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Title:Dash Growth Q3 2024: Growth Marketing and Business Development
Monthly amount: 350 DASH (8467 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 350 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-06-09 / 2024-09-06 (added on 2024-06-06)
Votes: 478 Yes / 49 No / 10 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

This proposal is for the third quarter of the Dash Growth business development and marketing initiative. Please see our last proposal, which includes our strategy as well as links to our growth marketing plan and more.

Last quarter recap

This past quarter we announced a partnership with DeFi Nation, a private spending tool offering prepaid payment cards, gift cards, and more. We received some media coverage for the partnership as well. If you wish to try out DeFi Nation, please use this link.

We also have been integrated into Crypto APIs, an infrastructure service provider. If you wish to sign up for CryptoAPIs's services, please use this link.

We have also been integrated into Quidli, a crypto community management and tipping tool, and did an AMA with them on X, and are investigating integrating them into our social platforms and communities. We have also been integrated into BlockPit, a crypto accounting and tax platform, and are exploring a more explicit partnership. ZenLedger is also integrated into the Dash mobile wallets for easy tax reporting, as well as a discount for Dash users.

Dash was also added to THORSWap, one of the top cross-chain DEX front-ends, as well as trading support re-added for KeepKey hardware wallet users. We're in the process of formalizing partnerships and co-promotion with both of them. Dash was also added to Revolut X, Revolut's new cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Dash was also added to Coin Wallet, a multi-coin and multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet, as well as Wizarbit, an exchange and prepaid debit card solution for European users. Please sign up with this link.

Dash was also added as a payment option for JuicySMS, a privacy-focused SMS verification service, however we are still finalizing partnership announcement details.

All previous listings and referral links have now been added to the website. If you see any inaccuracies or missing listings, please let us know.

We also attended several conferences this quarter.  e attended the ETHDam conference in Amsterdam with CrowdNode, the Dash Investment Foundation, and DIF investment recipient Edge Wallet, and spoke or were involved with 5 separate talks/panels. Here is the main talk where we highlighted several of our partners.

We also were included in the promotional "aftermovie"

We also attended Web3 Dubai, tabled, and made several important connections.

We attended the Consensus conference in Austin along with Dash Core Group and Rodrigo Ambrissi formerly of the DIF, and co-sponsored a booth with the Ampera Foundation, a nonprofit spun off from Flexa (which previously awarded Dash a grant to integrate its SDK into the mobile wallet). This allowed us to have a presence and brand awareness at the conference, distribute materials, and participate in a giveaway where an option to enter was downloading the Dash wallet. Strengthening this relationship with Ampera will be very important moving forward, particularly because of its connections to the US payments scene and particularly New York, where regulation issues have kept Dash out of many major integrations. We hope to finally have the necessary connections to meaningfully move this forward.

We also made connections with many partners, new and current, including Transak, Kado, BitMart, Exolix, Spritz, WhiteBit/ViaBTC, Ballet, CornerMarket, and many more.

We also secured appearances on the Crypto Lush and Sadek TV channels:

Finally, we participated in an AMA with NOWNodes on the subject of women in crypto.

What's ahead

Finalizing last few partnerships

We’re putting the finishing touches on a final few partnerships. In particular, a few key final partners are still in the process of integrating InstantSend support, which has been in the works in some cases since Q1. Companies are understandably very busy with various development priorities, however the time required to integrate has still been disappointing. We are now pursuing a more aggressive strategy by stating that our future advertising initiatives are reserved only for partners that support our special features. This has so far been effective in getting one partner to move much more quickly on this.


After Consensus, we finally should have the required connections to be able to make a definitive attempt at solving our blockages with NYDFS and become able to be supported officially in New York. We have a few more leads to chase up, but very soon we should know whether or not we are realistically able to pull this off. 


A major priority of ours is to be included in as many web3 and DeFi platforms, wallets, and other integrations as possible. As a result of our partnership with the Maya Protocol, Dash has been listed to numerous new exchange platforms so far, including (but not limited to):

El Dorado
Turbo Trade
Kensho Finance

In addition, we are pursuing integration into the XDEFI extension wallet, and WalletConnect, a function allowing wallets to connect to web3 services (thanks to Pshenmic of the Incubator for his work on these integrations). It’s difficult to overstate the importance of these integrations. Not only is a significant portion of the space moving from CEX to DEX (and Dash being on Maya virtually guarantees listing on many new DEX interfaces), but programmatic wallets are increasingly becoming a minimum requirement for payments. Merchant tool providers use “connect wallet” features to arrange precise payment details, auto-convert to stablecoins back-end, and more, and Dash not having access to these would probably be a death blow for its usefulness for payments. We’re very happy to be making significant progress in this domain.

Finally, a new web3 wallet framework, Vultisig, is making waves in the space because of its unique no-seed-phrase backup model, which may become the standard for self-custody in the future. Dash is already supported by Vultisig thanks to its Maya integration.

Evolution PR push

With the release of Evolution upon us in the near future, we are evaluating what the right PR strategy will be to promote the initial launch. The strategy and timeline naturally depend on the release schedule, as well as what condition Evolution is in upon release, but we are preparing for all viable outcomes.


We will be attending future conferences as time and budget permit. So far we have the Porcupine Freedom Festival, the Litecoin Summut, and Rare Evo on the schedule, but potentially more throughout this year.

Ad campaigns

In the last half of this year we will explore launching ad campaigns to promote Dash. We already have funds for a Maya Protocol campaign promotion, for which we’re waiting on either XDEFI or WalletConnect before launching. We will certainly explore future campaigns as funds permit and as new Dash products are released and integrations acquired.


Finally, we are considering the possibility of working with a professional marketing firm to market Dash at a professional level in the future. We had an initial conversation with crypto marketing firm Genzio. We will evaluate our options towards the end of this year and the beginning of next if it makes sense to engage with a professional marketing firm or to hire in-house.


We are maintaining our 350 Dash monthly ask. This is enough to sustain our two full-time salaries, and more if the price remains above $35. We understand that at present prices we are still running a deficit, however we are hopeful prices will improve in time. If not, we may float a supplemental proposal.

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3 points,10 days ago
Yes from me.
2 points,10 days ago
Thank you!
0 points,10 days ago
Note: monthly updates, as well as for Dash Core Group, are delivered by email newsletter. I encourage you to sign up on
3 points,12 days ago
Yup, keep on going kiddo!
1 point,10 days ago
Thanks for your constant support!
2 points,15 days ago
Yes from me. Joël seems to be really fully invested.
1 point,14 days ago
It's a yes from me also, he is proving to be our best Biz Dev ever, my only regret is that he didn't start this sooner.
0 points,10 days ago
Thanks to both of you, I'm doing my best, so is Marina.
0 points,13 days ago
Best Biz Dev ever? Can you provide any proof on that?
-6 points,15 days ago
Shame on you, to cast a vote in a proposal with no description.

People like you who cast stupid votes and remain unpunished, are the main reason of Dash's decline.
-2 points,16 days ago
See Q1 proposal:

Dash price on 2023-12-10 : 35.23 USD, rank #138
Dash price on 2024-02-05 : 27.11 USD, rank #185

Today :

Dash price on 2024-06-09 : 26.36 USD, rank #202

This is called "growth".

Previous proposal here:
2 points,15 days ago
Firstly, results take time, it may not impact price immediately, secondly, we can see with our own eyes that Dash is making more integrations and involved in more conversations these days. Without the work of TDL Dash would be silenced, because I don't hear anything positive coming from you and you have no social media outreach and you are lazy and stupid and won't hustle to try and win market share for a coin I assume you are invested in.
-2 points,15 days ago
Over the years, how much money has the PO received from the dash treasury to grow and promote dash? Why am I asking, we can check mnowatch!

6025 dash

Not including the 1229.12 dash to Dash Force.

source :

Hmm, should we value that at today's price, or the price at which he sold them?

How many years has dash been going down?

No need to worry about my lazy and stupid ass, I've done my fair share, I just don't feel the need to attract attention like others.
2 points,15 days ago
The dash.growth proposal is worth it, he is working against a tide of negativity from people such as yourself and the lack of delivery from the platform team. All things are not equal. It is clear that this proposal is punching above its weight, just follow the dashpay twitter handle and you will see. As I've already said, without this proposal, Dash would be silent and the price would likely fall as more integrations would atrophy and no new integrations would be made. You seem like the kinda guy that wants the price to go up, so vote YES for this small ask and do yourself a favour!
0 points,15 days ago
I don't think the PO is very good at listening. For a while I have been saying the "live on crypo" angle that he constantly pushes is his personal agenda and is not aligned with what dash does. But more importantly, after pushing this angle for years, isn't it time to accept that a different approach is needed? And yes, I do follow his work, even though I find it quite painful at times.

From what I have observed, dash would do better selling itself as web3 / DePIN. After all, isn't that what DCG have been building for years?

I think people should learn to separate between what they wish dash was, to what dash actually is. I wish dash had won the digital cash game, but it didn't. I wish "Evolution" in it's original conception was delivered but it will never be so. What we have left is the product of many years work at a prolific cost and no one here seems to want to recognize that it is entirely web3 / DePIN. It doesn't matter that it makes "digital cash" easier, that's not the main use case, nor should it be, the market will decide how they will use it.
0 points,15 days ago
> From what I have observed, dash would do better selling itself as web3 / DePIN. After all, isn't that what DCG have been building for years?

I think it would be silly to pivot away from the Digital Cash use case since there are so few coins that still try to bring to life Satoshi's vision which was a digital P2P cash system for the whole world to use. Cryptos like Dash are more important today than ever as we are seeing a greater push towards cashless societies and complete control and surveillance of how we spend our money. Dash has a place at the table as a solution to this tyranny and I don't think we should give up on it just yet and jump onto the latest fad, eg web3, tokens,, NFT whatever.

That said, it is rather jarring that despite Dash offering people immense freedom to use their money without limits or third party controls, we have not seen the uptake we expected. For this reason, I do think we should onboard those findings and create a Dash based (backed) stable coin that would ensure holders a fixed dollar value, but work just like Dash, eg it would be instant, fungible, a bearer asset, uncensorable. We could do that by having the token run alongside of Dash and get merchants to upgrade in order to also take our stable coin, or better provide a mechanism in our wallets to peg in and peg out of the DUSD (stable coin) into Dash, so when we need to spend it, we convert back to Dash at the last second and thanks to the unparalleled speed of the network all this could be done in seconds.
2 points,15 days ago
web3 may well be a fad by name but it's implementation in various forms is real e.g. decentralized compute, storage, media, VPNs etc.

True, to some extent, there are few coins that try to be digital cash, but in practice this is not true at all. When I first came to dash, I learned that hardware wallets were for long term storage with few transactions, and an app on a phone is your day-to-day spending money. Same is true for many shit coins out there, where people keep their long term in bitcoin and their day-to-day in Sol, or whichever fast, instant, cheap chains there are. Centralized shit? Lack of privacy? yes, but the majority of people don't really care that much and they don't put their life savings into shit coins... or at least they shouldn't.

Also, between regulation of business, and market depth, and global social acceptance, dash in it's current form is light years away from functioning as digital cash. Again, this reality is the difference between what we hope for and what it actually functions as. Ten years on, much time and money has been invested in this web3 project called "Evolution / Platform", even though it wasn't called "web3" when it started. Do you not accept that we paid for lost opportunity? Where would dash be now if it had kept to the script and invested it's time and money in the "digital cash" part instead of the web3 part?

I hope you don't misunderstand me because I do value privacy and freedom. Yet at the same time I recognize that all solutions are provided for just-in-time, even if the tech behind it is not the best or most elegant. That's why bitcoin is where it is today, sadly. It had just enough tech to get something done and nothing more. Whether it's VHS tapes or torrents, they found the sweet spot. Not my favorite spot, just enough to get it over the edge and socially accepted.

If MNOs finally recognize that for all these years, DCG was and is working to transform dash into a "ground breaking" web3 project, then dash is merely a utility token of this web3 project.

If people believe dash can be both digital cash and web3, I'm sorry to say they are mistaken because the digital cash part has been badly neglected and lacking by DCG. I'm happy to defend this statement but that would make this post even longer!
2 points,18 days ago
YES votes

NO votes
-1 point,18 days ago
An extremely stupid person (or a government agent) cast 26 votes in favor of this proposal , while no description or title for this proposal has been added yet!!!!

At the same time he voted against the proposals media-of-the-china and Palinus.

God save ayver!
4 points,18 days ago
Also, PSA to ayver, please upgrade your nodes to v20.1.1 it has many stability fixes and will give you a better outcome. Also, consider converting some nodes into Evonodes and help support Dash Platform. Refer to this guide for an easy as apple pie upgrade.
1 point,18 days ago
Typo. He voted abstain the proposals media-of-the-china and Palinus.

People like ayver who cast stupid votes and remain unpunished, are the main reason of Dash's decline.
0 points,18 days ago
You can see the whole set of the stupid votes of ayver here

In the above page, after each mentioned report, the first line is the YES votes, the second the NO and the third the ABSTAIN.

You could also replace the last part of the above url with whatever name you want their electoral stupidity to be exposed, and that person's entire stupid votes will be displayed.
1 point,18 days ago
Easy yes.
-2 points,18 days ago
Easy yes on what?
On a proposal that has no desciption?
3 points,19 days ago
2 points,10 days ago
-1 point,18 days ago
No tittle for the proposal. No description.

And you cast a yes vote???? Pathetic.

People like you who cast stupid votes and remain unpunished, are the main reason of Dash's decline.

Although someone may think that you are ayver ...

.... I think you are not ayver, and although you stupidly said yes to a proposal with no description, your vote has not been recorded yet.
1 point,16 days ago
I've been very impressed with Dash Growth and expect this will be more of the same.
If I see the project falling off I will speak out like I did with the Dash Marketing Hub Incubator.