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Title:Dash Core Group Compensation (December - February)
Monthly amount: 2871 DASH (354377 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-11-15 / 2020-02-12 (added on 2019-11-06)
Votes: 1013 Yes / 102 No / 16 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Dash Core Group December 1st Funding Proposals
DCG is submitting 2 funding proposals for the December 1st budget cycle:
1) DCG Compensation: $209,400 (multi-month proposal)
2) DCG Premises: $41,200

This proposal
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What does this specific proposal fund?
This proposal funds Dash Core Group's ongoing compensation costs - including all developers, administrative, business development, marketing and support staff.  This is a multi-month proposal that will cover compensation for December, January and February.  

In December, DCG is projected to have 39 paid staff associated with the project.  We currently do not plan on backfilling any open positions due to budgetary pressures.

Our run-rate in December will be $250,000 after taking into account voluntary pay reductions. We still have 3 staff who are voluntarily working at significantly reduced rates.  

With the current proposal, we are asking for funding of $209,400 per month. At current Dash price of $73 we will be consuming a small portion of our reserves on a monthly basis.  This reserve is in place exactly for these types of situations as the reserve absorbs volatility in the price of Dash.

If you have any questions, please direct them to @glennaustin at dashcentral to ensure we are notified of your request.

Requested funding is as follows for the December, January and February budget cycles:
· 2,869.33 Dash for core team compensation per month ($209,400 USD @ $73.00 per Dash)
·        5 Dash proposal reimbursement (~1.67 Dash per month)
Total: 2,871 Dash per month

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future compensation expenses and related taxes.

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-1 point,1 month ago
This is one of the only proposals worth funding now, sadly.
0 points,1 month ago
Dear DeepBlue

I deeply appreciate you voted "Yes"

However, being impolite and bossy attitude will not help you persuade others.

Writing thousands of words where a hundred would do is a waste of time and kills fruitful discussion. You can't seriously hope that people will waste time reading several one-thousand-word posts and analyzing them to decipher what the writer meant.

If you feel something is worth saying it should be worth saying CLEARLY, CONCISELY AND COURTEOUSLY.
1 point,1 month ago
Dear PrzemyslawK I will address each of your points above:

In previous messages you have called me a Monero troll, you have claimed I'm sabotaging worthwhile Dash projects, and of being stupid. Would you consider those comments as being courteous? I have not used such words towards you.

In terms of writing with clarity could you state specifically what part of my communications have been unclear?

As for being concise thank you for your comment however I intend to continue to use just as many words as is necessary to express the points that need to be expressed. If you feel they are too long may I suggest you simply don't read them.

You have claimed I am "impolite" however I perhaps you may be confusing directness for impoliteness.

You have claimed I'm being "Bossy" . The word "Bossy" means someone that gives others unsolicited advice. In your post above you have advised me to change my posts to be more concise, to change my writing style to be less "bossy" and that my contributions and impolite attitude have little chance to persuade others with my posts - suggesting I change how I write. Yet, I have not given you such advice. Therefore who, may I ask, is being more bossy?

Thank you for your kind considerations. I hope this feedback was polite enough for you.
-1 point,1 month ago
I am afraid that DeepBlue's posts mean only to defund all activities which contribute to the success of the Dash project.

DeepBlue was against a serious marketing boost offered by DashCrypto.
As a result, the price of Dash (both against ETH and BTC) has suffered.

Now DeepBlue is against funding developers.
As a result, the development of Dash will suffer.

To me that is SABOTAGE or stupidity.

The approach "don't drive, it's expensive, you'd better walk to save money" is unacceptable in our situation.
We must continue funding development, if Dash wants is to win with BTC, BCH and XMR!
2 points,1 month ago
@PrezemslawK, in this proposal and others you've made comments against my arguments with words that are misleading and manipulative. Therefore I feel I need to show my reasons for saying this.

I will take each one of your points above and demontrate exactly why I say this. Not only with this comment but also your other comments in other proposals.

1. "DeepBlue's posts mean to defund all activities which contribute to the success of the Dash project".

You used the word "all" in the above sentence. That is not true. I'm supporting and have voted in many projects that can lead to the success of DASH. These include DashMallParking which I have spent a considerable amount of my own personal time supporting them behind the scenes helping them to develop and build their strategy. I've had many calls and voice notes with a core team member on this project and I have another scheduled today. I've devoted two of my weekends to helping re-define their marketing strategy with the aim to be self-sustainable so that they would not need DASH treasury funds for the future. We are still working on this plan however. I have also corresponded with Fernando on this project and other given my experience on other marketing concepts for promoting DASH. Feel free to contact Ernesto and Fernando if you wish to confirm this.

I have voted for Ash's Spark project which I think is amazing work that he is doing and most importantly Ash's approach to handing the IP over to DASH is an example for all projects to follow. I've suggested several times we setup a separate legal entity called "DASH Assets" that would hold the IP rights for all the projects we fund so that they can be used in any other DASH project. This would create off the shelf software, products, designs etc that any project anywhere in the world could use. I support Ash's project 100%

I support the DASH text project, I also voted for other critically important projects such as DashNexus and DASH Watch which is an essential service to the network. I have voted positively also for the DIF project and the DASH developer program along with the Asia Embassy project and several others.

Therefore your use of the word "all" is therefore inaccurate.

2. "DeepBlue was against serious marketing boost offered by DashCrypto. As a result, the price of Dash (both against ETH and BTC) has suffered."

I originally voted for DashCrypto. I thought that the project was worthwhile and they were doing some good work. Particularly because of the contributions made by Amanda. She had made a notable improvement in her presentation skills since her previously attempts and looked very professional in my opinion - I would go as far as to say broadcast quality.

The reason I changed my vote on DashCrypto was because of the leader of that project, who clearly stated in defiance of feedback from MNOs that he intended to continue to promote DASH as an investment. My view was doing so could jeopardise DASH as being seen as a security because it met one of the 4 criteria used on the Howey test. I spelled this out to the project leader of the DASH crypo project but he said he was going to continue anyway. He also then got very emotional and started lashing out at MNOs - some with insults. He also gave the impression of being entitled to the money from the treasury. He also spammed the DASH treasury with half a dozen claims for money - in my opinion he did that for no other reason that to take attention of one of his older projects that was going through. He got that money on that project which we missed. One of the key factors first factors I look for in a project is not just if it is a good idea, I also look very closely at the attitude and approach of the leaders of the project. When I saw the project lead had a bad attitude and unwillingness to listen to the feedback from the MNOs I voted against the project. If he had stayed calm and dealt with the objections professionally I am sure DashCrypto would have got through on the funding.

You stated that the failure of the DASH crypto project let to both BTC and ETH improving in price vs DASH. I do not see any actual evidence of what you say is true. If you have evidence present it. Otherwise perhaps you should not be stating that.

3. "Now DeepBlue is against funding developers" This again is inaccurate. I am not against funding developers. To be specific these are the issues I'm raising in this proposal:

1. Evo is 2 years late. It has been stated here we have Tier 1 developers. If that is true a Tier developers of that quality would not make such large errors in estimating when software is released because there are specific methodologies that can accurately predict when software will be released - Agile Estimating. To be 2 years late on making an estimate for a feature tells me that the information about the release date of Evo was more likely to have been knowingly false i.e. an attempted price pump. In the Agile process the word ESTIMATE is a very specific word that has a methodology behind it. It is not guessing. It is estimating and there are rules, guidelines and procedures for doing this accurately. To be out by 2 years shows that the DCG team could not have had implemented proper estimates at that time.

If we therefore accept that the DCG devs made very significant inaccurate Dev estimates to be 2 years late the result has cost us both a loss of reputation, decreased interest and trust and in addition has cost us an extra 7 million dollars in salaries. This is one of the key factors in my opinion that has caused the DASH price to decrease. Continual push backs on an Evolution date and broken promises. Other issues such as the closure of our source code, and the DCG not being transparent to questions posted in their proposals led decreasing trust in the project.

A Tier 1 dev team with good management would have been able to accurate give relatively accurate release dates for each stage of Evolution if they followed Agile Estimating methodology.

Evolution 1st stage was claimed to be released in August 2017 by high profile DASH members. This information (hype) about Evolution at the point of being released most certainly led to an artificial increase in the DASH price in late 2017 and it has been dropping ever since as confidence was lost in the DASH project. Investors and other then only found out later the information release was at best inaccurate, at worst... well, come to your own conclusions. I know which one I suspect is more accurate.

I believe we have top tier developers due to the quality of what has been delivered so far however there is still no answer as to why the Evo release estimates were so far out and inaccurate.

Cost of the developers. On average the price of each DCG member is 6,400 USD per month. It has been stated below that is the going price for top tier developers in Eastern Europe. However I have hired top developers in my own business for considerably less than this in Eastern Europe- closer to $3,000 - $3500 USD / month. We could have at least 30% - 50% more developers working on DASH for the same price from Eastern Europe - however it may take more time to find them.

To clarify your statement: I do not want to defund developers as you have stated. I want us to either have more quality developers for the same price or to find developers that are high quality at the more competitive prices that I know is possible. That means a rolling program to keep looking for these developers and hire them when we find them.

I have also specifically stated below I *do not* want to fire our current developers. I also specifically stated that 6.4K / developer would have been worth it *if* they delivered Evo on time, on schedule -which has not been the case. So once again your statements are inaccurate and at worse manipulative.

In one other post you stated I was "Monero troll". You know, hearing statements like that, after the amount of work I've put in to support DASH projects, particularly in Venezuela, shows how little you actually know about me.
2 points,1 month ago
To clarify my position. I am formally stating that I have voted YES to this proposal. My comments here were intended to highlight important issues I feel need to be addressed. Under no circumstances however was it my intention to defund this proposal. We simply cannot afford to have development delayed at this stage. I hope this statement clarifies my position clearly enough.
-1 point,1 month ago
@PrzemyslawK get a masternodes or shut up.
1 point,1 month ago
I find 6.4K per DCG member overpriced. You've 2 years late on delivering Evolution. You've consistently given inaccurate timescales for release of Evo which demonstrates to me you cannot plan the work reliably - even with Agile development process. It is possible to find developers for lower cost in locations such as Eastern Europe. Running DASH out of the USA is too expensive for us right now. Paying US rates for salaries is not feasible. I think we need to re-consider where were run DASH from and source developers in locations that are more economical. 250,000 USD / month (every month) is a huge slice of our budget, and I don't know if you've noticed but the DASH price is now only $60 USD and we are in position 21 in coinmarket cap and falling. If Evo was delivered on time then I think we would have seen a very different scenario than the sitiation we are in right now.

DCG is not performing for 1/4 million a month. Just think about that.
0 points,1 month ago
I think you would be surprised how few computer scientists we have working in the USA (hint I think it's only 1, and part time). You might find 6.4k overpriced, but it is an average. It's always easy to criticize but if you don't pay people properly they might get demotivated if personal issues come up that require money. Many people on our team have a family to support. I believe most of us have not received any bonus or pay increase. We have quality engineers from all around the world, and I know that people in charge of hiring at DCG have always tried to be mindful of costs when hiring.
2 points,1 month ago
@quantumexplorer, 6.4K is average for a team that can deliver on time, not for a team that delivered a dev project more than 2 years late. DCG leadership that does not respond to constructive questions in the funding proposals by remaining silent - keeping everyone else in the dark - except for a controlled, orchestrated quarterly call that has nothing to do with debating the proposals funding. DCG Ryan Taylor who we hardly ever see representing DASH and if we do it looks like he is working out of a broom cupboard. Ryan, I suggest you invest in get some media trained and learn how to put up a basic studio for taking calls.

It's easy for me to criticises? Really? When month after month I'm asking constructive questions and either being ignored by your leadership or getting half backed answers that don't fully answer the questions asked. No DCG leadership is above answering questions about our funding proposals. We don't need to. We're the DCG. We can do whatever we want and we know that nobody is going to question us. Let's just stay quiet and wait for people to vote us in as they always do. No question, no responses. That is just pure arrogance to the nth degree.

6.4 K in Eastern European countries is like royalty. The average wage in places like Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia is only around 500 Euros a month. Obviously developers would be made paid more in these countries but 6.4 k in those countries is more than "average" as you say. It is way over the top.

You know, I don't have a problem with paying 6.4k / month for developers. What I have problem with is paying 6.4k when DCG are 2 years late and do not answer intelligent, constructive questions in their funding proposals. For those reasons I say it is not worth 6.4k / month per developer.

And in terms of motivation if you say people are not motivated unless they get 6.4k then I say whoever is managing the team is doing a poor job because a REAL developer is not motivated by money. They are motivated by their contribution to a cause that can improve the lives of people that desperately need this technology. I would not hire any dev that is working just for the money because their motivation is not what we want in a project like this.

There is no escaping the fact. 2 years late (and counting) for delivering a feature such as Evolution shows there is something DRASTICALLY wrong with DCG dev management. The Agile process itself has a whole section on estimating. Clearly DCG need to take a look again at that module.

By the way, the current DASH price is 58 USD and falling. If DCG had delivered on time we would not be in this situation.
1 point,1 month ago
DeepBlue, keep in mind it is 5.3K not 6.4K. (You are mistakenly including the amount for the skysong facility as part of the dev salary.) Doubtful this will change your opinion but it is not quite as high as you're thinking
1 point,1 month ago
Read carefully what I said about motivation. I said that people can get demotivated if they are having money issues and are working very hard. Again I said 6.4 was an average, and realize that as far as I know most get no benefits and sometimes have to pay a heavy tax bill.

Real developers can be motivated by many things. We have multiple developers currently volunteering, but not everyone can afford to do so, many people have families to support, and are making well under 6.4k.

I want badly to create a better world through the technology we are building and I know that a lot of other people do too on our team. The dev management team who promised evo 2 years ago are no longer around. The rest of the team back then listened to their estimates and have been doing everything in their power for us to deliver.
1 point,1 month ago
@TroyDash the following text was taken directly from the DCG salary proposal this month. It does not include Skysong facility as far as I can see:
What does this specific proposal fund?
This proposal funds Dash Core Group's ongoing compensation costs - including all developers, administrative, business development, marketing and support staff. This is a multi-month proposal that will cover compensation for December, January and February.

In December, DCG is projected to have 39 paid staff associated with the project. We currently do not plan on backfilling any open positions due to budgetary pressures.

Our run-rate in December will be $250,000 after taking into account voluntary pay reductions. We still have 3 staff who are voluntarily working at significantly reduced rates.

With the current proposal, we are asking for funding of $209,400 per month. At current Dash price of $73 we will be consuming a small portion of our reserves on a monthly basis. This reserve is in place exactly for these types of situations as the reserve absorbs volatility in the price of Dash.

If you have any questions, please direct them to @glennaustin at dashcentral to ensure we are notified of your request.

Requested funding is as follows for the December, January and February budget cycles:
· 2,869.33 Dash for core team compensation per month ($209,400 USD @ $73.00 per Dash)
· 5 Dash proposal reimbursement (~1.67 Dash per month)
Total: 2,871 Dash per month

Therefore the DASH core run rate is $250,000 /39 = 6.4k. Unless I'm mistaken the 209,400 is supplemented by the reserves to make it up to 250k

Therefore DCG average wage is 6.4k / month. Note this also includes admin staff therefore the developer salaries are likely to be higher.

Therefore could you explain exactly how you got the value of 5.3K / month?


You stated that people may have to pay a heavy tax bill. I disagree if the DASH recruiter is recruiting carefully then I totally disagree in that statement.

Let us look at the income tax rates in the countries I mentioned which are first class locations to hire talented developers:
Albania 23%
Bosnia 10%
Bulgaria 10%
Serbia 15%
Ukraine 17%
Russia 13%

The above are some of the lowest income tax rates in the world.

In terms of average wages in Europe see the chart on this page;

Average wages:
Albania: 393 euros / month
Bosnia: 468 euros / month
Bulgaria: 508 euros / month
Serbia 460 per month
Ukraine: 320 Euros
Russia: 495 Euros

Therefore 6.4k for developers in these countries is not average. It is royalty status.

I would like to know where is the DASH recruiter based? Let me take a wild guess its either USA or Canada?

@Quantumexplorer accurate development estimates are an essential part of the Agile process. If you the "old" team do not work for DASH any more then DCG should have been open and transparent instead of hiding this information and being elusive by saying" we can't commit to a deadline"

I'm hearing statements coming out of DCG that is nonsense. If a DEV team went to a client and said "we can't commit to when we will deliver" they would be laughed out of the room.

If the DCG is implementing Agile correctly then DCG would be able to give accurate estimates for released.

The other aspect I strongly suspect is that you are not implementing Agile development methodology correctly. The reason I say this is that Agile whole philosophy is to plan to release functional code that the client can use as quickly as possible by designing the sprints to in effect get a minimum viable product out that gives immediate value to customers. Instead what we are seeing is many months before a release is made. That is not Agile. DCG do not appear to be working effectively with the Agile process - to me it seem more like you're using the Waterfall process by the length of time between releases.

I would also like to clarify my view on the statement made by quantumexplorer on being easy to criticise. Not from where I'm standing. It is most definitely not easy to give constructive criticisms when for over a year I've been more or less stonewalled and ignored by DCG management in there proposal. So I disagree with your statement. This is my time I'm using. Time I could spend on my own business generating wealth for my own business. But if someone doesn't take a stand and make the DCG accountable we are not going to improve because there is nothing to temper or challenge the DCG thinking. It is only through being open to challenges of one's own thinking that improvements and quantum leaps take place. DCG are thinking in a bubble. And that bubble is not based on real world entrepreneurial business experience. It's based on Ryan Taylor coming from a financial trading background and Fernando coming from a legal background. I'm not saying that these guys are not an asset to the network, but what I am saying is that they lack the real world experience of building businesses from nothing with their own sweat, belief and money. Taking the risks that it takes to build an entrepreneurial leader. That is what we need to take DASH to the next level.

DASH needs a "Steve Jobs" at the lead. Steve was ruthlessly focused, he did not tolerate waste, intelligent but tempered with creativity, battle tested, creative, demanding, respected and charismatic leader with vision and foresight. He knew what the market wanted and more importantly he knew what the people wanted even before they did. Steve never tolerated wastage of any type. His devs where put under incredible deadlines and they always met them because he held them accountable - but he believed in them. He knew they could do it.

We may not have a Steve Jobs, but we have MNOs that have good solid real world business experience among those 4900 Masternodes We need to hold DCG accountable - why? Because if we do, we are going to create something great that will change the world and bring freedom and prosperity to millions of people that are suffering right now. That is what DASH could do. And that is why I'm going to keep challenging the DCG until the other MNOs who I know who are out there sitting on the sidelines start to do likewise. Because they know what I'm saying is right.
1 point,1 month ago
First there is no Dash recruiter, as we have not not been recruiting for over a year, before that most of our devs we hired came from eastern Europe. In terms of costs of top tier developers in Russia I would say that the top tier can and easily earns from 3 to 8k USD per month. Remember, we aren't developing a website here.

I'm not understanding what you are trying to suggest? That we fire half our team and replace them with devs with no experience from poorer countries?
0 points,1 month ago
@quantumexplorer I would also like to suggest a different word than "poorer" countries. "poor is not a good choice of words". The countries I have mentioned have excellent tertiary education systems. The nations also are particularly recognised for supplying innovative and talented programmers. They also have a very low cost of living because most of them our outside of the EU. Once a country enters the EU it slowly gets more expensive to live there, but currently Bulgaria is still very cheap to live even though it is in the EU. The list of countries I gave also normally have a reasonably high level of unemployment due to political bureaucracy and possibly corruption. Talented programmers either leave their country or the one's that stay look for freelance work from international companies.

If the original recruiter was from the US, which is what I suspect, they more than likely hired devs based on US rates rather than giving a good salary for Eastern European rates.

From your quote above you give a very wide band of rates for a "top tier" developer. Starting from 3k / month (which I think is more realistic for an Eastern European developer good wage). Therefore I would like to know what is your definition of a "top tier" developer exactly?
1 point,1 month ago
The person who recruited the most in Dash Core was from Byelorussia, which is why we have so many Russians/Eastern Europeans already. The rates are what is normal in the industry at this level for those locations. When you are in the 1-3% of top devs you make a lot not depending on your location. I think you might not be aware what salaries are like in this field. My friends in the US west coast are often between 150 and 350k a year. And DCG made the decision not to go after people in that price range.

What is top tier? It's devs that are so good at what they do you are often left in awe. We definitely have some of those right now.

I think you don't understand that most of our devs could be making far more elsewhere and they stay not because of money but because of a sense of camaraderie and attachment to the project. Granted some salaries are high, but again remember this is an average.
0 points,1 month ago
@quantumexplorer, thank you for this insight. I have never corresponded with any of the Devs so I do not know their true motives. When I'm hiring a dev I look for what their primary motive is. If they love their work and want their code to improve the lives of others first and foremost that is a really great sign for me to hire them, even if their programming skills need to improve if they have that approach they always do improve. I have no problem with people wanting to make good money, in fact, I see it as essential for people to want to do so, but provided that is not their primary and only motive. If making money is the only factor someone wants then when times get difficult they will move on. I feel DASH could go through some tough times in the coming months with the price decrease.

On the other side of the coin if someone is also the other extreme and focused exclusively only on their passion my view is that is also not healthy either because they need to not only sustain themselves but also feel motivated to thrive financially, hopefully becoming wealthy in the process. The balance needs to be right. My view is the passion part must be there first and be naturally in first place but there must also be a desire to become wealthy. "Good wealth creation" is really only a measure of how much we have benefited others.

I gave this reply because I read some comments on Amanda B. Johnson's twitter feed recently which surprised me somewhat. Amanda wrote the following:

" I'm tired of all the moralistic rhetoric that separates the crypto investors interested in "changing the world" from those who are "just trying to make money."

As though these two goals are mutually exclusive?!

HOLLA TO ALL MY PEEPS trying to make money *by* changing the world. "

I don't know the context in which this comment was made. However the way it was written sounds somewhat a cynical view.

I love the DASH project primarily because I felt I could use my business experience and make a contribution to support a cause which I know can benefit people. This is not a moral high ground or wanting to be a saint or anything like that I genuinely feel deeply fulfilled as a human being by knowing my contributions are directly benefiting people. I also love the fact my investment will increase if we are successful in making that difference in the world.

I undertook a study before I invested in DASH and could see that Venezuela was somewhere where our project could make a huge improvement in the lives of others. I felt I could use my business experience to help establish DASH there and make a difference. This is not a moral high ground thing. This is simply a desire to genuinely contribute to people that are suffering unnecessarily and something we actually have power to change with the DASH technology. I am really passionate about this.

I am also a masternode owner and a major financial investor in DASH therefore if we are also successful in establishing DASH in Venezuela then my investment will also increase. I have absolute no problem with that in fact it is also a very powerful motivator for me. Would I invest in DASH and be prepared to lose my investment but only contribute to a good cause - no absolutely not! It has to be a project with the potential to be the best and, yes "make a difference in the world". The two motivators (passion and financial) work together, but I genuinely feel the passion comes first and foremost but it should never be at the expense of being able to make good money. This is not a " taking a moral high ground" thing. This is simply how it has to be to feel a sense of fulfilment as a human being. For me putting the passion first must come first because I don't get any sense of fulfilment from making money without making a contribution of some type. This is the reason I'm not interested in winning the lottery or simply investing for the sake of investing. Currently I have no other types of investments because it feels lifeless. I have some investment in other cryptos yes, but minor compared to DASH and only because I believe in those projects and what they can do. But most of my investment is in DASH because we can contribute our experience and feel fulfilled but also combined with a feeling our contribution increases our investment. These two factors work together and feel great. Passion for something other than money must come first but the desire for healthy financial return must also be there in my opinion. It is not one or the other because either way a person will be left feeling unfulfilled as a human being. Wealth generation is the reward for fulfilling one's passion and benefiting as many people as possible in the process.

These are the reasons why I've worked with the Dash Mall Parking project to help them to see they also need to be self sustaining financially and not only be passionate about getting DASH established.

Would I work so hard on the Venezuela projects if I did not have an investment? Probably not. But would I invest in DASH to the level I have if there was not the chance to contribute with my experience - probably not. It is not just about the money and it is not just about contributing - it is about both to feel fulfilled. The passion for contributing must be higher to be fulfilled as a human and I guess that is why perhaps I've mentioned that in my messages sometimes. But I don't want people to think that is my only motive, because it is not. I am a business person, not a missionary.

I personally do not see any problem with creating wealth in abundance, provided it comes after some other passion which makes a difference in the world and fulfils some deep need in that person. We need to keep an eye on both and get the balance right. This is not a "Moral Rhetoric" this is how I genuinely feel about DASH and my investment in DASH.

After reading Amanda's comments, going forward I will take much more care in what I write. I don't want people thinking I'm some sort of saint. I want to feel fulfilled as a human but also in the process be rewarded financially for it. I don't see anything wrong with that approach to life personally.
0 points,1 month ago
@quantumexplorer, I think you are misunderstanding me or perhaps you may not have read what I stated previously in this post. I specifically stated above that I have no problem paying 6.4k for a devoper *provided* they meet deadlines, and can commit to deadlines and are willing to be held accountable to those deadlines to the people funding those projects. That has not been the case however to date with DCG. Therefore I would be grateful please could you help me understand because I do not understand the following:

1. What has caused specifically Evo to be 2 years late when we have such a talented Dev team?
2. What are the specific reasons why DCG management are unwilling to give defined deadlines for a roadmap for release of the Dash Software? Especially as you are using Agile that has specific methodologies for giving accurate estimates.
3. If the team that stated that Evo would be release at the late Dec 2017 and the new team took over thee are in the 1-3% why did they not give be upfront with the MNOs and community and give us new accurate estimates for the release of EVO? That would have been possible with top tier devs.
0 points,1 month ago
@quantumexplorer I'm not advocating firing half your team. We are paying 250,000 USD per month for DCG Devs - this team is 2 years late on delivering. It has been claimed here that they are "Top Tier" devs with experience. A team of 39 people working full time could not deliver on time and have been consistently late on other targets and will not commit to other targets. I sincerely do not intend to offend anyone, especially the devs but what I'm saying is that a top tier dev team simply doesn't operate this way. They deliver code on time. The give accurate estimates using estimating methodologies such as Agile. They do retrospectives to improve their estimating and they are transparent and open to their progress on their development. Devs that are performing also have no problem in my experience of being held accountable for their work, indeed they are proud to show off their work and their efforts for their work. This has not been the case with DCG. I know this because I work with devs myself.

The DCG is not being held accountable. This is unheard of in any development program where the programmers are being paid to do the work. I find this personally unacceptable.

There is a problem with the structure of the DCG and the dev team management because if there wasn't code would be delivered on time, within budget. Could you please also answer the question I posted below. Which country was the original recruiter from that hired the current Dev team. Thank you.
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How many devs do you think Dash Core has of those 39? Then realize that we have multiple teams for various aspects of the project, not everyone is working on evolution backend.
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@quantumexplorer I don't know how many devs are in the 39 of DCG. That is why I asked you. I'm not clear why you asked me the question back? Could you please state specifically how many devs are there in the 39 of the DCG? These are the reasons why it is important MNOs (custodians of the DASH treasury) know this.

1. When we know how many Devs there are we have a better idea of how quickly the software development should be moving.

2. When we know the number of Devs and how many supporting staff we would have a better understanding of what the actual cost per Dev would be because Devs will be getting paid more than supporting staff or admin staff.
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This is not a hidden thing, you can clearly look at :
I count 15 Devs, of that 5 are mobile across iOS and Java (and 2 of these people are part time), 3 are core, 5 are on server/masternode side platform and 2 are on client side JS libraries.
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@quantumexplorer, thanks for this information - I did not know about that link. I had thought we had more than 13 full time developers and 15 devs in total.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to answer the questions I posted in this proposal. I know they have been challenging, but you've always replied with good information and perspective and maintained a level head which I respect and displays great leadership qualities. The same goes to @TroyDASH. Thank you guys / DeepBlue
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Yeah no problem, I hate the market movements as well and it gets everyone jittery.
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@quantumexplorer which country was the original recruiter from?
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DeepBlue, apparently they are going slightly into the reserve but the number you are using is $250k which includes the 41k for the skysong facility according to the proposal text. The correct interpretation is 209k plus a certain amount of reserves which is unknown.
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@TroyDash, I cannot see anywhere in this budget proposal where it mentions the hire of skysong facility. As far as I can see that is a completely different funding proposal. My apologies if I've missed something, but could you perhaps copy and paste here the exact text in this proposal where it states skysong conference centre is included in this proposal? The proposal only says, as far as I can see, DCG compensation.
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Unfortunately this budget proposal is still a necessity in order to survive the current bear market and keep the development going.

You have my support and also my gratitude to those developers that volunteered to accept reduced compensation for their work, to avoid further shrinking of the development team.
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How many dash-core-team-compensation was successful in 2019?
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"At current Dash price of $73 we will be consuming a small portion of our reserves on a monthly basis. This reserve is in place exactly for these types of situations as the reserve absorbs volatility in the price of Dash." - Excellent.