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Title:d10e Conference Sponsorship
One-time payment: 490 DASH (15218 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 490 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-06-06 / 2016-07-21 (added on 2016-05-27)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 871 Yes / 3 No / 0 Abstain
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The pre-poposal thread can be found here:

Thanks to connections made through the Vanbex Group, we have a unique opportunity to sponsor the d10e conference in San Fransisco July 19th-20th at the "Visionary" sponsorship level at a discount of 20%.

What is d10e?
d10e is an event (formerly known as Coin Congress) focused on the topics of decentralization of FinTech, disruptive technology and culture, the sharing economy, and the future of work. You can find out more at

What is happening at the event?
The event consists of several elements. The first is a networking event the evening of the 19th. The next day consists of 12 presentations - each lasting 10 minutes plus 5 minutes audience Q&A - followed by panel discussions in the afternoon 30 minutes each with 10 minute audience Q&A. There is also a startup pitch competition.

Who is going to this thing?
Organizers expect about 450 in-person attendees at the conference. The conference will also be streamed live exclusively to an unknown number of participants via virtual reality recording and broadcast, making the conference a news-worthy event. In addition, the conference recordings will be made available online following the event for regular video.

Attendees will be varied, but expect to see CXO-level executives from a variety of bitcoin and blockchain companies, investment firms, startups, and incubators. You will also find a number of bitcoin luminaries, but I think it is too soon to announce anything that isn't yet on d10e's own website.

What would a Visionary sponsorship cost?
The visionary level sponsorship package lists for $5,000, but we would paying a reduced $3,500.

What is included in a Visionary sponsorship?
We would receive several benefits:
  1. On-site marketing opportunities including one of the presentations an exhibit area / table, and projection of the Dash logo at the Expo.
  2. A slot on one of the panels (potentially on the topic of DAOs)
  3. Pre-event marketing including Dash description on the website, featured announcement to participants, web links, etc.
  4. 10 all access passes - we could hold a lottery for unused tickets for community members in SF or willing to pay their own way.
We plan to have Evan speak on the main stage and Daniel speak on the DAO panel. This is a great opportunity to provide exposure to attendees of our lead developer and head of business development.

What else is planned?

Since the soda machine was such a hit in Miami, a bunch of members of the community are planning to have the soda machine come out of retirement to make an appearance. We are working on door-to-door transport costs, hardware upgrades to the machine (it was embarrassingly slow to boot up in Miami), and incidentals like soda. Early estimates for the soda machine transport, upgrade, and stocking are ~$1,200.

Will there be any other costs?
The only other costs will be transportation and lodging costs. Tickets have not yet been purchased. We will include a separate proposal for the July budget cycle to reimburse for these costs. Meals and entertainment will not be reimbursed.

Would I be allowed to go?
If you live in San Fran or would be willing to pay your own way, we will be giving any excess tickets out to the community. We will even throw in a free soda! However, with the eight extra tickets our first priority will be to use the them for business development purposes with potential partners.

Requested funding is as follows for the June 6th budget cycle:
  • 465.43 Dash for the sponsorship package ($3,500 USD @ $7.52 per May 26th average rate at
  • 20.06 Dash for the soda machine ($1,200 USD @ $7.52 per May 26th average rate LESS a donation from @GreyGhost from Dash World remaining budget from April of 139.5157143 Dash)
  • 5.00 Dash reimbursement for the proposal cost
Total: 490.49 Dash

Exchange rate risk is carried by @oaxaca for the soda machine expenses not by the network. However, any changes in the actual fiat cost associated with the soda machine may be submitted with the July budget... $1,200 is an estimate. The July proposal will also include travel expense reimbursement. Right now, we do not yet have a sponsor for the Visionary sponsorship cost. Therefore, any shortfall in the Dash needed on the date of the payment to d10e will be included in the July travel proposal. Likewise, any leftover Dash after payment to d10e will be applied toward travel costs.

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1 point,7 years ago
3 points,8 years ago
I will vote for almost anything that gets that wonderful soda machine in front of more people. I didn't really appreciate how amazing InstantSend was until I saw it on YouTube.
2 points,8 years ago
The instant soda machine is a showstopper.
3 points,8 years ago
I agree, there was something that just hit it home by seeing the Dash n Drink machine in action. It was a brilliant plan by all those involved!