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Title:Continued funding: Vlogs, Conferences and News on DASH
Monthly amount: 21 DASH (581 USD)
Completed payments: 6 totaling in 126 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-11-18 / 2018-05-15 (added on 2017-11-04)
Votes: 763 Yes / 175 No / 53 Abstain

Proposal description

Budget Proposal for December - May 2017
Dedicated thread on forum

Basically, it's s an old good proposal that we've been making for more that half a year! We've got 5 stars rating on Dash Treasury website and 20%+ votes during the budget period! It's good to see that people appreciate our work and thanks for your support all DASH community members and all 350,000+ people, who have seen our videos and attended our conferences.

We've added a couple of new features and adjusted some of the points. Specially for MNO’s - what we changed in short:

  • Since we are looking for a long-term involvement, this proposal is now for 6 months instead of three. We are introducing you a big new concept for DASH-HUB after Christmas, but first we decided to start building longterm relationship with DASH community step-by-step. It would be a good benchmark to show that we stick to our obligations.
  • Since the winter is coming ( swear I didn’t want to trigger all those GOT fans:) ) we’ll have to travel less. Hence, the total amount of conferences and meet- ups will increase! That’s right, we made a couple arrangement and now we can make more events in capital city - Kiev - without increasing the price!
  • I went crazy with video blogs and now I produce a lot more of those, not just two a month. More ideas = more content. More content = more engagement:)
  • A salary for Journalist-copywriter-manager is now higher, since total amount of work and material we provide has increased dramatically (Take a look at Ukrainian DASH community thread). I think it’s a fair price since I have to act as a project manager as well.
  • We started making weekly meet- ups in restaurants to introduce people to DASH’s payment system in POS terminals. Since the development is on it’s final stage, we need to perfect customers’ experience before EVOLUTION. That’s in addition to conferences, of course!
What the budget proposal includes PER MONTH:
- Conferences in Kiev and biggest Ukrainian cities (Probably more two per month)
  30-60 people
  4 hours
  5 to 7 speakers
Expenditures on conference hall:
  Rent itself – $350.
  Catering – included
Printed material costs:
  Booklets about DASH and how it works (210 Ñ… 297 mm) – $30 per 1000 booklets
  Banners – $100 for 2 banners
  Posters for advertisement (420 x 598 mm) – $50 per 100 posters
Advertising and other expenses:
  Official Facebook events advertising - $300
  Accommodation: $300
  Transfer: $300- Promotion of DASH in social networks (SMM) Facebook page official advertising - $300 Youtube channel promotion - $300 (140+ clicks a day)
- Regular news about cryptocurrencies and DASH on both websites ( & – included into journalist`s salary
-  Vlogs:
  video tutorials on cryptocurrency in general (how it works, why it`s cool and should be used) – included into journalist`s salary
  video blogs about DASH – included into journalist`s salary
- Journalist- copywriter’s salary – texts for conferences, vlogs, news, video filming and editing – $2000/month.

Why we've included the salary. This money will guarantee regular news on both websites, video blogs production and conferences content on high professional level.

Long-term vision: build up the Ukrainian DASH community

Total: $4030 or 21 DASH/ month. (Submission fee of 5 DASH included)

Verification: My identity can be proved by @alex_ru, @dmitriybtc, @akhavr and all 350 000+ people, who have seen our videos and attended our conferences.
Every member of DASH community can check the work on our websites (weekly news and vlogs), social networks (events) or by contacting us directly through Skype or Facebook. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and suggestions.The updates on proposal will be posted in this thread (Ukrainian DASH community).

What we have already done:

Here's a brief list of things we've delivered so far:

1. Launched daily news source on cryptocurrencies “ (November 2016)
2. Launched a Ukrainian DASH community website “ (January 2017)
3. Launched an exchange (since March 2017)4. Held Dash/blockchain conferences (
  • 2 meetups in Kiev at Hub 4.0 and at 1900Coworking - report
  • conference in Zhytomyr on April 8th at Reikartz Zhytomyr - report
  • conference in Vinnitsa on June 17th at Optima Vinnitsia - report
  • conference in on July 22nd at Bordo Business House, Kherson - report
  • conference - in Ternopil on 19-th of August
  • Many meet-ups in Kiev regarding Dash's new payment system in retail sector.
5. Launched a dedicated video blog on DASH and cryptocurrency :
- first episode: mining and masternode
- second episode: what is blockchain and how does it work
- third episode: 5 steps for using cryptocurrency
- fourth episode: transactions in DASH “ InstantSend & PrivateSend
- fifth episode: DASH's DAO
- sixth episode: 5 reasons to buy DASH

And many more - I don't want make this thread infinite so, please, visit Ukrainian Dash youtube channel:)

6.Developed a solution for Dash and Bitcoin integration into retail business in Ukraine:
- partnerships with Profit Solutions (12 years of experience in software and hardware solutions for food service industry) and AxxonSoft (10 years of experience in video surveillance and security systems);
- universal technical solution for retail sector across Ukraine. Legal solution can be used in Ukraine and adjusted to CIS legislation because of its similarity;
- first restaurants to accept: Givi Rubenshteyn, Pastateca and Celentano.

7. Organized DASH sponsorship for International Security Expo 2017, arranged Dash Cafe out there and a dedicated stand (bunch of promotional materials designed and made; custom edited press- releases, extensive media coverage etc.) Take a look at this in our local community thread and it's briefly featured in my youtube channel:

If you have any questions or ideas on how I can improve this proposal- contact me on forum or Facebook!
P.S. Thanks to everyone, who reads proposals all the way down:)

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Dash Watch March 22nd 2018 Report on
Continued funding: Vlogs, Conferences and News on DASH by sm
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Don't mind me, just verifying for Discord
0 points,6 years ago
Since we didn't find the right spot in February, we are going to make two conferences in March! As usual, if you live in Ukraine, we would be glad to see you on our events:)
0 points,6 years ago
We are inviting people to discover new crypto possibilities and our improved payment system. Everyone can come to Pesto restaurant in the very center of our country - Maidan Nezalezhnosti - and have a drink with top cryptocurrency experts of Ukraine. We invited Press and Mass-media to cover this event publicly and country-wide:)
0 points,6 years ago
0 points,6 years ago
A bit offtopic, but still really pleased to see our work being appreciated :)
0 points,6 years ago
Something I can't quite figure out is why the videos you make -- some of which have considerable views -- have nearly comments on them, and almost no thumbs up/down.

That's suspicious, because it hints of bot views.

Do you know why this is the case?
1 point,6 years ago
Hi n00bkid

That's definitely not bots:)
View count is in the same area mostly because we use AdWords to promote our videos and events. That's scheduled in our budget.

The amount of comments and reactions differs greatly from time to time. Most activities happen on the e-mail, when we receive some questions, enquiries related to cryptocurrency and blockchain: people ask us about the topics they want to know more about so we fulfill their interest. Question remains why don't they even say thanks in the comments? Unfortunately I don't know...

As you can tell from our YouTube analytics, our campaign creates a healthy rate of 30+ subscriptions per month based on users' interest. Even with couple unsubscribed users:)

The problem with Russian- speaking audience is that channels with more "earning" philosophy create a lot bigger audience that channels like mine (focused on technology and real-world situations). People like to comment and react to those videos in a way of "You're saying that bitcoin is not going to grow exponentially? *** you! It's going to the moon!!11!!!" etc.

You know:)

All in all, I would be very grateful for your advise on how we can improve the quality of the channel and create a better impact for the DASH!
0 points,6 years ago
I tried to access the exchange hytps:// several times in the last months but it doesn't seem to work. (502-nginx). Any news?
1 point,6 years ago
I'm liking it. Keep up the good work. Voting yes. The demo of the POS system was really nice.
1 point,6 years ago
Thank you! It's not only demo, we are currently launching a couple more POSs in HoReCa :)
0 points,6 years ago
I like your work ethic. I think it's a reasonable price per month. It would be unusual for masternodes to approve a 6 month long proposal. Despite that it's not a huge amount of Dash, and I would happily vote yes if you have a convincing answer for these two questions:

1. What is your plan if the price of Dash doubles or triples in value? I would like to see a specific plan for added value on your end.

2. What is your plan if the price of Dash goes down 60%? Unlikely I know, but I like to see a plan for all contingencies. I don't want to see you starve to death either.

Thanks! solarguy
2 points,6 years ago
Thanks for those points - they keep bothering me for a while. I can't predict the price swings, no matter how hard I try. That's why I convert 90% of proposal money into fiat. Since most of my expenses (Print materials, conference room, camera equipment rent, etc...) are in USD or UAH - you just can't HODL:)

Let's get your questions:

1. If price goes up a couple times I can scale my proposal: go for more promotion - gather more people - hire speakers of higher league. Same with vlogs - more promotion- bigger audience - more subscribers - more fame to DASH!

I would really like to gather bigger audience, to partner with some of the famous youtubers in cryptocurrency sphere - but they all ask for money in advance:(
Furthermore, our news resource needs one more copywriter to produce more content. At least a freelance one.
I've also had ideas on inviting Alex_ru to Ukraine to make one big conference for CIS countries... As you see - there are plenty of ways on how to make good to DASH ecosystem:)

2. I definitely won't starve to death since I have two more jobs in "Real world" but thanks for your care:) Again - I will produce content on the same level but the scale to which I will be able to promote that content and the scale of the conferences is going to decrease.

All those points actually prove the pros of scalable models:)
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks for the honest and thoughtful responses to my questions. If you do your part, and I believe that that you will, if Dash takes an unexpected dive, I wouldn't be surprised if the Masternodes just give you more money.
0 points,6 years ago
Thank you! It's great to see people who actually take part in budgeting process - I know it takes time:)
2 points,6 years ago
Maybe the 6 months is the reason why people are hesitant to vote at this point. For me I think the risk is more on the proposal owner part, you have the risk to be defunded if the price of dash skyrocket. But the new tendency to submit longer proposal make sense for big projects, to let place for more participants. I think 3 months should be the maximum lenght for your kind of proposal. Voting yes but I think you gonna have to resubmit a new proposal at some point before the end of it.
1 point,6 years ago
Thank you for your advice! I know, that it's an unusual practice to submit proposals for longer periods, but I believe, that it makes more sense in my case. See, I do a lot of work to bring all of my proposals to life and make my reputation as clean as possible. That's what I was taught to do. And my next project requires longer periods (6 months at least) of funding and brings a lot more responsibility on me. That's why I decided to make this proposal longer, to show that I can manage both the timeframe and funding part the proposal. It's a lot safer than just give a bunch of money to some guy and expect some result - never wanted to be like that:) So let's start small and then get to bigger goals. Would you agree?)