to view the debate on this topic.

The team will also finish with our website to put more information on it. We also have a facebook page As Venezuela, a South-American federal republic and many other poor countries currencies are losing value, with high growth rate of inflation, it is more important to introduce people to this best alternative and secure currency that with all the benefits we all know. Cryptocurrency is growing in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ghana, so Haiti is a country with similar characteristics with those countries. People have to start with the adoption for businesses and are well-informed on cryptocurrency specially Dash. That is why I joined the community in this fight for financial freedom, in a long time to educate people on the Dash cryptocurrency and also invite them to use it for daily financial activities

Again, international transfers from Haiti are worth several billion a year, these transfers come from everywhere, the lines of transfer offices are never empty and this can be seen all over the country. These transfers represent about 34.4% of the GDP. Given this large market, we feel it is important for Dash to benefit from this market as well.

So if we can look at Haiti as a country with low financial means, high money transfers and companies that do not have a reliable financial solution, we can deduce that Dash can solve everything for the people of this country financially.


Dash, is the first cryptocurrency to have such attention in the country, so people will adopt Dash as their only cryptocurrency. It’s like one first Love, you will never forget it. In the past, people only participated in Ponzi and MLM scheme referral programs. We will also clarify the difference between cryptocurrencies and these scam things. More than 20000 new wallets will be created. The team will work to make Dash cryptocurrency adopted in Haiti . When we say cryptocurrency in Haiti, then they say DASH. People will learn better about Dash, and how to change their financial life with the Dash cryptocurrency.

Again we will have a lot of things to do including a remittance system, merchant adoption, integration and other stuff that can help Dash use more in the country because that is the goal. This proposal is just a first proposal to promote Dash in the Country.

We are a team with a long term project, to have success we believe that we must be transparent, for that we already email Dash Watch and we will submit report about our proposal.

5. Budget

50.42 Dash per month for 3 months @80 usd per Dash
Description:Price ($)Marketing materials (Videos, graphics, prints): 1250Tips for new users: 500Team remuneration(1 Community Lead, 1 Marketing lead, 1 Support, 10 Local Agent, 6 Internationals Agent): 1000PR in local newspapers and radio stations and social media promotion: 800Website upgrade: 150Partnership with influencer to promote Dash and our activities: 300Proposal fee: 5 DashSo after our pre-proposal discussion and other Mno advices, we decide to reduce our budget. That is why you can see a difference between the two budget.

6. Team:

Emile Joseph Micarlo@carlomile2 (Telegram, discord, Twitter, is aComputer engineer, had a degree in Network and telecommunication at the University of Quebec, in Montreal. Also a cryptocurrency enthusiast.Mr. Micarlo worked in the sphere of cryptocurrency with Airbitz, Kickico, Openledger, Qryptos(Quoine), as Community Manager. He is the Team Leader of the Dash community in Haiti and educates people about cryptocurrencies while he is a big fan of cryptocurrency and its entire ecosystem. Leads Dash small presentation activities for over 2 years in Haiti.

Toussaint Josias, an Agronomist by profession since 2011. Consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture for projects financed by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank. He has love for cryptocurrency.Mr. Josias has been actively in the cryptocurrency for more than 4 years in the cryptocurrency community in Haiti. He is passionate about the cryptocurrency in which he invests and ready to let Dash grow in Haiti.

Joseph Lygens , an Agronomist since 2011 and holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology in 2015. A UNDP accredited consultant and independent consultant. He has 4 years of experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain for which he has a great passion. He is the top leader of the cryptocurrency community in Haiti, crypto-consultant on the Haitian market. He gave a talk in the event on Fintech organized by the BRH where he interviewed on the blockchain

Lygens with the Mic, giving a talk in Fintech Event in Haiti.

Some Pictures of our past Small meetup that can also be found on our Website and social media.

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1 point,3 months ago
Voting "Yes!" again here. It is disappointing to see that the MNOs have not yet seen the future in the Caribbean. Not to worry though, I'm here to help! The Caribbean is experiencing MASSIVE growth for Dash right now. Remember where we are!

We are 2 YEARS into a long and torturous bear market DROUGHT. We are watching around us day-by-day as formerly stalwart projects and coins much "larger" than Dash, begin to struggle to breathe.

Slowly but surely, all the coins that cannot compete during ALL CONDITIONS are being eliminated from the race. Just like a regular competition in real life. So the fact that despite this two year drought, Dash is basically running along without a hitch really *means something*. Its not idle bragging, if you're the only one (or one of few) who made it to a life boat before the ship sank then you must not look your fortune in the mouth, for the trial is not yet over.

We're doing quite well because we have self-funding and decentralized AOs running all around the globe with their Dash hair on fire, spreading adoption and the goodnews about financing FREE from the shackles of fiat and legacy.

This is not idle street-preaching nor empty prosyletizing! Dash digital cash *really can and does save lives*, as Roger Ver would put it. The faster you transact the more privacy you have the more economic freedom you have, the more life you have. These extra choices mean certain previously inevitable outcomes can be avoided altogether. So we need to see through the attempts to limit our growth to "the west" where the HATEFUL ANTI-DASH MACHINE can limit our growth. Psychologically, the western cryptocurrency sphere has been PRE-PRIMED against us.

People in the cryptocurrency now naturally have a subconscious, Pavlovian, "dirty" feeling when they hear "Dash". The Monero community and others spread LIES about Dash so much that in the west nobody likes us. But in places like Haiti? Jamaica? Venezuela? Nigeria? Thailand? the Philippines? Caribbean at large? They absolutely LOVE us!

So we have to spread this freedom to the WHOLE WORLD. We have to reciprocate their appreciation of our technology, our strengths and our ability to SOLVE THEIR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. I may stand alone (with the other 127 haha), but I STAND FIRM in my YES! vote for DASH HAITI. Join me and let's spread Dash and start a blue hurricane in the Caribbean!
1 point,3 months ago
Thanks for your strong support. So we are working a lot in Background to show some results with the fund receive in Donation. So we are taking time because we want to build a good product.
0 points,3 months ago
Glad to hear it, congrats on the donations!
1 point,4 months ago
Hi to all masternode owners, developers and all those who support dash. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported our proposal, I would like to thank especially the people who voted for us, because it proves that we have supporters who believe that Dash can help Haiti and vice versa. I would also like to thank those who voted against us because it allows us to acknowledge our mistakes and we have learned a lot.

We promise you that we will continue the work with what little we have because freeing a suffering people to offer them an alternative is not easy. For this reason we intend to continue to carry out the tasks listed in this proposal, but we know that those who believed can give us their support. For this reason we will let this address to receive your donations and we will act as if it was the fund received in our proposal, I mean that we will provide reports on how the funds will be spend.


Thank you very much.

Stay Dashy
Dash Haiti Lead
0 points,4 months ago
Some may wonder why I argue so much with people whom I consider to be trolls on these proposals. The answer is right here:

"One-fifth of the world’s population are unbanked.

Cryptocurrencies like @Dashpay
help to fight financial inequality and to bring financial services to people without access to a bank.

#Dash is digital cash. Instant, global, and easy to use.

Learn more:"

Now, I don't think I'm the only one who can see that Haiti, Jamaica, Venezuela, and other third-world countries are exactly the countries that that very recent Dashpay twitter status was about.

DashHaiti has been working tirelessly in difficult conditions over the last three years attempting to grow the Dash community in the region. Despite various difficulties, like being defunded from DashBoost, this PO never gave up. He didn't rage quit like George Donnelly and Ed Stover.

He didn't kick the pram and go home. Why not? Because Dash has a stated goal of helping people and countries in the very situation that Haiti finds itself in. So imagine the shock I'm sure of just about everyone reading when we get all this hatred and vitriol against Haiti and Venezuelan proposal.

People who, on the one hand definitely don't want this proposal to go through, but on the other have no trouble voting yes for "Dash Farms" or "DashCamlife" or "DashNewspress". These guys haven't done anything yet! DashNewsPress hadn't done anything and Mark Mason was coming off the bat of the recently-DEFUNDED Dash force news proposal. Yet their proposal flies through with 800 yes votes. He wasn't even going to accept DashWatch oversight originally!!!

Then Carlo comes along, well actually, has been along for three years now. He puts up a proposal showing meet ups, radio interviews, crisp new content, Dash specific gear being handed out, *plus a great plan to grow our influence in the nation* and basically gifting us Haiti, yet he is instantly attacked and downvoted. This is hypocrisy. The DAO has a habit of funding wasteful proposals to lazy people who don't do anything. Now that Venezuela, Dash Nigeria, Dash Next/Thailand, Dash Haiti and other third-world proposals have been actively funded for many months it is clear to see why they are always attacked!

Because, just like Dash makes Monero, BTC, BCH and other POW coins look bad at adoption, governance and protocol development, *THESE TEAMS MAKE THE LAZY TEAMS IN THE WEST LOOK BAD AT EVERYTHING THEY DO!* How much money did we pay to Waschmann and other "PR" orgs? Rodrigo's two Dash Venezuelan documentaries probably did more for our clout in the cryptosphere than anything those groups ever did, and we paid them A LOT OF MONEY. "Professional" orgs too. DashPressNewsroom is JUST A WEBSITE, and a LINKS website at that (it just links to other parts of last I checked), yet they're requesting *600 Dash*!!

This is an exercise is wastefulness. We have DIRECT COMPARISON between "western" PR efforts and grassroots PR efforts in the Dash Venezuela proposals, Dash Brazil and Dash Next as well. They have clearly shown what can be accomplished for little money, while the western efforts have been nothing but a complete JOKE! How long did we pay DFN 325 Dash a month for? What the hell did they ever give us but trouble? DiscoverDash? DiscoverDash is the same kind of RENT SEEKING as DashPressNews imo. All they're doing is collating data that OTHER PEOPLE CREATED FOR FAR LESS MONEY.

This is a distrubing and worrysome trend, if it continues, it means the DAO will never operate at 100% effectiveness, no matter how high our monthly utilization rate, NOR WHATEVER WE DO TO THE REWARD-SPLIT. It doesn't matter if the treasury goes from 10% to say 20%, if we're wasting 100% both times! Our enemies and detractors DO NOT LIKE the fact that we have overtaken them in adoption. Look at these posts about Dash on the nano subreddit for the last two years:

They solidify the fact that our competition is not only cognizant of our growth and the direction necessary for us to walk in order to win this competition, but they are also actively looking to poach our success! Of course, they are dramatically limited by the inefficiencies and design of their protocols, but this only exemplifies the main point of this post: *that our competition has no way to compete with us except to use these social media and other manipulative attacks.*

We must combat their efforts to dilute our treasuries effectiveness. The attack on our growth in Africa starting with the defunding of KuvaCash and ending with the defunding of all the independent teams like the Ghana team there set our growth back many years.

The same was also attempted in Venezuela. Although, the fact that we went from 500, to 4500, to ~2000 back up to *20,000* stores accepting us most recently proves that their attempts failed. The point is we have to push back against these infiltrators and trolls who are trying to manipulate us into defunding our teams, and not expanding our current growth. Losing is always painful, that's what motivates us to win. We are not going to do our competition any favors by deliberately limiting our effectiveness just to coddle and protect their fragile egos. This is a fight to the finish and may the BEST COIN win. Let's vote YES! for Dash Haiti and finish this fight!
2 points,4 months ago
Dash Brazil will be assisting with promoting among the Haitian Immigrants in Brazil and creating videos to educate this community on how to use Dash as Remittances.
3 points,4 months ago
Thanks for the support.
3 points,4 months ago
Update: A short interview with Rodrigo about our proposal and our Dash Haiti community project.
1 point,4 months ago
Guys please mutual
respect, so we are all dash holders and want to see our coin grow in value and solution provided, So i really believe that all mno want that and that is why i spent my 5 dash to send this proposal and if i will have succes that will help dash and you the mno more. So i am not perfect i assume i just want to make the best for my Haitian people, and you all know how this people suffer from years, we get earthquake, political trouble, hurricanes. So we need to have a better live and i beleive that a lot of mno like you want to see that, i discuss with a lot in private and if i can i will do with all mno. Please again i ask your support for this proposal the Haitian people need to have the financial freedom and with our project we beleive we will help them.
-1 point,4 months ago
I'm sorry for cluttering your proposal with these arguments. I'm just frustrated to see that there are elements within our very own community that are pushing to attack and prevent our growth in our wheelhouse.

The countries where we're seeing the most growth have the most aggressive comments, while the proposals that don't do anything get "careful consideration" and their POs are treated with respect and courtesy. Hypocrisy is bad, lying is bad and preventing the network from growing due to conflicts of interest is bad as well.

Its unfortunate that this behavior has to tarnish your proposal and seeks to tear down the 3 years of work you've already put into the region. Thank you for your work, and hopefully you pass.
0 points,4 months ago
I'm voting absolutely Yes here! For two reasons that I will detail now. The first is my oft-stated and much-loved Liquidity school of Dash mass-adoption. The second reason is the considerable amount of prior work that this PO has completed and verifiably demonstrated over the last 3 years.

As for mass adoption, I want to remind everyone that we are seeing massive growth in the Caribbean for Dash. Dash Mall and Parking in Venezuela for example has been part of the teams that have grown our mass adoption in that country from 6,148 active wallets in the previous 30 days in May 2019, to a staggering 63,095 active wallets in Apr of this year! And that's according to DashWatch. That is a massive 10.26x growth!

But Venezuela is not the only country witnessing such growth another such country is NONE OTHER THAN HAITI! From 10 active android wallets in the prev 30 days in May of last year to 98 in Apr of this one. That's a 9.8x growth! This means if we target Haiti with directed funding efforts from the DAO, we should be able to EASILY double, triple or even quadruple that growth! Name me another coin with two countries in their roster that have grown 10x in their active adoption in the last year. I'll wait! But if you really want to see staggering growth, then look no further than Jamaica!

From *9* active android wallets last year to **4303**!! Or a MASSIVE 478x growth! These countries are just a select few. So what's the point of all this? The point is that Dash is growing massively in the Caribbean right under our noses, just like it did in Venezuela. Columbia alone grew from 1692 active android wallets in May last year to 3292 for a 1.95x growth in just under a year! Active android wallet use is perhaps one of the most useful metrics for adoption there is since its not just downloads, but people actually opening the app *at least once* for any reason in the previous 30 days. Which implies continuous use.

This validates a prediction I made nearly two years ago in a viral thread on r/dashpay:

Where I predicted that not only would we need to avoid wasting money on proposals like Ben Swann in order to grow, but that we would also need to target areas with open-minded people who need our services like in the third world in order to GO AROUND the malicious ignorance our coin suffered.

I made the prediction that we should focus on Venezuela and other regions like it instead of wasting time and money on the already-established cryptocurrency sphere in the west. This was before our adoption in Venezuela was so well-known and established. I also plotted our success strategy by comparing Dash to Whatsapp, which was able to leapfrog most other social media sites to 1 billion users by targeting those in the third world who needed cheap (free) cell-service. And now this prediction has indeed come to pass.

There is no other coin with this level of growth anywhere, let alone in a single country! Not BCH, not BTC, not monero, not LTC, not BSV. All of those coins are theoretical, speculatory, blockchain 1.0 coins. Unless its mining, where I can concede that BTC is still king even in Venezuela. But for payments and actual adoption and use, nobody can beat Dash. Dash is blockchain 2.0 with MNs (governance & funding), 3.0 with InstantSend and PrivateSend (true, digital POW cash), and 4.0 with evolution. With Data-contracts efficiently supplanting smart-contracts via DAPI, we'll be 5.0.

Because of these levels of difference in abilities our competition cannot catch up with us. I.e, these things that our coin can do like regular funding and decentralized consensus measurement, not to mention things like instantSend, are an insurmountable wall for other projects.

This is because they lack the architecture to build out their communities in a directed, yet also broad and generic manner while maintaining decentralization and censorship-resistance. I.e. we can afford to fund specific things like DCG, Dash Electrum, etc. but we're not limited to that, and we can also fund our own growth in countries like Venezuela, or Haiti.

Which brings me to the second reason for my whole-hearted support for this PO, that being all their prior work. I have chatted with this PO over signal before and I find that he is a hardworking, level-headed guy who is serious about working for Dash. Carlo has not given up despite being forced out of Dash Boost for funding last year and being defunded by politics and malicious favortism.

The likes of which we can see from realmrhack and lysergic, as they look for every reason to attack this PO and others like it from similar regions, while greenlighting and rubberstamping far less effective proposals. Regions just like I predicted our mass adoption would come from. Far less effective proposals just like I predicted Ben Swann's proposal, Dash Farms, DFN, and Dash Press would be (seriously, its just links to other parts of, 200 Dash for that ...) This is another prediction that I successfully made in this thread:

"The Final and Strongest Weapon Against us will be the Hardest to Beat! - Conflict of Interest"

The only reason to be against Dash Nigeria, Dash Haiti, Dash Venezuela, Dash Next, Dash Brazil like this MNO cabal clearly is, is because those proposals are AGAINST THEIR INTERESTS. Which means THEY HAVE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST in holding MNs and voting, because they do not wish to see the network succeed and routinely attempt to sabotage our growth in these regions.

Ostensibly because of "racism" or whatever, but its clear from our network's previous support of POs all over the globe that its not peopled by racists. At least not by those willing to hurt their investment over it. Rather, this is an attack on all of the hardworking, young teams in areas with lots of YOUNG PEOPLE that will continue to grow over the decades.

I.e. they don't want us to connect with our target demographic, otherwise they won't be able to keep playing the "pretend we're the best coin" game that they're playing. Then, they'll have to do the actual work for actual mass adoption instead of just mental hamster-spinning over things like full node development (that's so 2014), volunteer funding, centralized privacy solutions, chain bloating additions, and the like. In other words, Haiti and Carlo's proposal are RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY and right DOWN THE ALLEY of our competition!

Carlo has made it clear to me that the reason why he didn't quit before was because he sees value in Dash as Digital Cash and as the only solution for remittances, cross-border trading as well as inflation protection that is available to him and his countrymen. I so happen to agree. Most other POs don't have 3 years of work shown, plus national radio show interviews, websites delivering crystal-clear content in a new region for our network and in their native tongue.

This shows that the PO's connections within Haiti and abroad are not to be underestimated. I've already recieved word of a "soon-to-be-announced" partnership accepting Dash exclusively thanks to Carlo's recent efforts, so he's already providing ROI before he's getting started. That's almost always a great sign!

Further, tying into my love of the liquidity school of adoption, this PO has bold plans to expand and increase the reach of the network. Having not only agents in the 12 "departments" of Haiti (which appear to be roughly equal to "States" or "territories" like Texas or Alaska), but also 6 international agents in order to facilitate remittances sounds to me like a bold, aggressive strategy that has a high likelihood of success.

Let's face it, ever since Dash solved the problem of decentralized, censorship-free funding, most of our efforts in various countries have *easily* gained considerable advantage over other coin's efforts. Look at BCH's attempts in Venezuela and contrast them with ours. Our only real question is HOW MUCH are we going to grow *this* month?

Others ask will they shrink again. Or they hope to be able to maintain their current position especially in this bear market wilderness. This isn't about marketcap, which is eerily deceptive and doesn't show the true situation of each coin. Rather, its about actual use, adoption and verifiable **GROWTH**. Yeah, BCH and Monero have larger marketcaps and lots of daily fake transactions, but I don't know of anybody actually *using* them.

Because they can't afford to spend a portion of their block reward on adoption and spreading the word like we can. Every ~30 days we not only blast ~$400,000 USD worth of Dash to our communities around the world, but because they have to sell immediately to cover their costs, pay their suppliers and employees and to avoid volatility, we basically LOCK IN THOSE GAINS.

So every month, that's $400,000 USD more of REAL WORLD, SOLID INVESTMENT FOR OUR COIN. That advantage will just keep snowballing, as long as we exercise our duty and properly direct it, like in regions such as Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Jamaica. Say what you will, but these are the countries that have shown the greatest fervor and love for Dash, not by their words but by their actions (growth in active android use). We must respond in kind and support them in order to beat our competition into their hands and win the cryptocurrency competition once and for all.

For these reasons and more I am voting a hearty Yes! for Dash Haiti so that they can further increase our adoption and replicate those 9.8x growth numbers in the coming year. Join me and support our growth in the hottest zone for Dash the Caribbean, and vote Yes! for Dash Haiti too!
2 points,4 months ago
I hope these obsessive, paranoid and odd rants are not hurting proposal owners you're desperately trying to speak up for.

As far as Realmrhack, he's not a verified MNO anymore on DashCentral so maybe best to ask rango for help in removing non-verified MNOs from commenting.
-3 points,4 months ago
Making accusations without providing sources is an ad-hominem attack and thus your opening sentence is dismissed out of hand for that reason.

If there is any desperation it is to prevent scammers and sycophants from their verifiable attempts to siphon funds from the DAO while providing little to no ROI. My comments seek to stem and reverse that trend. Your comments seek to oppose mine, so I wonder, what are your true motivations??

If there's anything I wrote that is incorrect, you are as welcome as you have always been to point it out. Otherwise, your comments appear as mere attempts at narrative control. Finally, every PO that I've commented on has *thanked me* for my comments.

One of them even called them the "most inspirational comments for LaTam teams", so you're wrong there off-the-bat. The people that matter appreciate my comments, if you want to become one of those people, you'd best learn to do the same. Thanks for reading.
0 points,4 months ago
Stop with the racism.
1 point,4 months ago
A lot of Thanks from a MNO that really understand our work and why Haiti need Dash.

Thank you so much for your support, I feel fulfilled even if our proposal doesn't pass but I see that there are people who always understand the efforts of others. As you have been saying for the last 3 years the work I am doing here in Haiti without the DAO fund for Dash is very wonderful. I love Dash and I don't see the future of our country without the adoption of Dash here in Haiti. That's why I can put my heart and soul into making this dream come true. With this first proposal we are going to do and we know how to do it to create a global demand in the country for Dash. Yesterday I received a call from a Haitian entrepreneur who is also an aspirant to the presidency as I can't mention his name, and he wants me to present the Blockchain. It is a great opportunity, if people from the Government contact you.

So I think I'm already doing a great job, and I'm willing to continue doing it, so even if the proposal passes or doesn't pass I'm not going to give up, I will continue with the community as we can to help our society to adopt Dash.

A quick look of the financial situation in Haiti.
We have a lot of people who don't have access to the bank and I think we're the highest in America.

Currency transfers are unavoidable here and represent a large part of our GDP.

The local currency is devaluing and continues to do so, creating a strong demand for the dollar here in Haiti.

All these points and many more show how Dash can be useful, and I believe that Dash was also created to provide solutions in these situations.
3 points,4 months ago
Lunatic ramblings
0 points,4 months ago
Again, just in case you don't believe me, here is lysergic again, 16 days ago DELIBERATELY LYING on the Dash Nigeria proposal in order to make other MNOs vote no and defund that team, while he provides others with common courtesy, the benefit of the doubt, and other basic signs of respect. He, you and the rest of your MNO cabal blatantly disrespect the POs in the "third world" in order to make them quit. Why? Why would you do this if not for the reasons I described?


-4 points
,16 days ago

Before you vote YES on this proposal take some time to go through the integrations and try them out for yourselves, you will soon notice they are either not there or don't work. I am voting hard NO, not because I think Nathaniel hasn't put in the effort, but because I think it has been ineffective.

I can assure you that if there was any penetration in Nigeria Nathaniel would be posting plenty of videos showing it, but after how many years? "

Here he is deliberately LYING about the integrations of Dash Nigeria. Most others don't agree clearly showing by the negative 4 downvotes. But still, what would motivate someone to vote and LIE about DAOs working to make Dash more valuable?? It doesn't make any sense. Unless he has motives and interests that don't align with the network. The same for you, as you don't want anyone to think along these lines.
-1 point,4 months ago
Hes not lying its fact most of dash nigwrias integerations where fake and of no value hes just milking the treasury
-1 point,4 months ago
Either prove it or SHUT THE HELL UP! You're a LIAR and you have repeatedly LIED about these POs and integrations. PROVIDE PROOF that there are no integrations working OR SHUT THE HELL UP! The DAO is NOT HERE to serve as a platform for your stupid anticompetitive behavior and self-serving lies! You think you're so clever with your hit and run tactics when you really are just a hack! STOP IT ALREADY!
0 points,4 months ago
Just shut the fuck up with your ramblings done with your lunatic crazy bs, prove they wherent lies.
1 point,4 months ago
The burden of proof is on YOU to prove your claims of misdeeds, not on the PO. You are cynically trying to "beg the question" by assuming fraud without justification, which is MALICIOUS BEHAVIOR.

1 point,4 months ago


0 points,4 months ago
You only have ad-hominem attacks, you don't have any facts or truth. You use emotional manipulation to steal credit from others and to make MNOs doubt good POs. Its clear who is the waste here.
0 points,4 months ago
Yes it is clear and its you.

I have facts, however I am not here to do your research for you

If your that fucking stupid that you couldnt realise the difference between 550 billion and 3 billion

That clearly shows how much of an intellectual being you are

Perhaps why dont you go do some research for once and bring me proof to discredit my claims?

Oh yes because you really dont have any facts other than the shit PO spoonfeeds you because thats all your able to do.
0 points,4 months ago
Its about time Rango is held responsible for allowing non-MNOs to comment here and ruin the atmosphere with their deliberate LIES and FUD.

This is supposed to be a Dash-centric place (duh, its in the name). It is NOT A PLACE for sycophantic stupid losers and crusty liars who don't have anything better to do than tear down their superior competition.
-1 point,4 months ago
Ok go cry mommy, let me assure you mommy cannot stop me from saying what I want to say..

Perhaps your too stupid to also see that?

Is he going to rm -rf /mrhack-MN?

0 points,4 months ago
The only thing I wanted you to do was to reveal your true nature. Thank you.
0 points,4 months ago
No, you don't have any facts. You made a claim without any substantiation. THe burden of proof is on the CLAIMANT THAT IS YOU!

And you're maliciously trying to shirk that burden so that you can continue your FUD LIE RANTS. SHUT UP ALREADY! We get it, you backed the wrong coin and you're upset about it. GO AWAY AND LET US WORK!

Your attempts at emotional abuse and "triggering" others are not the certain star here. We're not here to make you feel better about being a terrible person and making bad choices in life. We're here to fund the DAOs that have provided work and ROI for the network. THE BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON THE CLAIMANT IT IS *ASSHOLE* BEHAVIOR to push the burden of proof onto your victim.

If you're not going to argue fairly then SHUT THE FUCK UP!
-1 point,4 months ago
I dont give a fuck on your burdens of shit go shove them up your ass.

Far as I am concerned go fuck yourself.

Your just butthurt that your too kuch of an imbecile motherfucker whos but hurt and cant comprehend when hes wrong

You can cry mommy all you want dumbass but unless rango will create two seperate sub classees of MNO then my vote is as good as yours and my voice is the same

So in plain english go fuck yourself!
0 points,4 months ago
Yeah exactly, just like I thought. You don't care about the burden of proof thank you for admitting that for us! I had hoped you would prove that you weren't arguing fairly, which means you have malicious motives and we don't have to take you seriously.

As we can see from this comment, mrhack is definitely trying to anger and cause as much emotional pain as possible. But why? What are his motivations? He might point back to my comments and try to hide there, but he started this fight without any cause. To show you the contrast, here is his comment on the recent "DashCam" proposal by Agnewpickens:

" Realmrhack 2 points,9 days ago
The idea may be of some value, I however have concerns around the brand.

I think it may be phenomenal to have a business thats in an industry that is growing offer the ability for people earn dash across the globe.

However I am vehemently against using anything related to 'Dash' because it draws an inference that it may be a 'dash group of companies' among other concerns.

If the PO where to consider changing the branding I would love to see this proposal come to fruition and support it.

Good luck voting NO for now"

9 days ago. Do you see that? Even though he voted NO, he came to a logical, reasonable conclusion with level-headed and fair discourse. The exact kind of behavior you would expect from a MNO. But why isn't he doing that here? Why is it on DashNigeria, DashHaiti, DashMallandParking, and other Ven. proposals, why is this person constantly LYING and spreading FUD against these teams?

The fact that he, and lysergic and mastermined and others, are so gracious and friendly with these AMATEUR HOUR TEAMS and so HOSTILE AND MEAN without cause with the ACTUAL TEAMS working for adoption, strongly lends credence to the fact that this realmrhack is an infiltrator from another coin come to create as much discord as possible.

Just like George Donnelly and Edward Stover did, he pretends to care about "ROI" and the network, but he's really just a liar trying to concern troll us into not growing. Trying to emotionally manipulate us into voting for MEDIOCRITY over RESULTS. And he's trying to hide behind emotional manipulation to do it.

Don't be fooled by the cursing, his posts are all emotionless and cold. They are calculated to evoke the greatest anger and angst so that his true motivations go unnoticed. He doesn't want us to ask ourselves, why he, lysergic, and the rest are trying so hard to keep us from growing.

Now you know.
0 points,4 months ago
You consistently require OTHERS do the research that it is YOUR BURDEN to provide. You have consistently LIED about POs and proposals. You have consistently attempted to gaslight and otherwise emotionally abuse POs, other MNOs and anyone who disagrees with your shill comments (i.e. shilling, hiding your affiliation with a group while secretly using your position in the community to carry out their objectives).

This behavior, coupled with your great hypocrisy and completely selective and unfair behavior towards various POs indicates that you are in fact a shill/infiltrator and I am correct.

The problem with emotional attacks is that you lay all your cards on the table when you use them. Then its just a matter of baiting you into using it, and voila! Proof-of-shill! Maybe I should patent that and start my own coin? I could feed it all your comments along with the rest of your groups attempts to hijack our growth.
0 points,4 months ago
LOL for the MNO that are willing to research and inquire go ask the known community members about me, not just some moron that still foolishly beleives im some 'infiltrator' as if this was a game.of.wars lol.

A little too much spy movies there little boy.

Its time to put on the pajamas and crawl to bed.

P.S would love to see what you have done for dash?

Ive spent countless hours time money travelling soeaking to POs personally tell me of one other MNO who has done that on their own dime without any proposal?

Right because there arent any.
0 points,4 months ago
And contrast that proposal, with the proven work we have seen already with DashHaiti. Meetups, radio coverage and other media exposure, promotions and articles in French and Haitian creole, all of that work unpaid and out of the POs own pocket.

For 3 years, except during brief bouts of DashBoost funding. That shows dedication and work-ethic. This is the person realmrhack wants to emotionally manipulate you into forgetting that he's attacking. He wants you to FORGET the fact that he's DELIBERATELY ATTACKING DASH'S GROWTH. No, don't worry about that, just look over here, right?

**BUT HE HAS NO PROBLEM FUNDING SOME RINKY-DINK CAM IDEA FROM A GUY HE KNOWS (Agnew).** This is exactly what I meant when I claimed we had infiltrators and individuals with conflicts of interests with Masternodes. At least mrhack is very honest in his username choice, he really is just a hack.

He has no problem with the lack of prior work or even possibility of failure of this new venture, but when a PO emerges that has spent the last 3 years fighting for Dash adoption from the grassroots in their home country, **just like Eugenia Alcala did**, this infiltrator TROLL attacks him. JUST LIKE THEY ATTACKED HER.

Its clear what's going on here, hack's hateful favoritism is designed to make us vote for the LEAST EFFECTIVE proposals. To hinder our growth, just like George Donnelly and Edward Stover tried to do. They use the EXACT same fud and hit and run tactics that got those clowns defunded too.
-1 point,4 months ago
0 points,4 months ago
If you have any specific criticisms or evidence-backed assertions, please present them at this time. Everything I wrote was heavily sourced and properly cited, leaving little room for doubt. As such, you will need more than an ad-hominem attack to dismiss them.
1 point,4 months ago
Dear Masternode,
I am very open to criticism and suggestions. If you have anything in particular that would allow you to give us a negative vote, please let us know here as a comment or on our contact email. I really want to continue with the promotion of Dash in Haiti and the Caribbean. So I would like to ask you for your support, the way it is. As you can see on my profile on the forum, I've been here for 3 years in the community and I'm very committed to promoting dash what I started 3 years ago. So I think the time has come to get the necessary funding to expand our activities. I ask you to give us this opportunity to grow with our community. This is the first proposal we will make and I think that with your vote you can give us the opportunity to show what we can do. Haiti needs Dash, if this proposal is not funded it may be the end of our community. I want to ask you to think about this.

With all that you know that the Haitian people are enduring, so much about corruption, embezzlement, financial insecurity. We believe that Dash can help with his adoption here to solve many problems.

Thank you. Thank you.
0 points,4 months ago
Im sorry for 12,000USD Its bit excessive

In your opening statement you state due to covid-19 etc etc.. and at the same time you want to spend the vast majority of your budget to pay these said ambassadors!!

Not to mention given the current isolation trend your PR proposal hardly makes sense!

Furthermore you claim 550billion in remittances please show us the data to correspond to his assertion!

According to a reputable research / think tank

Select Haiti >

IT STATES 2.5 BILLION in remittances
-1 point,4 months ago
For the other MNOs reading, realmrhack's comments are NOT correct. The article that the PO cited in their proposal clearly states that in 2018 $529 Billion USD in remittances took place for Haiti, with that growing to $550 Billion USD in 2019. The article states it right here:

"Véritable pierre angulaire de nombreuses économies dans le monde, les transferts ont atteint le chiffre record de 529 milliards de dollars en 2018 et ont encore progressé jusqu’à 550 milliards de dollars en 2019."

That expression "milliards de dollars" in French translates to "billions of dollars" in English according to this online French dictionary:

So realmrhack's WRONG. The PO is correct about the amount of remittances to Haiti.

It is always interesting to watch the members of the masternode cabal that I allege is against our growing adoption in our target demo markets struggle to find excuses to attack the third world teams and POs that are are working to spread Dash and increase the value of their investment.

This is clearly anti-competitive behavior. How can I be so sure? Because *THE WHOLE POINT* of the 1000 Dash collateral was to ensure that MNOs would **VOTE IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE NETWORK**. Clearly, adding more and more grassroots, decentralized teams to our roster not only increases the size of our community, but it also increases our transactionality which increases our demand. With a fixed supply, this directly translates to an increase in price.

Yet, we have here, month after month after month, MNOs who are voting and arguing against the best interests of the network. People like realmrhack who deliberately twist facts and information in order to mislead the rest of the MNOs into voting against the best interests of the network. These hit-and-run tactics are the exact same tactics that George Donnelly used to halt our growth in Venezuela, and now they're seeking to do the same to us wherever we wish to grow.

These individuals only post these negative comments on these third world proposals like the Dash Nigiera, Dash Venezuela and now Dash Haiti proposals, while leaving far less performant proposals like Dash News press, or the Dash Estonia team's proposal, or DACH untouched and even heavily supported.

Lysergic below clearly demonstrates this behavior as he posts another missive from this cabal of anti-competitive MNOs who are voting against their own best interest in contravention to the design and will of the rest of the network. Yet on the DashCamLife proposal which is headed by AgnewPickens, he is decidedly more supportive and chipper:


3 points,
3 days ago

Firstly thanks for the nod to the visually impaired! As an elderly gentlemen, I am legally blind and have trouble counting the fingers on my own hands! I was able to read your proposal and I must say that it is one very well thought out and planned proposal I have seen in a very long time. I believe you have something here, ie a viable DASH based business and such you have my support and I wish you well on your venture."

Now, contrast that with his comment on this proposal:


0 points,
7 days ago

WOW! Another proposal to tug on the heart strings of MNOs, PAX and Tantestefana, can I count on your YES votes?"

This kind of selective negativity and favoritism is the exact thing the DAO was created to prevent. Funding is now decided in our network based on MERIT, not on arbitrary political affiliations, or in-group cliquishness. Yet these are the exact reasons that "lysergic" and realmrhack and others use to attack the proposals that are working the hardest for our adoption, while softshoeing those which are not very useful to the network's growth.

" Realmrhack

-8 points,
8 months ago

Im Voting NO its quite clear at this point most funds get pocketed as admin fees.

As per coin desks recent article it may also be evidentially clear that we are wasting good dash after bad dash.

More poor choices."

That was the Dash Mall and Parking proposal from 8 months ago:

Can anyone deny that Dash Mall and Parking has been our most performant team to date!? I mean, they have been part of verifiably 10x growth in Dash active android wallet use in Venezuela, as well as 1000 verifiable transactions per month in Malls using the Eletropay POS developed by Dash Brazil IIRC (another very performant "3rd world" proposal that comes under attack).

Yet these are the teams they choose to attack, while they let Joel Valenzuela and DFN suck the network dry of 325 Dash a month for 4 month proposals for years! THIS IS HYPOCRISY, AND FAVORITISM, and its how you know that this is anti-competitive behavior, and not just "racism" or hatred of the "third world".

They want it to appear that way to hide their true motives and origins. But honestly, that makes little sense. Aside from the networks formerly stalwart support of many different Dash initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean, we STILL fund intiatives in those region despite the aggressive attack against those proposals by Joel Valenzuela and his crew of disruptors. Which means the network is not peopled by racists, but by those willing to take risks in many regions to gain ROI.

Which means any attempt to openly appear racist when its demonstrably not so, or to lead the rest of network to think that that is the reason for their unfair behavior and comments towards these proposals, must be a deflection tactic. It must be a trick to disguise the true motives behind their sudden surge in "racism" towards the third world: anti-competitive behavior from the aggressive, persistant and underhanded competition of Dash!

I've personally laid witness to prominent members of multiple communities subtly but aggressively and maliciously lying about Dash! Spreading fud about the instamine, our transactions even though I've directly proven to them that those arguments were false.

This is including Amaury Setchen Lead developer of BCH-ABC, Jyonald Fyokball, another head developer of BCH, Chris Pacia and "tcrypt" two (?) OpenBazaar and BCH developers (not sure if same person or not), as well as of course the entire monero core development team.

This also includes members of the PIVX community, ZCash community and Nano community. In short, a lot of the biggest and loudest cryptocurrency communities are ALREADY engaged in unfair, anticompetitive behavior in order to limit our growth and reach in the cryptocurrency sphere. Not limited to the Monero community's censorship of the largest cryptocurrency subreddit against Dash, allowing fud and vote brigading against us while deleting favorable topics and posts. This validates a prediction I made roughly 2 years ago:

"Whatsapp and Why Defunding Ben Swann Was A Bullish Move"

"The only hope they have is that they can forcefully ignore and slander us while they use our innovations or come up with complementary ones to release to the market in the meantime.

There will never be a time when they come and say, 'Wow you guys really got it right.' and they admit that we are the right coin and they throw in the towel and jump ship like MOST of the old-timers (like me) did from BTC, UNLESS we come to them with that 1 BILLION users and 1m per day tx volume.

Then they will have no choice but to acknowledge that our innovations, hodlers, Core team and open source contributors made Dash into the best coin in the space."

This means that I was correct, we have a masternode infiltration problem and they are attacking our growth by targeting the proposals that can give the network the most ROI. And we must defeat our competition by going around them and supporting our growth not in the "west" but in the places that need fast, private digital Cash. Places like Venezuela, Colombia and yes Haiti.

Their motivation for doing this is because they likely possess a "conflict of interest" in their support for another coin (heavy bags) that incentivizes them to lie and damage the network in anyway possible! As I correctly predicted over a year ago, which you can verify by the behavior of George donnelly, henry georgist, Joel Valenzuela and others, in this thread:

The final and strongest weapon against is truly is the conflict of interest!
0 points,4 months ago
Here you go on a stupid rant

The same PO who sent you that article later conceded that 550 billion was global volume not just haiti!!

Want to see screenshots or ask carlo yourself!

Obviously your liquidity theory inter alia is just plain out wrong if you cant even be bothered to fact check!
1 point,4 months ago
Ah I see what you're saying now.

Unfortunately your original statement was INCORRECT so it was easy to miss. It is not the FIRST image, but the SECOND that references the correct figures. I cannot speak French, so I admit my error. The true remittance amounts are $ 3 Billion USD, you are correct.

BUT SO WHAT?? That minor quibble doesn't hide that fact that you deliberately misled everyone reading by stating it was the "First image" that shows the Haiti remittances. That's not true, its the SECOND IMAGE of the article, which YOU HAVE TO DELIBERATELY CLICK ON to see!

So my mistake is neither here nor there, and you really exposed your hateful position and your deceptive tactics when you tried to use an error that you deliberately set up (by misrepresenting the source of your proof) as justification to disregard something COMPLETELY unrelated, i.e. the liquidity theory of adoption. That's not at all related to whether the remittance industry in Haiti is 550 Billion or 3.5 Billion. Either way its Billion with a 'B' So you have to JUSTIFY why YOU'RE ATTACKING THIS PROPOSAL TO KEEP US OUT OF THAT MARKET!

Stop trying to emotionally attack others and START DOING YOUR JOB OF SPREADING DASH! You're abusing your position as a MNO by PRETENDING to be on the side of the network when you're really looking to attack our growth and adoption in the third world!
1 point,4 months ago
No dude its assholes like you who focus on regions with such low GDP numbers with no economic background.

Just going with the flow rather than researching..

Anywho for context if our razor sharp focus was remittances we would follow the money.

No one dash seems to do so.

Some of the highedt number of remittances are to


Those are the highest receiving countries for remittances

I dont see a single fucking group targetting those regions oh yes its because MNO like yourself who have their head stuck soo far up their own ass they cant be bothered to fact check or get the actual data

#DYOR Do your own research MNO
0 points,4 months ago
Talk about not doing your own research. You keep LYING in all your comments because you're trying to hide your obviously malicious motivations to defund Dash's growth in the third-world where YOUR STUPID COIN CAN'T COMPETE! We already have A TEAM IN THAILAND and the ASIA region, its called Dash NEXT/THAILAND.

But you couldn't stop LYING long enough to do even a second of research even though you've most likely FUDDED their proposals before. You're just such a transparent troll and terrible person. You should be banned from here so we don't have to see your ugly stupidity anymore, but apparently you've got an in with the owner of this site or something. You are disgusting and a liar.
0 points,4 months ago
Tell me if i am wrong, So i think dash also as bitcoin was created also for unbanked population. what is low economic background for you. So people in these country dont need to use dash right. So i dont know if dash was a coin for a selected country instead of a global coin.
1 point,4 months ago
The countries I pointed out have all the hallmarks of what DASH nerds to get where its going..

Consider this in context.

1) Where are the most digital freelancers located? Oh yes India china pakistan phillipines Vietnam china

2) who has the highest unbanked population?

Oh yes Pakistan India china Asia as whole.

3) where are all major global corps heading for freelancer and unbanked population and car share?

Oh yes Pakistan and India

4) want to compare apples to apples? Lets talk economic numbers anytime those countries i mentioned blow any of the other countries out of the water

Before you claim Im wrong..

As google why they invest so heavily in the 4th largest freelancer market Pakistan.

Or ask why Uber recently made one of its largest acquisitions for 3.x billion? Careem?

Lets face it the middle east south east asia and south asia are the markets dash needs to be!

If MNO arent bothering to.investigate that and vote accordingly im not sure why they are even voting.
1 point,4 months ago
Thank you for your comment, in fact we have made our estimates and we see that for the desired result we will need this Budget, As far as the salary of the staff is concerned it is really a small salary, it is 1000 for about 20 people. As far as the 550 Billion in transfer funds is concerned I refer to this article from the oldest and largest written newspaper in the country. Here is the link.
1 point,4 months ago
Carlomile are you okay?

The very firdt image red arrow points to Haiti receiving 3.5 billion

Nowherr NEAR the 550billion you mention!

Lets take this into account UAE a financial hub in the middle east does remittances of 30billion to just two countries in Asia. On an annual basis!

Im sorry but your exaggerating claim of 550billion is just pure non sense!

If it was the case, haiti would not be in the desperate situation it has been in for better part of the past 5 years!
1 point,4 months ago
Thanks you for your comment Realmrhack, as i told the remittance market is very big here and represent a lot in our economy. We have about 7 Countries where money come including USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, France . So we will focus on these market to help people make remittances in Dash and that will help dash grow in volume also and holders/users. As i know the remittance market is very big here in Haiti, and it is a big opportunity for Dash.
1 point,4 months ago
"A Youtube channel with 3 videos about introduction to dash and blockchain in our native language" - Could you please provide a link to this Youtube channel.
1 point,4 months ago that is our channel. So i can say that most Haitians use WhatsApp a lot so we shared it a lot though this app also. Thx, we are doing our best to produce the best quality videos.
1 point,4 months ago
Never mind, found it. Here is the Dash Haiti YT channel: . The 3 cartoon-like videos were uploaded during 2018-2019. The quality is pretty good. Not a lot of views.
0 points,4 months ago
I would suggest you create a new thread, because the old 2017 thread that you reference in this budget proposal* does not seem to reflect your current general adoption and marketing initiative all that well.


In general i have no objection to funding a marketing campaign that has a focus on marketing Dash usage in Haiti, by setting up meet-ups and discussions and trying to strengthen the Dash community in Haiti.
1 point,4 months ago
i will follow your advice Sir. Thx
0 points,4 months ago
Also i am leaving this in here :

''The legal status of cryptocurrency in Haiti is controversial. Cointobuy’s analysis tool has ranked Haiti 208 out of 249 countries in terms of cryptocurrency safety. Obviously, it isn’t secure to invest in ICOs or trade cryptocurrency in this country. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs of this small island have come up with a number of brilliant ideas. It is safe to say Haiti is enjoying a real blockchain boom led by a number of exciting and meaningful startups that are trying to shape the future of agriculture, production, and other spheres.

For instance, AgriLedger is a project that will enable users to trace the food supply chain and find out how products are grown or transported. The Blockchain Cotton Project (BCP) works in a similar way: it will endorse smallholder cotton farmers that provide cotton for US clothing producers. Farm locations will be tracked by GPS and BCP will also verify whether the cotton is organic or fair-trade and guarantee the farmers a fair price for their cotton.

Apart from this, Haiti is the homeland of groundbreaking educational projects like Cryptocurrency for Haiti and the Haiti Blockchain Alliance. They help common people get acquainted with the potential of blockchain. The Haitian Central Bank announced at the Haiti Tech Summit in June 2019 that it will be launching its own digital currency.''
3 points,4 months ago
Of course, as you mention, the laws do not define the regulations on cryptocurrency here, but they are not so against it, if the Central Bank of a state entity wants to make its own digital currency it means that they can be in favor of cryptocurrency. The Caribbean company Bitt organized a meeting with the central bank about the implementation of this digital currency. So that's why we want to come forward and offer Dash to people.
0 points,4 months ago
WOW! Another proposal to tug on the heart strings of MNOs, PAX and Tantestefana, can I count on your YES votes?