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Title:Dash Colombia: 25 Verified Transactions per Day, 2,500 Active Wallet Installs, 9 “Save With Dash” Fairs, 150 New Dash Merchants, Integrated Dash Marketing and Support
Monthly amount: 189 DASH (14777 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-02-15 / 2019-05-16 (added on 2019-02-10)
Final voting deadline: in 11 days
Votes: 263 Yes / 59 No / 13 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 280 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Dash Colombia leverages its existing 400+ Dash merchants for a consumer Dash adoption strategy, achieving (a) 25 average verified Dash transactions per day, (b) 2500 total active Android wallet installs, and (c) 650 total active Dash merchants in Colombia, closing the loop of Dash mass adoption in Colombia with objective, measurable goals, transparency and public reporting.

Proposal video forthcoming
Dash News: Second Dash Documentary Released Showcasing Colombian Dash Surge
Dash Watch: Interview with George Donnelly

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Dash Colombia Mission Statement
  • Real Demand: Generate meaningful and ongoing real-world demand and transactions for Dash with strong use cases that we can leverage for growth.
  • Dash-Only Economy: Build a Dash-only economy in Colombia that is fed by consumer demand, reasonable incentives and cheap Bitcoin (which enables us to sell Dash at 5% under spot without any subsidy from the Dash Treasury).
  • Dash Mass Adoption Lab: Systematically research how to onboard consumers and merchants to the Dash ecosystem, efficiently and with enduring results; leveraging this to expand real Dash usage in Colombia, Latam and across the globe.

Why Vote Yes
  1. Merchants + consumers. We sign up and support both Dash merchants and Dash consumers, and we put them together in creative ways in order to generate real Dash transactions over and over again, thus closing the loop on Dash mass adoption.
  2. Measurable, meaningful goals. Our goals are objective, measurable and meaningful. We’re creating tools (with the assistance of Dash Retail) to provide the DAO with live (and partially trustless) reporting of Dash transaction counts in Colombia, a first among adoption projects.
  3. Low cost. Dash mass adoption is happening right now in Colombia, at the low cost of approximately USD$167 per active loop*, with a business plan to become financially self-sustaining, and the potential to spread across Latin America in a turnkey fashion.
  4. Future. Dash Colombia is the blueprint of the next evolution in cryptocurrency, with proven teams and strategies that can be scaled up during the next bull market in order to push our advantage and become the #1 digital cash.
  5. Ongoing business development. Dash Colombia is a permanent, legally-constituted corporation that is doing business development for Dash across Colombia and building relationships for Dash with business, government and civil society leaders. 

What Dash Gets
  1. 25 verified Dash transactions/day (750/month). Through creative use of consumer incentives and promotional events in conjunction with Dash merchants, we aim to generate at least 25 Dash transactions per day for 3 months (on average).
  2. 850 new active Dash users/wallets (283/month). Complete with orientation, a small airdrop, the chance to buy and spend Dash immediately (at a discount), ongoing support and referral incentives; bringing us to a total of 2,500 active Android wallets installs in Colombia by 31 May.
  3. Live transaction tracker. We will create and publish a live Dash transaction tracker that will report both live transaction counts automatically via Google Analytics from and incorporate manually-verified transactions.
  4. 150 new Dash merchants. (50/month) Complete with point-of-sale (POS) displays, training, acceptance stickers, buyback services, merchant promotion, referral incentives and ongoing phone/email/WhatsApp/in-store support. Including the option to buy Dash POS hardware at cost and use the PagaConDash POS infrastructure (made possible by Dash Retail) to accept Dash payments; bringing us to a total of 650 active Dash merchants in Colombia by 31 May.
  5. 9 “Save With Dash” Fairs. (3/month) Multi-merchant promotional events held in different neighborhoods with 5 or more Dash merchants where as many as 100 new users open wallets in under 3 hours, receive small airdrops and are incentivized to buy Dash so they can save money in various ways.
  6. Dash Back pilot. An ally has coded up Dash Back software that works with any wallet or POS software. We will run targeted and time-limited Dash Back promotions to incentivize organic Dash transactions, in the process perfecting the software so that other projects can use it.
  7. 5% Dash discount. An ally has already sold more than 6 dash by offering it at a 5% discount. We are expanding our support for this ally, enabling consumers to save 5% off of all their purchases with Dash.
  8. Promotion of Bitrefill. We’re training Dash merchants to sell, and Dash consumers to buy, cell phone minutes via Bitrefill, thereby saving up to 10% when paying with Dash.
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3 points,4 days ago
The actually transaction numbers compared to Dash Venezuela's numbers (about 70 per day claimed) on a much shorter time frame and budget, makes it clear if one would have to make a choice between the 2 it's clear this one is winning.
-4 points,5 days ago
LOL here we go again
4 points,5 days ago
I know, I hate those measurable meaningful goals, George's 7 month history of hitting goals, and those efficient cheap conversion rates for merchants AND customers in close geographic relationship with each other. And those silly levels of support after the initial conversion to make sure it all stays working and verified. The whole idea is crazy. We might get flooded with like.........actual transactions.

Yeah, I helped a tiny bit designing this one too. So I'm totally biased and you shouldn't listen to me anyway.

-1 point,4 days ago
I cant wait to say I told you so ( yet again ) just like I had with vz prop :)