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Title:Proposal modification "Dash Business Wallet API"
Monthly amount: 60 DASH (4571 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-07-15 / 2020-10-12 (added on 2020-07-09)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 54 Yes / 291 No / 92 Abstain
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Proposal description

Proposal modification
Thanks to friends who reviewed the proposal and shared their opinions with us to improve
the project, especially "qwizzie".
According to the comments we have received in recent days, we held a meeting with the
members of the Wallt Plus Team with the theme of using Dash decentralized API(DAPI) instead of implementing independent Full Node infrastructure. The obtained result is as follows:
  • 1-   Instead of using a centralized and costly structure, we decided to develop the Business Wallet
    API project based on the powerful Dash Platform infrastructure as hybrid  Dapp; (When it is able to serve on the main network)
  • 2-    Instead of FullNode implementation and maintenance, we decided to allocate its costs for
    adding two junior Developers to the Scrum team in order to increase development
    speed and to create much more agility;
Having considered changes made in the project which are presented above, we believe
that using Dash's robust masternode infrastructure will raise and boost the security and the speed of our Business Wallet API.

The widespread public acceptance of Dash has expanded the scale of the Dash network. However, the network needs more acceptors for full growth and increasing security. During the early 10 months, without any source of funding, Wallet Plus Group has been working on constructing a software which enables users to integrate Dash HD Wallet with applications. The result of such an effort presenting version 1.0 of Dash Business Wallet is released here In order to add more remarkable key features to this version by some technical modifications, the intended budget would be considered to
cover ongoing expenses of maintenance and cloud computing as well as development team completion. For further details, please check this video
Business Wallet Service providers such as always use the co-signing mechanism according to which the customer's assets are stored in a two-signature account, and transaction processing is possible only with the agreement of both customer and service provider. We believe that saving users' private keys is in conflict with their privacy protection. Having filled in this gap, we propose a versatile Dash Wallet API which does not store users' private key at all. Our Business Wallet service with the standard implementation of BIP32 Wallet derivation offers a quick and secure solution for integrating the basic Dash Wallet
with every Dash-based applications such as games, stores, etc. Therefore, we provide a secure and applicable programming
interface for communicating with Dash-core so that anyone can easily connect with Dash-core based on a minimal programming knowledge. It is worth noting that easy access to Dash-core without running Full Node increases the attractiveness of integrating Dash with businesses.
The funding covers one year from August 2020 to August 2021 whose first three months is considered to upgradethe published version and the latter nine months is corresponding to maintenance and Bugfixing. After November 2020, in order to release version beta of the API with the aim of scaleup, Wallet Plus Group will apply for a slice of additional budget to support ongoing features and maintenance works.

Three-month funding goals
  • Back-end development and server platform
  • Speed improvement to decrease API response time
  • Security optimization

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0 points,2 months ago
Thanks to those who voted for us honestly;
Unfortunately, our Business Wallet project will not be
able to continue working due to disconnection with the
sponsor until it finds another supporter. We can’t even
pay for server costs in current month because we are
under lots of financial pressure in the face of the global
corona virus crisis. So we are very sorry that we cannot
provide services to Dash lovers.
Our goal was to present a proposal to the DAO in a fair
and decentralized process for implementing a strategic
idea which may expand the network of Dash acceptors,
but negative votes led the project to financial failure. We
researched for more than a year in order to find the best
idea to implement the initial version of ​​a Business Wallet,
and then for 10 months we attempted to make the MVP
version available for users, but in response to this effort,
we received many negative votes which made our plan
be doomed to failure by the DAO.
We hope this proposal will again be considered by
Masternodes just because we have merely tried to
increase the popularity of Dash thus far, and we cannot
believe that our efforts in this direction is simply ignored
by the free and decentralized Dash community. Having

shown respect for all, it may be unfortunate for Dash
lovers all over the world to lose the ability provided by
our project on the base of unjust judgement of some
0 points,3 months ago
Please consider the MVP version of our wallet as a tangible result
0 points,3 months ago
Thank you for adjusting your budget proposal. To be fair i can only see this going forward in two ways :

1 : You guys getting involved with Dash Platform and creating a workable demo of a Dapp Business wallet running on Dash API and then put in a new budget proposal. I think Dash Core Group's Dashpay Dapp that is currently in development is largely open source already and can be used to base your Dapp Business Wallet on. Dash masternode operators will have something tangible to vote on, when you give them a demo of your Dapp and then ask for funding.

2 : Get in touch with Andy Greer and see if there is a bounty open for a Business-focused wallet Dapp -->
0 points,3 months ago
Thanks for your suggestion, but there are some important points to consider
Our wallet is now ready with the MVP version
The address generating Api Endpoint works well and is verifiable
We intend to use DAPI as a hybrid to connect to the Dash Blockchain in the Business wallet, but DAPI is not yet able to serve on the main network
I hope you understand that we worked very hard to prepare the MVP version of this product and paid for it.
We need to use independent infrastructure as long as a stable version of DAPI is available; Otherwise we can not offer our product to users
-3 points,3 months ago
Unfortunately, the Dash network is plagued by what I call the "inflitrated Masternode problem". Because of this, good proposals such as yours will be instantly downvoted and bullshit reasoning will be used to keep you from getting funded. The real reason for this behavior is likely because the Dash DAO puts Dash far ahead of the competition.

This is unacceptable to them, and so they attempt to hinder and limit the effectiveness of our DAO by using and abusing their positions for conflict of interest purposes. So proposals in countries that they don't like, or done by people they don't like, won't get funding and they won't get any explanation why.

They would rather the Dash network be destroyed, than to see these teams get funding. That's why all the 'third-world' proposals have hundreds of 'no votes', while bad proposals pass through unopposed.
1 point,3 months ago
Correction : Andy Freer
1 point,3 months ago
What is this "generate a wallet API key" on Dash Nexus? If you have a working wallet, why are you seeking funding. Why are you asking voters to generate a wallet key. I have no idea who the team behind this is, but just saw the billboard for the wallet keys on Nexus, heavy NO until you account for this.
0 points,3 months ago
Dear Colleague,
Thanks for your review and interest in our plan. First of all, we apologize for the sake of making a mistake about ’’generating a wallet API key’’, because we did not actually intend any voters to click on the uploaded image at all. We have already edited the proposal image Dash Nexus

With regard to our business wallet, we should mention that, at the moment, it is working only with about a quarter of its basic features. After receiving the specified fund, we can immediately upgrade it and raise its predicted structural abilities to release a stable version of that.

Our business wallet does not store user’s private key and everything happens by virtue of Blockchain on the base of which users may be serviced in their own business regardless of the third party.

Best wishes,
Wallet Plus Team
-1 point,3 months ago
Again, these people arguing against your proposal are not doing so in good faith. They are only pretending to come up with objections. This person in particular was very excited about their own 'DashCamLife' proposal, which is just completely amateurish and very low-ROI for the network as a whole.

But your proposal, which is very good I must say, gets all this unwarranted negativity. They do not want Dash to become a truly global network with decentralized communities all over the globe, and they're manipulating the votes and discussion forums in order to bring about that agenda.
-2 points,3 months ago
'their own 'DashCamLife' proposal'

That was not my proposal. Also after reading some more comments i decided to vote no on that particular proposal.
1 point,3 months ago
I was clearly referring to agnew with that comment. But still, you support the "DashPressNews" proposal which is offering way less than this proposal does. Which shows you're biased and are not voting properly at the very least, since your voting decisions are against the best interests of the network...
0 points,3 months ago
Current status of this budget proposal : 16 Yes / 177 No / 65 Abstain
I voted no. You voted yes.
Lets see who exactly is voting against the best interests of the network, shall we.
0 points,3 months ago
Nonsense, the fact that you don't support this proposal and you do support DashPressNews, inexplicably and with no justification is already proof that you are voting against the best interests of the network. I don't need to see your votes to know that, just your words.
0 points,3 months ago
We literally have different decentralized teams all around the globe building services for our network and coming to the DAO for funding and you IDIOTS are lying about them and trying to keep them from getting funded.

All while you allow far more mediocre and lame teams to pass by with not a single peep. You're gaslighting the entire network basically...
0 points,3 months ago
Instead of developing wallet software that has a centralized API, why not develop your wallet software as a Dapp on our platform chain and use our decentralized API ? (DAPI)
0 points,3 months ago
Thank you very much for reviewing our proposal technically
0 points,3 months ago
We provide special API services with an easy-to-use interface for connecting users with Dash Blockchain
For more information, visit the documentation page at the link below
0 points,3 months ago
Link :
0 points,3 months ago