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Title:Dash Developer Program I Developer Support and Awareness I Developer Centric Content and Promotions I Building an Independent Developer Ecosystem for Dash I #BuildWithDash
Monthly amount: 66 DASH (4920 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 132 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-10-18 / 2020-01-13 (added on 2019-10-18)
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Dash Developer Program I Developer Support and Awareness I Developer Centric Content and Promotions I Building an Independent Developer Ecosystem for Dash I #BuildWithDash

The Dash Developer Program is an initiative to reach out to blockchain developers across the world, make Dash easily available to them and support them in their efforts to build blockchain based products and services for users.

We see independent developers as a critical resource for translating protocol level advancements into real use cases for ordinary users and making their lives simpler. Our program is building structured engagement and dialogue with developers through a combination of developer centric content, public awareness and answering critical developer support queries.

Over the last 50 days, the #BuildWithDash Campaign has resulted in 23 Applications for the Dash Developer Program including applications from developers working on fiat ramps, an upcoming travel booking platform, software tools for development and many payment related applications. 

Additionally a third-party application offering transaction privacy externally is working on Dash integration and should be released by Early November. Many other integrations are also at various stages of discussion and support. 

The program has also further reached out to over 65 different application developers to promote the use of Dash in their applications and is working to advance the utilization of Dash in their project roadmaps. Many of these developers are working on exciting concepts such as value lock in, non fungible tokens and decentralized marketplaces that take aim at key industry challenges.

With an increasing pool of developers, the Developer program aims to build a community of engaged and informed Developers for the Dash Ecosystem and establish a channel of communication. We are excited to build this community and believe that continued support to this initiative can turn into a major force multiplier at a small cost for Dash as it launches upgraded protocols with a wider set of capabilities for Developers. 



The Dash Developer Program has received 23 Applications for the Dash Developer Program. Some of our applicants include :

  • Instacoins : A Malta Based Crypto-Currency Purchase Service. 

  • Ackee : A mobile development company from the Czech Republic proposing to build native development tools for mobile and android (Grant request) 

  • Empire Hotels : An Upcoming Blockchain Based Platform to Book Hotel Rooms and Travel Experiences. 

  • BtcPayServer : BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free.

We have reached to all program applicants and other teams to ascertain how best we can assist them with either marketing or technical support, in addition to providing them with information about the Dash DAO and its various arms, as requested.

Additionally, one developer is working on launching an external transaction privacy application. This will likely be integrated by the beginning of November.


Floyx, an upcoming privacy-focused social media platform for blockchain news and content has integrated Dash as part of the Developer Program and is offering 50% discount for users that utilize Dash as a payment method.

Check it out here.

Bitmix - A popular transaction privacy service has crafted a new solution for Dash on its platform as part of the Dash Developer Program.

Read about it on Medium :


To get the word out, the #BuildWithDash Campaign is currently being promoted on Social Media Across the board, more specifically on Twitter & Reddit. The reception has been great thus far and we are expecting it to further result in more applications as we ramp up Social Promotions.

BuildWithDash has also partnered with Cryptwerk to advertise to developers. Cryptwerk is a extensive directory of crypto services and products, searchable coinwise. 


The program has a functional support mechanism by which teams can have their support queries answered. Offering timely support is critical to winning more developers over and key to establishing a strong reputation. 
Over the course of the last 60 Days, we have answered 38 support queries across platforms such as email, twitter and whatsapp. We have also recently launched support on Telegram.


Original Content Creation : The Dash Developer Program is developing original content in written formats to promote the program in creative ways.




The Developer program also released an Explainer video which is available on the top of our proposal.


The Dash Developer Program has been covered and mentioned in many places in Media across different languages. Some of these platforms include FxStreet, CoinonPro and amongst others.

Fx Street


A Short Summary of Links :


Going forward, the Dash Developer program aims to build engagement with a larger set of Developers and work with teams and support them with integration efforts. 

We have developed a single internal pipeline scoring mechanism for reaching to app and service developers and scientifically building adoption. Our marketing effort is centered around moving developers up this pipleline irrespective where they start.

The various stages of developer engagement are :
Scratch → Aware → Interested → Building → Integrated → Promoted

For the current cycle, our focus is on moving developers from Interested to the Building Phase.


Based on our experience of running this program and sharp decline in available resources, we have decided to streamline operations and focus on five key areas. 

Expansion of Outreach :
The Dash Developer Program will be expanding our structured outreach program to more blockchain developers grow our developer base.

Program Application Support :

We will continue to reach out to program applicants and ascertain the best way to support their efforts to simplify the life of users. While Dash enjoys tremendous name recognition, many applications have not integrated with Dash thus far. Reasons range from lack of bandwidth and not knowing where to begin.

By incentivising Developers to join our program for marketing and technical support, we hope to convince more developers to build dash integrations

Original Content :
We have created a monthly series of original content pieces on development related ideas and design, which we will continue to churn out.
Some future topics on which we intend to write are -
a) Gaming  b) Stablecoins  c) Decentralized MarketPlaces

PR Campaign + Social Outreach :
We will continue to promote the program on social media channels like Reddit and Twitter to gather an increasing number of applications and utilize PR activities to amplify our message.

We believe awareness about Dash being open to collaborating with developers is a critical step in building a thriving ecosystem and will go all out to reach out to as many developers as possible through our PR Campaign. 
Advertising :
The Dash Developer program will be invest a small amount in advertising its call for developers across multiple platforms.


To scale transactions on the Dash Network ; We need millions of everyday people using Dash for Ordinary Use Cases - Simple things like Travel, Crowdfunding, Sending Remittances, Games and Buying Online Goods. 

To achieve this, we need Dash integrated with the widest range of Applications possible. 
While a few high-impact applications can be supported directly by the treasury - we need to partner with a large number of independent developer teams and companies to ensure Dash always remains at the forefront of Consumer Adoption.

This campaign is targeted at bringing new developers into the Dash Ecosystem and scale up promotions.


The campaign is led by Gaurav Gupta. He specialises in making marketing more effective through Lean acquisition at Scale, Simplifying On-Boarding processes, Funnel Optimisation, and Marketing automation. He has led marketing for consumer internet businesses like Labster (Virtual Reality Education, Raised $20Million) and Bridallive.Com (SAAS for Bridalshops, Acquired By Fullsteam). 

He has a background in the online talent industry and has also previously led marketing for the Netherlands based Squads.Com, a popular online platform to match teams of top developers with employers.


Keeping in mind the sharp decline in Dash Prices and to ensure we can keep the program momentum going in this bear market. We have cut back on salaries by over 30% and streamlined operations by focusing on more specific areas.

FAQs - 

Q: How do you place Dash Evolution in your plans to scale the Developer Community? 

A: Repositories pertaining to dAPI and Drive have already been open-sourced by Dash Core. View Github Link I Read Announcement

We see building the developer community as a continuous process and the most critical part of the ecosystem. Waiting for evolution to promote integrations might see us fall behind in the race for developer talent and delay the network effects of early adoption. We seek to ease developers into different protocol updates and test-nets (as and when available) by engaging with them and giving them timely information, support and resources. 

As things stand, developers can still easily integrate Dash and plan apps based on the Evolution Documents.

Q: Are you planning on targeting brick and mortar stores? 

A: We are laser-focused on working with developers working with digital payment centric applications like Gaming, Remittances, Global Payroll, & Purchase of Digital Goods. We see them as highly scalable and low hanging fruits when it comes to adoption. 
Instead of working with merchants directly, our strategy would be to work with POS solutions providers and develop a merchant network through partnering with them.

Q: Isn’t it better to focus on consumer adoption before raising independent developer awareness? 

A: Dash activates 1000's of wallets every month. However, without real use cases, new users don't know what to do with their Dash. As a result, users become inactive right after signing up. Independent Blockchain Developers are the critical link to success in this ecosystem. 
Transactions on the network scale with the number of usable apps and the best way to increase them is to integrate with a large variety of public applications. 

Is there a Blockchain App that you Love?

In case you would us to work a particular app integration that you love, please feel free to reach out to us here or on We will be glad to try bring it on our list and explore how we can bring them on board for you! 

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0 points,9 months ago
PO, can you please respond, your website was down today, how does somebody get a hold of you?
0 points,9 months ago
Hi Agnew

Thank you for reaching out ! We are currently working on an updated version of the platform and it is back up again.

Best Regards
Dash Developers
1 point,9 months ago
# BuildWithDash : Bitmix - A popular transaction privacy service has crafted a new solution for Dash on its platform as part of the Dash Developer Program.

Read about it on Medium :
1 point,10 months ago
Dash Watch November 2019 Report on
#BuildWithDash by Gaurav.Gupta
2 points,1 year ago
Dash Developer Program publishes the third article in its original content series for developers. In this month’s edition, we take a look at the payments infrastructure behind the gaming industry and how Dash can power its future.

Read it on Medium :
3 points,1 year ago
Dash Watch October 2019 Report on
#BuildWithDash by Gaurav.Gupta
1 point,1 year ago
#BuildWithDash : Floyx, an upcoming privacy-focused social media platform for blockchain news and content has integrated Dash as part of the Developer Program and is offering 50% discount for users that utilize Dash as a payment method.

Check it out on
0 points,1 year ago
Q: why is a Developer Program needed for apps/websites to integrate accepting Dash as a payment method? Is it not fairly easily for them to do it without this support? Doesn't Anypay already have a free solution for apps/websites to accept Dash?
3 points,1 year ago
Hi Currency_use_case

Thank your for your question. 

There are three parts to this, which we'll unpack one by one.

a) Awareness : Dash is popular project, however, few independent developers are aware about its core strengths such as transaction speed, cost, security and privacy outside. It is important to reach out to these developers constantly and engage with them to prioritise Dash in their Technical Roadmaps. We are working on this aspect to make more developers aware through content building, PR and personal outreach.

b) Facilitating Support : Integrating Dash can be challenging/time consuming without proper guidance. It is our endeavour to ensure the best development choices can be made to cut down on time/effort required to integrate Dash through relevant support. 

c) Promotions : While Dash is available on some platforms and third party plugins, only a few integrations result into transactions for the network. Many coin gateways accept Dash but don’t particularly incentivise users to utilize. Our initiative is to work with these projects to promote the use of Dash as a preferred payment method for all users.

Overall, we believe independent blockchain developers are critical to solving key challenges in the blockchain space for everyday users. Engaging with them is crucial to building up the effective talent base in the community - an aspect which will help transform translate protocol advancements into practical use cases for ordinary users.

We hope you will consider supporting us !

#BuildWithDash Team
-1 point,1 year ago
Btcpayserver you can use there wordpress magento etc plugins
-4 points,1 year ago
At best, this is a luxury we can't afford right now. At worst, the whole thing is premature and redundant. From what I remember, DCG will roll out a developer portal when Evo goes to testnet.
3 points,1 year ago
All funds to the DIF right? What a scam you are running Geert. Your comments are everywhere!
5 points,1 year ago
Hi Geert

We are working on building outreach to independent blockchain developers worldwide and making Dash more accessible to them. Blockchain Developers are a critical resource and we feel it is important to constantly communicate with them to grow our effective talent base. 

Building this community is a perennial endeavour and developers have an important role to play in making usable Dash-Enabled Software for users. Our aim to is to ensure Dash remains at the forefront of their thoughts as they plan their next applications and consider natively integrating Dash.

While significant progress can be achieved as things stand, Evolution Repositories pertaining to dApi are also live on

We hope you will consider supporting us !

Dash Developers
-4 points,1 year ago
Not worth 15k currently in the current market trend.

Voting No.
4 points,1 year ago
$15k???, surely you mean $4470, or are you expecting a 3x increase in Dash in the near future..... oh yes, and you don't have a MN so how can you vote no..... really. Voting Yes.... really :)
0 points,1 year ago
Not that I agree w/this person, but just b/c someone doesn't have an MNO badge doesn't mean they aren't an MNO. That's a ridiculous assumption.
-1 point,1 year ago
Do you know how to read? Its 4500 x 3