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Title:Proposal: Conferences & Travel (April)
One-time payment: 503 DASH (14962 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 503 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-03-21 / 2017-04-19 (added on 2017-03-27)
Votes: 635 Yes / 0 No / 6 Abstain

Proposal description

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This proposal funds the remaining expenses associated with Dash's participation and sponsorships for Blockchain 360 in Santa Clara and Consensus 2017 in New York City during the month of May. Initial funding was approved for these events in a previous proposal.

In every event we participate, we witness tremendous returns on investment. We typically see significant increases in our price surrounding conferences as we share our message with key participants and investors in the space. This has a direct impact on our budgets in
future periods. For this reason, we plan substantial increases in our presence the remainder of the year at industry events.

Blockchain 360 is an event at Internet of Things World being held May 16-18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. This conference will give us the opportunity to highlight Dash as a potential solution for machine-to-machine payments, which we are particularly well-suited to provide once the DAPI capabilities are deployed to the network. This will help extend Dash's sphere of influence into areas underserved by existing cryptocurrency networks. Daniel Diaz will represent Dash at the conference, where he will be joined by BlockCypher, which is participating in the conference as well. This is a great opportunity to highlight the value that partnership can bring to the IoT.

The second conference is Consensus 2017, which is the most influential blockchain technology conference. The conference is organized by CoinDesk and is hosted at the Marriott Marquis in New York on May 22-24. This conference is attended by more than 2,000 people from large enterprises, academia, investor groups, financial institutions, government, and policy groups. This event is a means for securing Dash's status as a top cryptocurrency, and getting our message to this conference's attendees could open many new doors for Dash. I will be the primary representative for Dash at the event. BlockCypher will be joining Dash at this event also, to co-market our capabilities to the conference participants.

For Blockchain 360, we have executed a contract at the Silver sponsorship level. This includes:
- 20 minute presentation - solo speaking slot with BlockCypher / Dash presenting together: "Use Case: IoT Payments and Cryptocurrencies"
- Logo in all marketing from the project sponsor including brochures, website, event signage, and program pass
- 3 passes to the event (and 30% discount on additional)
- A 10 ft x 10 ft exhibit space
- Hosted press releases

For Consensus 2017, we have executed a contract for a "Block 3 sponsorship" which includes:
- Website, pre-conference material, and onsite conference marketing
- 10 ft exhibit space
- 60 minute roundtable session with Dash-currated curriculum (will act as a "Dash 101")
- There are also a series of private events surrounding Consensus that Dash will participate in, potentially with speaking slots. These details are still being negotiated and we will post an update when final.

For each of these events, we will be contracting external support surrounding the events. Wachsman PR leads the planning, negotiation, coordination, and appropriate execution of event marketing for the period around Consensus 2017. This includes researching and negotiating the sponsorship packages, creating marketing material such as handouts specifically for the event, coordinating the speaking topics and content, on-site support for everything from booth setup to working the booth, coordinating press interactions with team members, arranging travel for all team members attending, securing invitations to relevant Consensus related events, social media support during the event, and coordination of Token Summit on May 24th (a related event).

Requested costs are as follows for these events:
- Blockchain 360 - sponsorship already paid by previous proposal
- Blockchain 360 travel and lodging for 3 team members - ~$6,000
- Consensus 2017 sponsorship package - $30,000
- Consensus 2017 travel and lodging for 3 team members - ~$6,000
- Wachsman PR support package - $9,000
- Tickets for Wachsman PR staff - $1,998
Total: $52,998

However, due to portions of these expenses previously funded, we will only require $46,372 during this cycle.

Requested funding is as follows for the April 5th budget cycle:
Total: 503.48 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future conference expenses.

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-1 point,7 years ago
I continue to ask, why are these budgets denominated in Dash? It is obvious Dash is in a bull market. Denominating budget proposals in Dash makes budget proposals seem very dishonest and wasteful with the budget. Denominate them in USD till Dash becomes a stable currency.

By the time this budget gets approved, the amount of USD this budget will provide will most likely be double than what the proposer asked for.

At the time of this writing, each Dash is currently $67.35. Date is April 1, 2017.

503 Dash = $33,877 USD in today's price.

Accounting 101 my friends.
1 point,7 years ago
It would be nice if someone in dash team who are in charge for presentations will make a new slides for each conference. It will be boring to see again same slides with comparing Visa Paypal and Bitcoin, problem of chicken and egg and etc. I vote YES because for sure Dash team should be there, but please go there with something new :)
3 points,7 years ago
I do have plans for original content, just like in Miami. One thing to keep in mind is that taking my Miami presentation to new venues has been VERY successful. I know it is not new content for you and other Dashers, but it is new content for 99% of people in each of those audiences. It was extremely effective and we would be foolish not to repeat a winning formula. In my view, it is always worthwhile taking a step back and customizing your message to the audience, though, and I plan to continue doing that in my presentations.
0 points,7 years ago
I was at the conference in Miami, and would have to agree that Dash made quite the impression! I've known about Dash and how it worked from watching Dash Detailed....and I thought Ryan's presentation was good - clear and appropriate for the audience. But even better was the interactions before and after he was on stage! Very engaging and friendly - We were able to EXPERIENCE Use Cases for Dash! Like sponsoring meals for - and the Water Bottle Dispenser was also very cool! Can't wait to attend another event :)
0 points,7 years ago
Great point Ryan.
0 points,7 years ago
Ryan: can you make sure your presentation can be uploaded to youtube with good audio! We need more professional audio-friendly presentations online from you since your message is important.
0 points,7 years ago
Yes. I'm sure they will Dima. This is excellent. True it's very expensive sounding, but this is a big team handling it. I expect it will be very professionally handled and highly successful. We're moving up in the world :)
0 points,7 years ago
I cannot sign for proposal ownership from my present location. Please see the forum at in order to read about this proposal until I can update this tonight.