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Title:Core Team Contractors (May)
One-time payment: 2703 DASH (70363 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 2703 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-04-20 / 2017-05-20 (added on 2017-04-26)
Votes: 788 Yes / 27 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

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This proposal funds the Dash Core Team for the month of May - including all developers, administrative, and support staff - at market rates for base pay, excluding benefits or bonuses.

Back in January, the core team proposed - and the network approved - a proposal to fund an HR firm to assess our HR processes and help us transition to a sustainable organization. The highest priority items in the scope of work were role definitions, and determining the market rate for those positions, along with a plan to transition to market rates for our full-time employees as funds became available. You can view the proposal here:

As of this morning, that effort is now complete, and we have finalized market rates for each of the roles in the organization, including the new positions created and approved in the April budget. As we are still ramping up the team with the new positions, and some positions were filled below budget, we are requesting significantly less budget for the May period than the previously-disclosed projected run-rate.

One of the primary reasons for making a transition to market rates was to enable those working for the project to continue to do so continuously, and also to enable us to attract and retain new talent to continue scaling our operations. We simply could not continue bringing on new resources at market rates without first addressing the significant gap to fair pay for existing team members - the team that helped get us where we are today. We have hired a significant number of new contractors since the April budget was approved. In fact, full-time contractors with start dates in April or May total 12 people so far (all within the development area), with additional recruiting kicking off in other areas.

Why one comprehensive proposal for the existing team?

Core team salary proposals have been highly supported by the network. In fact, the least-supported of these proposals typically receives only ~2% "no" votes among the votes cast. Continuing to break out individual budgets is time-consuming, costs additional resources (proposal costs), and seems to add little value given the current level of support for these expenses. If in the future more than 10% of the votes cast for core team salary are "no", I can solicit feedback on what the network would like separately voted upon, and attempt to provide the requested additional granularity in future budget cycles.

Requested funding is as follows for the May 5th budget cycle:
Total: 2,702.83 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future core team salary expenses.

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0 points,7 years ago
I like the 'one comprehensive proposal' approach. Simplifies things for all involved.
0 points,7 years ago
How did we manage to get no votes for this? Sack the core team? What's that about?
0 points,7 years ago
The proposal does say that if there are enough "no" votes that we will attempt to break out the costs to specific areas. It may simply be individuals who would like to see more granularity in what portion of the core team is worth funding, or they simply want the additional breakdown.
0 points,7 years ago
Weak soups.