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Title:DASH FORCE: September - December
Monthly amount: 220 DASH (26693 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-08-16 / 2019-12-13 (added on 2019-08-16)
Votes: 822 Yes / 220 No / 49 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description


Dash Force is the premier media and outreach group working for the Dash DAO. We work to inform the Dash community and the greater public and cryptocurrency community, as well as support Dash’s user base and ecosystem. Our areas of focus include:

News - We run Dash News, the #1 Dash news source, publishing over a dozen articles weekly, which are translated into six additional languages, two of which on dedicated sites. Our content has led to several article placements in other publications as the greater cryptoverse sees us as an authoritative news source on Dash.

Videos - We run the #1 weekly Dash podcast providing invaluable updates to the greater community, conduct video interviews with key figures from the greater cryptocurrency community to bridge the gap between projects and bring new fans to Dash, produce a popular weekly video news recap, and produce weekly videos of purchases at Dash-accepting merchants around the world.

Discover Dash - We created and maintain the world's largest, best, and most complete listing of cryptocurrency-accepting businesses, which now powers a popular mobile app version created by Really Bad Apps.

PR - We work with the Core team and various projects in the Dash ecosystem to craft press releases and newswires, build relationships with journalists, and obtain article placements in many top-tier publications inside and outside the cryptocurrency world.

Public Outreach - We have represented Dash publicly by speaking at dozens of conferences around the world, and by appearing on dozens more shows and podcasts, and have been quoted numerous times in various publications.

Business Development (new) - We initiate and negotiate integration of Dash into businesses and services directly, including handling integration PR, and collaborate with the various business development projects in the ecosystem, including the Core team, for integrations beyond our scope.

Meetups and Moderation - We fund the organization of Dash meetups around the world, and maintain quality moderation on various Dash forums.

Current Dash Force Operations:

Dash News publishes 2 or more new articles everyday covering the Dash community. There has yet to be a day when something notable was not going on. Fortunately we have a lot of good news to cover. Dash News is also translating articles into 6+ other languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Korean.
Dash News en Español with Isabel!
Dash News Webmaster Report - Verified by Dash Watch
Dash News Recap with Heidi Chakos

Discover Dash currently has 4300+ Dash accepting Merchants.
In an effort to provide the Dash community with the necessary resources to reach mass adoption as quickly as possible we started, a merchant listing and adoption website. This will give new users and businesses all the resources they need to start using Dash, and provide a powerful visual statement of how strong and diverse the Dash economy has become.
The site is actively maintained and strives to be “the” site for Dash business listings. Plans are to continue to grow this and provide easy to use guides for merchant adoption, meetups and more. Live chat has recently been added and 24hr. Live chat support will be available soon.
Dash Core Group, Kriptomobile, Discover Dash Partnership announced!
Discover Dash and Really Bad Apps Launch Global Dash Merchant Directory Mobile App
Isabel Reviews Discover Dash Merchant Directory Mobile App

Dash News YouTube channel currently has 4000+ subscribers and 350,000+ views with 3 or more weekly videos and a new video series coming soon!
The Dash News Podcast is done live and features the 3 partners that run Dash Force. This is an easy going discussion of the weeks topics with special guests and questions from the live chat.
The Dash News Podcast is now broadcasted on The Liberty Radio Network and is also available to listen to on the following platforms: ItunesTuneinStitcherGoogle PlayOvercastPodbean.
There are interviews with Dash related guests like Bitcoin Jesus - Roger Ver along with Evan Duffield, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, DCG CTO Bob Carroll and many more.

Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Program
Meetup Programs in Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, Germany, Russia, England, the US and many more. Around 10,000 wallets have been set up during these meetup classes with potentially hundreds of thousands being exposed to Dash through the larger presentations and festival events.
The November 2018 Dash Force meetup program set a new monthly record with almost 1000 Dash wallets setup!

Swarms and the Mod Squad
Active engagement on DiscordRedditTwitterBitcointalkYouTube, Facebook, Telegram and other social media Platforms. Everyday task include, article sharing across multiple Social Media Platforms and moderation of said platforms, upvoting/downvoting positive/negative post and countering misinformation.
We continue to help with moderation of the Dashpay Reddit and the forums as well as several other social media platforms. Decentralized committee based moderation has been a success and is working as intended.

Dash Force PR
Dash Force has responded to the growing demand for Dash to increase its media presence to reach media outlets far beyond Dash News and end Dash’s conspicuous media blackout. In our first foray we have managed to get Dash’s incredible success story in Venezuela covered by over 75 publications, including Bitcoin Magazine and the ever-elusive Coindesk.
Our goal is to ensure that Dash’s various and continuing achievements receive top-level coverage in all major crypto media outlets, as well as beyond the crypto world.
Joel's media appearances Q1 2019

Mark Mason Blockchain speech at UK Houses of Parliament for Bahrain Opportunities Forum 2018

Joël Valenzuela on using Dash for everyday purchases - CNN International

May Budget Allocation:
225 + 170.023 Rollover = 395.023

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 211.2
DashCentral Donation - .4
Dash Force Meetup Program - 1.5
Total = 213.1

June Budget Allocation:
225 + 181.923 Rollover = 406.923

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) -150.79
Dash Force Meetup Program - 2.5
Total = 153.34

July Budget Allocation:
225 + 253.583 Rollover = 478.583

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 15+ part-time) - 158.09
ChainLocks PR - 14
Dash Force Meetup Program - 4.75
Total = 176.84

August Budget Allocation:
225 + 301.743 Rollover = 526.743

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 15+ part-time) - 233.23
Proposal Fee - 5
DC Donation -1
Dash Force Meetup Program - 2.9
Total = 242.13

September Budget Allocation:
219.78 + 284.613‬ Rollover = 504.393

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 15+ part-time) - 300.15
Dash Force Meetup Program - 4.5
Total = 304.65

October Budget Allocation:
219.78 + 199.743 Rollover = 419.523

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 15+ part-time) - 345.51
Dash Force Meetup Program - 2
Total = 347.51

November Budget Allocation:
219.78 + 72 Rollover = 291.78

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 272.8

DashWatch Interview with Mark Mason, Director of Media and PR, Dash Force

Dash Force Core Team:

Brian FreeMan @mastermined - Treasurer, Strategic Adviser and Creative Director of Dash Force, Founder of - Part time
Mark Mason @MarkMason - Dash Force Webmaster, Media Relations and Director of International Outreach, Biz Dev - Full time
Joel Valenzuela @thedesertlynx - Chief Editor and Writer for Dash News, Dash Force Community Ambassador, Biz Dev - Full time

14+ part-time roles:

Justin Szilard - Dash News Lead Writer
Albert Arellanes - Discover Dash Support and Live Chat
Heidi Chakos - Dash News Recap
Isabel - Dash News Venezuela Merchant Reviewer, Dash News en Español
Agnewpickens - Mod Squad Moderation Leader
kanuuker - Mod Squad Swarm Leader
Solowizkid - Mod Squad Social Media Captain
PAX - Dash News Podcast Engineer
Wilmar Toro - Dash News Spanish translator and Community Outreach
Yujin - Dash News Korea translator and Outreach
Roxane - DN French Translator and Outreach
Fabio - DN German Translator and Outreach
Dmitrii Zhludin - DN Russian Translator and Outreach
Rígille - DN Portuguese Translator and Outreach

Thanks again to all the masternode owners who continue to vote for us!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please post them below.

Current Monthly Burn Rate = ~$26,000+
Requested funding for the September - December budget cycle:
Total: 220 Dash Per Month

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-3 points,3 months ago
Why I voted no
DashForceNews does not cover the development of Evolution, at least on a monthly basis
The DCG product updates no longer include updates on Evolution
Heidi does not cover Evolution
I do not have any source of information for Evolution
3 points,3 months ago
There is nothing to report on at this time, that's not the fault of Dash Force. This is a very ignorant reason to downvote DF imo.
0 points,3 months ago
Too many of Isabel's videos have been:
a) titled in english
b) she's speaking in english in the video

We need a) and b) in spanish so that that videos can serve as marketing to consumers in VZLA
3 points,3 months ago
Keep up the good work + verifying for Dash Talk.
6 points,4 months ago
We really appreciate your support in creating press releases for 3rd party media platforms and helping us to build relationships with those platforms. In the current situation we would not be able to do this on our own, so we are happy to collaborate and increase the visibility of Dash outside of the Dash ecosystem together.
5 points,4 months ago
Thanks very much for the support as always!
7 points,4 months ago
You guys are doing some great work for Dash. Keep it up. As a self funding network it's important we get Dash news out there.
4 points,4 months ago
Thank you kindly!
-6 points,4 months ago
20k for what exactly?
Can we have specifics, how much money are you actually spending on PR
The low views on your videos are the only tangible figure I see for your "achievement"
1 point,2 months ago
You dare question Dash news?!

Don't forget all these guys have done for Dash: Attract grifters like Ben Swann, convince us to defund all our teams in Africa, further entrench the view in the crypto community that we are morons, and of course provide us with propaganda so that we don't think about how we are falling behind because we are wasting our limited funding on making sure Joel doesn't have to get a real job.
9 points,4 months ago
Voting yes. Overall well done guys and you're getting better at what you do.

We need DFN to report the news for us. Ryan Taylor recently pointed out how coindesk is not reporting Dash's achievements and many other media outlets also seem to have a similar negative bias against Dash. Dash is leading the field in innovations. That is not just comment to boost moral. It is reality and yet we hardly see these achievements being reported by important tech publications presumably because they have vested interest in pumping their own pet coins.

I like the news website and the work you're doing in getting our publications out.

I've provided you feedback previously on the podcasts .. enough said on that as not much has changed and as a consequence your views for the podcasts has not improved.

I like really appreciate the news highlights with Heidi Chakos, although I would prefer if she could drop the "stay dashy" catch line at the end which trivialises the videos. I think serious big investors want to their investment is being taken seriously.

Overall good work guys and you have my votes of support.
4 points,4 months ago
Thanks for the well-reasoned and thorough comment. Are you able to contact me directly? I'd love to have a discussion about the podcast suggestions. @thedesertlynx on Twitter, Discord, Dash Forum.
9 points,4 months ago
You have my support. Any chance you can get tradingview to use Dash specific articles with DASHBTC ?
(They throw every news from every cryptocurrency now in there)
11 points,5 months ago
For those that missed The Crypto App video announcement on Twitter, Discord and Reddit:

In addition to being a verified Google News publisher. I'm happy to announce that Dash News is now being syndicated on a number of popular cryptocurrency mobile apps. Please see the following list of apps now propagating Dash News. Apps are available on iOS as well.

The Crypto App (500K+ Downloads) -
CoinMarketApp (500K+ Downloads) -
Crypto News (100K+ Downloads) -
Crypto Rocket (10K+ Downloads) -

I'm currently in talks with a number of other potential media partners (Platforms & Apps) to expand external Dash News coverage. I'm unable to disclosure details of ongoing conversations at this point in time. I hope to be able to report on more additions in the near future.

This will help increase outreach for news on integrations, developments and partnerships facilitated by Dash Core Group and other Dash DFO's to achieve greater coverage and external awareness. It also helps to serve as an additional business development tool we can utilize for announcements and outreach for Dash when approaching new partners / exchanges / integrations etc. The more places Dash News is syndicated and reported on the more attractive Dash looks to partner with.

Thank you masternodes for your continued support.

Let's keep pushing forward.

Stay Dashy
10 points,5 months ago
Good News - Dash News website has now been added to CoinMarketCap page:

The CMC Devs have asked me to stay in contact for a future dedicated crypto news product in development.
7 points,5 months ago
I want to say here that DFN has become an invaluable asset for me to keep up on what is going on in Dash as well as other projects, and how they relate to Dash. With my life becoming busier and busier, DFN is one of my go-tos to stay informed. Yes vote from me.
5 points,5 months ago
Thank you for your comment and support TanteStefana. It's very much appreciated.
-6 points,5 months ago
Is your busy life being made slightly easier worth $20000 a month?

This is not a good reason to fund this proposal.

WE already like and believe in Dash, reading more about it isn't doing us any good.
-3 points,5 months ago
Just wanted to point out a criticism I have about Dash Force's handling of the two discords. Please see the exchange that I had below with Joel earlier this month on Discord:
TroyDASH 08/08/2019
Since this is supposedly a community-run discord and Dash Force members have insisted that they do not run it, I would like to request that Dash Force, the official DAO-paid news source for Dash, to stop the practice of exclusively promoting one community discord and not the other, which has been going on for over half a year now. @TheDesertLynx @Mark Mason @Mastermined .

Dash Nation is a well established long-running community and is being blacked out by your organization. Please change this.

TheDesertLynx 08/08/2019
Why are you trying to censor my personal opinions?

TroyDASH 08/08/2019
You can have whatever opinions you want. Dash Force the entity is endorsing your discord
On every YouTube video, on your website

TroyDASH 08/08/2019
@TheDesertLynx No one wants to censor your personal opinions. If you want to express your personal opinions and promote one Dash community over another, then don't use the Dash News official Youtube channel or the Dash Force official website to do it. According to you, the Dash Talk discord is "not funded" and "not a part of any proposal". Using Dash Force to favor one community over the other is a misuse of an organization that the DAO is paying for. The fact remains that Dash Nation discord is a very well established and long running community. The split between Dash Nation and Dash talk happened as a result of a dispute over moderation policies, and many Dash community members have found a comfortable home in one or the other, or both. Dash Force promoting Dash Talk over Dash Nation is a politically biased position that alienates half the discord community. Dash Force should be representing the whole community, not only those who are on one side of a social squabble.

TheDesertLynx 08/09/2019
Dash News is not in the business of promoting or endorsing products or services. Links to external sources on the website are for informational purposes only. They do not represent endorsements, and due to limited space can only showcase a very small minority of Dash-supporting products and services. We select the homepage links based on what we believe will be of most use/interest to readers, and routinely change up the lineup of links based on new services/discounts/etc. becoming available, always with the goal of maximizing utility for the reader.
We carefully and critically evaluate the user experience of every external service linked to. At this time we do not believe Dash Nation represents a sufficiently positive and productive experience for a new community member and do not feel comfortable redirecting our readers there. As with all products and services linked to on the Dash News website, we will continue to evaluate our link selections on an ongoing basis depending on situational changes and as new products or services relevant to Dash users become available.

Although I can understand this response to an extent, I don't believe this is a sufficient answer. In my opinion, Dash Force should be as neutral as possible when it comes to internal politics within Dash. I don't believe that Dash Force is representing the entire Dash community by taking the position that Dash Nation discord is a "toxic hellhole" or "Kuva Nation" (in Joel's own ords). My own personal experience with Dash Talk discord, which Dash Force exclusively promotes, has been that in which "outsider" perspectives are ridiculed and mocked, in which practically everybody with a different opinion is labeled a Drako sock-puppet, and in which people's opinions are dismissed before they even have a chance to speak, eg.

TheDesertLynx 07/23/2019
"Oh here comes @TroyDASH to be an apologist for bad dishonest people and to FUD Dash supporters :sweat_smile:"

I stand by my earlier request for Dash Force to treat both Discord communities equally. The people who frequent Dash Nation and Dash Talk tend to have dissimilar views on various important governance issues within Dash. Dash Nation is not an insignificant troll community on par with /r/DashUncensored (as suggested by Joel). I believe that both Discord servers can be valuable in their own right, and moderation has not been perfect on either server. But referencing one and not the other is injecting a political bias into the Dash Force proposal that it shouldn't have. Other DFOs have come under similar criticism for involving themselves politically. I would like this issue to be corrected as it affects my opinion of Dash Force as a DFO.
2 points,5 months ago
Dash News is not in the business of promoting or endorsing products or services. Links to external sources on the website are for informational purposes only. They do not represent endorsements, and due to limited space can only showcase a very small minority of Dash-supporting products and services. We select the homepage links based on what we believe will be of most use/interest to readers, and routinely change up the lineup of links based on new services/discounts/etc. becoming available, always with the goal of maximizing utility for the reader.

We carefully and critically evaluate the user experience of every external service linked to. At this time we do not believe Dash Nation represents a sufficiently positive and productive experience for a new community member and do not feel comfortable redirecting our readers there. As with all products and services linked to on the Dash News website, we will continue to evaluate our link selections on an ongoing basis depending on situational changes and as new products or services relevant to Dash users become available.

In short, the Dash News website does not represent a links service or the official landing page for Dash, but a news service. Front page space is limited and by that nature cannot be inclusive, therefore links are provided as a bonus to maximize effects to the user in as small a space as possible. Further, while contractors and employees may ascribe to a wide variety of personal and private opinions, Dash Force (and the Dash News website) do not take official positions on, or endorse, proposals, products, services, forums, etc.
4 points,5 months ago
It's been the Oppression Olympics lately in Dash. Everyone gets a turn to moan and groan about how they're held down by the man. "I would like a point of personal privilege please..."

On the DF Friday show, people are requested to go to in order to get into the afterparty. That's not out of the ordinary as that is where it's easiest to find the DF staff to get afterparty details and approval. Why confuse the listeners by mentioning yet another Discord they can go to for afterparty details?

Another point that has been made is that you've let toxic characters like JulioDash run amock in your Discord where he insults you to your face (remember he asked you what you've done for Dash ever?), pesters a DCG employee, yet he gets to stay in until it's unbearable for everyone and your mods. Then he's finally permabannned after all the damage had been done and the network (and Tungfa) had been slandered on Twitter. JulioDash also lied about you on Twitter too.

Granted you have started modding a bit more lately but it goes against your personal style to run a well-moderated discussion forum. That's not a good environment for a new Dash prospect to be in as mentioned above in one of the responses.
-3 points,5 months ago
I'm not commenting here to argue the differences between the two discords. I am fully aware that there are those who share your opinion on the matter, but you need to realize that there are people on the other side of this as well. I get DMs from people who appreciate the way that less popular or uncomfortable views are allowed to be expressed and are not forced out by the extremely harsh overreactions of other posters, but who don't want to say anything because they don't want to draw the ire of Dash Talk, either for personal reasons or because they have a project that they don't want to put at risk. And from my own personal experience, I agree with their decision, because if they said anything they would suddenly become a sock-puppet and a spokesperson for kuva, and would be trolled to no end by some very loud voices. The overall point being, the Dash community is not at all unified about this issue, but Dash Force is. I'd like Dash Force to be more representative of the entire community.
2 points,5 months ago
Dash Talk is not funded by the DF proposal, it is true that I am paid to be a Moderator, but that does not just extend to Dash Talk, I actually have more work to do on the Dash Forum. Dash Talk != Dash Force. That Dash Force prefers to highlight a chat server that reflects their editorial policy is just that, an editorial policy, is that what you want to bring into question? An editorial policy? For a news group?
0 points,1 month ago
9 points,5 months ago
I would to give special thanks to Alex from Dash Watch for taking the time to verify webmaster report data. Dash Watch wasn't funded this cycle but Alex kindly agreed to verify stats and data. I wish them good luck in this proposal cycle.