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Title:Amsterdam Bitcoin Wednesday Promotional Costs
One-time payment: 438 DASH (11333 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 438 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: / 2015-12-22 (added on 2015-10-29)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 777 Yes / 19 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

When we prepared for the Netherlands presentation, we used some of our own resources to pay for the professional slides and a banner. The
presentation slides, templates and icons are reusable, so we’ll use them for the December and January conferences (we’ll have some next slides made as well, but that will be much cheaper).

Conference materials cost breakdown structure:
  • Dash Banner: 100 EUR
  • Dash PPT presentation template design: 160 EUR
  • Conference slides: 665 EUR (19 slides makeover (at a cost 35 EUR / slide), finally it was 24 slides,  including title slide, agenda and transitional slides).
  • Icon set with Finance Industry icons: 22 EUR
  • 2 custom icons design: 10 EUR
We have negotiated 10% discount to the initial offer (for the package of services and for the non-commercial organization).

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1 point,8 years ago
Hi Guys,
Good questions - you can find an invoice for this service here:
Best regards
0 points,8 years ago
I have no problem voting yes to things like this but I'm all for transparency. How can we be sure these costs are actual. After all, it is Evan who proposes most these budgets and he seems to be benefiting the most from them. Very convenient. Copies of receipts would calm these fears.
0 points,8 years ago
I general i agree, mstang83.

But proposal creators should not waste the energy on creating reports (this takes hours!) for these tiny expenses. If someone starts buying business or first class plane tickets, it's time to become picky.
0 points,8 years ago
How do we know this is really Evan that made the proposal?
0 points,8 years ago
Welcome to Dashwhale, greensheep!

The Dashwhale account "eduffield" belongs to the "real Evan", i can assure you :) Proposal owners can claim the proposal ownership on Dashwhale by signing a specific message with one of the DASH addresses used during proposal creation.

You also can compare the proposal hash displayed here ("manual voting: 67d24014558a95aafec2296ddf6a8eee299dbcb2212573abc593fb0d702badb8") with the proposal hash of Evan's thread on dashtalk:

0 points,8 years ago
Thanks! I did not see the thread on