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Title:Community management for growth
Monthly amount: 195 DASH (5052 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-07-06 / 2016-10-20 (added on 2016-06-18)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 67 Yes / 377 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

Dear Community,
I am in bitcoin community since mid 2012. I was very young so I decided
to not only do various stuff around cryptocurrencies but to study as
well. Fortunately I finished university education recently. Since
november 2015 I started exploring different cryptocurrenies in search of
scalable cryptocurrency as I really hate to not only pay high-fees that
bitcoin is transitioning towards.

Since January I decided to establish site about dash for Czecho-Slovak community and Facebook page as well that I am mantaining and promoting regularly on various places
as well as on bitcoin meetups. I have already organized one meetup in
Brno - second biggest city in Czech republic.

Very recently I saw data from this site:


- source
So I believe that my activities were likely efficient as I know that my activities impacted thousands of people.

Strategy for this project
Strong community is the best thing for all kinds of goals that Dash
relies on. I believe it is better to build stronger foundation and see
local companies (exchanges, bitcoin trezor and a lot more) and investors
move toward our solution with some marketing toward that but only as a
complementary thing.

Budget alocation
1650USD @8.45 = 195,26 DASH --> 195 DASH
for three months, even thought it will require new submission to new governance engine after this month.

  • Bring more relevant people to pages or (for those that speak only czech) --> more adoption, merchants and more
    • via Various marketing channels (most importantly website + newsletter and FB) - with focus described below
  • Create more local language content with most important informations in video form
    • It will be different style than Amanda probably, yet I will try to bring fast translations for Amanda videos about Dash to Czech because it
      makes zero sense to make the same thing twice)
  • Facebook channel - maintain on more regular basis - daily
  • Twitter channel - create and maintain
  • Meetups - speak about dash on regular BTC meetup in Prague as main topic.
    • There are tens of important figures of czech crypto scene every week
  • Get more press coverage of topic - preparations and explorations already made

Example of video production:

  • Bring 60% of current bitcoin users/enthusiasts/companies closer and closer to dash and show the good that are dash's advantage
  • 20% - bring it to economists and other profesionals that could be a source of propagation toward more people
  • 20% bring it to completely new people
(in longer-term - increase percentage toward new people as Evolution is coming as Evolution will be great for new people)

Another plan:
  • My friend and entrepreneur in Slovak republic could bring awaraness to Slovak people that understand Czech language very well (we  used to
    be one country before 1993) - high priority - this could get done very
    fast as relationships are very good and there was some comunication
    about this issue
  • Explore Switzerland market and try to kickstart Switzerland comunity as they could be strategicaly important and I will be likely in touch
    with some people in comunity in less than month and I have some good
    partner there as well
  • I would like to manage Swiss comunity as well untill they build their own organization - it will be more efficient for them but some
    cooperation would be beneficial for both sides
Risks and mitigation
There are risks of not being able to execute some part/s of plan. These
risks are very likely to be mitigated as I know czech community and they
know me so I will be able to find different ppl to cooperate with.

Video production - there might be unforseen challenged but it will be
very easily fixed as I will move to bigger town where it will be very
easy to get in touch with required skills.

Comunication requirements:
It will be very good to have good and up-to-date informations from core
team. But it will be of a great value to have information about
analytics of so that it will be easier to analyze impact of
this project and to have bigger impact toward goals.


I will review progress made on dash forum every month.

Contact info

My other relevant experience
Webdesign project management + some administration - e.g.,
Investment strategy 4+ years

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1 point,7 years ago
Comodore, It looks like you spent some time on this proposal. I have a few comments that might help.
1. List any expenses you will have with this proposal. From what I can tell you are updating facebook and twitter, which is free. The meetups and press coverage may require some funds. If you show us how much is spent, maybe your asking amount will look better.
2. It looks like you are targeting the Slovak and Switzerland Markets. Why do you think this is a good focus? Maybe Greece or Venezuela would be better targets?
3. You are asking 3x what most core people are getting. Unfortunately, this requires you to provide a lot of examples of previous work, more detail in how the funds are used, and what the value of the end result of your efforts will be.
0 points,7 years ago
Guys, thank you for your feedback. I will edit proposal to be less confusing as well as better suited for stakeholder needs. In the meantime I had already provided more information about my identity (dash forum original link)
0 points,7 years ago
Not clear why you want money for and where are you going to spend it on. What kind of benefit DASH would gain? Voting no.
1 point,7 years ago
I see lots of no votes
I have no personal opinion on this proposal.
My question is why because all I can see here is poor english and no reputation. Is there anything I am missing?
0 points,7 years ago
I wouldn't grade him on English, since he is trying to market to Slovak and Switzerland areas anyway.
0 points,7 years ago
You are the first person ever complaining about my english language skills, maybe I made some mistakes I was preparing the text for hours and I was really tired. considering reputation I added some info to dash forum post. And I would be glad to help you clarify your further doubts.
0 points,7 years ago
Not trying to criticize, nothing personal, just noting the only obvious things that I could see and wondering about the motivations of voters.

Perhaps a clearer proposal, as Solarminer commented, would be the best first move for you. I hope you have a great proposal and become an asset to the Dash community.
0 points,7 years ago
way too much money requested.
not enough results or rep to get anywhere near that amount of DASH or even half that.
maybe in the future i would vote for it with much less DASH/USD and more results.
nice job though and keep up the good work.