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Title:Miami NABTC Travel Cost for 4th attendee
One-time payment: 66 DASH (1956 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 66 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-02-03 / 2017-03-20 (added on 2017-01-19)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 510 Yes / 29 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

Hello fellow Masternode owners and community members, I responded to a spare ticket offer made public by Ryan for
NABTC conference in Miami. I was glad to have been selected amongst the others who also wanted the ticket.
I helped setup and ran backup for the team helping answer questions and talking with and
teaching people about dash. I feel I delivered value to the network at the
conference and I would like to request from the network travel expenses.
A bit about me, my name is Brian I have been around the community since March 2014. I started the dashswag project to try and help
promote dash awareness in the Delaware valley area (150 mile radius around Philadelphia)
which is where most of our consulting clients are located. I kinda got this
idea for a leave behind when there was talk about dash ambassador’s way back
when...feels like eons ago.  I deal with many IT specialists in my daily IT contracting jobs and work with different
clients every week. So it’s great to hand them something they remember dash with
and when there is downtime or we are waiting from some stupid 3gig iso file to
download my first non-business topic is DASH. So long story short I have created
all sorts of random dash branded merchandise and brought a variety of it to
pass out to the attendees. I also left it behind for wherever the bags and pens
go the stickers, bottle openers, notepads, playing cards, and fridge magnets
can all go together to the next conference together.
I see there are two weeks left before the last budget cycle and appears to be a fair amount of room. For my first proposal to the network I
am seeking partial reimbursement for travel related and conference handouts. Expenses listed below for the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.
This proposal will cover the following cost
Air Total $398.42 (PHL to MIA)
Hotel Total $308.49 (Tuesday Night)
Dash Swag Total  $200 (Stickers, Notepads, Magnets etc)
Total Requested form network $906.91
The price rose since before the conference from $13 to $15 it has nothing to do with my participation,
however I did participate and speak with about 30-40 people total, several who were very interested in buying DASH that same day
after hearing what we were really could do vs what they had come to understand
on their own from news outlets. With that said I am using the current avg price for today 1/19 at time of the request 2PM EST

61  Dash @ $14.87 for expense of $906.91
+5 to cover proposal cost.
Total 66 Dash

I hope you will vote Yes for my proposal.

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0 points,7 years ago
Great work, enjoyed the videos. Should also give credit to techknowledge for filming and putting it on the youtube.
You have my votes
0 points,7 years ago
Thanks for stepping up to the plate, I'm voting YES!
0 points,7 years ago
Its a yes from me, good work.
0 points,7 years ago
Hey Brian. From what I've seen you're very opened and enthusiastic person.
You've done a great piece of video of Ryan and Jeff talking to the lady etc.
Took the active participation on the booth supporting the DASH so how could I vote NO on this proposal?
IMO well earned YES man :)
0 points,7 years ago
to be fair i didn't film that segment i was talking to someone else oposite the camera at the time.
0 points,7 years ago
Thanks for the question qwizzie ryans portion was with bags and pens, i brought a stash of other products to compliment, the proposal isn't for the dash swag project i just was mentioning it as part of who i am. all the promo stuff i had was made from there that i left with the bags and pens for next conference
0 points,7 years ago
Didnt the budget proposal from Ryan already paid for the Dash Swag ? And didn't the free ticket also included a promise from the participant to do some work there ?
0 points,7 years ago
Never mind, i see now there is both a request for reimbursement for the traveling costs to the North America Bitcoin Conference (Hotel and Airplane costs) and for the dashswag project, which i'm currently unfamiliar with.
0 points,7 years ago
Expense claim normally require evidence. Do you have documents to back up your story? Receipts, etc.
0 points,7 years ago
@Dashium can you update when you have received the receipts ?
0 points,7 years ago
sure dashium i could provide receipts, if desired I have nothing to hide. this is not an attempt to get anything extra, the receipts would show the full cost, thanks for being concerned I would like to see this in other proposals myself. DM me on slack i will take photo of receipt for you @philadashia