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One-time payment: 572 DASH (17128 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 572 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-06-20 / 2017-07-19 (added on 2017-06-27)
Votes: 825 Yes / 3 No / 7 Abstain

Proposal description

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This proposal funds Dash's participation at Money20/20, the world's largest conference focused on payments and financial innovation.

About Money20/20

Money20/20 organizes the largest global events enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. With 11,000+ attendees, including more than 1,700 CEOs & Presidents, from over 4,500 companies and 85 countries at its 2016 U.S. event, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. This year's Money20/20 will be held at The Venetian in Las Vegas, October 22-25, 2017.

Why should Dash participate in this event?

Money20/20 is by far the largest and most "senior" conference Dash has attended. More than 10% of the attendees are president or CEO of their respective organizations. Most of the remainder are senior decision makers. We believe we can make tremendous inroads just as we have in the past with Consensys and BlockChain 360, which have yielded a number of opportunities we are now progressing.

As the premier payments industry event each year, Money20/20 is an opportunity for Dash to be the first digital currency with which the senior executives of leading payment companies directly interact. We are finding that executives are increasingly willing to learn about and consider Dash for B2B and B2C payment solutions if it can address their needs.

In addition, part of our contract with BlockCypher committed Dash to participate in the Money20/20 event this year. Sponsorship of this event would fulfill the commitments made when we funded that proposal back in February.

We generally see tremendous interest in Dash during and after past events, and we have little doubt that communicating Dash's story and strategy to new audiences carries enormous value for the project.

Who would represent Dash at the event?

Ryan Taylor and Daniel Diaz would both attend the event in addition to one other team member or community member TBD. We are reaching out to potential attendees that we feel would be our strongest representatives for this particular crowd. Karen Hsu from BlockCypher will also be in attendance at the show and manning the Dash booth.

In addition, we're planning to have at least two members of Wachsman PR on site providing several distinct support roles; 1) press outreach and introductions, 2) targeted outreach to potential business partners, and 3) representation at the booth. They will also provide all the conference planning activities, including booth design and ordering, conference swag, negotiating speaking opportunities, writing brochures and other conference organization tasks as required. We priced support services from three other companies and Wachsman's quote for support was in line with those quotes, but with Wachsman we are also getting on-site support during the event and the benefit of Wachsman's deep knowledge of our project.

What would the package include, and what are the full expenses?

The specific booth we have reserved has two corners abutting the aisles. Sample photos of potential booth arrangements are below. Booths are not open on Sunday 22nd. That day is dedicated to speakers and workshops. The expo floor opens on Monday, October 23rd at 10 AM. On Monday and Tuesday, exhibit hall hours will be 10 AM-7 PM. On Wednesday the 25th, the exhibit hall will close at 2 PM when the event ends.

10 x 20 booth: $31,000
5 exhibit passes: included
2-star sponsorship level with listings
  - on the Money20/20 website along with Dash logo and description
  - on the Money20/20 mobile app during the event
  - in the onsite workbook
  - on the "Thank You Banner" and onsite signage
  - in various marketing materials distributed ahead of the event
Booth graphics and furniture rental from Freeman: ~$12,500 pending exact design
Wachsman PR support: $25,566 (includes estimated travel costs)
Estimated travel and accommodation: $5,600
Dash merchandise: $9,000
Dash brochures: $3,000
One additional ticket: $2,895 (before July 21st)
Total: ~$90,000

Here are sample photos of 10 x 20 booths which should provide an idea of how the final product will look.

Will there be a speaking opportunity?

It is possible, though Money20/20 explicitly does not consider sponsorships when selecting speakers. In addition, the proposed topics must be of interest to the attendees and must be approved. We are currently in discussions with Money20/20 about presenting a session on the rise and evolution of digital currencies and the reasons for the dramatic growth and changing market shares seen since the beginning of the year, and they are receptive to the idea.

If you have any other questions, please direct them to @Ryan Taylor in this Dash Forum post to ensure I see your request.

Requested funding is as follows for the July 5th budget cycle:
  • 566.71 Dash for Money20/20 sponsorship and expenses ($90,000 USD @ $158.81 per Dash)
  • 5.00 Dash proposal reimbursement
Total: 571.71 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future conference and travel expenses.

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0 points,6 years ago
hey guys, I represent the online staking company POSWallet and we are interested in creating DASH masternode pools for the people! Anyone know the best way to reach Ryan Taylor / core team to talk more about it? Thanks :)
4 points,6 years ago
$25,566 for Wachsman PR support seems very excessive but this has my yes votes anyway. What exactly are we getting for the 25k?
1 point,6 years ago
Voting yes, but is there a reason that we don't include Amanda for conferences like this one?
1 point,6 years ago
From an organisation perspective, Amanda is not part of the Core team but doing her own thing. Other than that I think her time is better spent talking to everyday people (that's where she shines) and not CEOs.
1 point,6 years ago
Got it. Keep Amanda away from CEO's because she only shines around everyday people, which CEO's are not.
2 points,6 years ago
100% Yes
1 point,6 years ago
Send pictures...and video.
Big yes.
Solarguy on the forums
0 points,6 years ago
Can't wait
0 points,6 years ago
Easy vote.
Looking forward to the coverage.
Will the "one other team member" be documenting (possibly live-streaming) the event for Dash and posterity?
0 points,6 years ago
of course!