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Title:Conference Materials
One-time payment: 212 DASH (6561 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-01-04 / 2017-02-18 (added on 2016-12-29)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 645 Yes / 3 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

This is a cross-post from the Dash Forum

Last month, we submitted a proposal to fund Dash's participation at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami next month. We funded a basic level of participation with an unused portion of the December budget. However, the remaining amount was insufficient to fund much beyond a standard exhibitor booth and travel expenses.

Subsequent to the proposal funding, I discovered that we are basically starting from scratch when it comes to the exhibition booth, conference swag, and brochures. The Dash retractable banner broke in Argentina and was discarded. All conference giveaways, stickers, and brochures were fully depleted in Argentina as well. As a consequence, we are short the required funds to replenish these materials.

Because we are basically starting from scratch, we are proposing setting aside a budget to cover all of the following items for the conference in Miami, and future conferences:
- A new higher-quality Dash banner
- A "Dash blue" table cloth (that can work for any 8-10 foot table)
- A 36" table runner with the Dash logo
- A new batch of Dash stickers
- A batch of Dash branded conference giveaways (conference bags and pens)
- Color brochures / pamphlets
- Graphics services for the presentation
- Other miscellaneous needs (e.g., power cords, business card stands, etc.)

Since we will have a limited storage capacity at our new offices starting in February, we can afford to print materials in larger batches and store a portion for future use. We can also store some reusable items such as the banner. Of course, any leftover funds will be applied to future conference expenses.

Here are some photos of what we mean by a banner and table runner:

Requested funding is as follows for the January 4th budget cycle:
Total: 211.78 Dash

Note: Funding from this proposal will be reserved for conference and travel purposes.

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2 points,7 years ago
I'd recommend not buying giveaways like bags and pens. People just take those and you don't get anything from them.

If you can give something away that will make someone take action, that would be more helpful.

For example, if it were possible to create a token redeemable online for 0.5 Dash, you could give those away. Create a set number, like 50, and you would be giving away at most 25 Dash. That's less than what bags and pens would cost.

Then you have something to email people about ahead of time. Tell people you will be giving away the 50 tokens in a random drawing to anyone who comes to the table and registers, and you don't have to be present to win. All you have to do is tell the person at the table handing out the numbered tickets what the current value of the token is, and you get entered into the drawing.

Keep a list of winning numbers, and give a token to anyone who comes back with a winning ticket.

This gets you a bunch of things:
1. People have to figure out how much 1 Dash is worth.
2. People have to talk to you to get a ticket (as opposed to walking up, grabbing a pen, and walking away.)
3. People have to come back to your booth to get the token.
4. In order to redeem the token, they have to install Dash wallet or figure out their Dash address on an exchange, and contact you again (by email or whatever you decide.)
5. Once they have their 0.5 Dash, they might figure out how to spend it. Of course they might also just trade it away.
6. Overall, it gets you awareness and engagement, and the opportunity for discussion.

For maximum benefit, have some tokens set aside. Email some people ahead of time that you really want to talk to, tell them you have a token reserved for them, and ask them to come by the table to get it.
1 point,7 years ago
I agree that this is a great idea. Not sure if it would cause a bottle neck, but if you could make them download the dash wallet app to give it to them, that would also be awesome.
0 points,7 years ago
What I meant by tokens is something that would generate post award engagement. For example, a poker chip with a sticker on one side of the Dash logo, and on the other side a website url, a token ID number, and a unique password.

In order to get the Dash, the person has to go to the website (also in a bar code on sticker), enter the ID number, the unique password, and a Dash wallet address. The Dash would then be sent to the wallet address. Yes, someone with a little bit of technical ability would have to build the website, and it is beyond the scope of my capabilities, but surely someone on the team could figure it out in the next two weeks.

If the person who gets the token does not care to engage enough to redeem the Dash, it doesn't get spent. That's different than a paper wallet that already has Dash in it, where if the paper wallet gets thrown away, the Dash is lost.

In addition to the hourly drawing, the booth staff could maybe also do a daily drawing 30 minutes before the end of booth time for a bigger award, perhaps a coaster size token with 10 Dash on it.

It's tough doing booth duty at a trade show. You really want to have something that will make people engage and talk. Having a drawing where you give away money is the most basic way to generate engagement. Pay people for their time with the opportunity to win cash. If it works, great, do it again at the next show. If not, scrap it.

Heck, do a pre-trade show youtube video telling people to come by the booth for the chance to win money. You might get people that want to come by the Dash booth before the show even starts.
1 point,7 years ago
The Dash giveaway is a helluvan idea.
1 point,7 years ago
Great Idea... also expandable to other giveaway/social advertising contests or challenges. (post a pic with this sign and get... / raffle within a specific #hashtag and so on) - all those printables / banners are so old fashioned / outdated and not necessary! (also abit ironic in this case...)