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Title:Dash Electrum Support and Development Jul 2020
Monthly amount: 118 DASH (8881 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 354 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-07-14 / 2020-10-12 (added on 2020-07-13)
Votes: 770 Yes / 57 No / 24 Abstain

Proposal description

Electrum is probably the most popular open-source SPV wallet for bitcoin. Early 2017 I've picked up maintenance and support for DASH Electrum.  Since then, I've assembled a small team of three developers.  This is a proposal to fund the continuing development and support for Dash Electrum.

Execution and Schedule:

Work already performed or in progress. Deliverables are released publicly as soon as they are ready.

During next 3 months we plan to deliver the following:
  • upstream updates and bugfixes
  • mixing to hardware wallets
  • better multisig support out of the box (like, create 2-of-3 for your hw wallet, desktop, and mobile)
Amount requested:
After paying Jun salaries, we are 75.11 Dash in black.  Those funds will be rolled forward to the next period.
At current exchange rate of 70.79USD/Dash our run rate is ~141.27 Dash per month.
  • 141.27 Dash * 3 month = 423.81 Dash
  • 75.11 Dash proficit
  • 5 Dash proposal submission
Total: 353.7 Dash or 117.9 Dash per month (118 Dash per month, rounded up)

As usual, in case of DASH appreciation, any leftover funds would be spent to extend the duration of the project. In case of DASH depreciation, we will go into a deficit mode again and will submit a new proposal after the end of this 3 month period.

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0 points,26 days ago
Dash Watch September 2020 Report on
Dash Electrum Support and Development July 2020 by akhavr
1 point,2 months ago
yes, electrum for dash it is a good idea.
3 points,3 months ago
Yes, hard working, heads down developers building a Dash wallet I use somewhat regularly.

The latest innovations effectively allow for trustless shared masternodes. The only thing I would suggest is better marketing on this front showcasing this feature-set.
1 point,3 months ago
You have my support.

Question : do you agree with AshFrancis that the latest innovations in Dash Electrum could allow for trustless shared masternodes ? (which i assume is related to the better multisig support). Any view on that you would like to share ?
1 point,3 months ago
So far we've implemented only a minor change in protx creation, but, ultimately, - yes, we're looking forward investigating shared masternodes too.
4 points,3 months ago
As people are curious, this change allows for masternodes to be created from multisig addresses (and kept in multisig addresses, but that was always an option) so two known parties could each deposit 500 dash into an electrum wallet (in gradual increments if wanted) and then create a split masternode and presign a refund transaction to each participant. There is a very minimal amount of trust and this is protected via a concept called mutually assured destruction.

Whilst this is all possible now, with a few more features this could be a great initial solution for shared nodes. Features like peer matching, allowing those looking to share to find each other (potential requests could be stored on Platform), a hosting service, and a secure automatic communication system between the apps to initiate setup.

I'll do a video or guide soon but I've successfully done this on testnet with Alex and I think there's a ton of potential here and I'm grateful for and supportive of what Akhavr and his team are doing.
2 points,3 months ago
Thank you for this piece of additional information. Very informative.
1 point,3 months ago
Im not necessarily against voting yes on this, but I will point out that the majority of times I have tried to use this wallet it hasn't worked, even for just sending a simple transaction. I either gave up and used a different wallet or I had to go on discord and get a different server from akhavr. All in all really bad experience if someone is just trying to use dash and not troubleshoot a wallet.
0 points,3 months ago
Perhaps I have a loose memory, but I don't recall repeat problems re servers on discord, from same user.
0 points,3 months ago
Can you explain the mixing to hardware wallets a bit more ?
0 points,3 months ago
You would start with utxo's on your hardware wallet, mix them into temp software storage, and have your final utxo's be put onto your hardware wallet again. At least, the idea is :)
Last ( release was a preparation for this: we've moved privatesend keys derivation into a separate branch and, potentially, storage.
0 points,3 months ago
Paying with Dash Electrum and Dash Core Desktop
0 points,3 months ago
Checking where `pay:` is documented...