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Title:B2B/B2C Dash Payment System by DashPeople
Monthly amount: 288 DASH (76137 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (6 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-12-14 (added on 2018-06-08)
Final voting deadline: in 11 days
Votes: 66 Yes / 201 No / 17 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 601 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

    Dear Dash Friends and Colleagues!
    Analyzing the voting process and many dialogues around our Proposal, we found out that we should edit our text for more comfortable reading here. We extracted the main topics that we describe in our Project. Now here is the new edition. (In the case you would like to read the Proposal entirely please follow the LINK )

     Thank you for making us better!

     The key idea which our DashPeople team follows is to establish a permanent Dash circulation among B2B and B2C spheres. Obviously, Dash Community can reach it different ways that lead to the aim in diverse directions and requires different time periods.
     We’re sure that our method will definitely start to bring the first concrete results estimated in an exact number of transactions for the short period of time. With the right and on-time work including the Dash funding support we can all together accelerate the process within 4-6 months.

    What values does our concept content to Dash?
    This is a good question.
    At first, let’s see what benefits it brings to a merchant society which is outside our Dash Community.
    While we create the Dash net (pointed as Partnership chain in the Proposal) between business owners and tie their deals with discounts that they can give  each other using Dash, these merchants will see:
1. They can give a better price for their products or service. As a consequence, they can get more customers.
2. They can afford more space for their business since they reduce their cost and save money.
3. They can diverse their business with new products or directions.
4. They can build their own retail network due to the fact they decrease the operation costs in a whole.
5. They can think of the future indeed. (We know all how large retail giants don’t give small businesses a break).
At the second, how customers (individuals) will feel the effect:
1) Purchase with using Dash is discount available;
2) Business adopts Dash. This gives a sign that Dash is involved in the common world payment circle and used along Bitcoin as well;
3) Dash works.

    We all can bring this awareness to people only with private talks and individual work inside their business spaces.
    Our approach creates a net that spreads our idea further.

    First steps are hard. However, moving deeper into the process each involved merchant will bring us three or five new ones (among his or her partners/suppliers).

    Finally, when we reach this understanding and this feeling among people no matter if they act as business owners or individual customers, this will be the REAL VALUE to Dash.

    The fact is, just for an example, Bitcoin doesn’t need to promote itself like we do since it has been perceived already as a means of payment. Personally, we would like to be in a situation when we talk to somebody about Dash we could skip lectures about the Dash nature and discuss with people technique issues of the Dash everyday usage.
    We believe that the method we offer will lead to a case when merchants start calling Dash by their own initiative.

    Moreover, when Dash Evolution is released it won’t promote itself, unfortunately. Because, we are not the only payment device in the world. Too many competitors appears. We will have to advertise Dash Evolution. And if people are prepared in advance we will be able to make it easier.

    Of course, we realize that at the beginning to develop the net efficiently we will have to support merchants by giving  them the possibility to change Dash to fiat due to volatility today. But! The important moment is here. In case of a merchant intention to sell Dash, we will be the Buyer. We mean DashPeople team. That is why we use our Dash Wallet (the algorithm is described in the full Proposal version.) No exchange platforms are between us.
A significant moment is that we will act as a provider of liquidity  by using our own funds. We have capabilities to implement this at the first period of the promotion.

    At least, the location for the promotion start.
    Why Croatia ?
    There is no opportunity and need to start everywhere at one time and somehow. More preferable is to choose the beneficial place to launch.
    We did proper marketing research before offering you our Project.
    The key reasons are:
1. Millions of tourists from different countries.
Last year, for example, there were 18 millions of travelers at the same high season. Many of these people after our work will deliver their Dash Wallets to many countries.
2. Large number of small retailers and individual entrepreneurs.
3. Friendly relationship with governmental authorities.
4. Finished arrangements with the certain group of companies that we mentioned in our Proposal. Frankly to say, this is the special reason why we start anyway now as we don't want to let people down who are waiting for us to collaboration.

    This work we are describing here demands much efforts and IT support to open our activity entirely. That is why the creation of the platform (pointed in the full Proposal version) is essential very much.
    We are able to start our project but further without Dash support we’ll begin losing traction. Because, this work is impossible to do alone.

This is our confident opinion.

(English subs in comments)

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1 point,9 days ago
If the budget was bigger I am sure this would pass, Helena. You have demonstrated many times your commitment to Dash.
0 points,8 days ago
RobbyDash01, thank you. I am sad about the situation. Simultaneously, I realize that now we are the big Community working in a multi-task condition. Many things need to be done at the same time. Of course, the issue of the budget limitation has to occur in this case. I see. Okey.
1 point,9 days ago
6 months without escrow, no thanks - asking way too much.
0 points,8 days ago
Stealth923, I appreciate your opinion. I think, 6-month Proposals seem to be unreasonable if we are talking about one-time performances. These are: free distribution of accessories marked by Dash logo; one-day conferences; one-time PR actions. This Proposal is absolutely the other case. It needs hard work and much time to get an effect. However, the result is worth being engaged in this activity we offer. I absolutely believe in it!
1 point,10 days ago
I believe people are voting no because there is no budget... but these are great proposals.
0 points,10 days ago
Yes. We realize the budget situation. There is a lack of money today. We see. However, we believe that Dash needs to change tactics on the market now. Otherwise, we may just miss a good moment. We all as Dash investors and holders should move right now. In two or three months all Dash promoters will face difficulty with producing news. Dash Community is aware that more time is demanded to release Dash Evolution. This means we need keeping our Dash position on the market with the conditions we have. But other crypto communities are copying and developing fast. People on the market don't care about our internal problems or tasks. They just choose the crypto currency that has a greater circulation in the market. Therefore, with this our Proposal we call on Dash Community to increase the circulation of Dash payments by using methods we offer. Later, maybe all of us will reach understanding that Dash has to act specifically by applying sales techniques. But by that moment, we'll have got the need to spend more money and do the promotion we are talking about with enormous effort because the market will change and the Dash postion will be different too. We strongly think we need to act now. Fount4inhead, thank you for your support.
0 points,10 days ago
I've enjoyed your work and efforts and content so far. Unfortunately, as the others have articulated, if Core's proposals are funded--and it's likely that they will be--there will probably not be enough funding for other proposals this month. We tried to spread the news that this would be the case since last month since Core announced their upcoming budget plans, but unfortunately this message seems to have not reached everyone. Apologies for that. I would love to review this proposal if you choose to resubmit in the coming budget cycles.

In the future, I would also recommend putting your proposals up for pre-proposal on the forum at least a few weeks before putting them up to a full proposal so that you can get good feedback ahead of time and increase the chances that your proposal will be seen and advocated by others in the community. If you had done so this cycle, I could have warned you about the budget situation, for example.
0 points,9 days ago
Arthyron, thank you for your support and recomendations. I agree we applied our Proposal at the not easy period. I am sorry I didn't see the news about the budget situation. But on the other side, now there is a high tourist season in Croatia which we couldn't miss. We were preparing all arragments there. We had succeeded it all only by June. That is why we didn't post a Pre-Proposal. Just because of time. Now we are reading comments and see that in common many people estimate the Proposal positively. But the case of the budget dificit exists. We understand it. However, if the positive tendency in comments continue this will be the reason for us to work on a project. Just do it alone of course hard and long. That is why we expect Dash Community support very much. Arthyron, thank you a lot.
0 points,9 days ago
Thank you for understanding the situation, hopefully we'll be able to find a solution if not this month then in the coming months that is able to meet the needs of your project!
0 points,9 days ago
Thank you.
0 points,10 days ago
Seems like a good proposal but like with all the other new proposals it's more important for me to keep funding already passed proposals then to add new ones.
0 points,10 days ago
thesingleton, I appreciate your position. We applyed this new Proposal but we are not beginners in Dash. We keep performing our other activity funded by Dash. And we are going to continue the work in July being not funded for the month. We didn't apply for a new funding of our previous Proposal in June becuase we think Dash needs to be supported by the other type of activity now. We have been investing and following Dash since early spring 2017. In December 2017 we decided to take active part in promoting our favorite Dash. All the winter 2017-2018 we were preparing our program to contribute to Dash effectivly like other succeful Proposals we watched. In March we applyed. We were supported by Dash Community and started performing. Now we are deeply involved in the Dash situation. I understand you very well ! We do want to improve Dash dynamics by doing exellent work for our common satisfaction.
0 points,10 days ago
Dear Schnuppdog, thank you for the comment. Your position concerning budget money (treasury) is ABSOLUTELY understandable by us! Yes!
At the same time, these current months in our Dash Community majority of people has been boiling in discussions about concrete actions highly required along multi-month PR promotion. In our days, Dash market position is at the point when we are surrounded by competitors. To win the fight aimed to attract investor and users we unconditionally can only with the help of merchants involved in our Dash Ecosystem. If bulk purchases in Dash take place then Dash Ecosystem thrives. Moreover, the direct contact with business offered by us is getting to influence Dash rate positively and improve investment climate around Dash respectively. This is the laws of Economics. Therefore, realizing the difficulty of decision making about the Proposals with large budgets demanded as we have we really hope that you will be focusing on the ESSENCE of the actions toward Dash development that we offer. We are confident in such activity. However, more important is that we all ( I mean Dash Community) actually need this movement.
0 points,10 days ago
1.because no buget left this month after paying Dash Core
2. personlay i will vote No on any Multi month proposal maybe with core Excrow but not this way on any amount.