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Title:Dash Africa Desk - Marketing, PR and Support, Digital Cash Awareness Drive, General Adoption - Dash Nigeria
Monthly amount: 117 DASH (8530 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-06-14 / 2020-09-11 (added on 2020-06-01)
Votes: 625 Yes / 127 No / 78 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Dash Africa Desk - Marketing, PR and Support, Digital Cash Awareness Drive, General Adoption - Dash Nigeria
Q3 2020, July - September 

Table of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Proposal Scope
  3. Previous Results
  4. Why Vote Yes?
  5. Budget Breakdown 

1. Executive Summary
For Q3 2020, we will focus on:
  1. Dash Africa Desk - Marketing, PR and Support
  2. Digital Cash Awareness Drive
  3. Remittances and Business Development 
  4. General Dash Adoption

We'll be starting the Dash Africa Desk to meet up increased demand for Marketing, PR and Support of Dash across the African region ranging from DCG partnerships/ announcements to increasing the awareness of Dash in the region and ensuring adequate mentioning of Dash in documentaries and PRs in the region.

The scope of the Digital Cash Awareness Drive will be increased to include translation of the book into Spanish, Thai and German.

We'll continue our business development activities, integrating Dash into companies that'll enable Dash use by users, continue providing support for Dash users, merchants and partners and social media activities.

2. Proposal Scope:

A. Dash Africa Desk - Marketing, PR and Support

There has been increased demand for us to expand our work to fully cover a Dash Africa Desk for Marketing, PR and Support. This includes getting Dash official announcements and publications on into leading African crypto and finance media outlets. Handling marketing and partnership efforts across the region in partnership with DCG as with the Ankerpay announcement. A solid marketing and support framework improves our offering to partners.

The Dash Africa Desk will be responsible for engaging with regulators to ensure Dash gets a proper classification when the regulations are released. We are working with the Stakeholders In Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN) regarding this. One of thr successes of the Digital Cash Awareness Drive is that it has improved our relationship with the regulators and their knowledge of Dash as they have a resource at their disposal for clarifications about Dash.

To this end we have successfully established partnership with leading African crypto and finance media outlets including:
Businessday Newspaper

This is needed to increase the visibility of Dash in the African space.

B. Digital Cash Awareness Drive   

This has been one of our most successful Dash outreaches. In Nigeria, we have given copies of Digital is the Cash book to regulators including Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC Abuja, Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC Abuja, The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Lagos, National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA Abuja, National library, exchanges including Binance Nigeria, Sabii, and several others.

  • Translations
We are working with other Dash teams who believe translating Digital is the Cash book to their respective languages will be helpful in their adoption drives, these include:
Dash Embassy DACH
Dash Thailand
Dash Help, Mall and Parking (Venezuela)

To this end, we'll be translating the book into Spanish, German and Thai. As with the English and French versions, all other translated versions will be open-sourced and listed for free download on The cost for translation is $0.06 per word (book contains 20,000 words approximately) including typesetting, book and cover designs.

Thanks to Essra, Sascha and Strophy for helping with getting translators and strategizing this over the last few months.

  • Distribution of hardcopies
We are working with FintechNGR to send copies of Digital is the Cash book across their membership - The corporate membership of the Association cuts across various sectors of the economy including; financial services solutions providers, Financial Information Providers, Banking, Incubator & Accelerator, Payment systems, Consulting Investment/Venture Capitalists, Media, Law Firms, IT, Startups, Education, Professional Bodies, Insurance. Please see their 125 reputable member institutions here -

Impressively, we've also received applications from other organisations and we'll also send them copies as we proceed. We strongly believe that this campaign will introduce thousands of people to Dash and will also help with getting Dash a proper classification when the crypto regulations are released.

Metrics and data for verification of the distribution are submitted to DashWatch monthly.

The book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License so anyone can reproduce it as long as it's not for commercial purposes.

C. Remittance and Business Development:
Joint marketing of the Dash remittance lines with our partners - Bitfxt and Naijacrypto have begun. This is already turning in good results and we'll keep up with it. Running this jointly with our partners helps us save on costs.

We'll continue to work closely with existing partners on strategies to promote the use of Dash. One of such has led to Gigalayer sending out a Dash promotional newsletter bi-monthly to over 20,000 subscribers/ users.

We will also work on closing existing leads and replenishing our lead pipeline

D. General Dash Adoption
Increased marketing of Dash via social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and other promotional activities not covered in the scope of this proposal.

3. Previous Results
  • Entered into a partnership with Bitfxt to establish a Dash remittance line at 1% fee, making it possible for users to receive Dash as remittances and liquidate for just a 1% fee.
Naijacrypto is a digital asset exchange platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency exchange. One of Nigeria's popular indigenous exchanges. Currently working with Naijacrypto to introduce a 0% fee for Dash transactions and remittances for the next 6 months. So far, Dash has been integrated into Naijacrypto and the promotion will be rolled out in March 2020.
Boundlesspay is a crypto-fiat payment gateway focused on Nigeria. Merchants will be able to accept payments in Dash with instant auto-conversion of it to naira.
  • Dash launched on yellowcard (we have also convinced them to drop LTC, BCH and ETH).
  • Dash integrated at gigalayer
  • Dash integrated into bitfxt exchange.
  • Dash integrated into quidax exchange.

P.S. We also offer technical support to our partners listed above.

Website: Dash Nigeria new website launched with additional modules to the academy.

Learn with Dash: 9 videos in Pidgin English for learning and promoting Dash 

Dash Promotion:
What are Private and Public Keys Explained in Pidgin English 
How to set up a Dash Wallet Explained in Pidgin English 
What is Dash Explained in Pidgin English 
Features of Dash Explained in Pidgin English 
What is Digital Currency Explained in Pidgin English 
How to Save and Invest in Dash through Masternodes Explained in Pidgin English 
Dash Evolution Explained in Pidgin English 
Dash Global Acceptance Explained in Pidgin English 
Where you can Buy/ Sell Dash in Nigeria Explained in Pidgin English 

  1. BitcoinAfrica; Dash Donates 1,000 books to Campus BCAT
  2. Cryptobriefing: Dash Nigeria: Bitcoin dominance challenged by unstoppable adoption
  3. Dash in Partnership with BITFXT to Make Cash Remittances to Nigeria at 1%

Here's a list of the publications we secured for the Dash - Ankerpay announcement:
  1. Bitcoinafrica
  2. Cryptotvplus
  3. Qryptocentral
  4. Businessday newspaper
4. Why Vote YES?
Proven team:
We have been executing the proposed strategy already successfully for a couple of months. We have been able to constantly increase all relevant metrics: Integrations, merchants, users, transactions and have recently branched out into engaging media partners. We are also a part of Dash Co-Working (DCW).

Low cost:
We’re constantly among the cheapest teams in the category “General Dash adoption”. We believe to have generated a high return on investment for the DAO and are pushing to get even more cost efficient.

Consistent adoption:
We don’t promise the pie in the sky. We don’t expect you to pay us many months in advance. We work step by step, unlocking new Dash adoption along the way. Support us and continue to see ongoing results month over month.

Nigeria is hungry for Dash:
The success of campaigns such as the Digital Cash Awareness Drive show that Nigeria is a receptive and fertile ground for Dash adoption. We’re introducing reliable payments, free “banking” infrastructure and economic cross border payments, capabilities that many Nigerians are experiencing for the first time and are reaping the corresponding strong results such as our telegram group having over 1,000 members.

5. Budget
In depth budget
117 Dash per month for 3 months price @77.44USD 1/6/2020

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2 points,1 day ago
Digital is the Cash book review and Dash Nigeria activites covered on Cointelegraph
2 points,1 day ago
Great stuff, well done Nathaniel.
1 point,1 day ago
1 point,4 days ago
I was really surprised to see that this proposal isn't passing. From the weekly DCW calls, which Nathaniel is attending frequently, I have the impression, that he and his team are doing a good job for Dash in Africa. Good luck Nathaniel. I hope you will be able to continue your efforts.
1 point,4 days ago
Thanks for your support. We'll not dropping our tools. We hope we get funded so we can work at our planned pace.
1 point,8 days ago
Donate to keep the lights on at Dash Nigeria

We've gotten 24.9 Dash so far from donations. We need 25 Dash more to keep the lights on for Dash Nigeria. We're not funded for the month of July 2020 and are seeking your donations in order to keep being operational.

We've well on track with our milestones and we have some positive news that'll be out this month.

Stopping our operations will lead to a cease of support for our users and partners which will not be healthy for the long term growth of Dash in Africa.

We are receiving donations at the same address as our proposal here:


We'll also appreciate your feedback to our proposal and activities.


Nathaniel Luz
Lead, Dash Nigeria
1 point,15 days ago
Dash Nigeria Call for Donations

We're not funded for the month of July 2020 and are seeking your donations in order to keep being operational.

We'll like to continue our work for Dash this month and are seeking 50 dash in order to cover running costs such as the continuation of our biz dev/ integrations, helpline and support program, ongoing social media presence, PR and administration expenses.

Stopping our operations will lead to a cease of support for our users and partners which will not be healthy for the long term growth of Dash in Africa.

We are receiving donations at the same address as our proposal here:


We'll also appreciate your feedback to our proposal and activities.


Nathaniel Luz
Lead, Dash Nigeria
0 points,15 days ago
It'll be great to get some feedback from the 'No'and 'Abstain' voters. Is there some other form of deliverable you'll like to see from us?
3 points,16 days ago
Africa Desk could be a winner. Zimbabwe is #2 in national-currency inflation in the world right now. Zimbabwe could be the easiest country in the world right now to win market-share in for our product
2 points,16 days ago
The Dash Africa Desk will focus on promoting Dash as the choice crypto in African media including Zimbabwe. It'll also be the go-to desk for Dash enquiries in Africa.

The State of Crypto in Africa Report by Arcane Research favourable mentions the adoption of Dash and the activities of Dash Nigeria. Link to report:

This and more will be our focus. Thanks for your support.
2 points,18 days ago
Yes from me, good luck with your budget proposal.
2 points,18 days ago
Thanks for your support.
5 points,19 days ago
The State of Crypto in Africa Report by Arcane Research favourable mentions the adoption of Dash and the activities of Dash Nigeria.

This is another commendation of our work at Dash Nigeria.

Link to report:

Link to article on the report:
0 points,18 days ago
A very solid "HELL YES!" from me. As a contrast to the slew of negativity both this month and in general that this PO routinely recieves, allow me to take merely a second of your time to recap some of the main acheivements that this team has granted our network, so that we can know for certain whether or not they serve or will in Nigeria and Africa abroad or not.

Normally, I'd refer to Dashwatch reports, but honestly, this team has been so performant I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader. This time, we're going straight to the tap to get a drink. Without further ado, I present the reasons why I have before and will continue to heartily vote yes for DashNigeria and Nathaniel's team.

First of all and most importantly, Nate is loyal to the network. He, like Carlo lead manager @ DashHaiti, has worked tirelessly throughout the last two-three (?) years to spread Dash adoption in Nigeria. They were defunded for a large portion of last year. Unfortunately, they had to let most of their team go in fact.

Despite all of that, however, here he remains. Because Dash is the best and DashNigeria, like the rest of the world, wants the best money. Because of this loyalty, DashNigeria is responsible for a smorgasbord of adoptions, integrations and true partnerships with African crypto-businesses. Many are listed in the proposal but the one I want to highlight is ANKERPAY which was a very big deal: Do you see this?

"Users in South Africa can now **purchase or sell Dash through their ATMs or wallets and spend it at participating merchants in the country**. Users can also purchase goods and services online with Dash. Furthermore, the partners will be introducing **remittances services to South Africa** (and other regional markets) from the UK and Europe. "

Yeah. We have DashNigeria to thank for that stupendous deal. DashNigeria has a lot of clout throughout Africa. With it, they're able to land local and NON-LOCAL integrations all over. As the lead of DashNext said in a comment on their proposal, this kind of cross-border integration news provides A LOT OF HYPE in the community amongst businesses.

A lot of integrations come about because, "Oh I heard what you guys are doing in Ven." or "Oh, DashNigeria is really great! I heard about Dash through their outreach/book/videos". So number one is the strong partnership DashNigeria brings as well as their list of powerful integrations.

Secondly, the decentralization of the network and development is at stake. Do you remember DashNepsium?

In that proposal NespiumTeam asked for 50 Dash and promised us basically Dash/fiat conversions in Africa on a platter using a DCG-approved in-wallet plugin for Dash-fiat purchases and sales. Just like KuvaCash tried to do. Coincidence?

Here's a quote from quantumexplorer, head of mobile development for DCG, speaking on his involvement with Nepsiumteam:

• quantumexplorer

• 7 points
11 months ago

"I am head of mobile team for DCG, and built the majority of the current iOS wallet. I would like to confirm that I talked to the Nepsium team and I suggested that they take this path forward as it's the quickest way to give users access to buying/selling Dash in Nigeria compared to the previous approach that I thought was not feasible in the time frame.

**Fiat on/off ramps were and to an extent still are part of our strategy for 2019, however we don't have the resources in Core to develop all these integrations. Any development submitted by a third party developer will be thoroughly reviewed and will be always be required to be fully open source.**"

Ok so basically, Nate was trying to rapidly expand Dash's growth and reach not just in Nigeria but all of Africa. By creating a separate team focused solely on allowing the buy/sell of Dash in the actual Dash wallets using a third-party plugin for fiat conversions. This would've been a global first and a very big win for the Dash network.

Everyone is always talking about "We need to decentralize the dev teams", we need to "increase code-base knowledge among non-core devs". Yet, when a proposal was brought to the network TO DO JUST THAT VERY THING, guess who showed up? Realmrhack again. Downvoters and hateful favortists with hidden agendas that the network doesn't benefit from showed up spreading lies and fud. And NepsiumTeam was not funded, and the Dash DAO was set back again in one of our wheelhouses. Just like with Kuvacash.

How many times are we going to allow hateful LIARS to derail our growth and adoption? In fact, let's take KuvaCash as an example. No matter how you feel about it or the personalities involved (ugh), the fact remains indisputable that they were defunded right before they were supposed to launch, so we'll never know if it would've worked out or not. We ended up wasting 2 million dollars of network funds.

Nobody was punished for that and nobody was reprimanded. Its funny to read all these arguments AGAINST DashNigeria, DashMallandParking, DashHaiti calling them "wastes of money" and "cash-grabs", yet nobody was upset when these jealous liars made the network waste $2 million USD and a year and a half of work over stupid drama! Hypocrisy and enabling only HURT THE NETWORK AS A WHOLE AND LIMIT OUR GROWTH.

Thirdly and second most importantly, below Nathaniel posted an article called "The State of Crypto in Africa Report". I want to quote some select statements from that report. Its a little bit of a read but these parts are relevant to this discussion. The first part is ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR US:

"ElectroneumIn terms of raw users, Electroneum (ETN) is probably the one of the moresignificant cryptocurrency-project in Africa. The project claims to have over **100,000** usersthroughout South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania. As high as these figures are, raising questions about their validity, they have been recently verifiedby the research firm, Cointelligence."

Do you see this? Electroneum has in Africa *as many users as we have in all of Venezuela*. Considering how much money and time we've spent in Venezuela, that's pretty impressive. Electroneum is a far more centralized, less performant coin than Dash. Yet they have instant transactions. They are preparing to provide job services to Africans, they already provide electricity top ups and the following perks:

•Instant payments via the Electroneum application

•The Electroneum application rewards users with $3 worth of ETN per month•Buying of airtime and data with ETN through the Electroneum application

•A $80 smartphone, the M1to facilitate the usage of ETN

•An on-the-ground incentive program targeting merchants called ETN Everywhere

•A freelancing marketplace, called AnyTaskand e-learning site, TaskSchoolthat leverages ETN as its payment network

In other words, WE HAVE COMPETITION, PEOPLE. Competition with similar features that we offer, like crypto-mobile phones (Kripmobile), instant tx'es, merchant adoption programs, freelancing marketplace etc.

We can't afford to waste ANY TIME listening to losers and liars like realmrhack who have SPENT LITERALLY YEARS LYING ABOUT OUR DAOS just so that we wont' be able to grow properly. This is the result of that effort. If the massive defunding of African proposals over 2018-2019 didn't take place, we can definitely say that we would be in a far superior position than we are now to take on electroneum and our other treasuried/bear-market-survivable competition.

But DashGhana, KuvaCash, and several other Dash communities in Africa were HATEFULLY AND MALICIOUSLY DEFUNDED by the same Donnelly-esque hit-and-run tactics used in Ven. Now they seek to do the same thing once again to Dash Nigeria it looks like. This is called a "civility attack".

Where people like realmrhack and lysergic PRETEND TO BE YOUR FRIENDS while THEY STAB YOU IN THE BACK AND SHIT ON ALL YOUR WORK IN SECRET! Why? So shitcoins like Monero and Electroneum can gain the adoption that RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO DASH. These communities do not want decentralized private digital cash in the hands of the masses. They want their KYC/AML system of COERCION to win the day instead.

While they try to convince us to keep restarting from square one with tiny, ineffective proposals for a DAO of Dash's current size and scale, our competition DESPERATELY RACES TO CATCH UP TO US SO THEY NEVER HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR SUPERIOR POSITION. Again, I submit that we do our competition NO FAVORS by limiting our growth to protect their egos and validate their bad choices. They could and still can get on the Dash train at any time, just like the rest of us did.

In summary, we have in DashNigeria and Nathaniel's capable hands an ever growing and strong community in a regional hotspot in Africa that is poised to grow in business use-cases for decades to come. Nathaniel has written a BOOK ON DASH and cryptocurrency in general (so it appeals to a wide audience as well), translated it into different languages, and is providing copies to governments, regulators and universities. This is the kind of long-term growth that we as a network need to continue to cultivate and foster.

I've said enough I think. Let's vote yes for DashNigeria and increase our adoption in Africa and worldwide!
0 points,15 days ago
Wow now i really know your a lunatic moron that continues his ramblings and doubles down on stupid bullshit.

Honestly dude get a life!, Its people like you who are toxic in this environment who, cant differentiate reality.
1 point,15 days ago
Exhibit A from the hateful and malicious favortist himself. His presence and attempts at emotional abuse serve as proof positive that I am if not 100% correct, at the least 90-95% so. Who else would try to emotionally assault others in this venue? What does he even gain from that? The ONLY people who REQUIRE negativity to operate are TROLLS AND SHILLS! Why do they need negativity? To HIDE IN. If you're fighting other MNOs and they're fighting you (severe infighting like what's happening now in BCH), then they can disrupt, pull plugs, damage machinery, unawares.

IN OTHER WORDS, ITS SO YOU DON'T ATTACK THEM BACK LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO! When they use these emotional attacks they make their victims become defensive and separate themselves from the rest of the network (forcing them into their own egos where they can do the most damage - which is the only way to attack a DAO). By hiding under "ROI" or "metrics" they can PRETEND to be for the network, while they're in actuality trying to divide and conquer it. This is called a "deflection shield".

But why? Why the HELL would anyone want to do this? Because the cryptocurrency community is peopled by various groups who use egotism as a way to both grow their own and infiltrate other communities. Fluffypony of monero routinely "brags" about having a higher marketcap than Dash, which is an appeal to the ego. "Hrmph, we're bigger. You're smaller. We don't need to deal with you (turns nose up)."

This impression is not recieved by accident, it is deliberate. Of course it is also completely superficial, because Monero only has a larger marketcap than Dash because it has TWICE the issued supply. That's it. When you compare them with the same supply, Dash is larger and has been for years. But this doesn't matter because the ego is about superficiality. *That's why emotional, ego-based investing is SO DANGEROUS*.

And THAT'S WHY people like hack, lysergic, geert, Moka, ceti, thedesertlynx, mastermined, macno and other hateful favoritists use it. Because they know that people in their egos are the easiest to manipulate and DESTROY! So they stroke the ego, they rely on ego-based arguments, ego-based motivations, all because FACTUAL ANALYSIS WILL EXPOSE THEM FOR THE CHARLATANS THAT THEY ARE.

As you can see, hack is aggressive on all the "third-world" teams that GIVE US, THE DAO, REAL RESULTS. They all vote together and spread LIES TOGETHER.

Here is a quote from xkcd from the Dash MNO discord channel yesterday where he is LYING about Dash-Nigeria and DashNepsium (a proposal that was going to provide a Dash-fiat banking integration in the official wallet that was aggressively attacked by hack and others from this cabal).

"xkcd Today at 15:36
@theman2121 (therealdashman21's discord handle) Do not conflate the two, the cointelegraph article does not mention DASH as I said, I am now reading the Arcane report (37 pages) and will give you my thoughts shortly.

Also, about the nepsium website, total bunk. I completely reject your reasoning as acceptable. (edited)"

So, this is xkcd BASICALLY TAP-DANCING AROUND trying to explain why he is discrediting evidence and voting NO. Yet he clearly supports "DashCamLife":

"xkcd Today at 13:06
DASH.CamLife has gone to private funding, I remain in full support of it."

Also xkcd on Nathaniel:

"xkcd Today at 05:24
nathaniel has done less than me, he takes money all the time and has little to show for it, where are the videos of people using DASH?"

My response:
"theman2121 Today at 05:24
How can you say he has done LESS than you, when you just admitted that you have DONE ZERO adoption?
You're not making any sense..."

Also note that pointing out that deliberately ignoring evidence is malicious behavior got me a "warning" from TroyDash. Which got him a warning from me: Engage in censorship and I'll tear your whole sandcastle-censorship-playhouse down.

This is how you know this is a blockstream-esque attack on Dash's value proposition and not "racism". They want to use that as a deflective COVER. Gravbender in the MNO channel yesterday pointed out that it seemed that Moka, ceti and others were being decidedly negative against Dash-Africa Desk because of the color of Nate's skin. WHAT FOLLOWED NEXT is what convinced me that this is NOT AT ALL about racism! Moka, ceti and another MNO then IMMEDIATELY went into first damage-control, then attack mode!

Within thirty seconds of that particular accusation from gravbender, the hemming-and-hawing began. The FAUX-OUTRAGE at being called racist was so thick you could cut it with a katana. Which means these guys were prepared for that accusation. They were READY for it. Called it "fuckin' disgusting" that gravbender would even dream to think that maybe, just maybe they were attacking Nate because of his skin. Which means that is definitely the area of discussion they wanted us to go towards. They deliberately left themselves "wide-open" to that criticism. Which means its a feignt.

Which likely means that that is the planned "deflection channel" they have set up, all their scenarios and pre-scripted behavior is for that line of eventuality. They are prepared to defend against being racists because THEY'RE NOT racists. They are INFILTRATORS from another coin, so they do not mind ONE BIT getting us to spin our wheels over "racism" instead of CALLING THEM OUT FOR BEING FROM OTHER COINS AND DISRUPTING OUR VOTING SYSTEM!

This is why hack always defaults to emotional abuse and NEVER responds to arguments reasonably or rhetorically. Because HE KNOWS he's wrong! So he has to DISTRACT you from that as much as possible.

When people get defensive its nearly impossible to notice things like this (and why neutrality is so powerful because you get to see all of this clear as day), that is what these MNO-cabal members are attempting to take advantage of. They are trying to "Trojan Horse" us by being a "poison pill" that we take now when we're growing so they can MISDIRECT US into paying strippers and drug addicts INSTEAD of the teams that want to work to spread Dash Digital Cash!

In other words, they are relying on CYNICISM to emotionally TORTURE the Dash network and community into NOT FUNDING OUR GROWTH! They are doing this because they are BUTTHURT that our coin is superior to there's and can survive the bear market and continue to grow while they slowly suffocate. So they use what clout, time and abilities they have to LIE AND FUD OUR TEAMS! Some more direct quotes from liars attempting to cynically discount DashAfrica's work and get this team defunded:

In response to the idea that quantumexplorer, head of mobile dev for Dash Core Group, gave his explicit stamp of approval on the DashNepsium proposal, xkcd cynically replied:

First up, let's ignore DCG, they told the MNOS how important ALT36 was and sheilded (sic) them from DW and it all went to pure shit, so DCG has a cross against their name and we won't ever take anything they endorse at their word, next stop spamming this crap!"

Wow, really? Firstly I haven't posted in the discord in about a month, I only have time to come around when voting is hottest near the end of the cycle. So this was definitely not me "spamming" anything, I was just arguing for DashAfrica in the MNO channel, but Xkcd didn't want the others to see that it seems. Secondly, NOTICE HOW DESPERATE he is to take away any and all clout and praise from DashNigeria?!

All of the sudden, DCG can't be trusted now. So I guess we should defund them too huh? This is what happens when you allow IRRATIONAL LIARS into your network. They just keep SPOUTING THE PARTY LINE until their agenda (our destruction) is complete. Then they'll disappear (or laugh on twitter, "see? your coin wasnt that good after all, hrmph!" Just like children.

Xkcd lying and using emotional abuse (hot-and-cold) to justify defunding a performant DAO:

"xkcd Today at 13:26
I will scroll up soon and read the links you posetd and refute them too, believe me I want to support nathaniel, he is a swell guy, he just isn't making the progress we'd hoped he would. It's been a long run, he's had a good go of it, but it seems like it might be time to sunset his work."

Wow. Also take note that xkcd NEVER SOURCED this argument. He never provided evidence. This is actually SAF which is against the rules. Guess who was admonished for "violating" SAF by calling this behavior malicious (which it obviously is)? Yep, me. This proves that they are all working together to attack our growth in Africa.

They are attempting AND SUCCEEDING in pulling off a "civility attack" where they are nice to your face (unless you're doing things and growing in ways that are out of their control), while they ARE STABBING YOU IN THE BACK and hiding like COWARDS in MNO instead of bringing their reasonings against Nate here to his proposal. Nate has 124 no votes with NO FEEDBACK! This is not how the DAO is supposed to work and it proves we have a conflict of interest/infiltrated masternode problem, and its time we acted accordingly.
0 points,18 days ago
Thanks for your support.
1 point,18 days ago
Thanks for your efforts!
0 points,18 days ago
At this ask/cycle and after so much time, I would need to see a sustainable revenue model, or perhaps even a stake for the DIF. Voting "No."
2 points,18 days ago
Hi Agnewpickens,

Regarding a sustainable revenue model, I was well ahead here with

1. We built a fully functional product without a $ from the Dao.

2. We lost $1,500 in proposal fees for Nepsium as it never got funded.

3. (the proposal information was redacted several months later. Since it wasn't funded, my co-founder wanted it redacted as it contained sensitive business information).

4. Nepsium was built as a crypto payment gateway that'll be integrated directly into the Dash mobile wallets so Nigerians can buy/sell Dash in-app similarly to Uphold. As it stands to Uphold doesn't support Nigeria. Nepsium was supposed to make Dash Nigeria self sustainable after a period of time.

A stake for the DIF? Certainly not a problem. We could get that resolved.

1 point,18 days ago
5. We worked with DCG mobile wallet devs regarding Nepsium. Building it out on our own cost about $20k.
1 point,18 days ago
It really is a shame that the network was TRICKED into not supporting you. We should not let this stand. Something should be done.
1 point,18 days ago
It is both strange and hilarious to watch the ever twisting rationales designed to keep us from growing in our global wheelhouses and funding the very teams that have brought us countless adoptions and integrations.

This "rationale twisting" from indivdiuals such as agnewpickens, lysergic, realmrhack et al. here goes on only with these performant teams and growing proposals in the third world, while at the same time, THESE SAME INDIVIDIUALS support wasteful or barely hatched proposals like George Donnelly (who worked tirelessly to destroy our Ven. adoption), "DashFarms" (agnew's friend), or DashCamLife (agnew again).

Not only that, but as the height of hypocrisy, Agnew was AGAINST the real Dash Venezuelan teams working for adoption (only recently "supporting" Dashmallandparking even though that's a complete no-brainer).

So you only want to fund Venezuelan teams when you're paying them for sex work? But if they're independently plotting their own course and charting their own map without your micro-managing all of the sudden you don't want to play anymore? LIES AND HYPOCRISY!

Lysergic, mrhack, and agnew usually vote together on many proposals. Lysergic for example, just like agnew, was very happy and all in favor of voting for DashCamLife and "DashFarms" even though all of the criticisms (and then some) that they routinely apply to DashNigeria, DashHaiti and DashVenezuela proposals apply 20x to the ones they support.

What else could this indicate but a cabal of MNOs with a conflict of interest? Best to ignore their comments completely until we can do something about them, they are bad actors working against the DAO in my opinion.
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A strong yes from me. I strongly believe that the seeds we have been planting with our Nigerian team will bare excellent fruit in the future.
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I concur completely.
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Thanks for your support.
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Strong NO from this MNO, I bet after the 117 DASH x 3 there won't even be a desk, this is a complete waste of money, we will see nothing for it. Adoption efforts in the region have been futile, the PO is unable to post evidence of any adoption to date, COVID-19 is ravaging the continent and is accelerating, mingling and meetups are not going to happen. Please MNOs wake the fudge up and stop peeing away your investment for nothing.
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Which Continent the Covid19 ravage ?
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Strong negativity directed at one of our best teams? What does COVID-19 have to do with it anyways? It's ravaged every continent. If Dash is going to succeed in making it as a currency alternative, it isn't going to be adopted by those with access to functional fiat, but by those places where, even using the dollar is bogged down in friction due to the lack of banking services. Nathaniel has been Dash's Nigerian tiger, a man on a mission for YEARS now. I think he and his team deserve a little respect by this point.
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1) How many people in team please?

2) I would be interested in some feedback from some of integrations, pertaining to actual use and Dash volume.
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Hi Criticalinput,

1. 3 full time and 2 part time. Our work has been greatly increased to cover the Dash Africa Desk, Book translation and review, and several others listed in the proposal.

2. We're currently still in the promotional phase for some of our integrations like Bitfxt, Naijacrypto and Gigalayer. We had to slow down as we were short on funds for promotions.

My personal communication with them show that there's increased usage of Dash on the platforms. For instance, Naijacrypto needed more liquidity for Dash since March and we worked with them to get a bigger liquidity provider. The deal was sealed some days ago and will be launched next week.

(Usually, partners charge 5 - 6 figures for liquidity but we got this figured out at no cost).