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Title:Dash Developers - #BuildWithDash - New Blockchain Developers for Dash I Developer Awareness Program I Integrations with Upcoming Apps focused on Cannabis, Gaming and Betting
Monthly amount: 60 DASH (6897 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 120 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-04-18 / 2019-07-15 (added on 2019-04-19)
Votes: 780 Yes / 207 No / 50 Abstain
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Proposal description

Repositories pertaining to dAPI and Drive have been open-sourced by Dash Core. View Github Link I Read Release Announcement 

#BuildWithDash - New Blockchain Developers for Dash I Developer Marketing, Awareness and Support I Integrations with New and Upcoming D-Apps I Cannabis, Gaming, Payroll, Betting, Remittances and Travel I  Attracting top developers in the run up to Evolution


Project Summary

#BuildWithDash is a Global Developer Marketing and Awareness campaign targeted at promoting Dash to Independent Developers and increasing the number of Integrations worldwide. Our aim is to build a developer community on the lines of iOS and Android, where decentralised development teams drive the ecosystem forward through their ideas and innovation. 

Dash activates 1000's of wallets every month. However, without real use cases, new users don't know what to do with their Dash. As a result, new users become inactive right after signing up. For real growth to happen, users need to be able to utilise Dash for daily applications.  

Independent Blockchain Developers are the critical link to success in this ecosystem. Since the treasury has limited resources to develop its own apps or bankroll businesses, it is important to partner with hundreds of independent developers and scale Dash transactions through them. 

Transactions on the network scale with the number of usable apps  and the only practical way to increase them is to integrate with a large variety of public applications. 

With the markets becoming resurgent again, there is a strong uptick in developer activity. #BuildwithDash seeks to raise awareness amongst independent developers through High Quality Content, Targeted PR and Personalised  Outreach. We also aim to provide developers with community driven support and facilitate access to early adopters by showcasing their projects in the Dash Community.

Our initial focus will be to target Developers working on digital payment centric applications like Cannabis, Gaming, Payroll, Sports Betting, Remittances and Travel.

Project Details

This campaign would have the following salient features and deliverables :

  • Content Creation : We will create a high-quality, scripted video which would serve as our de-facto informational content that discusses the benefits of Dash from a developer point of view. We will also create multiple content pieces in different formats for PR Initiatives. 

  • Marketing Outreach: We will reach out to top independent developers / studios through a combination of Targeted PR / Direct Outreach and explain the benefits of utilizing Dash in their applications.

  • Developer Support Line : For those who sign up with our program, we will structure a process to direct independent developers to experts in the Dash community.

  • Collaborations : The #BuildWithDash campaign will facilitate collaborations between developers working on complimentary projects to promote synergies and co-operation.

  • Connections: #BuildWithDash Campaign will connect entrepreneurs / project owners with talented developers to facilitate faster development and more innovation. We seek to create a repository of top talent for entrepreneurs / project owners to draw from.

  • Project Showcase : We will showcase successful integrations to the community across multiple channels and raise awareness around new Dash enable businesses. This will help new apps gain users as well further the cause of Dash Adoption.

Focus Areas

#BuildWithDash Campaign will focus on Developers working on practical daily use cases like Social Networking, Gaming, Betting, Payroll, Digital Goods and Remittances. We are in the process of drawing up a list of development teams / businesses working on these areas.

Benefits for the Dash Community

  • More Dash Applications: Independent development would mean more Dash Integrated applications and more  choices for users.

  • More Transactions: More practical applications for users would mean more transactions on the Dash Network.

  • Cost Effective : With the ongoing downturn, the treasury can only fund a limited number of projects. The campaign aims to foster successful integrations without significantly investing large sums into projects integrating with Dash.

  • Network Effects : As independent development grows, we expect further growth of the developer community through word of mouth publicity and organic PR.

Benefits for Developers

  • Strong Project: Secure, Instant, Low Cost, widely available and liquid coin.

  • Early Adopters: A large and vibrant community of long time crypto-investors looking for new applications and use-cases with high potential to become early adopters.

  • Treasury System for Grants: A transparent treasury proposal system to request further funding for scaling up / adoption / exclusivity arrangements.

  • Community: Access to Community Support and early adopters through Project Showcase.

Track Record of work done previously.

Our previous project with the Dash community focused on researching the freelancing industry and creating an educational course and marketing it to Freelancers was approved in November 2017. As part of that project we:

  • Created a 4 part Video Course to explain benefits of Using Dash to Freelancers.
  • Compiled a Research Report on the Freelancing Industry from a Blockchain Perspective.
  • Marketed Course to Freelancers in South Asia.
Some important numbers from our campaign:

  • 774,000 Embedded Video Views to the Dashlancing Course on Youtube
  • 22,000 Clicks on the Dashlancer Platform
  • 800+ Freelancer Signups interested in Dash Jobs
We presented detailed and regular reporting to the community - View all project updates.

Dash watch Report on Our Work -
Twitter Announcement

About Us

Gaurav Gupta is a Marketing Technologist, specialising in making marketing more effective through Lean acquisition at Scale, Simplifying On-Boarding processes, Funnel Optimisation, and Marketing automation.

He has led marketing for consumer internet businesses like Labster (VR Education, Raised $20Million) and Bridallive.Com (SAAS for Bridalshops, Acquired By Fullsteam).He has a background in the online talent industry and has led marketing for the Netherlands based Squads.Com, a popular online platform to match teams of top developers with employers.

Learn more about my work --> My Linkedin Profile

Budget Request

Look forward to hearing from you!

In case you would like to contribute to this effort, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord. Gaurav #5952


Q: How do you place Dash Evolution in your plans to scale the Developer Community? 

A: *On 28th Mar 2019, An early version of dAPI and Dash Drive was open-sourced. 

We see building the developer community as a continuous process and the most critical part of the ecosystem. Waiting for evolution to promote integrations might see us fall behind in the race for developer talent and delay the network effects of early adoption. 

Our plan factors in the launch of Evolution as a step forward and we have planned additional promotions in the lead up to it. We seek to ease developers into different protocol updates and test-nets (as and when available) by engaging with them and giving them timely information, support and resources. 

Most apps will be able to integrate with Dash as is. As markets rebound and the first wave of usable applications start hitting the market, we believe it is important for Dash to remain at the forefront of all consumer facing adoption through the widest range of integrations possible. 

Q: Are you planning on targeting brick and mortar stores? 

A: No, We are laser focused on integrations with digital payment centric applications like Gaming, Remittances, Global Payroll, Purchase of Digital Goods and Sports Betting. We see them as highly scalable and low hanging fruits when it comes to adoption. 

Q: Isn’t it better to focus on consumer adoption before raising independent developer awareness? 

A: Without use cases, consumers don't really know what to do with their Dash. This is one probable reason why wallet activation campaigns can be ineffective. By raising developer awareness, we seek to create a basic set of use cases through them and demonstrate the real value of Dash to new users. 

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0 points,5 months ago
Dash Watch July 25th 2019 Report on
Dash Developers - #BuildWithDash by GauravGupta
2 points,6 months ago
Hi Dash Network!

The BuildWithDash Team attended the Dapp Fest 2019, Bengaluru has generated new developer leads working on remittance dApps. Integration announcements coming up soon.

The platform is also nearly ready and the campaign formally launches in the second week of July.

Stay tuned in for more updates!

Best Regards
Team #BuildwithDash
3 points,7 months ago
Hi Dash Network!

The BuildWithDash Campaign kicks off via integration planning with a Gaming Dapp Development Studio for in-dApp purchases for their range of MMO games.

Blockchain Gaming is going to be a massive use-case for Dash in the future and we are excited to be pursuing this opportunity amongst others.

Best Regards,
3 points,8 months ago
Hi Dash Network!

Thank you for all the support and comments on our proposal.

With the release of dAPI and Dash Drive Repositories, we are excited about our campaign to grow the developer community. 

We ended up short of some votes for April; We hope you would support us for the current May Cycle.

Best regards,
Gaurav Gupta
1 point,8 months ago
All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....23 hours and 34 minutes. Let's get after it!
1 point,8 months ago
Yes from me, good luck.
0 points,8 months ago
Thank you, Qwizzie.
2 points,8 months ago
I have to say I really like you name ""
2 points,8 months ago
Hi A_node_to_a_Master

Thank you so much! We see digital services and payroll as one of the many important practical use cases for Dash. We hope to the leverage the independent developer community to offer this solution, amongst others.

Best regards,
-6 points,8 months ago
Well MNO be cautious when voting

Since the original proposal was for dash lancer and freelancer community

Gauruv has modified his proposal tittles inter alia, to make his proposal more appealing to MNO by stating he will now focus on integerations etc.

What concerns me the most is the operating country (india) has considered Cannabis Illegal and has no future plans.

Furthmore some of the betting operations are also restricted

Be very Wary guys, we are once again being shovelled hopium

Fwiw his last proposal barely delivered for the record

Voting NO
8 points,8 months ago
@Realmrhack - Once again you chime in without even bothering to understand the proposal. Do you ever read them, MrHack, or just look for reasons to denigrate every single proposal? His first proposal delivered exactly what he set out to. He could not complete the platform because his last proposal went unfunded.

The things specifically mentioned in the title are things that he and his team have identified as prime subjects for dapps (largely based on the key markets identified by DCG and discussions with MNOs like myself). You don't have to be in a Cannabis-legal area to develop dapps to that end. Regardless, this is about the creation of materials and outreach to dapp developers, not the creation of dapps and integrations. This is about getting the ball rolling on marketing to developers that Dash is now a dapp platform, and one unlike any other.

I'm getting tired of not only having to review proposals, but having to debunk nay-sayers who don't do their jobs but freely throw around accusations and FUD off the top of their heads.

Do. Better. Or don't participate at all. If you just phone in your duties like this and then behave rudely to every PO, you're not helping the network, you're hurting it. How often must you be chided for this behavior to let it sink in?
-6 points,8 months ago
Arthyron if you had done any fact checking you would know I only comment on maybe 2-3 negative proposals not 'all' of them as you believe
-6 points,8 months ago
@arthyron IDGAF would you like me to repeat? IDGAF
3 points,8 months ago

Just to clarify, These are two entirely different projects you are referring to.

Our previous proposal was focused on Freelancing (Nov-Dec 2017); This project targets building up an independent developer community to increase real world applications.

Our goal has always been focused on facilitating genuine use-case building for Dash.

We have a distributed team and a global focus; none of our integrations is intended to be based on any specific region.

-4 points,8 months ago
This proposal doesn't convince me.
4 points,9 months ago
I was an avid supporter of Gaurav's DashLancer campaign before it went unnoticed and unfunded for no apparent reason. Gaurav demonstrated that he and his team were capable of delivering on their goals with the allotted resources, and did a great job of staying on top of reporting. It's unfortunate that the network did not seek to continue funding his platform.

That being said, there have not been many concrete plans laid for what will be one of the most pivotal releases in Dash history--at least not many that have been publicly discussed. Given this fact, I think we really need to start now to get out ahead of the release of Evolution so that we already have developers chomping at the bit so we don't start out behind. Who better than a tried and tested developer to lead the pursuit of seeking out further developer talent?

Gaurav, are you and your team planning to produce the content yourselves or will you be outsourcing it to a design studio of some sort?
3 points,9 months ago
Thank you so much for your support, Arthyron!

Yes, we seek to establish basic use cases for Dash by attracting independent development talent into the Dash community. Integration with Apps on Gaming, Remittances, Payroll and Betting, Travel can be a force multiplier for the ecosystem and ensure new users are able to gainfully utilize their Dash instead of becoming inactive right on signup.

All the PR and Educational content will be done in-house. For the custom animated video, we will be developing the script and story boards in house and work with external talent for the animation and voice-overs in English and Mandarin.
0 points,9 months ago
this seems to early. once the dAPI comes out you'll need to redo everything, right?
0 points,8 months ago
> once the dAPI comes out you'll need to redo everything, right?
2 points,8 months ago
@mikenewhouse : Repositories pertaining to dAPI and Drive have been open-sourced by Dash Core.
3 points,9 months ago
Hi @mikewinehouse. Thank you, that’s great question!

We see building the developer community as a continuous process and the most critical part of the ecosystem. Waiting for evolution to promote integrations might see us fall behind in the race for independent developer talent and delay the network effects of early adoption.

Our plan factors in the launch of Evolution as a step forward and we have planned additional promotions in the lead up to it. We seek to ease developers into different protocol updates and test-nets (as and when available) by engaging with them and giving them timely information, support and resources.

Most apps will be able to integrate Dash and offer it as a payment option. As the first wave of usable applications start hitting the market, we believe it is important for Dash to maintain a strong presence at the forefront of all consumer facing adoption through the widest range of integrations possible.
-3 points,9 months ago

Can you please provide evidence of signing up 800 free lancers please and to which platform which benefits dash network

Furthermore if you could kindly provide a link to the dash lancer course

166 dash was spent on the previous proposal!
4 points,8 months ago
Again good question, but please can you ask more polite. I wanne be on yourside, on most of what you're asking but you're being ***hole about. Don't do it for me or yourself do it for the network because you'll get better answers.
0 points,8 months ago
Im sure your right it could be asked with better choice of language but it should not let you detract from the main point
5 points,9 months ago

The project ran from November 2017- Feb 2018. The course was hosted on the Dashlancer website where users could sign up with their Email Ids to learn more about Dash.

We have shared extensive screenshots from a part of our marketing campaign on this link : Some specific ones :

a) 711,000 Views on Youtube across 4 videos.
b) 8000+ Visitors in the Month of Feb alone : Google Analytics
c) 119 Video Shares from our youtube campaign.
d) Official Dashpay announcement - 77 Retweets/ 150+ likes

More information may be available with Dashwatch, which we constantly updated at the time.

When we were unable to carry on and build out a dash services platform, the team working on it had to be disbanded and the platform was discontinued at the end of the year.

However, the course can still be viewed here on the old Youtube Channel :

-3 points,9 months ago
@gauruvgupta did you noy have a previous proposal too?
3 points,9 months ago
Hi Realmrhack

We had previous proposal based on the Online Services Economy towards the end of 2017.

All the updates can be found here: and

The Dashwatch Report on that proposal can be found here: