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Title:Core Team Public Relations (February)
One-time payment: 335 DASH (23121 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-01-16 / 2019-02-15 (added on 2019-01-07)
Final voting deadline: in 12 days
Votes: 396 Yes / 147 No / 2 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 235 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Dash Core Group February 1st Funding Proposals
DCG is submitting 3 funding proposals for the February 1st budget cycle:
1) DCG Compensation: $257,000
2) DCG Public Relations: $27,390
3) DCG Premises: $22,000

This proposal

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Public Relations is one of the key parts of the marketing function within Dash Core Group (“DCG”). The purpose of this activity is to gain media attention for Dash, help shape the messaging around Dash, and enhance the public perception of the project.

In the past, we have worked with several PR companies; and since July 2016 we have been working with Wachsman PR exclusively. Their contract expired at the end of December 2018, but we had a small buffer in our public relations budget so we decided to extend the contract for an additional month before returning to the network for additional funding. We would like to renew the contract for the months of February to April 2019.

In Q4 2018 we planned on expanding our public relations efforts into the Spanish speaking market by hiring a second PR firm to work with us. However, due to market conditions, we decided to pause the onboarding of the new LatAm PR firm. We have retained the funds requested for that effort ($9,000). They are earmarked in our budget and we will use them for additional reach in the Spanish speaking market.

A report detailing Wachsman’s results is published in the forum:

From a public relations standpoint, Q4 2018 was our best quarter to date.  Prior to this record-setting quarter, our best quarter had been Q3 2018.  During Q4 we achieved almost a billion unique visitors per month (“UVPM”), our highest ever. UVPM is an indicator of Wachsman’s performance.  It reports Dash’s media exposure by measuring the reach of news outlets. The number of articles published in Q4 was similar to the previous quarter, which means that we are getting more attention from larger news outlets.
Beyond direct results of outreach via Wachsman there is also an accumulation of talks and contacts with journalists that lead to more organic coverage.  This would not have been possible without Wachsman. Supporting Dash with these conversations allows our PR efforts to bolster stories that may have been less widely covered and be readily available for any impromptu interviews unrelated to planned outreach narratives.

Here are examples of articles published by far-reaching news outlets during Q4 2018:
CNN - Beyond bitcoin: the other cryptocurrencies you should know too
Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies Are the ‘Inevitable Future
ChainLocks: Dash Upgrade To Eliminate 51 Percent Attacks

What does this proposal fund?
This proposal funds work performed by Wachsman PR for the benefit of the Dash network for the months of February through April 2019. Last quarter Wachsman agreed to cut their fee by 50% from their price of $15,000 to $7,500. They are maintaining that reduced pricing for the new contract. We appreciate their effort to accommodate Dash during this difficult budget environment. This new price, given the amount of work they perform for the network, is most likely a money-losing proposition for them. We recognize they are agreeing to this pricing because, besides being a provider, they are true believers in Dash with a partnership mentality.

In addition, we are requesting $4,890 to serve as a buffer to account for the fluctuation in the price of Dash. The total amount this proposal is requesting is $27,390.
If you have additional questions, please direct them to @fernando in the Dash forum post.

Requested funding is as follows for the February 1st budget cycle:

· 330 Dash for Public Relations ($27,390 USD @ $83 per Dash)
· 5.00 Dash proposal reimbursement
Total: 335 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future public relations expenses.

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4 points,7 hours ago
This message is to the Masternode Owners that always make excuses for Core's incompetence in PR. That must mean DCG has always employed the right tactics and made all the right strategic decisions regarding Marketing and PR. Well if that's the case, and DCG has done everything right, that can only mean that Monero is consistently ahead of Dash because they are a better coin than us. I mean if they can beat us in the rankings for almost a year but DCG has made no mistakes promoting Dash then the only other explanation is Monero is simply better. People have more confidence in it, not because they have not been educated about Dash, but because they have been informed, and they have compared the two, and Monero always comes out on top. I assume that is what you people are saying. Right!!!
6 points,2 days ago
If PR is an ongoing thing we need that core want to do then they should hire PR staff directly to DCG. In the current situation we over pay to an agency then the agency gets all the expertises and connections made by running the PR. Hire people directly you

* Save money.
* The PR people have only dash's best interest in mind, nothing else (agency has other interests).
* Accumulate the expertises and connections made in the process of doing the work.
7 points,2 days ago
There's nothing inherently wrong with Wachsman by itself. However, I do see a problem with how DCG is using this firm.

For example, In order to schedule interviews with Ryan or other DCG "executives", you have to go through Wachsman and get everyone's calendar lined up, talking points together and finally you have the interview. By that time, most people in the cryptosphere are thinking that this is way too corporate and they move on (I would too, who's got time for that BS).

This is out of scope of the proposal but I agree with a few comments in this proposal that this whole CEO, CMO, etc. titles we throw around are very off-putting and totally unnecessary. Let's focus on deliverables and less on corporate structure and titles.
12 points,3 days ago
DCG/Wachsman's performance is one of the biggest embarrassments in this space. There are a litany of problems, but just in the last few weeks alone:

Where is the official response to the 51% attack fud? Nothing but silence while the crypto media tears Dash to pieces.

Where is the social media push on the recent exchange integrations? The release of 0.13?

Blockfolio (1+ million users), has an amazing feed that DCG has free access to post on. I see 10x as many posts from coins with only 1% of Dash's actual accomplishments and news articles (from other groups, like Dash News, not Wachsman) every day. Despite the big news we've had just in the last 2 months, core can't be bothered to take advantage of this avenue. Last post as of today was from 24 days ago. They can't even be bothered to take 5 seconds to repost work others have done. Truly pathetic.

Why won't the crypto media that used to be favorable to Dash talk about us (except to spread fud) these days? It is directly due to their treatment by Wachsman and DCG. After YEARS of failure, they have shown they cannot handle this responsibility. Hopefully other Dash media can take up the slack, because this proposal should be voted down with extreme prejudice.
7 points,3 days ago
I apologize for being overly harsh with my language here. It was late and my frustration after months and months got the better of me as I started to try and list some of the reasons I am unsatisfied with core's PR efforts. I don't see the ability to edit or delete posts here, so I will say this: I don't have the visibility to know who is responsible for what as far as core PR, and I don't have a personal problem with anyone, but I am unhappy as to what I have seen recently. I am sure this proposal will pass with or without my vote, so all I can hope is that there will be some improvements and PR will be taken more seriously in the future.
3 points,3 days ago
In the past I have not been a fan Wachsman and really don't know exactly what they do. But my experience with them at Money2020 was that they were the most aggressive at getting their clients in front of press. I'd say 80% of the 20+ interviews I did were Wachsman clients. The rest of what they do I have no idea what it is or if it's worth it. Just my observation take it for whatever it's worth.
9 points,3 days ago
i havent seen a single deliverable from wachmans, how is it possible that a PR firm actually has no PR. voting no, what a crock of shit ufortunately. find a different firm that actually has some deliverables and actually engages the media in a way we can see and measure. this should be voted down.
5 points,3 days ago
their results should not only be visible in a status report, they are a PR firm not a private banker.
-16 points,1 day ago
I think there's a lot of equivocation and talking past one another that's going on in this discussion. A lot of seems to center around what WPR does for DCG and the network as a whole, and what the MNOs seem to think Wachsman ought to be doing for the network as a whole.

Over and over DCG has indicated that they are quite satisfied with WPR's performance and the support and services they provide to DCG and the impact the provision of these services has on the network. So we as MNOs need to understand just what they do for DCG and why DCG values their support and services instead of trying to impose our own personal definitions of what we think "PR" ought to be. Recognize that this proposal is not for the network as a whole, but for DCG in particular.

We also need to nail down definitions of what "Public Relations" entails vs. "Marketing" vs. "Advertising," etc, because these can all be very different things and I don't think all of us are understanding the nuances and distinctions between them.

The other thing that I don't believe my fellow MNOs are taking in to account is that the cryptocurrency space accounts for such a tiny, tiny segment of the total fintech space as a whole, and that the crypto space tends to be so frantic and insular, that it's easy to developed a skewed and warped perspective about the importance of this space and its actors relative to the larger fintech world. At the end of the day, does countering FUD on Reddit or whatever *really* matter? Or are we just over-emphasizing the importance of relatively small outlets and the opinions of amateur speculators on the long-term well-being of this project?

If you haven't noticed, DCG is a comprised largely of seasoned professionals with experience in the broader world as much as they're experienced in the crypto space, and they've moved from a purely "cryptocurrency" emphasis to a "payment system" emphasis for a reason. This is why they've been going to fintech conferences and courting interests and potential partnerships beyond the crypto space. The scope of what we're trying to do here is so much more than reddits and chatrooms, and I feel that we as MNOs due to our vantage points of being embedded in this space for so long have become myopic and ignorant of the larger business world around us.

Additionally, to address the issue of Ryan's title, I believe we absolutely benefit from having a public-facing corporate front that can directly appear for interviews and serve as a point of contact for other actors in the larger business world, and that it's entirely appropriate for the members of DCG to bear the conventional C-level titles, because that's what the larger business world expects, what seems credible and distinguished to them. We have to have ways of getting our foot in the door if we want people to listen to and understand the unique, unprecedented nature of our organization, and we need professional, experienced, friendly faces to help facilitate these interactions in ways that a horde of hundreds of disjointed, conflicting, cacophonous, often abrasive voices (i.e. we MNOs) can't.

Clearly we all believe in the structure and value of having a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, but the DAO is still developing and we haven't yet reached a stage where we can collectively do business in an efficient and amenable manner that is conducive to the existing business world. DCG facilitates that on our behalf, and they require all the tools and support and services necessary to facilitate that if we want them to do the best job they can do. This doesn't mean that they're above criticism or that some things couldn't be tweaked for improvement, but if you're going off half-cocked about how WPR is useless and people should be fired and demoted, etc, then I don't think you really understand what's going on or how or why these things are important, and it would behoove--and all of us, by extension--to really take the time to listen and understand how and why this support and these services are important.

I would hope that someone in DCG could take the time to define these terms and explain in a way the opposing MNOs could understand what "PR" means in terms of what WPR provides and why these things are important for your internal operations and performance as the public-facing, professional front of the network, because I don't think everyone's "getting it."
7 points,1 day ago
So what you are saying is that "seasoned professionals with experience" never make mistakes and need no oversight or accountability? So we need to blindly support everything DCG recommends and rubber stamp all of their proposals. Their are many companies and organizations that have failed that had "seasoned professionals with experience" running them. Vitalik Buterin doesn't have the title CEO and it hasn't hurt the Ethereum project but their is plenty of evidence that the "C" titles for DCG are hurting our project by spreading FUD. I am sick and tired of of people who always make excuses for DCG no matter how obvious the mistakes that they make!!! The truth is DCG is good at software development and really bad at PR and Marketing whether they want to admit it or not and we have a right as MNOs to protect our investment. Our currency is too good to have such a bad reputation!!!
10 points,5 days ago
This money would be better spent by a LATAM PR company. Not a single publication was in Spanish.
12 points,6 days ago
We continue to get lousy PR because we fund these kind of proposals. That is our fault not theirs.
7 points,6 days ago
Please consider to engage Walker Sands as a secondary PR agency in future.
They are specialized for customers from Fintech & IT Services, and despite being in the lower/modest price segment, they deliver TOP value.
Please check them out here:
2 points,5 days ago
Thanks for the referral. I meet with other PR firms regularly because we need to be ready if at some point we need a change or can add other firms. If you have a contact there, I would appreciate any additional info. You can send to if you prefer.
1 point,3 days ago
I would add take a look at BTC Media for additional support. They own several crypto magazines and media platforms hit me up if you need an intro.
2 points,3 days ago
I'm not directly associated with them, but they seem to have a very good reputation.
Their other webportal can be found here:
4 points,5 days ago
Fernando you are just paying JulieSimmons lip service. Core has no intention of ever using another PR Firm. They are quite happy with the non performance of Wachsman. Their efforts have produced nothing beneficial for the Dash network so we are just paying them to do busy work. If this proposal passes that's $25,071 worth of busy work!!!
2 points,6 days ago
You are wasting your time, Core won't listen to you. They are under the delusion that they are doing a great job at PR despite their complete failure in that area. I am voting NO!!! I encourage others to do the same so Core finally gets the message.
1 point,7 days ago
The eternal struggle: Mainstream media ignorance/activism and PR company impotence vs attention to accuracy within Dash related topics.

Where BASIC BRANDING misses the mark time and time again! The 'Chainlocks' article features an outdated Dash logo in the graphic (Dec 2018) ! It reminds me of Chael Sonnen's (MMA) outdated Dash logos (Dec 2018).
Ambassadors don't sport old Dash logos:

The 'Chainlocks' CryptoBriefing article appears to have less than 1200 clicks to the page. No doubt, a small proportion of those clicks are actual reads of the article.

CNN is notoriously incompetent: I simply do not expect competence and accuracy from them.

Dash has a major relentless battle online vs "premine" FUD and "centralised" FUD. This is the giant coalface. What have these PR companies done to fight on the front lines where it really matters?

voting YES.....but I smh
1 point,5 days ago
You are right that some mistakes and ideas that float around Dash are beyond annoying. However, it is important to note that Wachsman (and previous PR firms) only provides us with services for earned media. We never pay to the publication and we don't have editorial control. They educate journalists that don't always want to be educated or admit that need education. This job happens mostly in the background because educating publicly can be alienating to the person you are trying to win over.
0 points,3 hours ago
Journalism? - does that even exist? ...these people are either political activists or incompetent morons who can't nail the fact (most of the time).
1 point,7 days ago
You have my support, but make sure that articles that got funded through this budget proposal understand that Dash as a cryptocurrency does not have a CEO, only the Dash Core Group has a CEO.

Please make sure that articles that got the wrong impression correct that.
6 points,6 days ago
Ryan Taylor should be called "Dash Core Team Leader" not CEO. The CEO title only causes confusion and spreads FUD. A good PR Firm would have told Core this a long time ago!!! Voting NO!!!
1 point,5 hours ago
How about "Executive Director". Sounds a bit more professional IMO.

"An executive director is a chief executive officer (CEO) or managing director of an organization, company, or corporation. The title is widely used in North American non-profit organizations, though many United States nonprofits have adopted the title president or CEO."
0 points,3 hours ago
I am okay with Executive Director "Mastermined" sounds a lot better than CEO. Let's it Core will agree to the change.
-1 point,5 days ago
You are right about that CEO DCG/Dash mistake. We make that point constantly, but people outside our ecosystem sometimes have a hard time understanding. This happens with journalists, but sometimes even with partners in the space.

Whenever we spot this error (or any other, like the "privacy-centric" tag), we try to correct and have Wachsman reach out to the journalist again, but some news organizations don't like to amend their articles for things they see as unimportant. On a positive note, sometimes they won't correct, but get it right in the next article.
1 point,7 days ago
A basic point. Paying monies for anything less from PR professionals is not acceptable.
7 points,8 days ago
Not sure if some these things, are seen are reason why we should continue fund these guy's
"Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies Are the ‘Inevitable Future"
Dash doesn't have a CEO !, a huge mistake one our own should never make ! And how what even good promotion for Dash ?!?

"ChainLocks: Dash Upgrade To Eliminate 51 Percent Attacks"
Its that just a small crypto site

"CNN - Beyond bitcoin: the other cryptocurrencies you should know too"
But there's still risk, according to Ryan Taylor, CEO of the cryptocurrency Dash. Their value can erode over time similar to fiat currencies like the US dollar.

Again Dash does not have a CEO !

Sorry guys this is the last straw for me.
7 points,6 days ago
We should have a proposal to officially change Ryan's title to Team Leader.
3 points,2 days ago
We should do that, I don't think it requires a proposal.

Also just FWIW other job titles would also have to be changed for example CTO to teach team leader, CMO to marketing team leader, COO to operations team leader et cetera.
2 points,2 days ago
I don't think Core would ever make the change without a proposal passing to force them. I get the feeling these corporate sounding titles found a comfortable home in their egos and I don't see them putting the best interests of the network ahead of their pride. I hope I am wrong but I will be shocked if I am. They will ignore this just like they ignore everything else MNOs suggest to them.
4 points,5 days ago
that is actually very clever
5 points,7 days ago
Yes.....the lack of professionalism from the PR side is beyond annoying. Facts matter.
4 points,6 days ago
I agree voting NO!!!