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Title:Dash Core Group Infrastructure
One-time payment: 225 DASH (15433 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 225 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-07-17 / 2019-08-15 (added on 2019-07-10)
Votes: 851 Yes / 21 No / 9 Abstain
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Proposal description

Dash Core Group August 1st Funding Proposals
DCG is submitting 3 funding proposals for the August 1st budget cycle:
1) DCG Compensation: proposal posted in May: currently month 3 of 3
2) DCG Research: $50,000
3) DCG Infrastructure: $32,000

This Proposal
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What does this specific proposal fund?
This proposal funds Dash Core Group's ongoing infrastructure costs - including hardware and workplace application costs. These are tools that are critical for the DCG developers and other staff to work productively. The last time funding was requested for the Dash Core Group’s infrastructure budget was in January 2019. Our current infrastructure costs average $7,000/month. This proposal should provide sufficient funding for infrastructure to last through the balance of 2019.  These costs are for the following services:

  • Cloud computing services
  • Software development tools and applications
  • Security applications
  • Accounting and expense reimbursement software subscriptions
  • Google Suite
  • Video-conferencing services

The expenses for cloud computing instances constitute the largest portion of our infrastructure costs.  These costs run approximately $4,000 - $5,000 per month and have grown significantly since we started testing long-living masternode quorums, which can require hundreds of virtual machines to test accurately.  Now that chainlocks has successfully been implemented, we will be gradually reducing the cost of cloud computing instances over the next 2-3 months. 

Requested funding is as follows for the August 1st budget cycle:
· 220 Dash for core team infrastructure ($32,000 USD @ $147 per Dash)
·     5 Dash proposal reimbursement
Total: 225 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future infrastructure expenses.

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