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Title:Educational program and book for children 7-12 years old «Extraordinary adventures of DASHа» (5000 books)
One-time payment: 38 DASH (14931 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2018-05-19 / 2018-06-17 (added on 2018-05-16)
Final voting deadline: in 10 days
Votes: 77 Yes / 23 No / 3 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 422 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Our pre-proposal discussion link

Hello, DASH-community. "Territory of DASH" has completed the development of an educational program for children aged 7-12.
We pay special attention to educational projects that allow students learn more about blokchain technology, crypto-currencies, learn more about DASH.
We conducted the first lesson in crypto-economics at the Belarusian school.
We became partners of the economic festival of schoolchildren and students "The Ladder of Success".

Our representative is giving lectures on the blockade and DASH at the MIRBIS Business School and the Belarusian National Technical University.

Our proposal is a book for children 7-12 years old:

1. The book will be published under the guidance of DASH

2. DASH will be stated as the partner and there will be a reference to

3. One of the chapters will be dedicated to DASH

4. One of the heroines of the book will be the girl DASHa (Russian female name Dasha)

5. DASH have the ability to print the given book in the needed quantity for non-commercial use.

How can we use this book? 
The first edition will be in Russian (however, if necessary, we will be able to translate this book into any language). We plan to transfer this book to students of Belarusian and Russian schools who will cooperate with us in the framework of the educational project on studying blokchain and crypto-currencies.

How much does it cost?

5000 Examplars - $13.000 (33 DASH)
Refund of collateral - 5 DASH

Total: 38 DASH

We are waiting for your comments and advice.

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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3 points,17 hours ago
Sorry, I don't see it. Target group is 7-12 year olds? Do we really think this is necessary to make Dash a success?
0 points,8 hours ago
This is only the first step in our educational program. The target audience is under-age pupils. The book takes into consideration all age-sensitive for children of this age range. In the future we are planning to issue two more books for secondary and high school students. These books will become progressively more complex, but take into account the age-sensitive. Thus, the basic pedagogical paradigm of continuity of education from primary age to high school and students will be implemented.I will try to formulate briefly.
The first stage (age of children 7-12 years) - introduction to the technology of blockchain, bitcoin, and alternative currencies. Introduction to DASH. Formation of a primary understanding of digital assets.
The second stage (age of children 13-15 years) is the study of the main functions of cryptocurrencies, the advantages of using them over fiat money and the banking system. Acquiring practical experience in using wallets and making transactions.
The third stage (age of children 16-17 years) is the study of the organization of cryptoeconomics, the possibility of creating blockchain projects, the use of smart contracts, investment and user literacy
0 points,3 days ago
voting YES
I warmed to this idea.
Over the past couple of years I have come to realise just how intense some of the 'post modern/leftist/feminist/Marxist/socialist' style indoctrination of school children and university students has become in western nations i.e.: America, Britain, Australia etc.
I would be horrified if this project follows along that same politically correct path. That said, my vote currently stands at YES. Peace.
0 points,3 days ago
Thanks for the support. The main goal of the education of a generation of young people who are not afraid to use blokchain technology, does not consider that crypto currency is only a tool of speculation or a "bubble", as is often said about it on TV. Young people are those who first try to use the crypto currency as a means of payment and will understand all the advantages.
0 points,3 days ago
I like this idea and the price is right. If a success then easially modifed for other countries. Voting yes.
0 points,3 days ago
Thank you. We will publish a book and if there is a need to translate it into other languages, I think this is not a problem.