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Title:Dash Force May - August
Monthly amount: 225 DASH (14729 USD)
Completed payments: 4 totaling in 900 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-04-17 / 2019-08-14 (added on 2019-04-12)
Votes: 820 Yes / 274 No / 32 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description


Dash Force is the premier media and outreach group working for the Dash DAO. We work to inform the Dash community and the greater public and cryptocurrency community, as well as support Dash’s user base and ecosystem. Our areas of focus include:

News - We run Dash News, the #1 Dash news source, publishing over a dozen articles weekly, which are translated into six additional languages, two of which on dedicated sites. Our content has led to several article placements in other publications as the greater cryptoverse sees us as an authoritative news source on Dash.

Videos - We run the #1 weekly Dash podcast providing invaluable updates to the greater community, conduct video interviews with key figures from the greater cryptocurrency community to bridge the gap between projects and bring new fans to Dash, produce a popular twice-monthly video news recap, and produce weekly videos of purchases at Dash-accepting merchants around the world.

Discover Dash - We created and maintain the world's largest, best, and most complete listing of cryptocurrency-accepting businesses, which now powers a popular mobile app version created by Really Bad Apps.

PR - We work with the Core team and various projects in the Dash ecosystem to craft press releases and newswires, build relationships with journalists, and obtain article placements in many top-tier publications inside and outside the cryptocurrency world.

Public Outreach - We have represented Dash publicly by speaking at dozens of conferences around the world, and by appearing on dozens more shows and podcasts, and have been quoted numerous times in various publications.

Business Development (new) - We initiate and negotiate integration of Dash into businesses and services directly, including handling integration PR, and collaborate with the various business development projects in the ecosystem, including the Core team, for integrations beyond our scope.

Meetups and Moderation - We fund the organization of Dash meetups around the world, and maintain quality moderation on various Dash forums.

Current Dash Force Operations:

Dash News publishes 2 or more new articles everyday covering the Dash community. There has yet to be a day when something notable was not going on. Fortunately we have a lot of good news to cover. Dash News is also translating articles into 6+ other languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Korean.
Update: Dash News en Español with Isabel!
Dash News Webmaster Report - Verified by Dash Watch
Dash News Recap with Heidi Chakos

Discover Dash currently has 4000+ Dash accepting Merchants.
In an effort to provide the Dash community with the necessary resources to reach mass adoption as quickly as possible we started, a merchant listing and adoption website. This will give new users and businesses all the resources they need to start using Dash, and provide a powerful visual statement of how strong and diverse the Dash economy has become.
The site is actively maintained and strives to be “the” site for Dash business listings. Plans are to continue to grow this and provide easy to use guides for merchant adoption, meetups and more. Live chat has recently been added and 24hr. Live chat support will be available soon.
Dash Core Group, Kriptomobile, Discover Dash Partnership announced!
Discover Dash and Really Bad Apps Launch Global Dash Merchant Directory Mobile App
Isabel Reviews Discover Dash Merchant Directory Mobile App

Dash News YouTube channel currently has 3000+ subscribers and 280,000+ views with 3 or more weekly videos and a new video series coming soon!
The Dash News Podcast is done live and features the 3 partners that run Dash Force. This is an easy going discussion of the weeks topics with special guests and questions from the live chat.
The Dash News Podcast is now broadcasted on The Liberty Radio Network and is also available to listen to on the following platforms: ItunesTuneinStitcherGoogle PlayOvercastPodbean.
There are interviews with Dash related guests like Bitcoin Jesus - Roger Ver along with Evan Duffield, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, DCG CTO Bob Carroll and many more.

Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Program
Meetup Programs in Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, Germany, Russia, England, the US and many more. Around 10,000 wallets have been set up during these meetup classes with potentially hundreds of thousands being exposed to Dash through the larger presentations and festival events.
The November 2018 Dash Force meetup program set a new monthly record with almost 1000 Dash wallets setup!

Swarms and the Mod Squad
Active engagement on DiscordRedditTwitterBitcointalkYouTube, Facebook, Telegram and other social media Platforms. Everyday task include, article sharing across multiple Social Media Platforms and moderation of said platforms, upvoting/downvoting positive/negative post and countering misinformation.
We continue to help with moderation of the Dashpay Reddit and the forums as well as several other social media platforms. Decentralized committee based moderation has been a success and is working as intended.

Dash Force PR
Dash Force has responded to the growing demand for Dash to increase its media presence to reach media outlets far beyond Dash News and end Dash’s conspicuous media blackout. In our first foray we have managed to get Dash’s incredible success story in Venezuela covered by over 75 publications, including Bitcoin Magazine and the ever-elusive Coindesk.
Our goal is to ensure that Dash’s various and continuing achievements receive top-level coverage in all major crypto media outlets, as well as beyond the crypto world.
Joel's media appearances Q1 2019

Mark Mason Blockchain speech at UK Houses of Parliament for Bahrain Opportunities Forum 2018

Joël Valenzuela on using Dash for everyday purchases - CNN International

January Budget Allocation:
350 - 10.04 Rollover = 339.96

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 9+ part-time) - 310.25
Dash Force Meetup Program - 9.95
116 wallets set up and 222 attendees
Total 320.20

February Budget Allocation:
350 + 19.76 Rollover = 369.76

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 9+ part-time) - 369.76
Old Website - .79
Dash Force Meetup Program - 2.5
11 wallets set up and 20 attendees
Total = 373.05

March Budget Allocation:
350 - 3.29 Rollover = 346.71

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 317.94
Dash Force Meetup Program - 2.25
19 wallets set up and 30 attendees
Total = 320.19

April Budget Allocation:
350 + 26.52 Rollover = 376.52

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 185.697
Discounted Yearly Website Payment - 14
Proposal Fee - 5
Dash Force Meetup Program - 1.8
Total = 206.497

May Budget Allocation:
225 + 170.023 Rollover = 395.023

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 211.2
DashCentral Donation - .4
Dash Force Meetup Program - 1.5
Total = 213.1

June Budget Allocation:
225 + 181.923 Rollover = 406.923

Dash Force Team Salaries (2 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 150.79

DashWatch Interview with Mark Mason, Director of Media and PR, Dash Force

Dash Force Core Team:

Brian FreeMan @mastermined - Treasurer, Strategic Adviser and Creative Director of Dash Force, Founder of - Part time
Mark Mason @MarkMason - Dash Force Webmaster, Media Relations and Director of International Outreach, Biz Dev - Full time
Joel Valenzuela @thedesertlynx - Chief Editor and Writer for Dash News, Dash Force Community Ambassador, Biz Dev - Full time

14+ part-time roles:
Justin Szilard - Dash News Lead Writer
Albert Arellanes - Discover Dash Support and Live Chat, DF Contest Manager
Heidi Chakos - Dash News Recap
Isabel - Dash News Venezuela Merchant Reviewer,  Dash News en Español
Agnewpickens - Mod Squad Moderation Leader
kanuuker - Mod Squad Swarm Leader
Solowizkid - Mod Squad Social Media Captain
PAX - Dash News Podcast Engineer
Wilmar Toro - Dash News Spanish translator and Community Outreach
Yujin - Dash News Korea translator and Outreach
Roxane - DN French Translator and Outreach
Fabio - DN German Translator and Outreach
Dmitrii Zhludin - DN Russian Translator and Outreach
Rígille - DN Portuguese Translator and Outreach

Thanks again to all the masternode owners who continue to vote for us!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please post them below.

Current Monthly Burn Rate = ~$26,000
Requested funding for the May - August budget cycle:
Total: 225 Dash Per Month

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-3 points,4 months ago
DIF or GTFO. A proposal of this size and importance should have its intellectual property owned by Dash. It would be a kick to the balls for Dash to lose all the DFN media content. Right now Dash Force has Dash by the throat if we ever needed to defund or replace you.
2 points,4 months ago
verifying for Dash Talk
2 points,6 months ago
Friendly reminder to Masternodes: All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....17 hours. Let's get after it!
4 points,6 months ago
You have my support. Voting yes.
6 points,6 months ago
DashWatch Interview with Mark Mason, Director of Media & PR, Dash Force
9 points,6 months ago
I think this is an important project that should be sustained. Voting yes.
9 points,6 months ago
Three things, first, I appreciate the reduced ask in light of the improved valuation of Dash. Very considerate. Second, the two new faces (Heidi and Isabel) are doing good work spreading the news. And third, looks like you are making good headway into bigger media outlets like News360. Well done.

Voting yes,
5 points,7 months ago
I want to say thank you DF team for the collaboration in PR connectory and providing the DiscoverDash App. Our partner (Crypto-Payment-Terminal) is using DD for their merchant listings and gave us a very positive feedback regarding user experience. They even plan to promote the App in future at the POS and in Social Media, because DD adds value to their own business.

6 points,7 months ago
Thank you Essra for the kind words and for providing feedback from such a key partner. Salamantex has been doing a excellent job listing merchants.

The PR & Biz Dev connectory has been a great success and extremely helpful connecting Dash Funded community projects to communicate and align with the Dash Core Group Business Development and Marketing Team.

I'm also very grateful and appreciate you introducing me to Digycode who are now providing 1,000's of store locations throughout France to be added to Discover Dash where users can purchase Dash in €20, €50 and €200 Euro amounts.


4 points,7 months ago
Yes from me. You guys are building out nicely. Looking forward to episode 100.
7 points,7 months ago
Dash News Recap with Heidi Chakos just published! - New Developments, Integrations & More! ???

Go watch -
8 points,7 months ago has just been approved as a publisher on News360 a personalized news reader with more than 7 million users, it tailors a unique newsfeed just for you with quality content from around the web.

Go to:

News-feed: is also a Google News approved publisher:

I sincerely hope this will help us as a community to improve our outreach efforts and ultimately increase exposure for Dash.

Thank you all for your continued support.
9 points,7 months ago
Dash Watch can confirm that a full review of the Webmaster Report ( was conducted and all of the data presented in this 13-page document was verified to be accurate by Dash Watch
5 points,7 months ago
For me, this is the easiest yes in the budget. These guys provide tremendous value at a low cost. They are literally working 7 days a week to promote Dash and further adoption. Keep up the good work!
-1 point,7 months ago
Why do you still say Discover Dash has 4000+ Dash-accepting merchants when that is objectively false? It is bad enough that you repeated the same figure in practically every other article you have published since December. Please stop. Edward Stoever's report sampling hundreds of the merchants showed that most of the merchants listed are not real. Having an attractive woman make videos paying for chicken and sushi with Dash is not the way to fix this.
4 points,7 months ago
I think you missed a few things.

First, Edward was only reporting on Dash Merchant Venezuela entries but purposely left out the abysmal Colombia listings which were in worse shape. This was a user date entry quality control issue. Instead of reporting to the admins that there were issues, he made a point to show his displeasure (emotional guy, what can you say). Discover Dash works really well but there is a campaign to politicize it by a few folks instead of working to make it have better content.

Isabel has nothing to do with your initial complaint which shows you're not really making an argument here.
-6 points,7 months ago
I invite the community to browse the listings for Colombia on DD, which everyone can see are businesses with physical street addresses. There is ample photo and video evidence of the work that is being done in Colombia. Please visit the Dash Colombia YouTube Channel and review their Twitter feed: @PagaConDash.

I have personally visited over 15 businesses in the Medellin area and spent Dash. The last time I did so was on Friday night, March 12, at Silvestre Fusión Gourmet.

I encourage anyone to do a formal survey of Dash-Accepting businesses in Colombia.

The survey that I commissioned took place only in Caracas, Venezuela. The reasons for conducting the survey are clearly listed in the document itself. A summary of the communications about the survey are found in this DashWatch report:

The survey was of 299 Dash-accepting businesses in Caracas. It includes photo evidence proving that an attempt to visit each was completed using the DD App. The survey includes statistical results that have not been disproven. The survey identifies many businesses listed as accepting Dash, when in fact they never did. Those responsible for listing these businesses on DD have ignored my request for explanations.

Beyond the initial survey, I have provided a precise list of 312 businesses that are all incorrectly located at the same street corner in Caracas. I have provided examples of businesses with no contact information at all, neither address nor phone number. I have provided examples of listings in Venezuela that are highly questionable in terms of bringing value to Dash such as bartenders, a school teacher, an expert in international relations, a technician who fixes bouncy houses, and many others. Some of the listings I have pointed out have since been removed from the DD directory without fanfare. For many months, these were businesses proudly claimed as "accepting Dash" by those who affiliated them and by the owners of the DD website.

The DD website does a poor job of translating a street address into an exact map location. In some examples, a business is shown many kilometers distant from its actual location, sometimes outside of its own country. The results displayed by the new App are all based on the proximity on the map, which only worsens this problem as it will send people looking for businesses that cannot be found or not show businesses that are actually nearby.

DD has never done its own quality control. DD has never posted minimum standards for listing a business in the directory. Until recently, they accepted listings with no contact information, and as far as we know, may continue to do so in the future. DD does not take responsibility for the information listed in the directory. Please read their terms of service:
1 point,7 months ago
Will I think it good we check up on one and other and attempt to make it better, I wonder if going public so quickly after was the right choice.
Did you contact discoverDash before making this public ? and if so how did discoverDash respond.
-4 points,7 months ago
I consulted with DashWatch regarding the release of the survey to the community and followed their suggestion precisely.

I did not contact DiscoverDash (DD) before releasing the survey. Mark Mason sent me a private message thanking me for the survey on March 19, the day after it was released. At that time, I thought that DD would take a cooperative stance and fix problems with the directory both at the level of policy and at the level of the individual listings.

On March 27, I requested a data export of the DD directory so that I could evaluate the data from a spreadsheet or database format. Mark referred me to Joel, and Joel refused to provide the data. Providing this data would help me to find and report more problems in bulk format, similar to the list that I created of 312 businesses with the same, incorrect location on the map.

It is my opinion that since the survey was released, DD has acted defensively. DD has not been cooperative. They have not announced any changes in the way they conduct the DD directory. Many listings have disappeared from the directory and there has been no explanation as to why.
8 points,7 months ago
Edward's "survey" was full of misinformation and inaccuracies. Many of the locations that supposedly couldn't be found were found just fine and do indeed take Dash. He seems to have a personal agenda against the Dash Venezuela teams, and this bias may have contributed to the poor quality of this misguided effort.

Discover Dash is a fantastic app, and obviously, "quality control" over the listings relies on user feedback. You know, like Google does. Did anyone actually expect the app developer to personally verify the thousands of business listings?

It has a powerful and extremely user-friendly interface (people who have actually used it would know this.) It allows you to specify the location of a business several different ways. Has Edward submitted a single business or correction to the data in the app? If he had, he would know how silly his complaints are, but I suspect they are not honest to begin with.

Unfortunately some people prefer to spend all their energy tearing down the good work of others, which is very sad.
-8 points,7 months ago
"full of misinformation and inaccuracies" - and yet, you site not a single example. Even DMV's response cherry-picked 10 examples to prove they could find their own merchants. Here is one of their examples:
This listing is still with an inexact address that google maps cannot understand. This is why the surveyor couldn't find the business.

I have provided the community with indisputable examples and answered every question.
7 points,7 months ago
None of your questionable attacks on Dash Venezuela have anything to do with this proposal or the Discover Dash app. You have shown no interest in helping to improve the information available in the app, only to weaponize it against other proposal owners.

Of course you are not obligated to be a positive force in this space, but if you have any integrity left at all, then take your drama elsewhere and stop distracting our hardest workers from their jobs. Your behavior here is disgusting.
-8 points,7 months ago
The information stored on the DD website and App have everything to do with this proposal, which is why I answered cedbrown's comment in the first place.

I prefer to be honest about Dash and the projects we vote on, even if it means that to you I am not "positive in this space".

It is my responsibility to take a sceptical and critical look at all proposals.
7 points,7 months ago
Once again, the quality of the information stored by any Yelp style app must depend on the users, there is no reasonable alternative. As a user, you have refused to make any positive contribution to the data. You have chosen to attack the people who worked to provide the app instead, something the network was not even charged for.

This is not "honesty." You are continuing to damage your credibility and you should be ashamed of yourself.
-6 points,7 months ago
There is a problem with creating a Yelp style app when there are no users leaving feedback on anything or confirming the merchants at all, and when teams such as Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Force have a conflict of interest and list and report more merchants than there actually are. How many times have we seen DMV and Dash Force News use this 4000 merchants as a talking point. Seriously, go pull up some random Dash Force articles in January and February and see how many times they mention the number of merchants on Discover Dash. It is practically every other article. I was able to easily find over 2 dozen Dash Force News articles the same feel-good things repeated just in those months about how great Dash is because we have 4.000 merchants and that is not even counting tweets and other posts. The amount of duplicate listings and business addresses should have been obvious for DMV and for whoever at Dash Force is maintaining that website, and at least some due diligence should have been done before reporting on it. If I had gone in myself and added another 1000 non-existent Venezuela merchants with the same address, DMV would have tried to take credit for it and Dash Force would have preached 5000 merchants as "news" another milestone reached for massive Dash adoption in Venezuela. Dash is lucky that no major news outlets have picked up on this yet and made us a laughing stock, when it becomes exposed how many merchants there actually are, and how many Dash transactions those merchants are actually processing. Thank you to ec1warc1 for not being afraid to report the unpopular truth.
7 points,7 months ago
The DD "Yelp style app", was built 100% for free by Really Bad Apps. Have you looked at it? It's 100% native and obviously it wasn't cheap to build. They didn't submit a proposal and weren't funded by DCG or Dash News. They did it because they are fans of the dash. How is this app "a problem"? The app would not exist without Dash News collaborating with them to make this happen. The network is getting a tremendous amount of value from DD for basically free. Could you do better? You are complaining about a gift that was giving to you at no cost to you or the network. Find a bad listing? Use the contact feature in the app to report it. This needs to be a community effort.
-6 points,7 months ago
Pointing out that an address for a listing is inexact and derives the wrong point on the map may actually lead the people of DD to fix the listing, and better still may lead them to better practices for listing merchants in the future. I provided a list of 312 businesses with this exact problem. These are a positive contributions that I have made. My actions demonstrate a reasonable alternative to Yelp style apps.

My examination of listings and reporting on the quality thereof has led to the delisting of many merchants. That is another positive contribution I have made.

These actions are not attacks. I would say that I have done more to make positive changes to DD than most others in the community.
5 points,7 months ago
Your examination skills are poor and biased. A quick search on Google verifies location of your "example" listings is in fact listed correctly on DD and the map on DD seems to be working great for me -

This is why it's dangerous to listen to you Edward.
Your actions are reckless.
-3 points,7 months ago
Regarding this page:

Here is a screenshot of the page in question as it is at the time of my comment:

As you can see, the address is "Av. Wolmer y Av. Estrella San Bernardino, Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela" - look at the map.
Those streets are not in the map. Why? Because there is no Avenida Wolmer in Caracas. They probably confused it with Avenida Vollmer.

What you found is that another directory uses the same, incorrect address. It still doesn't make this listing correct.

I may be dangerous, but I am not stupid.
6 points,7 months ago
What this demonstrates is that anything (allegedly) incorrect in DD is an honest mistake, as it is present in several other directories. The same cannot be said for your behavior, as you chose to troll the directory provider's proposal instead of simply submitting a correction. You had the choice of being constructive or destructive and you chose to be destructive. Please continue to expose yourself, the community is watching.
-4 points,7 months ago
Dash Merchant Venezuela is the only one among us that has the correct address for this business. They even went to the merchant and filmed a video to prove they could find it, so they know right where it is. I asked them to fix this, and they have not done so. The community IS watching and many of them are thanking me behind the scenes, including one individual on the Dash Force team!
-4 points,7 months ago
I should add, not submitting monthly reports to Dash Watch is just snobbery and sets a poor example for the rest of the proposal owners. There is no good reason why Dash Force should not be reporting to Dash Watch. Everything I have heard about this are just bad excuses.
6 points,7 months ago
There are monthly stats/reports included here:

No one complained about a lack of reporting issue, in fact full transparency was provided.
7 points,7 months ago
We have a very good working relationship with Dash Watch. All our news articles, videos and content we produce is in public for all to see and very easy for anyone to verify. I'm very thankful to Dash Watch team for verifying our data and metrics. I actually volunteered and requested Dash Watch to verify and confirm that our data was accurate before we launched this proposal and also to help set an example for other proposals. It was a lengthy process going through all the numbers, analytics, metrics and various platforms even confirming article post count including translated articles etc.

As you can see in the comment section Dash Watch was the first to comment on this proposal confirming that data has been reviewed and was verified to be accurate by Dash Watch.

Thank you for your support.
-2 points,7 months ago
This is an improvement compared to your previous reporting. However this KPI data needs to be referenced as part of a normal monthly Dash Watch report. I would like to see the status overview, financial information, milestones and deliverables and corresponding verification status in one place, which ought to be the Dash Watch report. Seeing Dash Force listed under "Proposal team opted out of Dash Watch Reporting" on the Dash Watch website is not a good look.
2 points,7 months ago
Whoever is down voting my comment, please explain why you think holding Dash Force to our DAO's standard reporting structure is bad, or why "Proposal team opted out of Dash Watch Reporting" is good. I'm waiting for your response. I am fully confident you are going to answer the question instead of attacking me.
4 points,6 months ago
Also, projects don't opt out of Dash Watch, they opt in. There's a fundamental difference there.
4 points,6 months ago
How an project manages its money after receiving it is nobody's business. All that matters is that the proposal owner delivers what they promised to deliver, nothing more. You have no right to micro-manage and by pretending to be an investor, you only make things worse because all you're doing is creating more work and stress which takes away from delivering what was promised.
Understand this, this was not an investment on your part, the money given to proposal winners was created for them.
Dash Watch has unfortunately been weaponized. They are not financial auditors and should not be used as such.
-3 points,7 months ago
If I read right, the paid meetups program yielded a total of 30 new wallets over the last two months. A Dash News article even admitted the program was "slow."

So why not cancel the program and re-direct funds toward a more productive avenue?
6 points,7 months ago
Because it cost very little to run. The bigger the turn out the more Dash we pay out. On slow months we pay out very little, so it is very cost effective. Since the recent downturn ( last 2 months) we have taken further steps to get the word out more but it will take time.

Plus, it is more than just about setting up wallets. 146 wallets our last cycle, 3 months. The meetups are more about education and community building.
Meetups accomplish more than just setting someone up with a wallet and talking to them for 1 or 2 minutes. That approach can be effective as well though, in the right setting.

Everything in crypto has slowed down in this bear market. Looks like things may slowly be starting to pick up again though.
Thanks for the question.
-2 points,7 months ago
I would like to see Dash News working with Dash Watch from this proposal onwards. And I mean for regular reports so we can get a better understanding of the KPIs, milestones and things that could improve.
5 points,7 months ago
"Dash Watch can confirm that a full review of the Webmaster Report ( was conducted and all of the data presented in this 13-page document was verified to be accurate by Dash Watch"
-1 point,7 months ago
Seems a reasonable request, seeing that Dash Force doesn't do quarterly transparency reports like Dash Core does.

Though I have a question. Does DashWatch offer KPI reporting? I have no seen it.
-1 point,7 months ago
Many of their reports have a page dedicated to KPIs like page 2 of this report

There was also a section on their beta website with some KPIs but that looked very much a work in progress.
0 points,7 months ago
Hey, it looks like they made some updates to that page! Here:

Pretty funny little thing now, though it looks like they're still working on it. Could use more data and some parts are still missing.
-1 point,7 months ago
I may be missing something that you guys have put out, but am wondering what is happening in Venezuela. Eugenia and her team have not been funded for a couple of months. This seems to be the Elelphant in the room. Have you guys given an undate on if they are surviving, how they are surviving etc?. I would hate to see an article on their demise come out of the blue, that would be a real let down.
3 points,7 months ago
Hello, I know this is not the proposal for this answer and I apologize to the DF team, but since you asked, we (Dash Merchant Venezuela) are still working and began a crowdfunding for April's expenses and are working in our proposal strategy to regain the DAO funding. Hope that I cleared out your questions.

Alejandro Andrade
0 points,7 months ago
You guys in Venezuela are truly dedicated. Good luck with your next proposal. It would seem that the original team(s) in Venezuela and their non funding is of little interest to Dash Force, even though they use Venezuela often in their good news stories.
9 points,7 months ago
Isn't this a question for DashWatch...?

0 points,7 months ago
If you're not funded, there's nothing to watch......
4 points,7 months ago
You just answered your own question then.